Animal instinct

This is my first story here! I am 47 years old man, married with two kids. If you like the story and want to send comments, you can mail to / / I was getting amused as our laser printer kept spitting outputs from a very large file. I was aware that these elaborate MIS reports have become a monthly ritual in our office than be of any purpose to our management. However, I invariably took those countless printouts just to escape from the rage of my bullying boss. It did have one benefit anyway. I had nothing to do until the last page was printed out, giving me some time to browse the internet and read one of those nighttime stories. So there I was, reading another hot erotic story by one of my favorite authors. By the time I finished the first page, I was thoroughly aroused by the way, the writer had depicted the whole thing. Being at the wrong side of the 40s, sex had become a scarce commodity for me. Shanti, my wife was keener to be a good mother to my children than being the sensuous wife that she used to be once upon a time. With our limited resources, we could not manage a bigger house than what we had with just two bedrooms, a drawing room and a rather narrow kitchen. While both my sons used one bedroom, my wife and daughter had taken over the other leaving me sleeping on the drawing room sofa for years now. It was disgusting for me, as I had to resort to masturbating at the age of 46 while my wife was very much hale and healthy.

‘Not today,’ I told myself as I walked out of the office. I was horny and I needed sex very badly. I knew that my children might be at home but I somehow wanted to persuade my wife to have sex tonight under any circumstances. I was not sure as to how I can persuade my children to go out in some pretext or other even as I reached home. While I waited for the door to open, I was feeling more horny than every before. Shanti opened the door and her eyes quickly took a glimpse of the jasmine flowers wrapped neatly in a plantain leaf. She looked up and smiled as though she had understood what I was looking forward. “Where are the kids?” I asked curiously. The house was unusually silent on that day. “They have gone to some movie,” Shanti replied as she walked towards the kitchen. “They left around five.” Thank God, I told myself in utter relief. The house is going to be mine until ten. I tried to cool myself down a bit, as I realized that I had plenty of time. There was enough time for a quick shower after a nice hot cup of coffee. I can choose between either of the bedrooms now and my wife in all probabilities would never object.

Just as I was changing to some casual wear, my cell phone rang. It was Shanti’s brother at the other end. “Hello, Daddy breathed his last around 5 pm. Can I talk to Shanti?” I was shocked, honestly. I feared my plans for the evening might fizzle out. I was so aroused that I could not think of anything else. I could not even feel sorry for my wife’s deceased father. “I am deeply sorry,” I spoke bringing some emotion into my voice. “Your sister is not at home at the moment. I will tell her and we will start at once.” For the next couple of minutes, until Shanti brought me a cup of coffee, I was in a dilemma. It looked as though the jasmine flowers were mocking at me. I looked up, gazed at my wife’s smiling face, and felt extremely sad for her. I knew that I cannot conceal the bad news to her but I was not sure about when I should reveal the news of her father’s demise. Nevertheless, after handing over the coffee, Shanti innocuously picked up the flowers and began putting it on her hair with a smile of content. That prompted my animal instincts to take over. I decided that I would not disclose anything to her until I quench my thirst for sex.

I was in a hurry in the showers, praying that there should not be another call from anybody while I was in the bathroom. I looked down and watched my cock standing erect and rigid even after the few minutes I spent under the shower. As I came out of the bathroom, I walked straight towards my wife with just the towel on my waist. “Shanti,” I called out. She turned around and looked at me as though she was intrigued. “Yes! What is the matter?” I did not answer. I kept gazing at her nice tight body from years of dieting and yoga. Her beautiful face hardly showed any wear and tear of 20 years of marriage. Shanti’s body is a killer that really turns me on every time I watch her when nobody is around at home. Her perky breasts seemed like inviting me whenever she wears her favorite light colored blouses. “What does that look mean?” Shanti asked as she blushed. “It means that the house is all ours for now,” I replied. “Catch me if you can,” Shanti cracked as she began running past me like good old times. I impatiently threw myself across the drawing room and started to grapple with Shanti. She always enjoyed a little bit of cussing and clawing, not letting me to grasp her completely. My face was resting on her shoulder peeping into the top of her blouse gazing her cleavage. “I know where you are looking at now,” She said teasingly. “I am not going to stop with just looking,” I teased letting my hands move further to give them the access to her breasts.

“I thought you might have forgotten all these things,” she laughingly said while my hands moved onto the top of her chest. My hard cock had stiffened further poking through my towel. “I never forget nice things,” I spoke grinding my teeth in excitement. I quickly cupped her beautiful breasts through the blouse. They felt as firm as ever before. Her nipples hardened under my touch. “Let’s go inside,” She whispered. I was more than willing. We got into the first bedroom and crawled onto the bed. I kept hugging her while she rolled over onto her stomach. Taken over by passion, I slowly inched up her saree and petticoat revealing her ass. I was extremely excited touching her body after a very long time and pressing forward, letting her spread legs wide enough to give the access to her pussy. She wasn’t wearing any panties. I quickly reached down with a finger and probed my wife’s pussy. Her gentle gasp meant that even she must have been yearning for sex. She was thoroughly wet as my finger slipped into her. Enthused by her response, I slipped another finger in her while my thumb brushed her hardening clit. Her hand reached out grabbing the back of my neck pulling me closer to her.

“Just a minute,” Shanti murmured and skillfully disrobed her clothes within a couple of minutes even without getting up from the bed. Frankly, I was seeing her naked breasts after more than six months. I wasn’t waiting for any instructions from her as I lunge onto them and began sucking. It was excitement unlimited for me to feel her wonderful breasts inside my mouth after quite sometime. I had missed that familiar aroma of her nipples miserably. While I kept sucking her breasts, she moaned to me how good it felt. Her hand found my throbbing cock and stroked it as I continued playing with her breasts. Shanti stretched herself on the bed and spread her legs as wide as she could. I was bubbling with excitement like a teenager as I shoved my tongue through her bush into her pussy. My eyes closed relishing her aroma and soon I began licking her clit from all over in a quick pace. Shanti kept groaning in joy and soon ground her waist onto my face making my breathing difficult. Her hands held my head on a tight leash as though she wanted me to keep teasing her clit with my mouth.

Just as I felt her getting close to a climax, I quickly got between her thighs with the sheer thrill of doing my favorite act after so long. I leaned forward and devoured her left breast into my mouth. I swirled my tongue over and gently bit her nipple. My wife started pleading me to go for the kill arching her back. I was getting carried away with the excitement as I hovered over her body and stuck my tongue as deep inside her mouth as I could. While I kept kissing her, I got ready to fuck her. I took my cock by one hand and guided it toward her pussy. “I love you,” Shanti whispered. Holding my cock to her pussy I quickly slid its massive head inside. She grabbed my arms harder. She felt tighter than I had anticipated, perhaps due to the long gap in between our sex sessions. She started moaning as her pussy got stuffed with my entire cock. My balls slammed against her ass as I began pumping her. Bouncing her waist to meet my thrusts, she began enjoying the feel of my cock sliding in and out of her pussy in a steady pace. “Do it,” My wife screamed. I began ramming in and out of her pussy like mad. Oh God, how long it has been!

I began admiring myself as I went about fucking her with a tremendous speed and powerful strokes. Her pussy clenched my cock as I rammed into her. Shanti kept moaning erotically helping me to quicken up my deep strokes. Her breasts bounced wildly and swung on her chest. “Oh!” She squealed. I knew that she was about to explode and soon she did. I wasn’t far behind either. I was grunting and arching my back upward. She kept panting after her orgasm. After so many days, weeks and months, my cock finally exploded inside my wife’s pussy. I groaned while sending a few more loads of my hot semen into her. My cock was not relenting until it splashed the final load of semen into her pussy. I collapsed on her naked body exhausted but excited. Both of us were breathing heavily. We lay hugging each other for a while and as I opened my eyes, I could see a smile of fulfillment on her face. Now that I have heeded to my animal instincts, I began thinking as to how I should be telling her that her father had died a good one hour before we began fucking.