Sex at theatre

My friend I don’t receive nice emails nowadays, well I don’t know y people don’t like my story. Is anything wrong let me know this time my story is about my girlfriend Roja and me . How I had Roja in movie hall .the lights dim as the movie strates. The theatre is filled with sound and light. Normally I can engross myself in the action – fuck it – I can watch the cinema ads and still enjoy myself. But today I have other matters on my mind. Damn it my cock is hard in my pants and I can feel moisture on my jocks.

The creature that is consuming my thoughts is sitting beside me in the semi-darkness. We are in one of those cinemas that cater for couples like us – with the make out seats: two seats beside each other with no armrest between them. Im all in favour of these seats, however tonight I have more on my mind than just kissing. The movie we are watching does not matter – some Hollywood fluff or another. You know the one – with [insert cosmetic surgery freak here] and that guy from friends.

I turn and put my arm around my girl Roja, and she responds pulling herself closer. We have positioned ourselves in a row where no one else can see, over in the left corner. I guess I should add that this is not by accident. My over sexed brain has worked out the logistics of our evening not only to where we will sit, but right down to session and movie times – so that there would be a few people around. This gave provided the excitement of being in public but limiting the odds of being caught in an embarrassing position.

The movie starts – all music and light but I am distracted by her hand which is stroking my leg, starting from the knee and upwards towards my groin. My own hand is busy rubbing across her shoulder and onto the naked skin of her collarbone. I pull her closer and kiss her – open mouthed and wet. My tongue flicks against hers as we get more passionate. Her hand rubs my leg harder and closer to my cock which is hard and pushing against my pants. With one hand on the side of her face I bring the other down her body brushing her breasts over her top. Then down her stomach and onto her leg. She is wearing a skirt – just above the knee, I continue down her thigh until I touch naked skin.

She gasps slightly as my hand rubs her smooth skin. We break our kiss – she leaves her hand on my upper thigh. And I leave my hand on her knee. We try to watch the movie, but our hands move just enough to distract. I slowly move my hand – in the order of a millimetre in a minute – up her leg, lifting her skirt as I go. The feel of her soft, smooth skin is pretty amazing, just makes me hornier than ever. She moves her hand just a tiny amount and I can feel the back of her hand against my hard cock. I know she can feel it – and I am driven nearly insane as she leaves it there and turns and smiles at me.

Not willing to give up all the power I pull her closer and kiss her – just a little before pulling back so that she has to reach to kiss me. With my spare hand I brush against her left nipple again and am rewarded by a tiny moan as I slide my tongue into her mouth. Her hand shifts again on my lap. This time she cups my erection through my pants, which have a slight wet patch where the pre-come has finally leaked. Not content with my situation she rubs her thumb across the wet patch – her satisfaction that I am getting worked up shows through a sneaky smirk on her expressive face.

I decide that it is my turn to have some fun. My hand, which lies halfway up her leg very lightly strokes the skin – always upwards so she can imagine where it is going. During this time I rub her breast with my other hand. Then, satisfied with her reaction, I move down her top to her stomach which has a strip of naked skin bare just above her skirt. I allow myself to stroke this soft, sensitive skin and run a finger around the top of her skirt. Moving upwards again, this time underneath her top, my hand passes her belly button and up to her bra. I have turned slightly in my chair so that anyone who turned to look wouldnt see anything. I can actually imagine that occurring as the movie is so mundane. Anyway – her bra is soft and I can easily feel the nipples pointing through them. I gently play with them, enjoying the fact that she likes it yet, at this time, cant do much about it. I am rewarded by the tightening of her grip around my cock. She tries to unzip my pants but I move my legs just enough to block her. Im enjoying having the power at the moment.

My hand roves further under her top pulling the bra down so that her left breast is bare beneath the material. I cup her breast and stroke around the nipple, just touching it – stroking the edge before brushing the tip with the coarse skin on the tip of my thumb. The other hand has slowly edged its way up way under her skirt so that I can feel the edge of her panty. My hand is warm but the heat exuding from her pussy still feels like a furnace. I pinch her nipple and run my finger under the elastic of her underpants. I started from the top of her leg and around and down her inner thigh to where the material joins. My finger brushes against pubic hair that is moist from our play. We are kissing passionately – the movie completely out of our thoughts as we grope each other. My cock, still in my pants, is hard almost to the point of pain and feels like it is on fire as she rubs across the tip. She whispers between kisses.

“I want your cock in me”

I can only gasp with pleasure.

“I dont care where,” she goes on “or how, but I need you to fuck me with it.”

She reaches down and unzips my pants and pulls my jocks over my cock so that it is in the open. I glance around to see whether anyone is watching. Its the first time I have even entertained the prospect of fucking her, I had not thought of more than us playing, working ourselves into a frenzy for when we get home, or at least to the car. But everyone is watching the film. So I turn my back further blocking my exposed dick to all but her. Her hand plays up and down the shaft which is wet with my precome. She makes a fist around my dick and slides it up and over the head of it which bulges – fully engorged and throbbing. The contrast between her warm hand and the chill, air-conditioned air further excites me. She pulls her hand away from me and licks the palm of her hand provocatively. It is nearly beyond my control not to pull her down and let her suck me until I come (which would be very quickly I imagine) given the state I am in. I manage to moan.

“all I want to do is stick it in you.”

I adjust our arrangement slightly by hooking her left leg over my right, a movement that spreads her legs a little – opening up her lips. Tucking my dick away for the moment I have free access under her skirt. Now that we are arranged comfortably I slide her knickers down so that the are not covering her cunt any longer but still are out of sight under her skirt. She looks at me and her desire is as evident on her face as I am sure it is on mine.

She whispers “naughty boy.”

I dont reply but slide my hand under her skirt and for the first time tonight I am able to touch her wet pussy. I am gentle to the point of barely touching her which I can see the makes her frustration build. I stroke her pubic hair before running my fingernail across her clitoris. Little moans escape her mouth as I slide down to her lips. They are wet, slick with her juices as I am with mine. The heat is amazing around my finger. I slide one into her cunt feeling deep into her. It is like a glove, tight and velvety but moist and fragrant. She pulls my head closer to her and whispers in my ear.

“I love you fingering me in public” before sliding her tongue into my ear.

The dialogue isnt great I know, but it is a damn sight better than what is happening on the screen!

I remove my hand that was stroking her breast from under her top and switch it with the other, the feeling of my fingers entering her again is as amazing the second time over. I raise my fingers to my face and gasp as I smell her on my fingers. I cant help myself and lick the fingers that have been in her. The scent and taste drive me wild. The fingers on my other hand plunge deeper into her as I push them in as far as possible before sliding them back out to the lips. Her wetness has dripped out of her vagina and down towards her crack. With one finger still in her pussy I slide the other down following the trail of moisture. She shudders as I approach her arse and slides down a little putting a leg onto the seat in front which lifts her pelvis a fraction. When I feel her tighter hole I run the finger around it and up her crack pulling her cheeks apart a fraction. I feel her pussy tighten as I lightly scratch the inner regions of her slightly hairy crack. Satisfied with the response, I pull that finger back to her hole and place it against it. I continue to penetrate her pussy whilst tapping a finger against her bum. The moisture around it forms a seal which breaks with each tap which nearly drives her wild.

At this stage I should point out that the movie has reached, in lame Hollywood style, a pathetic simulated sex scene. I scarcely glance at it, fully engrossed in our own scene. I am far more interested in watching her face as I finger her pussy and arse. Her eyes are closed and her mouth slightly open as she tries to control her breathing. With my free hand I trace around her lips. She opens her mouth and gently sucks the tip of my index finger. The finger is still salty from her juices and I am rewarded by the thought that she is turned on by her own taste. Her mouth around my finger conjures thoughts of it swallowing my cock – I shiver with delight.

Meanwhile, down there I am still fingering her – enjoying her moistness. My middle finger is deep inside her cunt, which feels so hot that I decide to slide a finger into her arse. My index finger which has been playing with her hole has dried a little so I slide it back into her pussy drawing as much of her wetness as possible. When I put it back against her arse I can feel her little hole twitching. I push against the muscles controlling her sphincter and am rewarded as she opens a little. I push harder and she sits down harder forcing my finger into her. The moisture lubricates enough for the digit to slide into her bum and suddenly I am inside both her holes. Her arse is so hot, and tightens around my finger buried up to the second joint. I can feel where her arse opens into her rectum which is silky smooth and soft. She runs a hand down to her pussy and I can feel her stroking her clit with my fingers in her.

Again I check to see who is watching and am relieved to find that the others are still engrossed in the film in front of them. She turns and looks at me with such desire that my cock twitches. My dick has been ignored in all of this which I think is a good thing because I am nearly coming without any help. She whispers with a slight crack in her voice.

“baby, I’m so close to coming. Take your finger out of my pussy and put it in my bum too.”

I oblige by sliding out of her cunt and pushing my middle finger alongside the other. She opens up by pushing back with her anal muscles and allows it to enter her tight hole. As it goes in I can feel a stream of her juices pour out of her cunt. Her face tells the story as her arse grips and pulses on my fingers. She is coming – and trying to keep quiet about it. I can see her start to tremble and moan. Before she gets too audible I pull her face into me and kiss her passionately – all tongue, playing around in her mouth. Her breath is shaky when all of a sudden the o sets in. She is frantic and her bottom muscles are squeezing so tightly around my fingers. As we kiss she moans deeply into me. I am at the point of coming myself – its as if our bodies are in tune with each other. I can feel her built up energy and it nearly sends me over the edge without any help.

Then it is over. Her arse muscles, whilst still twitching, push my fingers out and she relaxes back in her chair. Clearly out of breath and totally blissed out she lies back in her chair and slides her knickers up around her wet, wet pussy. She lies there with her eyes closed for a minute or two. I cant take my eyes off her. Then she pulls me towards her and she kisses me passionately before whispering in my ear.

“fuck you are incredible. I havent come so hard ever.”

She is flushed as she says it but continues, “when I came all I could think about was sucking your cock and swallowing your come.”

I kiss her back and try to find a suitable reply, when she goes on “and having you in my arse here where people could see us was amazing.”

With that she reaches down and pulls my cock out of my jocks. With a surreptitious glance around the cinema she brushes her hair back and leans down, turning sideways in her seat and before I know it slides her mouth over my cock. Suddenly my cock is enveloped by a warm, wet mouth. Deeper and deeper she slides forcing my hard dick down her throat. In one motion she swallows it all the way down to the base. All I can do is put my hands on the back of her neck and luxuriate in the feeling of her mouth sucking on my sensitive dick. Then slowly, she pulls her head back and licks the tip of my dick before plunging down the shaft again. It becomes too much for me and I start to come before she reaches halfway. I expect her to pull back as she normally does when I am coming, but instead she continues down the shaft causing my whole body to shiver in delight! I have to put my fingers in my mouth to stop myself moaning out loud.

I can taste her pussy juices and that muskier flavour of her arse on my fingers which I suck upon to hold up some sort of self-control. My cock explodes as she reaches the base of my penis again. My come must be pouring in her throat but she keeps sucking. The swallowing motion in her throat milks my dick. My legs spasm and my body shakes as wave after wave of ecstasy flow through me. It is not until I have finished shooting that she slides her tongue back up the shaft. With a final suck and kiss of my head she sits up and allows me to cover my dick in my jocks and zip back up. I am unable to think a single coherent thought and can only kiss her passionately again. I can taste my come in her mouth as our tongues meld. I am surprised that she could swallow all that come, but she licks her lips as we pull away and I can tell she is as turned on by it as I was licking my fingers after having them in her cunt and arse.

We finally pull away from each other and straighten ourselves up. I look at her to find she is looking right back with such a beautiful look on her gorgeous face. I am half way through saying “I love you” when I realize she is saying it at exactly the same time.

We both finish at the same time and smile it was for the first time for me in movie hall. Let me know how u like the story. my email id / / is always open for ur comments.