My neighbor aunt

Hi All, This is Ajay from Chennai. This story is about my neighbor. We stay in an apartment in Chennai and the house next to us was vacant for sometime. Then a family occupied it some months back. The family comprised of the uncle, the aunt and their two kids. I was doing my engineering then. As soon as they got settled, they visited our house and soon my family became friends with them. My aunt was really hot. She was a perfect belle even after giving birth to two kids. She was a very nice person and our talks are usually kind of hi/bye type. I was friends with their son (he was just a kid) he used to play cricket with me I used to teach him how to play and spend some time with him. On one such day when we were playing in the verandah he hit the ball inside his home and when I asked him to bring it he pestered me to go bring it I went in and called out for my aunt. My aunt replied that she was in the bedroom and I could go to the balcony and collect the ball. I went in and took the ball and I could catch a glimpse of the bedroom window. My aunt was dressing…even though I couldnt see much ..that scene was very hot…I could see her midriff and she was wearing her blouse. I could see her perfect figure. And I rushed out of the house before she could see me that was the beginning of my lust..

After that whenever, I could find free time I used to be at my aunts place and slowly we became good friends…I used to help her out in the kitchen and keep talking some rubbish with her…but I did not know how to make the first move I used to tell her that she was very beautiful even after giving birth to two kids I used to keep flattering her she would just blush for everything. Once I told her that she had a perfect figure with a correct weight and she questioned me how much do u think I weigh. I told her around 50 she laughed and said she was 57 I told her that its not possible and she doesnt look 57 I joked that I can confirm if I can lift her and check her weight she said ok try once. I was ecstatic I went near her she was wearing a saree I took hold of her hips wow what a sensation it was she was startled for a moment but I did not want to let my intentions out so I just lifted her by holding her hips and dropped her down immediately I told her “yeah you must be 57” she was just laughing and said I already told you.

I must have masturbated around 3 times the very day the next day I was mad with lust I wanted to do something I went to her house and started a casual talk but I was very nervous and my aunt asked me if I was alright I said “yeah but I have something to ask you” and I also told her that this should be between both of us and I will accept to whatever she said my aunt got nervous now and said ‘OK I told her that when I lifted her yesterday I was able to touch her waist and it felt great and I asked her if I can touch her waist again. She started to smile and told me that she was worried about what I was about to ask I then asked her if she would allow me to touch her waist again. She was confused but said “Ok just once” I was happy as hell I went near her. She was wearing a saree as usual I went and knelt in front of her. She asked me “what?” I told her I just want to touch it I knelt in front of her and kept my right hand on her waist my dick was rock hard by now I pressed it a little and looked at her…she was smiling. I then kissed her waist she was startled and pushed my head I looked at her again as if to ask “Can I?” she had a confused look on her face. I once again took hold of her waist and kissed her again I dropped her pallu from her shoulders and started kissing her midriff her naval and I slowly got up and kissed her cheeks and then finally came to her lips she too kissed me and our tongues interacted we had a nice passionate kiss for about 15 mins and saliva started flowing from our mouths. I then broke the kiss and removed her blouse and bra not one word was spoken yet. I devoured her boobs and ate her nipples like a hungry kid. I then began to undo her petticoat and she went cold. I gave her a re-assuring smile and kissed her cunt over her petticoat and removed it she was just wearing a panty now..

I began to remove my clothes and got completely nude she took hold of my rock hard dick and started masturbating me. I carried her to the bedroom and pushed her on the bed and removed her panty she was still stroking me. I was about to cum when I asked her to stop and inserted my penis into her hole wow what a feeling it was I started pumping her in missionary position It was my first time I could not hold long. After romping for about 5 mins. I ejaculated a load of semen into her and I hugged her. We stayed like that for another minute and then I began to kiss her again only then we had a conversation. I told her “Thank You Aunty” for which she said. “I enjoyed it too.” From then on. I have been having a gala of a time I used to go grab her and have passionate sex whenever both of us were free. Once I had sex with her in the kitchen while the kid was playing in the hall I lifted her saree removed her panty and had sex from behind…and we both enjoyed it. I still have regular sex with her. It must have been my 10th time in the last 3 weeks. Hope you enjoyed the story.