Standing on my 23, I’m still living single and not that much eager to have a wife. I feel that I need to be more financially organized and then could think of marriage. I’m 5’-11” and smart well built guy. I work in an organization as Manager-Administration. Though I don’t have a wife but not passing a sexless life. I have sexual relationship with some girls and ladies particularly with my wonderful mid-aged (33) landlady whose husband works in UAE. She is a real sex bomb and perhaps would not be tired after 4/5 hours continuous fucking.

After arriving her house, 2/3 days later, she came to my flat asking whether I’m feeling anything problem. She wondered seeing that I don’t have a television. In fact, I was trying to organize my house as this is the first time I’m staying outside of my parents home. She gently asked me to come her flat to watch TV whenever I wish. The next evening, I went her flat with a box of chocolate for his son. She cordially welcomed me inside and told that her son went to his grandparents’ house and won’t come back until next day.

She gave me some sweet and a cup of coffee and offered to have dinner with her. I accepted. Then she turned the TV on and asked me about my favorite channel. In reply, I told that I don’t have any special choice. Then she told that we could watch a new movie and without waiting for my consent, played VCD player. It was a romantic and erotic movie. I could feel her intension and decided to have that. It was really a hot movie with frequent lovemaking seen. She moved next to me and placed one hand on my shoulder. “How it feels, Shan?”. “What a nice movie, Bhabi. It’s very much exciting.” “Well, then you are feeling excited”. “Obviously! Who can hold himself watching this movie and especially if a wonderful lady accompanies.” “You are so technical, Shan. But your thought may be fail, boy.” “That is nothing but my bad luck.” She laughed southerly “Okay, lets test your luck. Come on a bet. Agree?” “Pleasantly! But on what and how much the compensation?” “You poor boy, now you will say that is going to happen in the next seen. If you can say correctly, I will open my doors for you. But If you can’t say, what will be then?” “As you wish” I smiled. “Then I will play with your tool as I like.”

The seen was a frustrated lady, cheated by her husband, fingering in her pussy. “Now somebody will come and fuck her.” “Okay, let’s wait to see what happened next.” The lady had an orgasm with fingers and nobody came to fuck her. I lost. “Bring your cock out” she ordered. I gently obeyed her order. She shocked seeing my semi erect cock. It was around 6” in length and 3” in width. “What a tool you have, Shan!” “Yes, it is and it is at your service madam”. She started rubbing my tool in her palm and it became full hard within few minutes like a sword. I brought her closer to me and started French kissing. My lips are working on her lips and hands are working to unbutton her blouse and bra. Her boobs were amazing. Huge but tight with big brown nipples. I place my lips on one of the nipples. Those became hard with excitement. At the same time, I was rubbing the boobs. “Oh, suck me boy, suck hard”. She started moaning. I placed my one finger to her wet pussy underneath her sharee. I entered my finger into pussy and felt that it stated licking. I moved my finger very fast. She kept holding my cock pulling back and forth. “Shan, please come inside of mine. I did not have sex since my husband left for UAE 7 months before. Please don’t delay, otherwise I’ll die. Please fuck me my darling.” I flipped her sharee over and saw a wonderful pussy.

I touched it again and squeezed her clitoris. She became mad and placed my hard rod on her pussy. “Push boy, I’m gonna give you the best pleasure in the earth”. I slightly pushed my dick in to her and gradually entered fully. She gave some shake her ass to fit my cock in her. “Pump, pump harder, Shan. Destroy me with your massive bamboo.” Besides pumping, I was sucking her nipples which were making her more excited. She grabbed my ass to feel full length of my dick. She came near to her orgasm and started loud moaning. “Kick me baby, give me every pleasure. Fill my all holes, my darling Shan. I’m gonna die. Take me to the paradise boy, oh! fuck me, fuck yeahhhhhhhhhh, fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck”. A huge orgasm she had.

We changed position. I lay and she rode on me. I hold her one huge boob by one hand and one buttock by another hand. She were almost jumping on my dick and enjoying my dick up to her womb. “Oh! what a pleasure you are giving me, Shan”. She got another huge orgasm and hold me heard with her chest.

This time I came from behind. I was pumping holding her waist. I was pushing harder and harder. It was taking her to another heavenly feeling. I suddenly felt a thousand stars’ blinking in my eyes. I realized that I am on the way to cum. “Oh, Bhabi, my lovely whore bhabi, rake me, take me, push your ass and take me full. Ohhhhhhhhhhh. Bhabi push your ass, push, push, my dear bhabi oh Bhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, take my hot cream.” I shoot a huge load into her pussy and she also got another orgasm. “Push hard, push harder, kill me you bhabi fucker, kill me, oh god…………..”. We were laid on each other’s arm exhausted.

During that night, we did not sleep indeed. We enjoyed ourselves in every possible position. That was just start. We kept fucking almost everyday. Meanwhile, I fucked her virgin ass too for couple of times. We found our heaven between us.

One day, we were watching a XXX movie that were one guy fucking two women. Bhabi told me that can we arrange to have some diversity in our sexual life? Yes, we did that but I ‘m gonna say that experience in another story. Keep staying with this and waiting for the next one.

I knew one of her nieces, Nadia (28), 35-28-36, whose hubby also works in UAE. She often visits her aunt’s house and to be honest, I thought several times to fuck her but could not find any mechanism that how I can be successful. I never thought that my landlady will arrange Nadia as our sex partner. Wow!

Bhabi asked me to come after evening. When I got in, I found Nadia is also there. She greeted me smiled. Bhabi were busy with making snacks and coffee for us. I started chatting with Nadia with silly issues like how longer her hubby staying in UAE, which department he works, etc…. Then Bhabi came and asked Nadia, ‘Do you know any beautiful and sweet girl that we can arrange marriage with Shan, the hungry bull?’ ‘Well, let me search. But Shan, what are your requirements?’ she asked me. ‘Fuck up your requirements; Shan needs only a sweet tight pussy, a pair of firm tits and huge ass. Am I right, Shan, honey?’ Bhabi asked very mysteriously. I started thinking that is it not their pre planned role play? I became bit technical and replied ‘tight pussies are not pleasant always. Some older pussies are sweeter than the teens.’ Nadia was listening our conversation and told ‘then you must have had some mature pussies, Shan?’ I remained silent and Bhabi told ‘yes, he used to have and tonight he will have another juicy one.’ Nadia showed a fake wondering look ‘what hell you are talking about, aunt? Who is that unfortunate?’ ‘Her name is Nadia, my darling niece.’ Bhabi clicked one eye to me. ‘What fucking you thought, am I a whore’ another fake anger Nadia showed. ‘Not at all, my lovely baby, but we are hungry and eagerly need some pleasure. Do you not need honey? This Arabian horse will ride on us and take both of us to the seventh heaven of happiness.’

Bhabi quickly started rubbing her boobs and unbuttoning her blouse and bra. Nadia was trying to resist, but that was absolutely acting, I realized. I saw a pair of snow ball with small nipples like the lips of a pigeon. Bhabi kept rubbing and angrily asked me ‘are you watching a movie? These all are for you. Come on, Shan, take your living machine.’ I moved towards Nadia and started kissing on her lips. She welcomed me and no resistance at all. Bhabi left Nadia and started undressing me. She pulled out my huge dick which was already hard and in its full. Nadia exclaimed ‘what a tool you have, Shan.’ Bhabi started sucking my cock and I kept sucking and playing with Nadia’s boobs. Nadia was becoming excited ‘suck more, suck hard, Shan. I’m feeling so horny, keep sucking darling. Oh my god, what a sucker you are!’ Meanwhile, Bhabi kept sucking my cock and playing with my large balls.

I took Nadia on the sofa and bent on her pussy. When my tongue touched her clit, her whole body shocked. ‘Oh……. my god, Shan, keep sucking your woman’s pussy, ohhh.’ She grabbed my hear and pulled my head closer to her juicy pussy. I drank her sweet juices. Bhabi was not sat idle. She kept sucking Nadia’s boobs and small biting her nipples. Nadia became near to be mad with our diversified foreplays.

I placed my monster on her pussy and she grabbed it. Nadia slowly pushed my giant into her wet hot love chamber and I also pushed slowly. Once it entered in full, she moved her ass to fit it full inside and then I started pumping.

Perhaps, after ten strokes, Nadia had a huge orgasm and hold me tightly. ‘Kick me hard, Shan, kick harder, boy. I’m going to heaven. Fuck, Shan.’ Bhabi hold my buttock and kept pushing ‘take it in full, bitch, push your ass up and take it full, you whore.’ ‘Oh, aunt, don’t stop your pushing, keep pushing my whore aunt.’ I took Nadia in doggy position and kept fucking. I hold her waist and pulling towards my cock. It was giving her more pleasure ‘Shan, crack my vagina, darling, crack with your giant tool.’ After fifteen minutes of passionate fucking, I felt that I am coming. I again set Nadia laid on sofa and started pumping with best level of my strength. I also felt pressure on my cock head ‘Oh my dear Nadia, my love, take my cream, oh…….. Naida, I’m all, ohhhhhh my god, what a pleasure, take Nadia, take my cum, ohhhhhhhh take.’ I left a huge thick load into her worm pussy. She also had another orgasm with the touch of my semen. ‘Oh, Shan……., what a pleasure, love me boy, love me lot, I wanna have your baby, please fill my womb with your sweet cum.’ We both laid exhausted.

‘Shan, have you forgotten your lovely Bhabi getting a younger pussy?’ Bhabi told with fake anger. ‘Not at all, now it’s your turn, come on baby’ I invited Bhabi. My cock became hard again and Nadia grabbed it and pulling back and forth. I surprisingly found that Bhabi’s pussy is full if juice and it was coming down through her thigh. ‘You rather kept laid and I wanna ride on’. Bhabi placed her pussy top on my hard giant and slowly took my entire cock into her wormhole. She was pumping slowly and gradually increasing her pumping speed. At one stage she started almost jumping on my cock. ‘Push your cock upward, Shan. I am feeling so nice, keep pushing, I’m coming, I’m coming.’ Nadia was sucking one of her huge boobs and pressing another one. It made her hornier. She got a bomb blasting orgasm and grabbed my chest with her nails. We changed position and fucked for another ten minutes. It gave her total six orgasms.

We all three slept together naked on the same bed hugging each other. We got up very early in the morning to have another fucking session. This time I fucked both of their assholes. Bhabi was habituated to have it with me but Nadia had never been ass fucked. I fucked her with lotion as lubricant and it gave her an exciting pleasure and frequent orgasm. I unload my cream on her naked ass and she sucked my remaining loads in my cock’s pipeline. We all three went to bathroom and took shower together. Again we laid on bed with a heavenly pleasure.

‘You are a real Arabian horse, Shan, as aunt said.’ Nadia told keeping one of her hands on my chest and small kissing ‘and I certainly would not look for a girl for your marriage as aunt requested because I must not share my lovely Shan with any other girl except my lovely whore aunt.’