This is my story for the esteemed viewers of Indian sex stories, I would like to share this event with you if you guarantee me that you shall receive this well and reply me, further you are welcome to send me your views and opinions and of course ladies and girls you can mail me at / / Last June I was returning from by business visit to Kuwait, by flight to my home city of Delhi, we were being served snacks and coffee, as it was being served the flight went through an air pocket and shuddered, which took the airhostess by surprise and spilled the coffee on my dress and she fell on my lap, upon which she got up and said sorry for the fuss that she had created, she then brought me a napkin to clean of the coffee on my dress and again said the same thing, sorry. I told her that if she really felt sorry she should promise me a date at which she agreed and gave me her address After landing, I took a cab to the nearest good hotel and took a room and had a good shower and changed clothes, upon which I thought of visiting Maria (the air hostess who fell on my lap). I reached her flat and rang the door bell, within a minute she opened the door, she was wearing a pink T shirt and jeans, her hair let loose, she looked awesome, very different from the airhostess I met. Entering inside she introduced me to her colleagues and roommates Divya and Farah after a couple of minutes of polite conversations we took leave of them and entered a disco, where we danced and then ate of the cafeteria, this done we ventured back, suddenly it began raining cats and dogs so I asked Maria to come over my room if she considered herself safe with me, on which she agreed and we went to my room.

Entering she took off her shoes and put her feet on the sofa, at which I complimented Maria over the beauty of her lovely feet and gently began caressing her feet moving my hands to her ankles and calves, I kissed her toes very lightly and then with hunger and passion, while running my hands over her feet and calves, suddenly she sighed and shifted her weight and opened her knees slightly My mouth tongue, hands and fingers now showered her feet and toes with kisses, caresses nips and licks, her knees opened fully and I kissed her thighs over her jeans, moving up I kissed Maria delicately all around her vagina over her jeans, this made her say that she had many beautiful things to show me, I told her, “take a bet you cannot show me your beautiful thing!”, she took this as a challenge and asked me to undress her, I did just that, the sight of her nude body exited me intensely, her lovely breasts1 seemed most inviting and I was obviously very hungry. Cupping her breasts she said “look at these beautiful things” I took her in my arms and kissed tenderly on her lips and said that the most beautiful thing was her heart which she could never show me, although I could feel it.

Hearing this Maria hugged me tight, and then told me that she was a virgin and would like me to deflower her. To this I told her was something for which she would be complimented all her life and was one of the secrets of a happy married life, again on hearing this she was moved and thanked me for the concern. Moments later, she was ready for the safe game and we began kissing each other like mad. Our tongues began wrestling, furiously after which I kissed her cheeks, neck and shoulders, then I feasted on her ripe tits, sucking the erect nipples one by one. After this I moved down to her belly, navel and the vagina, kissing and licking the twin valleys between her thighs, later I bit through her pussy hair to savoir the sweet mound of Venus. As my passionate lovemaking went on she kept urging me on through the silent and urgent language of her gestures and the twisting and turning of her body.

Hear moans had now become very passionate and breathing quickened, watching the response of her body I kissed the lips of her closed vagina with more fervor then very slowly and lightly, I touched her vagina with the tip of my tongue. Moving her body forward and pulling me towards her, she made my probing tongue penetrate her slit deeper. Finally unable to se her sweet agony that I caused her I started probing her cunt in all corners, finding her clitoris I began sucking it is a frenzy of passion. By this time Maries face and breasts were flushed with sexual excitement, her nipples hard and erect and tiny beads of sweat were beginning to appear on her lips, nose, and forehead. A more exotic picture of sexual excitement I could never think, a spring of vaginal juices seemed to erupt from deep within her valley as I applied my tongue to her vagina and I drank as much as I could. Later we changed our positions and she took my Tarzan in her mouth and used her tongue to the maximum effect all along my shaft, then moving to the crown, she swallowed the entire thing in her mouth and sucked vigorously, thereafter she posed the tip of the tongue in the crack of my shaft, licking the pre cum from it.

Then I asked whether Tarzan could kiss her pussy for which she said go ahead, placing Tarzan over her pussy by hand, I moved him up and down her vaginal walls and rotated him a little bit inside her virgin cunt to give him a fare share of the virgin, but took care not to penetrate her. We again changed positions and she again took my doc in her juicy mouth and moved her lips and tongue in an expert manner like a champion cock sucker. Within a couple of minutes I exploded a load full into her virgin mouth and she swallowed all my cream with gusto after which she went off to sleep, I held her close to my chest and dozed off. Hi dames of all age’s sizes and shapes, you can mail me at / / if you have any doubts I guarantee to help and I am here to serve you with my body and mind. Waiting for your reply, comments suggestions, erotic mails and of course contact numbers for personal effects. Bye till my next episode.