This fiction story

This Fiction Story and I have made characters myself. Anybody interested in me kindly mail me on my / / Standing outside my office door in the reception area was Dori, the cute little Cuban-American and Miami reared reporter from a local TV station. Looking out the window I could see her incredibly curvaceous ass that had captivated me since she appeared on the scene in our mountain-west town. Dressed in a pink linen channel-like skirt and jacket with silk blouse underneath, with long dark hair spilling over her shoulders, Dori oozed sensuality with just enough innocence to set her apart from the other small-market TV cuties. While she talked with our receptionist, I just gazed to imprint her gorgeous figure in my mind for recall at some later, private moment. As I was losing myself in the thought of holding her tightly and gently kissing her neck, my intercom buzzed with the receptionist telling me that the local TV reporter had arrived for an interview. Never one to give the local press reason to dislike me, I bounded out the door and greeted this latin-lovely and here camera man. Welcoming them into my office I motioned Dori to sit on my leather sofa while I sat on the opposite end. This comfortable arrangement gave me a great view of her pretty knees and of her shapely breasts planted firmly beneath the camisole-type top.

“Damn, it’s hard to concentrate when talking to her,” I thought as she began to explain what she wanted as the camera was setup. Listening to her rather unique, for our area, accent was a tremendous turn on for me as i’ve always been very audio oriented. I filed those sexy vowel sounds away with her shapely image too.

“Whatever you need Dori,” I answered after hearing her explanation.

As I answered her questions I could not help but notice that her nipples were hardening as I’d never seen them before. As she would move and her Channel-like jacket would move, I’d get a small glance at her enticing buds of pleasure. I was thinking in the back of my mind that the office was actually warm so it wasn’t the cold causing her reaction. And as I thought about this I began to realize just how large and strong her nipples were for such tiny, petite breasts.

“Man this is getting tough,” I thought as I continued to answer her questions about the local city music festival my firm was helping to sponsor. As a middle-age man who enjoys good cigars and whiskey far more than working out or playing sports, I’m under no illusion that my not-so-hard body was turning her on. I’d always been professionally polite and just a tad flirtatious with Dori in past meetings but never any more. What I did know from much experience in politics and leadership is that for many women, the idea of a powerful, in-control, self-assured man was a much greater aphrodisiac than a hard body and tight ass. Many good looking women from 18 to 50 had come on to me over the years and so I did not suffer from a low sense of sexual attraction. Maybe, just maybe this girl who has had a prime place in my sexual fantasy life for the past two years was one of those girls who valued accomplished men. I knew from light conversation that she didn’t have a serious boyfriend in town or back in Miami and that information had just fueled my attraction.

Just after she concluded the short interview, I asked her in Spanish is she would like some tickets for herself, cameraman, co-workers and friends to the main concert at the festival. A big smile came across her cute, young face and she answered back in Spanish with a very happy “Sí”! This was a great opening as I was able to explain that the tickets had not yet been delivered from the printer but was to be in-hand later in the day. I told her to come by after the 6pm newscast and ring the buzzer by the main door and I’d still be here to get her the tickets. She said she would and my fantasies began. Evening.

Just after everyone had left the office around 5:30, I made good use of my private facilities and took a good shower, shaved and put on a fresh set of casual clothes. I turned out the ugly fluorescent lighting and used the incandescent in my office to create a very nice mood, put on some good music, poured a drink from the bar and settled into the leather sofa to read some trade mags while awaiting Dori. At about 6:50, the buzzer rang, I looked out the small curtained window by my door and across the reception area standing outside the front glass door was Dori still in her cute outfit. I went out to greet her and let her in inviting her into my office to get as many tickets as she thought she would need.

“Wow, she is cute,” I thought “that ass is just going to kill me!”

Being Latin Dori was much more comfortable with hugs and physical contact than most locals in our area and having lived in Mexico City for some time, I was fairly accustomed to what acceptable contact was and what wasn’t. So, as Dori came through the door with me, I lightly placed my hand in the small of her back and ushered her over to the sitting area. Just touching this sweet creature have me a thrill and had my manhood growing to attention. I had placed the tickets on the cocktail table so Dori would need to sit down to easily get them – I didn’t want her just coming in and leaving immediately. When she sat down I offered her a drink and to my delight she accepted a mineral water. Now at least I knew there would be time to talk, time to seduce! I sat down a bit closer to Dori than earlier in the day, close enough so we could both count out the tickets on the low table in front of us. She didn’t seem to react negatively and I was encouraged.

“Dori,” I began. “I am just so delighted that you made your way across country to the high mountains and found our little city.”

“You’ve told me before that you liked it here and wanted to stay a while and I’m really glad,” I continued while gazing into her innocent smile.

“I want you to know that I think you are among the most beautiful young women ever to grace our fair city,” I said and noticed her begin to blush slightly.

“Since you interviewed me in your second week in town, I have to admit that i’ve had a really big, teenage crush on you,” I said somewhat playfully. At this point I took a big risk and reached out and grabbed her hand placing it between both of mine and said, looking straight into her dark eyes, “Dori, each time I see you or hear your voice my heart beats a little faster and I just want to hold you tightly and protect you as I would a treasure.” This last part I said in Spanish which was quite romantic. To my delight, Dori didn’t pull away she just blushed more, dipped her head slightly and told me thank you.

What was next was clearly my move so I boldly leaned forward, placing my fingers under her slightly down turned chin, lifted her gaze back up equal to mine and kissed her tenderly on her lovely lips. After a very quick moment, the type that seems an eternity at the time, lovely Dori kissed me back, but harder and with a passion that set us forward on a journey of release from pent-up passion. I did fulfill my dreams and hold her tightly against my body as I nuzzled her ear and neck with my hot kisses and breath. My hands moved up and down against her back eventually finding their way to the tight space between us and grazing her nipples which were standing out in invitation to my touch. My other hand made its way to her sexy legs and starting at her calf, moved slowly up between slightly parting knees to the heat of her thighs. We began kissing passionately with our tongues dancing to the rhythm of lust and I worked to remove her jacket.

Laying her down with her head in my lap, gazing up at me with her sexy dark eyes, I began to stoke her nipples through the silky fabric of her camisole with one hand and the other stroking her soft, long hair in a comforting manner. It was no doubt that my hot, hard cock was strong against the back of her head as she lay in this position. And, after a minute or so, I lifted her petite body up and moved her to where she was seated in my lap facing forward. From this position my hands moved from her knees to her neck over and over eventually sliding under her camisole and stoking her sensual small, hardened breasts. No need to remove a bra as she didn’t wear one which is always a plus with me for small breasted girls. My mouth was busy on her neck below her ears with her lush hair rubbing my skin as my hands worked her breasts. As she sat on my lap, her incredible round ass was grinding into my hard cock which was begging for release. While stimulating her nipples with one hand my other worked her skirt up to waist level and began to stroke her swollen pussy through her very feminine, lacy panties. At this point Dori was moaning and wiggling in a state of utter sexual freedom.

I slid my fingers under her panties and began to stroke her engorged clit and labia as I turned her body sideways on my lap and placed her nipple between my lips and my tongue caressed it with vigor. Dori was moving quicker and quicker and seemed to me to be approaching orgasm so I concentrated both tongue and finger movements to her most sensitive areas keeping a common rhythm with both. Just as my tongue began to tire Dori’s sweet petite body arched, she threw her head back and then let loose with a screaming orgasm which was so sexy visually, tactilely, and in sound that I almost came myself. As Dori wound down from this state of bliss, I held her small body very close to mine again protecting her as one would a treasure. Her beautiful face eventually came to look at me directly and she leaned in and kissed me slowly and sensually. Dori’s small hands began to unbutton my shirt and stroke my hairy chest while she kissed me deeply and slowly.

She began to slide down from my lap to the floor where facing me, on her knees, she looked up at me with a look that I will never forget as long as I live. Her penetrating dark eyes looked through to my soul while her hands began to unbuckle my belt, unbutton my slacks and free my cock with a slow pull of the zipper. This has long been among my favorite moments in a sexual encounter and with Dori it was the best I can remember as I felt a true affection for her that made each moment tender as well as sexual. Grasping my very wet cock with her small hands, she began to slide the slick fluid all over the shaft overloading my senses as she did. She then leaned forward and began to lightly kiss my cock while she stroked it. Then, the moment of supreme feeling arrived as she slipped the head of my cock into her mouth and swirled her tongue around the sensitive base of my cockhead. I knew that I would only be able to hold out for a moment more after all I had witnessed and experienced. Coming quickly would allow me to have intercourse with a second hard-on sure to last much longer.

I whispered to Dori how wonderful she was making me feel and told her that I was close to orgasm. She pulled her mouth off my cock and began stroking me more quickly with her face just inches from my shaft. Just looking at her was enough to send me over the edge and I said “I’m coming,” breathlessly as my cock began to shoot. Dori allowed my cum to land all over her cute face and stroked me until the last eruption had subsided. I stood and lifted Dori to her feet. I gently wiped the cum from her sweet face with a tissue then held her and kissed her. While kissing her my hands unbuttoned her now wrinkled skirt and let it fall to the floor. I then pulled her camisole over her head and held this beautiful girl of Cuban extraction in my arms naked except for a pair of lacy panties covering her sexy ass.

I bent down and placed one arm behind the back of her knees and the other behind her back and lifted her in my arms. While I held her for a moment we kissed again. I then laid her on the sofa and knelt in front of her elongated body with my knees on the floor. I began kissing her at her little feet and moved all the way to her lips stopping with hot breath teasing her pussy and nipples. Next, I pulled her panties off revealing a trimmed pubis. I moved her legs apart and moved my face between her legs covering her pussy with hot breath followed by light kisses which turned heavy quickly.

I licked her pussy and clit while holding a cheek of her round ass in each hand and squeezing. This allowed me to move down to the area surrounding her little asshole and I gave her a very light rim job moving quickly back to her pussy. Dori was making it really tough on me because she moaned loudly at each move which just moved me closer to coming. I decided that I wanted to be as close to Dori as life will allow so I pulled her up for the sofa, sat down and then had her sit down on my lap facing me with each leg straddling body. She leaned forward and we kissed as my hand placed my cock at the entrance to her delicate pussy. Slowly she lowered herself onto my shaft feeling each millimeter as it began to fill her small body.

When she was all the way down, I began to lick her nipples again while squeezing her ass. Dori began to rise and fall in a piston action over my cock while I licked her nipples and massaged her ass. As the speed increased, I began to place pressure on her asshole with my finger as she fucked me harder. This instantly intensified the feeling she was having and she began to orgasm with her pussy muscles contracting around my cock. This cock-massage caused me to begin my orgasm and just as Dori was calming from hers; my cock began to spasm shooting hot cum deeply into her little body. We were holding each other tightly at this point with the heat and sweat of our bodies adding to the pleasure. And, it is the spasms of my cock in Dori’s pussy that set her off again with another wave of orgasm.

“Wow!” She exclaimed uttering the first words since we began. Slowly pulling back, she leaned forward and kissed me deeply. I reached around and again pulled her tightly to me and whispered in her ear: “Dori, you’re wonderful.”