Jaya gets fucked on her terms

For those who read my previous story where Archanas mom Jaya gets laid by me the 1st time, it took me a while to get to their house as the mother now knew what I was doing with Archana and I felt guilty about what I had done with Jaya. Anyway it took Archana a while to get me back to their house and I mostly made it when I was sure that Jaya was not at home. My love making with Archana continued with even more rigor and every time we made love, she always said that I had become more passionate and energetic in my love making and I always had the naughty smile on my face which could not tell her that I was actually fantasying that I was making love to her mother. Anyway to cut the story short, I bumped into Jaya at the market a few days later and I just could not get out of her sight in time. Our eyes met and I greeted her. She asked me to have a cup of coffee with me as she wanted to talk to me.

Over coffee she appreciated the fact that I had not spoken about our previous encounter to anyone including her daughter and hence she was at peace within. While she apologized for whatever happened and she could have avoided that if she really wanted to but somewhere deep inside she wanted to make love to a man other than her husband as she was married for almost 22 years and as she had got married early, she missed all the rendezvous since she herself came from a very conservative background. I ended up picking up her bags for her and dropped them to her car. She asked me over and I said that I could but I will not be able to hold myself post having made love to her. She smiled and opened the passenger door for me to enter. While we were driving Jaya started feeling my thighs and I started nuzzling her hands, showily my hands started feeling tits. I wanted to tear her blouse off but waited until we reached her home. All the way back we were busy touching and feeling each other. It was difficult for her too to keep her hands off me and she gave felt my dick over my trousers many a times.

Post reaching her home, I picked up all her bags and took them inside and before I could keep the bags down, I had Jaya embracing me from behind and kissing my neck. Her one hand was feeling all over my chest and the other all over by hard dick. Her boobs were all over my back which was making me even harder. I kept the bag down, turned around and for the first time kissed Jaya on her lips. It was a slow sensuous kiss and we felt each others lips with our tongues and we were literally having a tongue fight to enter each others mouths. She did not forget to mention that I kiss very well. Our hands were over each other while smooching and before we had realized, I had taken off her blouse and bra and was fondling her tits and she had taken off my shirt and was pinching my nipples. It was so sudden that we started to laugh and picked up our clothes and headed to her bed room. Once inside, her saree came off in a jiffy along with her wet panty and my trouser came off along with my underwear. For the 1st time Jaya actually felt my hard dick in her hand, pulled back the foreskin and knelt down to actually feel and see the cock. Before I could say Jack Robinson, she had her mouth all over my cock and was slowly feeling my balls with her one hand and the other was feeling my nipples.

I just could not stand on my twos and slowly sat down and moved my hands to her lovely tits. They were soft and smooth and her nipples were hard and erect. In the meanwhile Jaya had my entire dick in her mouth and she was moving on it like a woman possessed. It did not take me long to shoot full blast in her mouth. I guess she was not used to it, she rushed to the loo to throw out the jism. She cleaned her self and came back naked and in all her glory. It was my time to pay back but being inexperienced, she led me to her pussy and taught me how to make her happy. I was a fast learner and was very soon lapping her cunt to the hilt making her orgasm twice in a matter of minutes. I took her entire cunt in my mouth and bit her on the sides. My tongue explored her like never before and she was cumming into my mouth all the while . As per her she had never experienced this sensation before. She was as turned on as I was and was wanting my cock in her cunt but I wanted to play and suck her boobs and I just laid on her with my cock rubbing her cunt lips while my lips we all over her face and her tits. I chewed and bit her nipples without leaving marks which was a big turn on for her. Soon I felt her legs wrapping around my hip and with her experience and hip movements soon I found my cock entering her very moist and hot cunt. It was a very slow fuck and we felt each other on the outside and inside.

We were at it for almost half an hour when she wanted to change sides and wanted to ride me. She climbed over and positioned my dick to her cunt with her hand and plunked on it slowly with our pelvis bones hitting each other. Soon I had her riding me with my cock deep in her cunt and she was rubbing her cunt on my pelvis. Both my hands were fondling her titties and every now and then I would suck her nipples and drive her crazy and she cummmed all over me and I shot my cum deep into her almost at the same time. She got up from my cock and fell on my side. I hugged her tight and soon both of us were resting into each others arms. Since Archana and her Dad were out of station there was no hurry too. We took our time to feel each other, I humped her many times and both of us cummed all over each other many times. I must tell you that the romance with Jaya continued post that for a couple of years until they had to move to another location. Do let me know your views and share your experiences with me on / /