My first time

Hello this is the first time I’ve written to ISS. I’ve been reading quite a few stories, some of which are believable while others are not. For example there are stories of milk coming out of virgin breasts – this cannot happen. I believe some of these stories, simply because plain old me has also had similar experiences. About myself I am a very plain guy you might find anywhere around you. I am in fact quite a little shy in the first meeting, later I open up and become quite friendly- probably the same with all guy.

I would like to relate a real life incident that took place a few years back. I was working in a hospital and there was some goof up about giving an anti-D serum to a patient (This has to be given within 48 hours after delivery to mothers of Rh- blood group if they have Rh+ babies) so I had to procure this stuff and get it to the patient. So off I went at 12 in the night to the ward. I finished with the paperwork and went over to this patient. She was in bed with her sister attending to her. Now about this sister, she was middle aged, but good looking and had nice eyes. I would glance at her and we would smile. So we decided to take the baby to the lab so that its blood could be tested. I went along with the mother’s sister to the lab. While on the way we had to walk through a few narrow deserted corridors. Well it was night, and my mind was on sex and she was fine, so I just allowed my hand to graze her arse whilst walking. She first was startled and looked deeply at me. I didn’t miss a step, and pretended it was an accident. She released my intentions and came within range of my hand, and we had a good time. She told me at about this time that she was the patient’s mother. I was surprised, because the patient was 18 years and this lady must have been only 35…she had apparently been married at a young age and had been deserted by her husband early…later on she told me her long story which I don’t want to bother you with.

Next day I had gone to a nearby tea shop and there she was having tea. She invited me to have some tea, which I accepted. I told her, “now that you have given me tea, I would like to invite you to my house.” She asked if I was married. I replied, “No’. We then started off to my room, she got afraid on the way and turned back and invited me to her house. The next day was Sunday and I had off. So I agreed to come to her house in her village. I was afraid because she may trap me, but I was young and I let my hormones take over. We went to her village by bus, en route we went to a movie. In the theatre, she was sitting to my left. I let my hand slide up her arm, and gently caressed her soft right breast. I was very excited, as this was my first time. My head felt like it would explode. I slowly put my arm around her shoulder and tried to feel her left breast. She was wearing a nylon sari and cotton jacket. I could feel the warmth of her breast through the jacket. I tried to feel my way to the nipple, but couldn’t locate it due to the sturdy nature of the bra. I let my hand slide further down and feel her navel. I was a heavenly feeling. I couldn’t get my hand into her sari below her waist. All this time she was silent and enjoying herself.

We left the movie in the middle because we didn’t want to waste more time. We reached her village in the night and much to my discomfiture, had to walk quite a bit to get to her house. Luckily it was dark. When we reached we found out she had forgotten her keys in the hospital. Her young son was staying with relatives. There was not even a bus back at this time. So we had to spend our time in her courtyard. It was square and had a low parapet wall and many trees. It was a full moon and the night was cool. We sat on the parapet next to each other allowing our bodies to gently caress. We talked a long time…mostly she did the talking and I listened. I was slowly caressing her all over her back…running my hand from her side, at her soft breasts, along her side to her waist and down to her rump. It was lovely… I had felt girls before…but this was different…I was going to go the full way this time. I inhaled deeply the sweet fragrance of the jasmine in her hair. I played with her buttocks, gently squeezing them and passing my hand across the cleft between. I moved my head to her and kissed her on her cheek, and then I went for her lips. I slid my tongue into her eagerly waiting mouth and we shared a long lip lock.

Soon we tired of sitting like this. There was nothing to sleep on in the courtyard, so she slowly removed her sari… I wanted this to last so I offered to remove it for her and kissing her all over her body I removed it. She was now in her black blouse and petticoat. Her necklace was between her globes. She said, “Now it is your turn”. I removed my shirt and pants and was now only in my underwear. I had a very hard erection. She then spread her sari on the ground and we held each other and lay down on it. Our pubes were grinding together with lust. I told her to remove her panties, so that I can feel her flesh through her cotton petticoat. I was all the while stroking her here and there. I could not get enough of this woman. I wanted to have all of her. I was feeling her hair at one time and then going to her arse and then feeling her fleshy hips. I felt mad with lust. I then pulled off her jacket and bra and freed her melons. They were soft and juicy with dark areole and large nipples. I turned her around and massaged her boobs from behind. She was letting out small groans of delight all this time and holding my hands to her breasts. I was meanwhile grinding my dick to her arse.

I then made her lie down and lifted up her petticoat; she feigned shyness and tried to stop me. I pushed her hand aside, and placed my hand on her cunt and pressed it firmly. She let out one big groan. I then started licking and kissing her from her head to her thighs. I then come to her cunt. She was not shaved there. I pulled apart her labia and smelled her aroma. It was musky. I wanted to eat her. I licked the outer part of her labia first, making circles with my tongue around her orifice. She was getting wet and hot. I put my finger into her cunt and felt her velvety folds. I rubbed the front wall of her cunt and rubbed her g-spot. She was like going mad with my ministrations. I started licking the base of her clit. It had gotten as large as my finger tip and was tensing up. I knew that she was at her peak arousal. I then went for her clit, simultaneously fingering her spot. She was screaming with passion, “faster, faster”. After about 2 to 4 minutes she arched her back up and started shaking she had a mind-blowing orgasm. After the waves subsided, I got up and lay next to her. She looked at me and smiled,” I have never felt this good.”.” You are lying”, I replied. “No one has ever seen me there leave alone touch me, my husband used to just lift my skirt and fuck me when he needs”. I thought about it for a while oh well.

I had not yet released my load and my dick was getting uncomfortable. I turned her onto her stomach and lay with my dick between her arse cheeks. I wonder how many people do that it’s a great feeling just lie there and enjoy the sensations don’t move too much it’s too good so I just lay there. Slowly I started rubbing my dick on her arse. I then made her kneel down and slid into her waiting hole and started fucking her. I don’t know how much time it lasted, but when I came I felt that I had drained my entire balls into her. We slept like that naked for the rest of the night. I got up early and went home. We did it several times after that, and she got quite attached to me. Now I have moved to Hyderabad and am far from her she gave me a tearful farewell. I always wonder why she was so attached to me a very plain looking character…always wonder. Any girl from Hyderabad wants to know me more mail me at / /