Doctor gets a prescription 3

Hello ISS Lovers! Please send in your comments to / / Dr. Sujitha still had a few questions that remained unanswered. She had seen something a woman of her age would never do. The images of Aunt Prema getting flushed away in a young mans boundless lust kept coming over all the time. She knew that both of them had enjoyed making love although it had its own pinch of rough sex. Aunt Prema had been deprived of sex and Kumar seemed to be the guy who was too curious for his age. Aunt Prema was understandably embarrassed to look into her nieces eyes after the eventful night. Sujitha wasnt interested in making her more anxious and started behaving as if she had totally forgotten whatever she had witnessed in her aunts room. She was able to contain her curiosity about asking a few questions about her aunts secret escapade. As a woman, she only wished that if and when she would get her turn to have sex with someone, it should be as stimulating as the one she had luckily watched. While she kept wondering and dreaming about life, her days kept rolling with her busy schedules in her clinic. She wasnt aware that life was still holding a few surprises for her.

Almost two months have passed since she had witnessed the sexual encounter between Aunt Prema and Kumar. Dr Sujitha was gracefully walking towards her clinic, after alighting from the bus. She knew that there were a few curious onlookers as always holding their breath as she went past them. She was wearing an olive green pure cotton sari with fabulous hand works all along the borders. As always she had put on a perfectly matching blouse of a rather thin fabric clearly revealing her dark bra underneath. Although it was one among her favorite combination, she had begun to feel a slight discomfort recently. The blouse felt very tight on her chest giving more pressure on her young breasts held precariously inside her bra. The gentle drizzling since morning had slightly drenched her outfit. She knew that she was revealing part of her stomach and her left breast as she had pulled up her sari pleats well above her shoulders. She blushed to see the wet patches right on top of her young breasts and her nipples were mostly visible through the moist fabric.

She could see the eyes of the housekeeper lit up seeing her. She smiled as she has always been amused by young men watching her body. His eyes strayed on to her chest to have a close look at her throbbing nipples showing through her wet sari. She was perhaps paying more attention to the boy than she normally does as she realized soon. She wasnt conscious about walking on the mosaic floor which was already moist with rain water. By wearing a synthetic sandal, she wasnt helping the cause as her feet suddenly slipped on the floor. Just as she was off balanced and about to fall, the housekeeper noticed her imminent collapse and rushed towards her. He must be a real strong man than he actually looked as he managed to hold her back to stop her from falling on the floor. By the time she could gather herself and stand aright, she knew that the man had already touched her more than what was required.

“Why dont you clean the floor properly?” She snarled at the man before rushing into her room with some embarrassment. It took a while and a glass of water for her to cool down before she began letting her patients in.

It was another tough day in the clinic as there were quite a number of patients with complaints of fever and cold, typical symptoms during this part of the year. She also knew a few male patients coming to the clinic just to feel her touch. Her profession demanded extreme patient which she had in plenty. There are times when Doctors tend to feel a bit low after listening to the same complaints from most of the patients but they still need to keep their smile flashing all through. Sujitha was into her usual self after examining the patients, advising a few investigations and prescribing some medicines. She just took a 30 minute break for lunch in what became one of the hectic days in her clinic. She knew at the back of her mind that she wouldnt be able to close the door sharply at 6 in the evening as usual. She had planned to visit a friend in the evening which in all likelihood looked like getting deferred to some other day. She was right as she had a few patients to see well after six in the evening. However, she needed to send her midwife in time because she knew that she had children to look after. She had never felt it taxing to do all the work by herself as it was exactly the sort of exposure she had desired after completing medicine.

She was feeling a bit relieved once she saw the last patient entering her room. She wasnt aware of the future shock and hence she sported a friendly smile and requested him to sit. She remembered to have seen the man several times before as he used to be one among the curious onlookers who stood at various vantage points to get a glimpse of her. He might be in his late forties going by the thick grey hair on either side above his ears. His face looked gruesome with plenty of scars all over. The swelling glands around his eyes and the utter reddish color of his eyes suggested that he could well be an alcoholic. He wore a milk white shirt in total contrast to his black complexion. Her customary smile gradually vanished as she watched him ogling her. There was a clear sign of lust in his swollen eyes and the strange smile on his face indicated that he had some sinister plans in his mind. It also sunk into her that she was alone in the clinic with nobody to come to her rescue if and when needed. He looked as though smirking at her with a face that didnt emote anything except unadulterated lust. It was he who began their conversation.

“Good Evening Madam,” He stretched his right hand as if he expected her to shake hands with him. “I am Ranjith.”

Sujitha greeted him in the traditional way by folding her hands together with a tentative smile.

“Good Evening,” Sujitha said with a few butterflies in her stomach. “May I know what your problem is?”

“I wish I can tell you,” Ranjith smirked.

“You need to,” Sujitha quipped. “Or there is no way I can do something for you.”

“I know you can do a lot,” Ranjith said inching closer on the table. “That is why I am here.”

“You got to tell me what is bothering you,” Sujitha said restlessly.

“Sorry Madam,” Ranjith seemed like getting into serious business. “I am going through a very difficult problem. I am doing well but actually I am not feeling well. I get nightmares every now and then. I feel restless most of the times. I am afraid.”

“You are afraid? Afraid of what?” Sujitha asked sounding extremely surprised about his admission. She felt amused to hear a man as gigantic like him say that something could make him feel afraid.

“Well, that is my real problem,” He said with a wry smile. “I am unable to explain.”

Sujitha quickly browsed his case sheet and her eye brows shrunk in disbelief.

“I can see there is nothing wrong with you,” Sujitha said with genuine compassion. “Your vitals are stable. Your ECG is perfect and your sugar levels are just about normal. I dont know what exactly your problem is?”

Ranjith was looking tentatively at her. He paused for a moment before he spoke again in a pleading voice.

“Can I get a glass of water Please?”

“Oh sure,” Sujitha said and stood up. Ranjiths right hand immediately fell on her hand to make her sit.

“Why do you get up Madam?” He asked. Sujitha pulled her hand in a flash and almost snarled at him.

“Sorry, I thought there might be someone to help you,” He said apologetically and smiled.

“None at the moment,” Sujitha said in a firm tone and went towards the water pot. Ranjiths eyes were staring at her wonderful ass cheeks swaying beneath her sari as she walked. His eyes gazed her with equal eagerness as she returned with a glass of water and placed it before him. As he began sipping the glass of water, Sujitha began wondering as to how to get rid of this patient, who was driving her out of her patience. She could see a few sparks of confidence in his eyes, more so after he knew that she was all alone in the clinic. She cursed herself for a moment to have broken the news on her own. She stood watching him drink the whole glass of water and sat down as he looked like telling something really worthwhile.

“Thank you Madam,” Ranjith spoke after wiping his mouth using one end of his ‘dhoti.

“You are welcome,” Sujitha said as a matter of formality. “It has been a very long day for me so far. I will be glad if you can tell me what are you afraid of?”

Ranjith paused again before he replied bluntly, “Madam, I am afraid of women.”

Sujitha felt like laughing for the first time since he arrived. She was amused simply because of his look that was so intimidating to frighten women.

“If you dont get offended, I can suggest something,” Sujitha spoke concealing her mischievous smile. “I think you need to consult psychiatrist for some counseling.”

“Never,” Ranjith refuted firmly. “I want you to treat me.”

Sujitha didnt reveal her annoyance with him and spoke gently again, “I dont think I can help you anyway.”

Ranjith slowly stood up and stared at her. The intensity on his face was horrifying to say the least. The tall stout man leaned forward resting on his arms and kept looking deep inside her eyes.

“You dont have a choice,” He sniffed at Sujitha. “I want you to start treating me at once.”

Sujitha realized that the man wasnt worth talking to as she quickly lost all her patience.

“Mr. Ranjith, I suggest you leave my clinic at once. I dont want any trouble,” She almost yelled out.

Ranjith wasnt showing any reaction on his face as stepped back, turned around and began walking towards the door. Just as Sujitha was about to think that her ‘nuisance was over at last, she froze seeing him shutting the door and locking from inside.

“What the hell do you think are you doing?” Sujitha shouted at him. Her body shook in fear as she obviously knew what he might be attempting to do. She struggled hard to keep her nerves cool and not allow the man to do anything silly.

“I came here thinking that you will cure me,” Ranjith said with a naughty smile. “But it seems like I have to give you some treatment to you.”

Sujitha immediately felt drops of sweat gathering on her forehead in sheer fear. She could hear her heart thudding fast and her legs began trembling.

Ranjith looked very calm and composed as he kept walking towards her. His fingers were casually unbuttoning his shirt as he walked. He soon pulled off his shirt revealing his big belly and extraordinarily haired chest. He was wearing a golden chain which had a couple of tiger nails as pendant. He placed his shirt on one of the chairs in front of Sujithas table and ripped off his dhoti in a flash. He stood with long striped underwear which touched his knee. He had already conveyed his intentions the most fearful way.

“No,” Sujitha murmured in a frightened voice. “Please go away.”

“I have been watching you for quite some time now,” Ranjith spoke while his hands stroked the hair on his chest. “I cant let this chance go away. I need to fulfill all my fantasies about you and your sexy body.”

“You want me to scream? You dont know what would happen if people hear me and come,” Sujitha began moving backwards maintaining some distance between her and him.

“Dont waste your energy Madam,” Ranjith said laughingly. “You know nobody can hear you. Nobody is going to come for your rescue. Just relax and have some fun with me.”

“No, for Gods sake please leave me,” Sujitha began pleading with him who had come menacingly close to her. Her instincts forced her to run away but even before she could take the first step, his strong hand clamped across her waist with amazing strength. His other hand eagerly pulled her body against his huge belly. She was totally taken over by fear as her cry died midway inside her throat.

“I heard that you are a good Doctor,” Ranjith spoke in a hoarse voice on her ears. “I know myself that you are a very sexy woman. But, I never thought you are courageous too.”

Sujitha struggled to set herself free from his evil grip. His hands were holding her waist very hard and she felt that he already had a hard on that kept brushing against her butt cheeks. She felt fire on her back as he pressed his lips on her bareback, just above her blouse. He turned her around and pulled her against his huge body. His hands swiftly went up to hold her face and pull it towards his lips. With her hands set free, Sujitha tried to push him away using all her strength but of no avail. Ranjith managed to find her lips and planted a firm kiss. Sujitha tried to lift her knees to give a kick on his crotch but didnt succeed in her efforts. Ranjith used his brutal strength to pull her hands over his shoulders and held her in his hard hug. Sujitha trembled feeling her breasts pressing against his bare chest and began pulling his hair as she couldnt do anything else. His right leg locked her against his waist and his growing bulge was touching her crotch.

“Dont even dream of getting away,” Ranjith groaned grinding his teeth furiously. He was pushing her body and her resistance looked like a mockery. She realized with fear that he was taking her towards the examination couch. Her body trembled thinking about the possibility of getting outraged on a bed where she had examined thousands of patients. She started praying as she knew that only a divine intervention can save her modesty.

She was cursing herself for being so weak physically after being pushed onto the couch. He wasnt giving her any breather as he simply pounced on her bringing the whole of her body underneath him. Sujitha kept swaying her head not to let him get to her lips but again her struggle was short lived. She felt his nasty mouth falling on her lips and she groaned helplessly as he began kissing and chewing her young lips with lust. He was drawing her lips inside his mouth and chewing them so hard that Sujitha moaned in agony. The strong man pushed both her arms well above her head and with just his left hand he managed to grip both her wrists in a tight leash. He felt heavier on her tender body as seconds ticked while she was fighting hard to breathe under his huge body. He wasnt getting content with her lips as he kept kissing and mincing her lips for quite a while. She quivered in shame feeling his long dick through his underwear brushing against her navel, waist and crotch as he kept moving up and down. He was excited for sure as he began murmuring a few things. “You have been driving me crazy for a long time now,” Ranjith hushed on her face before taking her lips yet again into his mouth. He was soon to let them free and say, “I am going to strip you naked to the hilt. I am going to play with your body for a while and finally I will stick my dick deep inside your tight cunt.”

Sujitha managed to take a deep breath to recoup her energy and repelled from his grip. Ranjith was off balance for a split second which was just enough for her to push him on the floor. She jumped from the couch and started running towards the door. Ranjith quickly grabbed her right leg and pulled her down on the floor. Once again, she found herself getting squeezed under his monstrous body. Ranjith had learned from his earlier mistake as he rudely held her wrists with both his hands. Sujitha felt the pain as her hands were getting pressed against the floor ruthlessly. Her sari had gone ajar and his eyes lustily gazed at her partially exposed breasts. He smiled watching her breasts swelling in and out underneath her blouse as she breathed fast. His head came down to kiss her on the neck, shoulders before trailing through the plateau between her breasts to her soft stomach. Sujitha shuddered feeling his rough lips trailing her bare skin. She knew that it needed just a little effort to send Ranjith off her body because the couch was too narrow. She tried hard pulling her legs from Ranjiths body and luckily she did. Ranjith rolled over her body and fell on the floor again, this time with a bigger bang. She knew that it was another opportunity to open the door and scream for some help. She jumped over Ranjiths body and began running towards the door in sheer desperation.

Sadly for her, Ranjith was quick to recover. His hands reached out to grip the loose end of her sari and she had to stop and turn in the momentum of his strong pull. She heard a snapping noise on the left side of her blouse as she turned. The safety pin that was holding her sari on the top of her left shoulder had given up in the brutal impact of Ranjiths pull. She froze to realize that her breasts were devoid of the sari cover as the devilish man kept pulling it hard towards him. She tried hard not to skid towards him by holding her sari with both hands as strong as she could. She felt another shiver as she watched Ranjith watching her cleavage through the low cut neck of her blouse as she leaned a bit in order to stop the sari from being pulled any further. The struggle did not last long simply because Ranjith was too strong. She swirled a few rounds in the momentum of his hard pull, letting her sari pleats give away from her petticoat and around her waist. Ranjith stood on his knees pulling the entire length of her sari without any further resistance. He stood up on his feet and began rushing towards her after throwing her sari in a heap at a distant corner of the clinic. Sujithas hands quickly went across her chest to cover her breasts from getting exposed to his lusty eyes. She was stepping back with fear watching him approaching her with eyes pinned at her. Raniths tongue popped out in excitement to see the gorgeous young doctor standing with just her petticoat and blouse on. He breathed fire as he watched her bulging cleavage over her blouse and her deep navel right below. Sujitha wasnt the intelligent doctor anymore. She was another woman about to be falling a prey to a lusty man who had scant regard for her profession and her status in the society. She kept moving back until she eventually found the wall against her back. For a moment, she thought that her world was coming to an end. She knew that the predator is more likely to have its prey sooner than later. Ranjith rested his arms on the wall brushing her shoulders as he knew that there wasnt anyway the lady could escape.

“Madam, stop running around anymore,” Ranjith spoke as his hot breath fell on her face like flames. “You now know very well that I am going to get you anyway.”

He got closer to her body letting his crotch press hard against her waist. His hands crawled from the wall, trailed her arms and shoulders before gripping her breasts. Sujitha closed her eyes in distress as she knew what would follow. She opened her eyes immediately feeling a quick jerk on her chest and looked down to see that her blouse had been ripped apart. Another jerk and her bra went the same way splitting into halves. Ranjith heaved in excitement while his fingers went about pushing her ripped clothes to either side of her armpits.

“Please, I beg you,” was all Sujitha could say as his head lowered towards her heaving naked breasts. She squirmed and stood on her toes as he began licking her areola and nipples with his rough tongue. His hand was now searching for her petticoat robes on the waist.

“Oh NO!” She squealed as he began sucking her nipples.

“Oh YES!” Ranjith pulled out his mouth and said with a chuckle.

Sujitha stood still like a defeated woman as Ranjiths fingers made a few circles around the whole of her breasts. Soon, he used his tongue to draw circles around her areola and they got harder as he kept letting his tongue expedite on her globes.

“Hmmm, I can see you are enjoying it,” Ranjith said laughingly. She knew she wasnt as her nipples were hardening more due to the physiological reactions of being teased. His restless hands moved across her stomach and inched upwards to her chest. His thumbs halted under the swell of her breasts before crawling up on her breasts. Sujitha squirmed feeling his fierce breath on her nipples before his mouth almost devoured the whole of her left breast. She felt like having lost all her strength and was flexing her body like a creeper. His crude hands moved around to grip her ass cheeks and pulled her as hard as he could. She nevertheless couldnt resist a loud squeal as he started chewing her nipple. Ranjith jumped to her right breast to let his lips and teeth give an equivocal treatment. She screamed yet again feeling her right nipple caught between his teeth while he skillfully used his tongue to lash the top with his tip.

“Please! Leave me now.” Sujitha pleaded with folded hands and tears rolling down her beautiful cheeks. He wasnt thinking of doing anything of that sort. He turned her around and began pulling the torn blouse and ripped bra through her arms. His eyes gazed her wonderfully firm ass cheeks for a while before he cupped each one of them with great admiration. Sujitha jumped and turned around again, revealing her naked breasts to his eager eyes. His right hand pulled her left hand towards him and placed it on his enlarged crotch through the fabric of his underwear. She pulled of her hand at once unable to feel the amazing vigor with which his dick stood underneath. He laughed aloud before picking her up on his strong arms and carrying her towards the examination couch yet again. Sujitha was made to lay on the cushion with her eyes staring at the roof in desperation. His hands quickly drifted her petticoat by rolling through her thighs before she lay thoroughly exposed below her waist.

“So smooth!” Ranjith exclaimed with glee. His rough fingers went trailing through her legs, from her ankles, to her calf, to her knee, to her thigh before they stopped an inch below her white panties. He soon buried his face between her thighs and let his nose rub against her pussy lips through the fabric.

“Oh God!” Sujitha squirmed and arched forward. She had reconciled to the fact that there wasnt any way to let her escape from the awkward man. His hands clenched her panties waistline and began pulling it down. Sujithas hands went to the rescue of her face to cover her thorough humiliation. Ranjith was whistling a popular tune as he easily got rid of her panties and threw it behind him. Knowing that Sujitha had given up fighting, he slipped a couple of his meaty fingers and let them plunge deep inside her pussy. After driving in and out her pussy several times, Ranjith realized that she looked perfect to let his huge meat shove inside her young cunt. He leaned again and watched her squeal again feeling his tongue on her pussy lips. His eyes gazed her body flexing in arousal as he went about eating her pussy with absolute relish. Sujithas right hand inadvertently gripped the handle of the top box drawer on the examination couch. She soon felt his thick dick head rubbing against her clit as though he was warming up before driving the huge meat inside her wet cunt. She panted helplessly as he quickened his pace by rubbing his dick up and down her pussy lips in a tremendous speed. She knew that her swollen pussy was about to give up if he keeps rubbing at it in such a speed. She realized that she had reached the ultimate moment of letting a mans dick inside her pussy, although she didnt love doing it. Suddenly, she glanced at her right hand which held the drawer handle. She knew that she always kept the dissection set on the top drawer. Yes, she still had a chance of surviving this sexual assault if she acted cleverly.

“Oh Ranjith,” She screamed and leaned forward pushing her body against him. Ranjith was really stunned to see the sudden fist of arousal from her. Before he could think further, Sujitha pulled his head towards her body with her left hand. Her right hand tried hard to open the box drawer while she held his face pressing against her chest. Unaware of her real intentions, Ranjith proudly hugged her and pulled her against his body. He resumed on her breasts by sucking them one after another and by drawing her hard nipples between his teeth. Sujitha was grinding her teeth in agony, telling herself that the ordeal could well be over if things worked out the way she desired. Her heart began beating fast seeing the top drawer open gently and showing the sterile stainless steel kit box right on the top. He fingers reached and pushed the knob of the kit and let it open wide enough to let her pick up a suitable ‘weapon. She quickly chose a sleek sharp sterilized knife, the one she used for cutting open the bandages. She knew that she didnt want to kill her assaulter although it would need a serious cut to stop him from going any further. She had decided what to do to Ranjith.

“Ohhhhhhhh!” Ranjith screamed all of a sudden, loosening his grip on her body in a flash and taking a few steps back from the couch. He looked at his left shoulder in disbelief to watch a few drops of blood falling from his cut left ear. Sujitha jumped from the couch, with her right hand stretched towards him holding the sharp edged knife. She knew that he was in utter pain and wouldnt be thinking about having sex with her for the moment at least. She stood naked but his eyes werent relishing the site. His eyes werent swelling in excitement now after the severe pain he felt on his left ear.

“I can forget whatever you have been doing till now,” Sujitha snarled at him. “But, being a woman I can still forgive you. Better keep going and never even dream of coming again.”

Ranjith stood like a statue for a while, letting a few drops of his blood dropping onto the floor. He realized that he needed medical attention at once and couldnt think of anything else. He scampered to collect his clothes from various corners, kept taking a few steps backwards before he eventually turned around and rushed towards the door. He opened the door in desperation and was seen running out of the clinic holding his left ear with his hand. Sujitha felt relieved and tears started rolling down her cheeks. She shook in disbelief realizing that she managed to survive what could have been the worst sexual assault of her life. She wept until she began feeling her heart getting lighter. Within minutes, she managed to cover herself with the torn blouse and sari. After closing the clinic, she wasnt willing to wait for the bus and took an auto rickshaw to reach home. A cruel smile flashed on her lips. She began wondering where Ranjith might have gone to get his ears treated. She was convinced that he might never go to a female doctor anyway.