Leoni my secretary

I am Ravi, 39, and I head the India Operations of a German Chemicals Major and am located in Mumbai. In fact I started the operations here, and in the process did the required recruitments. I was looking for a good secretary who could be trusted and who did not mind working a little late, and in this quest, the placement services sent me a lady, Leonie by name, who was around 36, and whom I found to be good in the interview. I appointed her and while she had asked for Rs.8000/ as her pay, I gave her Rs.10,000/ and told her, her scope of work and that she had to put in some extra hours in the evenings as work pressure would be heavy. Leonie was not that beautiful in the classical sense, but to me, she looked good, with a lovely tan, and her seductive make up. Often I used to remark, “Having a date, are we?” and she would give a silvery laugh. Lovely arched eyebrows, a full mouth, a small pretty nose, and with breasts, probably around 34C, but by now, showing its age. Often after office while we sat late, we would take a break for coffee. I had asked her about her family. She had an ailing mother on whom her salary was being spent. To add to this she had an alcoholic brother who never worked and was always at home doing nothing. And then she said that was the reason she had decided to remain single. I told her that in this new venture she might have to come with me on official visits to other cities, to which she said she would love it just to get away from that living hell. And beyond Parel and Dadar, she had yet to see how Mumbai is!

Few months later, the office here was in complete operations, and I had to make a visit to Hyderabad on office work which would last me about a week, as I had to meet and induct new clients and suppliers for German operations. By then, Leonie had picked up sufficient proficiency to be able to react to customers and to do small negotiations, leaving the final call to me. I asked her if she could come. Her face lit up and she said she would love to, and she would ask her aunt to take care of her mother during her absence.

She booked our air tickets and the hotel rooms and we flew out on Sunday evening. The hotel’s hospitality car was waiting for us and we soon arrived there and checked into the executive room. Leonie said she would go for her bath, while I went down to the shops. I found a lovely pair of pearl earrings and a pearl necklace which Hyderabad is famous for, and got them gift rapped. When I went back to the room, Leonie was already out in a lovely red gown that came down up to her knees. She looked ravishing with her eye mascara and a faint touch of lip gloss. I gave her the gift. “What is it?” she asked. “It is for you. Open it.” I said. She did and her eyes just shone with delight looking at them. She wore the earrings, and then shyly she asked me to tie the necklace around her throat. I did that, and taking a beautiful red rose from the vase, stuck it in her hair. She was standing before the mirror admiring her. I stood behind her and pulling her towards me, hugged her and placed a hand on her breast.

Her eyes were closed and she turned towards me, lifting her face and offering me her lips which was half open. I was wild with desire. Drawing her more close, and crushing her lovely breasts, I kissed her deep into her mouth, slurping away her saliva and sucking on her tongue. Her eyes continued to be closed. “Why? Don’t you like to see me sweetheart?” I asked. “No Sir. You have transported me into sweet bliss and I am enjoying it” she said and she then took my tongue and sucked on it gently at first and then with force. I was bursting with passion. “Can I take you to the bed?” I asked. She nodded shyly, and coming forward, she put her hand around my neck and at that moment I whisked her into my hands, and carried her over to the massive double bed and placed her gently on the cot, and moved next to her. Her hair was splayed on the pillow and the sight of that made me hornier. I drew her towards me and gathering her head into the crook of my arm, I started once again kissing her wildly, slobbering all over her, while she held my head and was doing the same leaving wet saliva marks all over my face. And suddenly, as she neared my mouth, she held my face tight, and thrust her tongue deep within, with a long, long sigh, drenching my tongue and mouth with copious volumes of her saliva, which to me tasted like nothing else that I have tasted so far.

I was in total ecstasy myself and allowed myself this luxury of being loved and kissed by this lovely woman next to me. After about fifteen minutes of deep mouth kissing, lips sucking and tongue twisting us lay exhausted facing each other. Through her semi transparent gown, I saw her tight nipples, and though I wanted to feel them, I wanted nothing between us. “My Leonie.” I said. “She was with her eyes closed. “Ummmm,” she said. “Can I remove your gown” I asked. “Why are asking me Sir? With this, don’t we belong to each other? Do you have to ask? I am now completely yours and do as you will.” She said, and arched her back, helping me to remove the buttons, and get her hands out of the gown. I had to now jut slide the gown off which I did. She lay before me in all her glory, except for a tantalizing pair of silky pink knickers. I left this for later. And I started on her, kissing her from her face down once again, going into her mouth, then her neck, and her shoulders, and came to the base of her lovely breast. As I mentioned earlier, they were a bit sagged, buy still her nipples were taut and dark and inviting. I cupped her right breast in my hand and bending down, I enclosed my moth around her areola and sucked on her nipple. She let out a loud sigh. “My Master. I am now and for ever yours. Just keep on sucking me. How I wish there was milk in my breasts so that you could have drunk from my breasts.

Don’t ever forsake me my lover. Sorry Sir. I m calling you all endearments, though you are my boss. But now, you are not only my boss. You are my master and I am your slave, waiting for your touch and your hot lips all over me. Suck me, my lord, suck me hard, use your teeth and pull at my nipple. And don’t forget my other breast my lover. It is yearning for your touch. Take that in your other hand and squeeze it and play with my other nipple.” I didn’t need any further goading, and like a hungry wolf was sucking away at her right breast and was fondling the other, listening to her words of passion and love. When I raised myself for a breather, she got up and asking me to get up, she started undressing me, and when she stripped me of my briefs and saw my rock hard prick, she, looking me into my eyes, held it and with her hand stroked it back and forth. “Leonie. No more sweetheart. Otherwise I will erupt into your hands. This load is meant to be poured into you” I said, and we went back to the bed. Once again my mouth went straight to her left breast and stated licking it first, and then I took in her nipple into my mouth ands started sucking on it without a letup. My Leonie was now thrashing like a wild animal, mouthing such loving words that made me feel more than the man that I was. “Come my love. Don’t tantalize me. Come to me and grace me my master. My lover. My lord. Enter me Sir. I am there only for you. Please come.”

“Leonie. I have yet to finish. Just wait and let us enjoy more of each other, while I discover your treasures.” I said, and started kissing her again now all over her breast and then coming down in circles. And as I cam down to her legs, I started taking each of her toes into my mouth and sucked on them. And gradually I went up, reaching her lovely brown tanned thighs, where I placed hot, moist kisses. She still had her pink knickers on, taking the two sides in my hands, I ripped it out, exposing her most glorious lovely, hairless cunt, in its full throbbing glory. I could not hold it any longer. I just dipped my face between her thighs and spreading them on either side, I place my mouth on her cunt and with my fingers spread her cunt, exposing her two lovely reddish pink petals. Oh. How lovely was the musky smell that emanated from them. An what warm and stick fluids were pouring out. I licked her cunt gently slurping in all the juices that was there, and at the end of that, I lifted my head and saw her clitoris, head raised. To this, I put my lips and while kissing it and licking it, I started teasing it with my teeth. “My God! My master, you are so great. I love you lord. Till now I have never cared for or loved any one and I love you now. You will ever be mine. My. It I so nice. You have made m woman my master. Never did I know what love would be till no. suck me there. Pluck at it with your teeth. Hurt me master.” And it went on.

A stage came when I knew any further delay would mean I would discharge outside, so lifting myself up, and straddling between her thighs, I positioned myself and with a gentle thrust went all the way deep into her. With my right hand I was teasing her clitoris. She drenched me with her juices inside her and I felt that lovely sticky fluids enveloping my prick, giving me utmost joy. And with deep thrusts I fucked her while she enveloped me with her thighs around my back, digging me with them. It was sheer bliss for the next twenty minutes with our thrusts, her scratching me with her nails, her deep and loving kisses, and her words of endearment. And then like all good things, this too had to end, and I unloaded into her in large spurts while her juices too mingled with mine, and so it ended. Ashe was still holding on to m, and after some time, she let go off me, and we lay facing each other, gently kissing one another. “MY lovely Leonie. You are mine. It was most delicious, what I did, with my hands, my mouth and with mine with you.” “My master.” She said holding me close and taking my face towards her breast. “Thank you again and again. You carried me away to Heaven and I am yet in bliss.” “So am I Leonie. And I just want to tell you how much I love you.” With that we went to wash ourselves, and dress up and then we went down for dinner. What took place after dinner with this lovely lady will be my next narration.