Animal frenzy

My welcome at my mama’s house on returning from the summer holidays was exciting. I had been looking forward to meet my mami. I had missed her company deeply while at home. But when I came in with my luggage she was no where to be seen. Only my mama and neha were there. My mama was his usual comfortable self. Neha was as usual sarcastic and nasty. During the summer break she had learnt even better ways of saying even the most common things in a sarcastic manner. As all of us settled down in the living room I heard my mami shout, oye, at least come into the kitchen and give your mami a hug, I am baking some cake for you. Inside the kitchen she had various things spread out on the table. Here she caught me hard and began to kiss me all over. Her hard push against me as she pushed her tongue hard into my mouth made me teeter a little and I rubbed against the table upsetting a pan. It clattered down to the ground and we heard Neha’s footsteps coming closer as she said, bhaiya, abhi you have not even settled down and have already begun to break things!! My mami quickly removed herself and I began to curse my luck for meddlesome Neha being in the house. Neha had just cleared her tenth boards this year and scored very good marks. Her studies had made her behaviour even worse. Never, since our early childhood had we gotten along well with each other. It was she who was always fighting and saying sarcastic things. I think she made up for her small build with a large dose of aggression and a sharp tongue. This year she was getting to be worse since she was under pressure of studies. She was studying for her medical tests and the competition there was very very tough. That meant that everyone in the family, her parents, my parents and all other cousins were keen to overlook any complaints that I might make about her. Moreover, she was a very wise young girl. She took care to say and do nasty things to me only when no one else was present.

One afternoon when no one else was in the house I walked past the room where she was studying and found her sitting bent with her head in her hands. I quickly used the opportunity to say a few nasty things about her not studying and wasting time sitting just there. I am just trying to think, she said. This is so tough and I am tired today. I do not know what came into me, instead of walking away on an impulse I said, ok, you sit here I will get you a glass of warm choclate milk. That should help you relax and give you some sleep. That is nice of you; she said when I brought her the milk. However did you pass your exams so easily? Oh, there is nothing to it. Just relax and do not bother, that is enough to score good marks, I explained to her now that I did not have to write any such exam. Oh, brother, how I wish this year would pass quickly, she remarked and hugged me as I stood. I squeezed her back and felt the softness of her boobs against my body. She made no effort to get away. Instead she opened her mouth, took my ear lobe between her lips and gave a soft bite. I gave another squeeze and pressed her bums towards me. My cock had become completely hard immediatelyand she could feel it through our clothes. But instead of pushing me away she just stood there clinging and said that a hug from me felt very good. Now, over the years I had grown to be quite large. Over six feet in height, 75 kilos in weight and muscular body. Neha, in contrast was just a bit over 5 feet and at 45 kilos she was really thin. Only her boobs stuck out of her thin body. I don’t know how big they were, just that they were huge. I gave her yet another hug and followed it up with a close body kiss. Neha tugged at my shirt, found a way inside from the back and began to rub my back softly with her warm hands. I put my hands inside her pants and fondled her bums while pushing her body harder against my bursting cock. In a little while both of us had our shirts off. I took out my cock. It promptly became vertical and nestled itself between her boobs. She too took off her pants and lifted one of her leg up to let the cock touch her cunt. I simply picked her up and gave her a ride on my hard cock. But, making love while standing is not all that great as it is made out to be. Very soon we got into the missionary position. She on her back, with her legs pulled well back and I pushing deep into her while she let out blood curdling orgasmic yells. We went on like this for ten mintues or so. At the end of it Neha felt most relaxed and I felt good. In the days that followed Neha stopped being as sarcastic as she had been and began to laugh a lot. Whenever there was any opportunity she would brush herself against me. If we were standing in a crowd she did not hesitate in even giving a touch up to my cock. But there was simply no opportunity for me and Neha to fuck. There was simply no opportunity for that. Most of my fucks happened with Mami since the two of us got a lot of free time at home. At least once a week I would come home at a time when Mami was alone. Mama had gone to work and Neha to her school. Then for the next fifteen minutes or so the two of us would hump hard and fast like sex-crazed dogs. One day we were so desperate for a copulatory cool off that we forgot to lock the front door. Mami was making tea in the kitchen when I began to fondle her cunt from behind. She held on to the cooking range and thrust out her behind. I loosened her shalwar and made an entry from behind. While we were engaged in this way, Neha had quietly come inside the house and stood at the kitchen door watching us. I was pushing from behind. Mami was bent forward and one of her hands was busy rubbing her cunt from the front ferociously. As she came close to orgasm she began to vocalise loudly. I too was grunting with each deep thrust. As we finished and straightened our clothes Neha coughed and said, ‘so do I need to tell papa about this?’ My Mami went pale with fright and ran into her bedroom. I did not know what to say. It was Neha who began to talk after a while. What she said and how is of no interest. The conclusion was that she demanded that I fuck her too. Mami was asked to come out and informed about the deal. She said nothing that day. But a few days later she was most upset with me. ‘Now that you have that young brat to screw you will think nothing of me’, she commented. I however was quite gallant and told her how beautiful she looked and how much I preferred her to her daughter. In the coming months I got to fuck both mother and daughter. Some times it would happen that I had just finished fucking the one when the other would demand that I do it to her too. Such good times do not last for long. A year later Neha got admission into medical college and left town. I finished my course and went out for my first job in a distant village in the Himachal. My mami simply lost all interest in sex in later years. Neha and I simply became good friends. But the memories of those days remain very alive.