Deepa my dream gal

Hello all, My name is Rahul and I live in Bangalore. Recently I came across this site thought that I should share with you what had happened to me a year back. Ok now about myself, I’m 25, tall and an extremely handsome person. I would like to narrate an experience with my cousin Deepa which happened a year back. Now about Deepa, she is 38, married with two kids, her husband works abroad and he visits India only once a year. Deepa is one of my uncle’s daughters and stays close to our house. I keep helping her with errands whenever possible. Once she called me to her place to help her choosing some furniture for her house. We went to a nearby furniture shop and picked up a sofa and other little things. While arranging the sofa, I could clearly see her cleavage and boobs since she was bending and doing the same. Felt something strange in my heart. I wanted to touch her desperately. I thought of an idea. I went to the bathroom and asked her to get some hand wash so that I could wash of the dust and dirt in my hand as a result of getting her place organized with new furniture. She walked in with liquid hand wash in her palms and rubbed the same on my hands and washed my hands herself. That was like a divine touch. I felt something nice happening all over my body. I desperately wanted to have sex with her. Meanwhile the doorbell rang and her kids returned after playing. I was extremely disappointed.

Few weeks passed and I used to always fantasize about her whenever I could get some time. Then one day, I received a call from her saying that she needs to travel to Delhi for some school related work for a week and checked if I could join her since she has never been there. I readily volunteered and she made travel booking for us by train. She dropped her kids at her parents place and met me at the Bangalore city station. She was wearing a cool T shirt and a nice loose shorts coz it was summer time. We boarded the train and were pleasantly surprised to realize that we go the side berths. Since it was a 2 tier AC, there was a curtain that we could pull and have complete privacy. She sat on the opposite side and stretched her legs on to my seat and was relaxing. I was feeling nice to see her nice legs and kept admiring the same. Suddenly she bent her knees and I could clearly see her panties through her loose shorts. We had our dinner in the night and were getting ready to go to sleep. Most people had already gone to sleep. Deepa told me that se wasn’t too sleepy and wanted me to sit with her and chat for sometime. We spoke for sometime and then she lied on the berth. She kept her head on my thighs and used it like a pillow. I couldn’t control my erecting and she too realized the same. She lifted her head and gave me a naught smile. I got a little bold and kept my hands on her forehead. Slowly I moved it down her nose, lips, and neck and touched her boobs. She again smiled and closed her eyes.

I took courage and inserted my hands underneath her T shirt and touched her boobs. Man, her whole body shook with my touch. Soon I planted kisses all over her face and lips. She told me to stop and people would notice it. I quietly agreed and went to my berth (upper) and went to sleep. Suddenly train pulled to some station and I was woken by the noise of people walking in and talking. I looked down and saw Deepa also awake. She smiled at me and shut her eyes. The train moved and after sometime I saw Deepa getting up and walking towards the toilet. I quietly followed her. It was about 1 am and everyone was sleeping. As she was about to close the toilet door, I pushed it gently. She smiled and allowed me to get in. Once in the toilet, I kissed her all over her face and neck and pulled her shorts down. She was wearing a pink panty. Slowly I pulled her panty down. I was shocked to see her nicely shaved pink cunt and started licking the same. She started moaning and was feeling good about it. Licked her clit to my hearts content and she felt so good about it. Slowly I made her bend and started licking her asshole.

Her moans became noiser. Then I took her t shirt and bra and she was standing fully naked in front of me. I sucked her milky boobs and licked all over her body. Then suddenly she stopped me and pulled my shorts down in a flash of a second and started sucking my fully grown 7 inches dick. I was feeling so nice. She kept sucking and was fondling with my pink balls. After a while I made her stand and asked her to bend. I inserted my hard dick into her cute pink cunt and started banging her violently. She started moaning and screaming. I fucked her like that for about 5 minutes. Then I lifted her and asked her to wrap her legs around my waist and fucked her in rhythmic style. She was getting multiple orgasms and after a while, I shot loads of hot cum into her and she kept kissing on me head. Through out the journey we made love whenever possible and made love while we were in Delhi too. Now she has moved abroad with her husband and created a vacuum in my life. If any housewife / mature women in and around Chennai are interested to have some great time, please mail me on / /

trust me; I will keep it completely confidential.