Aunty of Ahmedabad

Hi all I am back after a longtime with another interesting incident. I am from Ahmadabad and stay alone here. To be honest, it was because I didn’t have any interesting encounters. Now coming to what happened. This was around the end of beginning of April. I was casually relaxing on a Saturday and wondering what to do, when I signed onto FSI sex chat. To cut a long story short, met a lady who claimed she was 34 and a lonely housewife. I persuaded her to meet me in a public place and she reluctantly agreed. We met at an outlet near the highway and I realized she would be much older, probably 38-39 but I didn’t touch upon it. She was not too good looking but she had a good figure and a hard body, seemed like a body hardened with years of manual work. We generally chit chatted and then parted after exchanging numbers. On Sunday afternoon she called me up and she agreed to come to my place. She was wearing a conservative salwar kameez. I brought her a glass of juice and sat across her staring at her. She asked me what I was staring at the following conversation ensued. For the benefit of all I am writing it in English

Me: I am staring at your figure

She: What’s so special about it?

Me: Honestly speaking nothing special from what I can c now, but I think if I c more I will be able to say what is special!!!

She looked at me and smiled

Me: Why don’t you remove your dupatta, it’s hot and I am sure u will feel relaxed

She removed the dupatta and I lit a cigarette

She: What fun does u get out of smoking?

Me: Only if you smoke will u understand

She: Na baba Na, not me please

Me: Try it out a bit just for my sake

She: But you will have to teach me

Me: With pleasure Madame, why not

I stood up and sat beside her and taught her to inhale. Slowly I touched the back of her neck and massaged it with my fingers. I rolled her neck bone between my thumb and first finger. She rested her head back and closed her eyes, I kissed her cheeks lightly, a small smile spread on her face and I then planted a wet kiss on her cheeks followed by a gentle one on her lips. When she still didn’t object I slipped my tongue into her mouth and kissed her for a month or so. She was not very responsive but I cud see she was getting aroused. I then squeezed her breasts through he clothes and rubbed my thumb on her nipples as I continued to plant kisses on her lips, cheeks, eyes, etc. I then took her earlobes between my teeth and licked them she let out a moan and pressed my thighs. I slowly slipped my hands to her back and started massaging them. She seemed to like it so I slipped my hand on to her ass and pressed them. I then made her stand up and took her to the bedroom, where I removed her kameez and made her lie down. He boobs were waiting to burst out of her bra which was baby pink in color and very sensual. I think her boobs must have been 34 or 36 with C up. I then buried my face between her boobs and kissed and licked them, then took out her left breast from her bra and started licking her nipples. This got her really wild and I did the same to her other breast too.

She was moaning quite loudly now and I didn’t hesitate in untying her salwar. She was wearing a jet black panty with some designs on it and her ass was fully covered. I think her ass would be around 36 or 38. I gently rubbed her stomach and started kissing her naval and dipping my tongue into her navel. She loved that and her skin began to twitch then I gently lowered her panties and kissed her on the area above her pubis. She was moaning and pressing my head in, I wasted no opportunity and then removed her panty and started blowing kisses on her pubis and inner thighs, I gently bit the inner thighs and then licked them. Then I took her clitoris between my teeth and licked it hard. That was when she had her first orgasm, but I didn’t stop and then inserted my tongue into her cunt and started licking her. I also inserted one finger inside and moved it around real hard. She loved every moment of it. I took my finger out and licked it thoroughly. On seeing this she got all the more excited and started humming her ass. I understood and inserted my dick into her cunt. Now let me tell you I don’t have a monster cock. I have a normal 6″ cock and unlike other postings here, she didn’t even touch it first. I went on for about 20 minutes during which I think she had 2 orgasms.

I then rose from her and lighted a cigarette. This time she shared it with me. I then brought a few ice cubes and blindfolded her with a piece of cloth. I began to run the ice cubes over her nipples and down to her stomach. It was followed by my tongue which went wherever the ice cubes went. I slowly lowered it to her cunt and ran it on her outer lips and down to her feet. I sucked each and every one of her toes and the side of her ankles. Let me tell u guys, ankles are one of the most erogenous zones in a woman. Then I licked her all the way up to her knees and then onto her cunt once again. I then turned her around and started massaging her back, first with my hands then my tongue and then the ice cube. I paid special attention to the nape of her neck and her underarms which were slightly hairy but I loved the sensuous mixture of sweat and deodorant. I then parted her ass cheeks and opened her asshole and then inserted my tongue right into the core of her asshole.

She went mad at that and started humping real hard. She had a very visible orgasm this time and she lay there bedraggled. We lay for sometime and we discussed her fantasies. One of her fantasies was to piss on a guy and have a guy piss on her face and neck and boobs. We were getting hot once again when her phone rung. She talked for a minute and then told me she had to go. As she was leaving she asked me to light a cigarette which I did and I took in a mouthful and blew it into her cunt. Her entire body jerked and I quickly licked her hard bringing her to another orgasm. We agreed to meet again this Sunday (21st April). And I have promised her a warm piss bath of which I will write sometime next week. Any ladies above 28 and living in Ahmadabad are welcome to contact me for sex. I can be mailed on / / For me looks are not important but what is important is the desire to go absolutely wild and wanton in bed. From my other readers across the country I would love to hear your feedback.