Tryst with Destiny 3

Hi! Ladies and beautiful gals. Master back here! Hopefully u enjoyed the first part of the series Tryst with Destiny I and II. The next day bhai was in a bit of tension and haste after attending a phone call .He gave a worried look and there seemed to b some business problem. After some time he was packing his luggage n told us that he had to urgently go to a 2day business tour. He left by noon. After finishing household chores bhabhi was resting. I went to her and told that as bhai wasn’t there, why not enjoy those 2days to the fullest. She nodded and said we should fulfill all our fantasies coz after bhai would return, I was to go back to my home town. I said that lets have a suhag-raat of her and me tonight and we should both arrange individually for the night and that we shouldn’t waste our energy right now so as to enjoy to the maximum in the night.

We both decided to rest so that we would b fresh in the evening. We both slept side by side just kissing each other and we were fast asleep after some time. In evening when I woke up, bhabhi too had just waked up and was adjusting her clothes. She was looking hot as ever. She smiled and gave me a brand new bed sheet to arrange on bed for our night.

I went to the market and brought some flowers, colored aromatic candles and gift for her. I gave the gift to bhabhi and asked her to use it tonight. She opened it and it consisted of exquisite black and red lacy bra and panty. She gave a kiss on my cheeks. I arranged the bed over the terrace as it would b very romantic under the moonlight and covered all its side with white satin sheets with the upper side open. I decorated the bed with flowers and arranged the candles. I went to have a bath and then dressed myself in best of my clothes. I was lighting the candles when bhabhi came to the terrace. I was just spellbound. She was dressed in her wedding day dress with her face down and covered with “ghoonghat”. She was looking the most beautiful of all the times I had seen her. Her blouse was a low cut one which revealed most of her cleavage. She carried a glass of milk in her hand. She was slowly walking towards me and stopped at a distance. I went to the music system and started light music. I went to her and held her waist and we both then sat on the bed .We were 2 of us on the bed covered by satin sheets on all sides. I slowly raised her ghoonghat. She was looking like a true bride. I took the glass of milk from her hand and took it to her mouth .she sipped and then I .this way we completed the glass.

I then raised her face and put my lips on hers. We both started smooching softly and slowly. I removed her pallu .and my dress too. I slowly removed all her ornaments and lay her on the bed. She was just in her blouse and petticoat and me in my vest and briefs. I was kissing al over her face, her eyes, sucking her ear lobes and we smooched for a while .All the time her fingers were running through my hair. Then I started kissing her neck and then her cleavage. I then raised my face and looked in her eyes. Her eyes were glittering and gave a sexy look. I then started open her blouse hooks and started licking her cleavage and pressed her breast over the bra. She was wearing the bra I had gifted her earlier in the day and it fitted her perfectly. Actually it was adding to her beauty.

I then started kissing and caressing her navel and then shifted to her leg toe and sucked it. Slowly I was raising her petticoat and kissing her legs. I then reached her thighs which were milk white and hair less. Slowly I reached till her panty .I t was already wet with her juices. I untied her petticoat nada. She was just in the bra and panty I had gifted her. Her skin was glowing in candlelight and moonlight. She was looking like an angel with just her lingerie on in the moonlight. I was just relishing her looks and she was blushing.

I then bent forward and started shifting the bra straps over her arms and opened the bra clasp on her back. The bra was just hanging. I kept my palms on her breasts with bra still in between. She was breathing heavily and was hot. I slowly removed it. Her nipples were erect and breasts were as lovely as ever. She then removed my underwear and took my penis in my mouth and gave a blowjob. I was in the seventh heaven when I ejaculated in her mouth .We both lay side by side. I then took one of the nipples in my mouth and was pressing and caressing the other. This continued for some time. My tool was erect again. I removed her panty and lay down. I was lying on my back and she sat on my waist. She was sitting over me and took my penis in her hand and guided it to inside her vagina. She was moving up and down and her whole body was gleaming under the moonlight .I breasts were jumping up and down as she was moving up and down. I was feeling pleasure inside me. She too held my legs tightly .Her vaginal muscles were tightening around my tool and she too was to ejaculate. We both orgasm together and she lay on top of me.

The night we talked our hearts out and we were no less than a love struck couple.

We decided to go to a one day honeymoon to a nearby resort. Till dawn we kissed and caressed each other. In the morning we freshened up, had our breakfast packed our bags and left to the resort on a bike. She was hugging me throughout the ride .It wasn’t too far, just on the other side of town. It was a small resort but lush green and felt very natural. As it was a weekday, there was no-one in the resort. We rented a room with a private pool. As there was a cricket match that day the resort staff was engrossed in it which ensured us privacy. We went to our room and changed into respective swimwear. She was just wearing a lacy bra which revealed most f her cleavage, actually just covered her nipples and a skimpy panty down way. I was in my briefs.

We entered the pool and were playing with water, splashing it, throwing over each other. Drops of water were tickling down her face, bra and waist. She was looking super sexy. I went towards her and kissed her .I removed her bra and panty and my briefs. We were nude in the pool. We were kissing each other while I pressed her breast with my hand. We fucked in standing position in the pool. It was a experience of a kind of fucking in the water. We then sat on the stairs of the pool halfway in water. She is sitting over my lap, facing me. We were madly kissing each other .She got up and started kissing me all over my face and my chest. I sucked her breasts. We then wrapped ourselves in the towel and went into the room. In the room I pulled her towel and she covered her breasts with her hands. I pulled her hands and lay my hands over her breasts and kissed her. I tongues met and were doing the act, sucking each other.

We lay on the bed and rested for a while .When we woke we had the mood of fucking again. We fucked in doggy style. I over her in the leaned position. We then went to the bathroom to have a bath .I pressed her in the bathroom corner and fucked her asshole in standing position. We checked out. In the evening we had a candle light dinner. We had all our fantasies fulfilled during my week long visit to my bhabhi. I was too leaving for my hometown the next day. She was crying and said she would miss me. I consoled saying that I would come as and when opportunity arises. I left the next morning .It was the week of my life….I would never forget her. Any gal, unsatisfied ladies in and around thane kalian dombivli, ulhasnagar, Mumbai interested in sex contact me. Pleasure, privacy and confidentiality guaranteed. Contact me at / / Looking forward to having a gala time with all the young ladies.