My driver who has been with me for over ten years, died one night in his sleep, leaving behind his widow of 32 and two children, both less than 5 years old. He had put on over 20 kgs in a year and was having high cholesterol and high b.p. I took him to the best of doctors, but he could not get his weight down. After the funeral I went to his house and while giving them Rs.10,000, told his wife to contact me if she needed anything. Two weeks later I had a call from her wanting to see me. I asked her to come the same evening. She turned up around 5 and I was a bit surprised to see her composed. “What is it Sulochana” I asked. She wanted work. She had passed her 12th and had done her 1st year in BA when she got married. So she was literate. I own a 4 bedroom flat in Malad and in the same building have a one bedroom flat which I use as my office.

I thought I can use her for office work and also as my housekeeper, and in the process take care of her children. She shifted next morning and I gave her a room to stay, told her, her work and asked her to bathe and come to work in the office. When she came in I saw that she was almost in tatters. Asking her to come with me, I took her to the market and bought her ten lovely saris, ready made blouse, and her inner garments. She was happy. I asked her if he minded wearing bindhi again. She did not. So besides that, I bought her all that a woman likes to wear, including a few shades of lipstick, eye shadow, bangles, and two large gold earrings. When we reached home, I asked her to dress properly and come back to work. When she came an hour later, I wasn’t able to take my eyes off her. She is around 5’4”, buxom, and with a pair of two lovely melon shaped breasts. Her full lips now painted with lip gloss and her general make up, roused the man in me. She stood there, shy, asking me what she should do. I explained what her tasks would be, and as she was computer-literate, I knew her task will be simpler.

She left office at 3 to pick up her children from school and to feed them, and prepare the evening meal. When I came home at around 8, the meal was ready and she was now wearing a lovely, dark red colored nightie. We had food together and soon after retired to our respective rooms. But then, I could not sleep. Even as I closed my eyes, she would appear as if she was standing before me in her finery with that shy smile. I twisted and turned, but still sleep eluded me. Taking courage into me hands, I went to her room and knocked on it. As if she was waiting at the door, she opened the door, and she swept herself into my arms. I was surprised and happy that my ‘conquest’ went off well! Even as she held me with bent head, I lifted her face and gently kissed her on her eyes that had mascara on it. She smiled. And I took over from there. I deep thrusted my tongue into her mouth, and she accepted me, sucking my tongue, and I took in her saliva copiously. She was heaving and was moaning away. “Hsssssssss. Hmmmmmmmm.” And so on. “When I removed my tongue after five minutes of sucking hers, she thrust hers into my mouth and it was my turn to do her honors. She responded like an animal in heat. “Can we go to your room Saab?” She asked. I carried her in my arms and walked in long strides and went into my room, closing the room behind.

As I reached the bed, she just tugged and pulled off my lungi, and hurriedly removed my singlet. At the same instant, she lifter her nightie over her head, and came and clasped me hard. Her breasts were pressing me, and I was high. I started caressing her over her back, while she was kissing me away all over my chest, finally taking my nipple between her teeth and gently chewed on it. My rod was in its full 6 ½” of manhood, throbbing away. Shyly she held it and started stroking it. I went crazy. “Wait Sulochana. Lie down” I said and as she did, I brought her down till her ass was at the edge. I now knelt in front of her and with my hands spread her thighs, exposing her golden hued cunt, which was without a single hair the way I love pussys. I put my face between her thighs and thrust my tongue deep into her wet cunt and started sliding it wildly within. “Hsssssssssssssss. Ahhhhhhhhhhh. Hmmmmmmm. Aur jorse. Aur dabake. Saab. Bahut acchahai. Humko swarg legaye.

Bahut pyaare arahahai.” And as she said this, she squirted her juices into my mouth. At that time, it was delicious. I cam up and lay down next to her, once gain deep throating her with my tongue. She held my head firm and responded with equal vigor. I kissed her all over her face, turned her, kissed her on her earlobes, her neck, her shoulder and her back and gradually went own. As I reached her ass, she turned on her back and exposed her cunt to me, and held me in a close embrace, pulled me up and started kissing me with wet kisses all over my face. I kissed her back and asked her, “Sulochana. Teri chathee choos sakthanhun? “Awo meri jaan. Kyon ek. Dono aapke liye tadaparaha hai. Jaldi awo.” And she thrust her breast into my mouth which I most hungrily started sucking away and kissing them, taking her lovely pointed nipples into my mouth and sucking the and teasing them between my teeth. She was jumping on her ass. And then she took my hand and thrust it between her thighs. My hand rested on her moist cunt, and my finger found her clitoris, already up in the air. In circular motion I caressed it, slowly at first and then rapidly. “Haiiiiiiiiiiiii. Meri Bhagawan. Kya suk haire.

Aur jorse karona? Meri chooth bahut kujili me hai. Ungli daalo aur paani nikalo”. Saying this, she held on to cock and gently stroked it, saying “ithna bada! Humko bardeyga. Humko phatdeyga. Magar hum isko andar lena chathahoon.” Meanwhile I finger fucked her and at the end of ten minutes she was wild and was scratching my back leaving her nail marks all over. She wanted me in her mouth. But I was not ready for that. My primary aim was to fuck her and the next round would be hers. When she was satiated with my fingers, I broke off and moved between her thighs. Gently parting them, I said,’ Sulochana. Hum abhi teri andar aarhanhoon. Abhi deko marad kya hotha hai.” And placing my prick in front of her hole, I gently thrust it, but it slid in, moist as it was, as if it was more than ready to take me in. “Ayeeeeeeeeee. Kithna garam hai. Pehle dhire karo. Dheeere karo. Hum accha lagtha haina? Meri chooth pasand aya? Aapki land humko barliya hai. Math nikalo. Aapki paani meri chooth meri chodiye. Meri pehalwan. Meri pyaare. Abhitak ye such nahin mila humko.” And she again started kissing my chest, taking my nipple and teasing it. I started pumping her, fast and then wild. “Sulochana. Bahut accha laga mere ko.

Kitna meetahai their chooth. Udarka ras hum peeliya. Teri jaise sujji chooth bahut kush dethahain.” Saaab. Aapse bahut pyaar karthahai hum. Aise abhi tak humko kabhi nahin mila. Humko nahin malum tha ithna maja hai karke. Choodho. Hamesha meri andar awo. Aap kabhi bi bulao, hum tayarr hai.” And as her endearments went on, I was kissing her, and suddenly she wrapped me firmly with her strong legs, in the process her anklets making those lovely sounds and her bangles. I was wild and humped her, and then in a few minutes I was spurting in her, jerk after jerk after jerk. And she held me tighter, placing her mouth on mine and sucking me away, as if she wanted to suck away my life from her. We broke off, and lying side by side, we caressed each other, kissing away, fondling her breasts and sucking the till she again reached a crescendo. We then went and washed ourselves and came back lying next o each other, in a tight embrace. What we did later will be in my next narration.