My Friends Wife

My Friend’s Wife

I am Harish and as the name suggests . Apart from my married life, my extra martial experiences are very few. I will share with like minded people one by one. I am a business man, strong and handsome. I have lot of desire for woman, got lot of opportunities too, but could not utilize all of them because of fear of rejection by the counter part. I am always a hot stuff, ready to do status. I was married just 3 months back then.

My office mate got married and brought his new bride to Mumbai. He is from Delhi and a Sindhi, and so is her wife. She was a beautiful woman, fair, with attractive sharp booms and bums. They visited my house for a lunch on a Sunday. In the first sight itself , I felt jealous about my friend that he got a beautiful wife. I did not have any other ill approach or thinking at that time because my sex life was going very strong at home. My wife is also good looking (others wife look more beautiful always), we used to have sex every day five (working days) to eight times (on holidays). We get up with a morning’s rigid round, just before I leave for office once, immediately after coming back from office once at 5 PM, After dinner, then atleast two times in the night. We have once or twice done that 9 times in a day. So, I had my wife fully filling my heart, hence I had no bad thoughts for my friend’s wife, her name is Meenu.

But, I noticed and felt that she is fond of me. Even while we all walking together, she used to prefer to walk close to me. I have gifted a show item to them as a gift for marriage. Once, when I casually visited their house (incidentally her husband was not there) she asked me to fix the show piece on the wall. I was nailing it, while she was standing on a stool behind me and holding the picture. She was standing so close that her boobs were very close to the back of my head. I did not notice. After nailing when I turned back, my mouth and lips just rubbed over her erect breasts. I looked at her eyes, it was inviting me. Though by now my cock was jumping, I controlled. I had a fear that she actually may not mean . I sat for sometime and chat about our marriage life. She enquired about my wife’s mensus and slowly started speaking about her sex life and then we entered into sex stories. I somehow understood that she wanted me. One fine day, I was on leave preparing for my exams. My wife went to office. I was sitting and studying on my balcony. She waived her hand from their kitchen window. I planned for a ride.

I went to her, she happily opened her door, already her eyes pulling me. She said that she is getting bored, unable to sleep also because of her headache. I suggested her to apply “Vicks”. She instantly brought vicks and started applying on her forehead slowly. I told that she should rub it strongly. She requested if I can help her. I took the vicks dubba in my hand, she straight away walked to their bed and leaned on the pillow. I followed her. I sat next to her and gently applied little vicks. I kept on rubbing on the forehead, she never told “enough”. I myself took out the fingers and applied the residual ones on her neck. All this while my eyes were hunting on her half-open boobs. I just slid my fingers into her nighty and touched her left breast. It was already hot and nipple erect fully. She immediately held my hand over her breast by her both hands and made some ZZzzzzzz….. sound. With just that sound my cock became erect and I could not control. At about 9 Am only I had a round with my wife, now at 10.30 it wants to ride over another cunt. I climbed over her straight away embraced her, squeszzed with my entire body. I undressed her from top. I kissed her right boob, while fiddling the left. Slowly moved up and kissed her wet lips, she readily opened her mouth and my tougue played inside her warm and tasty mouth. Wow I never felt like this before she was so warm and hot. I was fully excited, may be because she is new for me.

I slowly moved my hand from her face to her shoulder and then in one instant put it on her right BOOB very lightly. Her right hand immediately caught my hand and pressed it further. I kissed more deeply and then just squeezed her right BOOB. Wow what a feeling, it was twice the size of my hand and I pressed it 4 –5 times that’s when I also felt her nipples it was kind of standing up and hard. I rubbed my fingers on it. She moaned a bit while I did it. In a quick instant I removed her nighty completely and it was on the ground. I moved my left hand also and now I had both her BOOBs in my hand . It was the best feeling you can imagine I just kept on squeezinga nd then moved my face to her neck and immediately to her chest . I rolled her over me and started sucking her boobs. Sucking, biting ,pressing, I did it all . Just couldn’t stop. She kept saying “Zzzz…, nice, nice…Then I moved my face towards her stomach and navel and kissed it and she kind of moaned and I got up kissed and put her hand under my lungi and in a swift move caught the hot cock. It was the most amazing jerk for me, my cock jumped in her hand. I moved my mouth all over her body and kissed and kissed her thighs . she had fat thighs and I enjoyed moving my hands on it and kissing it . In one go I yanked her panties off and saw her pussy. It had a few short hair and when I moved it I saw it clearly I instinctively put my finger on it and slowly inserted one finger and she moaned Zzzz.. nice, nice..I put my face on her pussy and kissed it and then slowly after separarting her legs started licking her pussy. It had a sexy taste .

She kept on moaning and calling Vow.. Zzzz.. nice and so on. After 2 mins or so I stopped and by now I ha d a huge hard cock. I just removed my pants and stood up. She was still lying on the sofa.I took out my dick and she looked at me and smiled I just walked up to her rubbed my red hot pinky, moist cock tip on her face. She suddenly coaught it in her mouth . She moved back and forth in her mouth. I could feel my dick getting moist and wet. She got the hint and started moving her mouth. I had to control myself from shooting it in her mouth. But I had reached a point of no return. I pulled the wet and hot rod out, rubbed on the lips of her pussy. Ticked her clit in circular motion, she lifted her cunt, it found the way and went inside smoothly. My right hand was on her right BOOB the other hane was holsing her bums. I moved my dick in and out of her pussy, she moved with a rhythm. The speed increased gradually and took the speed of a super fast train, She screamed Mmmaaaa, ZZZzzzz… hard, hard I am dying, kill me, zzz.. I also made some Mmmhh… sounds and collapsed inside her and still continued slowly still and suddenly found that she was fast asleep. I was fully satisfied that she went in to heaven, I satisfied her to the fullest that it was almost like she went in to coma.

I kissed her breasts, lips and forehead lied there for 5 minutes, woke her up she smiled, kissed me, pulled me down to her breasts and told “pl. stay with me for the full life na..” I told, we will enjoy more than that and just returned home.

We had thereafter not less that 20 times, including one full night show at her bed room. I will tell you later.

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