A hot women 2

Dear readers Sameer is back. Now I have turned 21 years old. This is the story of last year. This story happened in December 2006. I will suggest u readers to read the first part of the story. As I have told u how Priya got fucked by her childhood friend in 1st part. Priya was my neighbor and was my good friend. We would talk on phone every night. She is a very sexy women and she is a dream of every man. She is 24 years old and she is 5.10 with a figure of 34b 26 36. She is fair in color. She only told me how she had got fucked by her childhood friend on phone as she share every thing to me. I am very free with her family members and I usually visit her home. One day I saw her wearing a t-shirt and a trouser (in Hindi we call it izzar). She was looking damn sexy. I had seen her first time in that dress. I called her at night and asked her about the dress she was wearing today. She said it was there in her cupboard and she had not wearied it since long time and today she has wearied it. I said she was looking sexy. She blushed and said thanks. I said tomorrow I would come to ur house at morning and I want u to wear the same dress as I want u to see from near. She did not said any thing. That whole night I was not able to sleep as I was thinking about her. At morning I done breakfast and at nearly 10.00 am I went to her house and knocked on her door. She came and opened the door. I was amazed to see her, as she was wearing the same dress and was looking stunning. I could not take my eyes from her. She asked my what I am seeing. I told her I am seeing an angel for the first time in my life. She laughed and asked me to come in. I closed the door and followed her. While she was walking I was seeing her ass. And it was looking damn sexy. I wanted to catch her and fuck her. But could not as I thought there would be family members. We went to the hall and I sat on the sofa and she sat beside me.

I asked her where is her family members. She told they are out of town and will return in night. I was unable to believe my luck. Here was the women two whom I wanted to fuck alone with me. With out any thing I gave a kiss on her lips. She did not said any thing as we were very familiar with each other and would talk about sex on phone. I started to suck her lips and started to explore her mouth. After some time she also co-operated and we kissed for nearly 25 mins. While I was kissing her I was roaming my hand on her boob’s ass etc. Now she was hot and she started to remove my clothes one by one. First she removed my shirt. After removing my shirt she kissed on my nipple and lightly gave a bite. Then removed my pant and gave a kiss to my cock over my under wear. Then she slowly removed my under wear. As she removed my under wear my cock sprang and touched her chin. She took hold of my cock with her right hand and started to move. Then she slowly gave a kiss on my cock and said it is big and wonder full to ur age. Then she slowly took my cock in her mouth. While she was taking my cock in her mouth her eyes was fixed on mine eyes and mine eyes was fixed on her eyes. The sight while she was taking my cock slowly in her mouth made me crazy.

Then she slowly started to suck my cock. Some time she will remove my cock from her mouth and will suck my balls. Then she will only use her tongue on my cock from head to bottom with out taking my cock in her mouth. She was an expert in cock sucking and I was feeling like I was in heaven. She was giving me the pleasure of my life. I could not hold any longer and after 15 mins I said priyaaaaaaaaaaa I am going to cum. After hearing this words she started to suck faster and with in seconds I came in her mouth. It was in huge quantity as I haven’t had sex since a month and she was milking me more. She drank all my cum with out leaving a single drop. Then she came on top of me and lying on me she gave a kiss on my mouth giving me taste go my cum mixed with her saliva. And it was of great taste as it was mixed with her saliva.

Now it was my turn. I was naked but she was on her clothes. So I came on top of her gave a kiss on her fore head, then to her eyes, nose, lips, neck, her boobs above dress, her belly button, thighs, foot. Then I made her to lie on her stomach and kissed her foot, back portion of thighs, her both ass cheeks her back. Then I took her to the bedroom. Then I removed her t-shirt. I took hold of one of her boobs above her bra and sucked the other boob nipple above bra. Then I did same with the other boob. Then I went to her belly button and kissed and licked and played with it. Then I removed her pant and kissed on her pussy above her panty. Then I slowly removed her bra and started to suck her boobs. At the same time I was playing with the other. Pinching or pressing like a horn etc. Then I sucked other boob an did same with it. Booth boobs were in prefect shape. Then went o her pussy and removed her panty. It was well shaved. I gave a light kiss on her pussy. As I kissed her pussy she gave a moan. Then I started to eat her pussy. She was moaning. While I was eating her pussy she put both her legs around my head and was pressing my head to her pussy and was asking me for more. I took my finger and started to finger fuck her at the same time. After some time she gave a load moan nod then came. I drank all her juices. Then I came on her and gave a kiss giving her the taste of her own pussy juice.

Now my cock was hard and ready. She told to fuck her in slow voice. I took my cock and placed the head of my cock on her entrance to heaven. Then I gave a slow push. My cock head was inside her pussy. Then I gave a hard thrust, with this thrust she screamed and my half of the cock was in her pussy. By seeing her face expression I can say that she was in pain. As she was very tight. To reduce her pain I remained in the same position and started to suck her lips. As the aim had gone I again gave a hard thrust and the full cock was in her pussy and she was screaming and asking me to remove my cock from her pussy. At this time I was not in mood to listen. So I started to fuck her. After some time her pain went and she was enjoying was asking to fuck me hard and fast. I started to fuck her hard and fast. Then I made her in doggie style and fucked her like a dog. Then I made her to sit on me and made her to ride me. As I had cummed earlier so I was not going to cum so fast. She had came once. Then I made her again in doggie position and fucked her. After nearly 35 mins. I felt like I am cumming. I said to her. She said not to cum in her pussy but cum in her mouth. So I took my cock out of her pussy and shoved m cock in her mouth and fucked her mouth like a pussy and after some time I came in her mouth and she drank all. Then we lay beside each other.

Then we were playing with each other. After some time my cock got hard again. This time I want to fuck her ass hole. So I asked her. She said no as she is a verging and my cock would tear her ass hole. After some time she said ok. But asked me to remove if more pain occurred. I said ok. I asked her to bring some Vaseline. I took it in my finger and lubricated her ass, and she lubricated my cock. Then I made her to be in doggie style and kept my cock head at the entrance to the back door to the heaven and gave a hard push 1/4th of my cock was in her ass hole and she was screaming in pain asking me to remove. But I gave another hard push. She screamed again. Then third then fourth. After fourth push my cock was in her ass hole and she was screaming in pain. I started to fuck her and at the same time I was licking her ear lobes and was pressing her boobs. This time I fucked her for more tie as I had came twice before. At last I came in her ass hole and I lay on her body. That whole day we enjoyed with each other in every possible way. You people can contact me my email id is / /