My girlfriend

Hi, I am Vijay, I am from PUNE (Maharashtra). I am regular reader of ISS, I like many stories .so after reading these stories I also thought to share my experience with you all.

This all started when I was young about 18 .there was a girl living in our society her name was Poornima and she was about 16. She use to like me but I was not so interested in her as I was already interested in someone else. She (Poornima) also knew all that I was not interested in her then she thought some other thing . She use to come my house daily, she used to talk to me for hours, and by then she was in her std X ,she use to bring books and say take my tuitions while taking tuitions she use to touch me ,take my hands in her hand and even she touched her big juicy boobs ,and whenever these things happen she used to give me a naughty smile as the time passed her winter exams were over and came holidays.

One day she came to me and said that she want to learn to drive two-wheeler as she don’t have any two wheeler told me to take mine kinetic Honda .she was driving and I was sitting behind her to some distance as my body don’t touch her .but her intension were clear she pushed herself back and her ass touched my penis and it started becoming hard . As we went for a long ride she felt the hardness of my penis she slowly started pushing herself and I also was feeling nice I started pushing my hard penis from behind. This went for some days one day as she was riding my bike I took her to the place where nobody comes .then I took chance and put my hands on her waist from back and slowly started moving to front and placed them on her boobs as she was driving she looked at my hands and didn’t say anything but smiled now I was confident and started pressing her boobs. This went on for many days.

As I was just 18 I didn’t knew much about sex . I only watched xxx movies .now I was excited and wanted to fuck her but was afraid as she lived in our society and her mother was very good friend of my mother . Now holidays were over and school started and also my tuition to her started .now this started regularly whenever she came for tuitions I use to put my hands on her thigh , sometimes on her boobs ,then one day I we were sitting on my sofa teaching her my mother went to take bath I hugged her and gave her a big kiss on her lips and for about 10 min I was kissing her and my tongue was in her mouth I started pressing her boobs with one hand .this all went for around one year but I didn’t fucked her. As they were middle class family she was engaged in her early age of 18 and soon got married to a boy in our town .After marriage she use to talk to me only as a friend and never talked to me about past. I also got married .Now after 8 years of her marriage she don’t have any child . One day she met me and asked me about my cell number .I gave her .Next day she called me and told me to come to her house as her husband was out for work .she told me to sit on sofa as she would serve me some soft drinks ,I asked her why she had called me she told that she was not satisfied with her husband and wanted someone to satisfy her needs .Hearing this I was very much excited as my wish to fuck my girlfriend is turning to fulfill never mind after 8 years later.

I didn’t wasted time I caught her and gave her a big kiss as I use to give her in my early days now her boobs were more bigger than before .she was wearing Punjabi dress I started moving my hands on her boobs above her dress and she also put her hand on my hairy chest and started playing with my nipples .then I came near her and took her face in my hand and started kissing all over her body. Then she took me to another room and I put her on bed then I removed my shirt and pant .she saw a big bulge on my underwear. Then she slide down my underwear and was stunned to see my big dick which is 6 inches long with not fully erected .she told that my dick was larger than that of her husband’s dick .then I started moving the skin of my dick forward and backward and now it became fully erect to 8 inches long then she told her husbands dick was just 6 inches when fully erected .I knew that her pussy was hungry for my big dick. I came near her and pushed my dick into her mouth its tips touched her throat . I started fucking in her mouth and being experienced she sucked my dick nicely. During this time I was squeezing her boobs over her Punjabi dress. After 5 min of fucking her mouth I took my dick out of her mouth .then I made her stand removed her kurta and threw away . Now she was in her black bra. I then put my hand on her back and opened the hooks of her bra. Then I took the bra over her shoulder and throw away .then I started squeezing her big juicy boobs and started sucking her breast .After few min of sucking her both breast I removed her panty and reached her navel. And I started licking her navel I began to move my tongue all over her navel she started moaning “ahh very nice…..” Then I opened the nada of her salwar but it never fell down because of the huge bulge of her ass then she widen the mouth of salwar in order to fall dawn . Now she was in her blue panty .I pushed her on the bed and spread her legs.

I pressed her pussy over her panty .her panty was wet with her pussy juice. Then I slide her panty downward and threw it away .Then I started licking her semi shaved pussy she started moaning loudly“ aaaah oooh ammm nice oooh aaah very nice Please. Put the whole tongue inside nice aaah aaah ooo ammmm” and she squeezed her boobs with her hand and after licking for more than 5 min I placed the tip of my dick at the entrance of her pussy then I slightly pushed my dick to half the length then I removed my dick from her pussy and entered in full force she felt pain as my dick was little bigger than her husbands the n I waited for a minute and started moving my dick in and out . First I did it slowly because I wanted to enjoy every second while fucking her after all my dream to fuck her was fulfilled after 8 years .she also was enjoying then I increased my speed and she started moaning “ aaah aaaaah aaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaaaah good aaah fuck aaaah aaah fuck me fuck me hard, hard harder aaah aaaah aaaahaaaj. Aaaah oooh aaah” as she was moaning my speed went on increasing I was fucking her like a bull and my dick moved inside her pussy like a bullet from riffle after long fuck of around 30 – 35 min I discharged a huge load of cum inside her pussy as my juice went inside her pussy she hugged me hard for two min . Then I took out my dick from her pussy .it was over flooded with my juice .then I put my dick in her mouth and she cleaned it.

Then we both went to bathroom and together we took shower while taking shower she again took my dick in her hand and started making it hard .I was also squeezing her boobs ,kissing her within a minute it became hard again and now she turned around and placed her ass cheeks on my dick actually that was a signal to fuck her ass I immediately responded took some hair oil there in bathroom and applied some on my dick and some on her ass hole and immediately inserted in dick in her ass she felt pain and screamed a bit . Her ass hole was tight and my dick became more hard. First I started slowly then increased my speed and fucked hard we both were in pain but enjoying after few min. I again discharged my cum inside her ass .and gave 2-3 strokes and removed my dick from her ass as we were in bathroom we hugged each other cleaned ourselves and came to the room and wear clothes .then I kissed her and said I want to leave now .she also said that it was the great afternoon of her life and that she was very much satisfied with me and said whenever she get chance she would call me. Mail to me at / / After that I fucked her many more times in different style and locations in her house. Now she is pregnant with my baby. Hope you all enjoyed my real story. Any ladies, aunty, gals around or near Pune interested to get some satisfaction.