A girl been faulted first time

This is a story of around 7 years back. Believe me, it is not a story; it’s a true fact. For personal reason changing the name(s). I’m Dipom, a member of a small family. Papa Mum my sister and me are in my family. I was 22 then. I was leaving at a suburb town at WB around 20Kms from Kolkata. Tinu was a good friend my sister, staying nearing to our house. She was 19 with developed figure around 34-28-34, 4’-9”. Every afternoon Tinu used to come to our house to chat with my sister. Some times me too used to seat with them to discuss various matter. In fact, she became like a member of our family. I never dreamt even, to enjoy sex with her. That was a Sunday afternoon during rainy season. Mum, Papa and my sister went to one of my relative’s house in the morning and were to back during late night. I didn’t accompany them coz I had plan to enjoy a football match at our locality. It was around 2pm. It was drizzling outside. I was reading a novel at my room lying at my bed. Suddenly our doorbell rang. It was Tinu was at door obviously with her umbrella.

Since she became almost like a member of our family, I opened the door and came back to my room and re-engaged reading the book. After 3 / 4 minutes she came to my room and asked about my sister. Saying ‘they are not at home, gone some where and will back during night’, concentrated in my book. After a few moments she sat beside me on my bed. She was wearing red midi and yellow top and was looking good. Sitting on my bed she asked ‘what you are doing’. I said ‘cant you see I’m reading’? She asked ‘what book’? I replied ‘Novel’. She asked ‘is it any adult one’? I said ‘no, social’. My naughty brain suddenly clicked and asked ‘are you interested for adult novel’? She replied ‘No, I just was asking’. I asked ‘have you ever read any adult novel’? She replied ‘No, but heard of’. I kept mum for a while showing as if concentrating to my book started making plan to start chatting regarding sex and know how far she knows regarding. I asked ‘what you heard’. She replied ‘nothing very much. Only regarding relationship between a man and a woman like’. I said ‘this book contains little bit adult matter but not so hot.’ She wanted to see the book. I said ‘no’. She started requesting to show the book.

She suddenly bowed on me and wanted to snatch & see the book. When she bowed on me, I could see her sparkling white tight boobs. She was wearing tape frock inside, not bra. During snatching the book I could touch and feel her boobs. Current started flowing on my body. I started acting as if I don’t want to show her the book, as there is some thing wrong. But I kept continuing the game of snatching. During this acting of snatching, I could manage to pump her boob’s times together and could touch various part of her body. I was getting hot. She also probably was enjoying the snatching game. At a time she lied down on her back and I took no time to put myself on her. Getting the opportunity and started kissing hard on her leaps then on her forehead, check and throat. She didn’t resist at all rather went on smiling. I then started kissing her boobs without removing her top and gradually kissing down up to her knee. She never resists. When the kissing episode was on, she asked whether the main door is locked. I replied yes. I could understand she want to do more.

Removing her midi I started kissing her white soft thighs and started going up kissing up to the joint of her legs. She started mourning. Auuchhhhh iieeesssss. I opened her top and started pumping her beautiful boobs. After a while I removed her midi and tape frock. She was bear body excepting her panty. I started kissing her whole body. It was really a pleasant experience. I was wearing shorts and T-shirt. On her request I opened my T-shirt. She started kissing me holding my neck tight. She then holed my penny putting her hand inside my shorts and started rubbing. I then opened her panty and started leaking her vagina putting my tongue inside the hole. I got very strong smell. I opened my shorts too and now both became completely necked. She putted my stick in her mouth and started leaking. We then became 69 positing and we started leaking each other’s sex organs. After around 4/5 minutes of leaking, we became head to head position and I started pumping her marvelous boobs hard. She went on saying pres hard more hard more, more. Her white boobs became pinkish. Then I placed my penny into her hole and started pressing. When my stick just started get into she shouted aahhhhuuuuuuchhhhh. Its paininggggng press slow. I reduced my force of pressing and finally withdrawn.

Then putted some Borolene on my stick and in her hole, again placed my stick into her hole started pressing. Now she didn’t shout and my stick entered freely into her hole. I then started flaking hard. She started shouting aaaaahhhhh uuuuhhhhuuu. Mooooooore hhhaarddddd but sloooowwwww. After playing for 5/7 minutes we stopped flaking and holding each other hard again started kissing for another few moments. Then I putted her at a bitch position and placed my stick into her hole benign kneel down. This time I putted my stick at a time. She didn’t shout rather started more enjoying pushing her back towards me. Stopping flaking we again holding each other hard started kissing for 2/3 minutes. I then putted her on her back. Pulling half of her body at the edge of bed, putting her legs on my shoulder, I putted my stick in her hole and started flaking. She was enjoying more. This time she started using slang. Me too was using slang. Total after around 40 minutes, both of us became completely satisfied and cool. I discharged on her body and she rubbed it on her. When we became normal at about 6pm, we got ourselves holding each other. She was smiling very sweet and was kissing me like a mad. After another 15/20 minutes, at about 6.30pm she took her cloths on and went back taking a book of my sister, obviously giving a sweeeeeet smile to me. Pl write how you enjoyed this experience of mine. Any ladies and girls nearing to Kolkata & suburb really want to enjoy as Tinu did, can write me at / /