Hello, readers my name is Satish and I am writing my experience after going thru some of the stories at Indian passion. I am 32yrs old man well built, 6ft2, good looking, and engineer. Prema was 26yrs old, 5ft7, good figure, 34, 28, and 36. We all friends had planned to spend our holiday going for night camping at an island, all my friends had come they were a few new faces too my friends also had joined us so we were about 12 of us and we had a jolly good time there, I don’t drink so I had gone off to wander along the beach, when I heard someone calling my name from behind I turned back and saw it was a new friend Prema who had called me and came along with me for a stroll we discussed many things like college, friends, India etc. oh I forgot to tell u all this happened in Malaysia,, what work we do and all that just a new chat ,with a new friend . Then we went back had dinner and joking singing enjoying the night out.

Then we went off to our respective houses the next day and to work. Prema was staying as a paying guest in a house and used to call often meet us on weekends as she was staying alone, this went on for a month or so, once when we had gone for another outing to a nearby island when we were returning it started to rain so all my friends came to my house we had coffee and then some went off home, Prema’s house was as bit far from my place so I asked here if she wants she can stay there for the night and go home in the morning, all her friends were saying the same to her too why go home at this hour ,all my friends were staying as paying guests ,I had rented a house for myself ,I like to live alone no hassles of the owner etc, I gave her a change of clothes ,night dress pajamas and shirt and told her to sleep in the other room and told her if u want to u can watch movies on vcd I have a good collection of Hindi , kannada and English movies. I showed her how to operate the vcd and went off to sleep in the next room. It was around 5-30 am when I got up and went out of the room I saw a adult movie (basic instinct) going on the vcd, it was a romantic scene going on and Prema was sitting on the sofa her back to me I slowly went behind her and saw her hand were under her shirt pressing her breasts and the other was on her pussy on the pajama she was playing with herself not aware I was behind her, I watched her for a minute or so and said, ‘u never slept the night.”

She was very shy and covered her face and fell on the sofa I put off the TV and sat near her ,slowly holding her arms I made her sit down still she had her face covered, I had a hard on seeing her play with herself, it was swelling at my pajamas too I slowly pushed my self further to her and touched her legs and opened them slightly and asked her , “do u want to do it like in the film”, she was still for a moment and nodded her head in approval, I got more brave now and sat down at her legs and opened her legs and pressed my hard on to her thighs she moved down still covering her face and I touched my hard on to her pussy she arched up at that touch and I started to rub myself to her slowly and took off her hands from her face she shut her eyes and moved her face side wards I cupped her face and kissed her slightly on her cheeks and then put my lips on her lips it was very sweet to taste her lips and she also responded slowly put her tongue in my mouth we were both kissing each other passionately ,the cool wind blowing thru my house ,my house is in the 21st storey so its always windy and on top of that it was raining outside too, the time was sooooooooooooo romantic we two kissing each other ,slowly rubbing each others groins I put my hand inside her shirt now and felt her breasts from her bra she was hot now very hot slowly screaming my name saattttttttiissssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, and arched up on my touch ,I went on kissing her cheeks, nibbled her ears slowly going down to her neck chest and kissed her breasts from her shirt she pressed my head to her chest and I opened the first 2 buttons of the shirt and kissed her bare breasts her hands were playing in my hairs slowly pressing me to her chest I went on to open all the buttons of the shirt and hugged her to me hard kissing her shoulders and feeling her back she also hugged me hard her breasts crushed to my chest. I asked her if we can go into the bedroom and continue she told me, ooookkkkkkk anything u want, I lifted her up she put her legs around my waist and I hugging her lifted her up and went to the bedroom and locked it.

The room was cool as the air conditioner was on and put her on the bed she moved back a bit and I kissed her again hugging her tightly, and moved to her side slowly moving my hands on her bra sliding my finger into them and feeling her soft skin underneath, she was hot now I slowly undid the hook of her bra and moved the cups aside, wow she had the most beautiful hard virgin breasts, the tits hard ,I lightly pinched her tits and had her whole breast in my hand slowly moving my palms on them pressing them slightly ,her breasts were about 34size ,ripe tight, I slowly went down to her chest and kissed her breasts sucking them with my mouth she arched up to give them to me pressing my head moaning, uuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmm yes yes Satish slowly, I was kissing and slowly moving my tongue over her tits licking them in small circles sucking them kneading the other softly, slowly I slid my hands down to her stomach and then to her pussy feeling her pussy thru the silk pajamas, she pressed to me and I was feeling her pussy all the way, she lifted my head and gave me a sexy smile and kissed me sucking my tongue, umuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhaaaaaaaaaaa, now I pulled her pajamas down a little and put my hands in her panties going further, touched her sparsely haired pussy ,she screamed in joy, ohhhhhhhhhh satisssssshhhhhhhhhh yes yes, she was wet down there ,I inserted my finger on the slit and opened her hole and put in my finger in her hot hole, wow it was such a great feeling, I slowly went down to her stomach kissing her all the way and took off her pajamas and panties together she hid her face in the pillow now I went down to her sexy legs and saw her wet sexy pussy and kissed her pussy , she held my head down to it and moaned ohhhhhhhh yesssssss satiiiiiiisshhhhhhhhhhha yes , I opened her legs wider and sucked her pussy all the wetness there ,and slid my tongue in it slowly sliding it all the way up in her slit she held the bed hard and was screaming in pleasure ,yes, yes, yes please don’t stop, pleaseeeeeee Satish, I went on licking her pussy and after a while she pulled me up on her and kissed me sucking her juices from my mouth.

She pushed me on to my back and sat on my hard dick and pulled off her shirt and bra, she opened my shirt now and kissed me on the chest ,slowly licking my nipples biting it slowly, wow the cool room and the hot feelings it was soooooooo gooooooooooood, I pressed her to me slowly she went down to my tummy and slid off my pajamas and brief, my rod sprang up all hard and alive she held it in her soft hands and was moving the skin up down ,I was moving my hips to her movements as I could not control it slowly she kissed the head and slid it in her mouth sucking slowly I held her head and was moving my hands in her hair slowly screaming, ohhhhh premaaaa yes do it slowly I lovvvvveeeee it, after sucking for some time she came over me and hugged me tightly my hard dick was between her legs pushing to her pussy wanting to go in she sat up on me and was rubbing herself to my rod enjoying the feeling I held her hips and moved her slowly on to my dick her breasts bouncing up down I was pressing them with one hand I bent her down and kissed her breasts and put beside me, she asked me, will it pain, I told a bit ,she smiled and I got on top of her she opened her legs and I held my dick in my hands and slowly put it at the entrance of her pussy and pushed a bit she it went in a bit and she said it was paining ,I knew she was a virgin ,so I told her to control the pain and pushed it in again it was paining for me too as her pussy was tight she held my hands hard in pain , I pulled my dick out ,she asked ,why, I told her wait and put my finger in her pussy slowly going in out in out making her wet she was moaning , ahhhhhh yes ahhhhh yes soooo gooooooooooooooooodd, she was all wet now and then I put my dick in her pussy again and pressed slightly harder now it went in she bit the bed sheet to keep her from screaming and I pushed it in hard and it went in tearing her wall inside she was in tears.

Now I just stopped for a while and kissed her hugging her hard and slowly moving my rod in out in out her pussy she held to me hard biting my shoulders in pain I was slowly fucking her not to give her much pain going in out in out she also started to move her hips along with mine she was saying ,yes Satish do it do it I love it ohhhhhhhh yes goon go on pleaseeeeeeeeeee don’t stop, please don’t sstttttttoooppp, holding the bed hard I was fucking her faster now her pussy was all wet now and my dick was moving in her quite easily but still paining ,she was bleeding down there and there was blood all on the pajama, I went on to my hands and was fucking her seeing her enjoy it fully she had closed her eyes and was enjoying ,I was saying ,aaahhhhhhh hhhhhh Prema ur sooooooo sexy, I was moving faster now going in out in out she put her legs on my waist and was pulling me to her, her breasts moving on her chest ,the whole bed moving with our act I lifted her legs to my shoulders now and went on fucking her faster she was also screaming, ohhhhhh yes I am cumming cmming, yes go on go on uuuuuummahhhha, oh god ddddddddddddddddd,what r u doing to me Satish feeelsssss goooddddd ohhhhhhh godddddd,yes yes, after some time I told her I am cumming also and moved in her faster and when was about to spurt I took out my rod and came on her tummy hot juices spurting out ,she was still moving her hips after I came fully I inserted it in her once again and fell on her hugging her kissing her ,asked her ,how was it for u Prema, was it good , she told , yes never knew it would be this good ,it was toooooo gooooood ,and hugged me tightly giving me a kiss and we both fell asleep in each others arms, the room cool we were hot couple it was just right for such a good fuck ,what do u all say? Send in ur comments to / /