Sex with neighbour

Hi Friends, let me share you my one and only experience which I had with my neighbour. First let me introduce myself, this is tyren from chandigarh. I am of 27.

I never had the intentions of having a sex with my neighbour but it happened accidently.The flat in front of ours was vacant from the last few months then suddenly the same was rented to a newly weded couple. It was their love marraige and they did it without the concent of their parents.Her husband was a journalist and had no fixed working hours.He used to go outside chandigarh to cover the events. He was 35and she was 32, who was doing the CA course.

She has made good relations with our landlord and used to come to my house to attend the phone calls.landload and they dont have the landline phone except for her husbands cell phone.

One day she told me that she is doing CA and need to submit some assignments and asked for help.I took her assignments and submitted to the institute. Now, whenever she needs something from institute she used to ask me.We become good friends and used to talk for hours with each other even at my home,.We got so much friendly and she used to ask me about my life, how it is going and about my work, if i have any gf or any issues with her.We become close so much that we even fight with each other like kids and used to touch each other innocently. One day I asked her weight and have an argument that I can pick her up She said I cant so I tried to pick her and did it but unfortunately felt down on her bed. She was on my up and her boobs got pressed hard on my chest and I was holding her tight. We had a eye contact and then realized the limit of our relationship.

I felt ashamed and went back to my room. I felt so much bad that I did not have a talk with her for two days. She also felt the same and said that this happens and for little things we should not have a difference in our relationship. But since then I had a fantacy on her and desperately wanted to hug her and feel her sex boobs. She was 36-30-34, had the perfect body though her complextion was just fair.

During one night,I heard her fighting with her husband and both of them shouted loudly.In the days time, she told me that her husband went for a 15 days tour to Nagpur to cover a event.He has the time for everything except her and were weeping.I gave her my hanky and also rubbed her tears and gave her a hug. It was a great feeling for me and my dick also got strong. She did not notice anything.We sat together and she started complaining about her husband. I asked her that you both love each other and should not fight like this.Then during out talks she told me that she did not have a sex in this month.I asked her if she has a fantacy about anyone. She felt shy and removed the eye contact I placed my hand on her cheeck and rubbed softly on the right side of her face and rubbed her lips with my thumb. She did not said anything and started enjoying the moment with her close eyes.

Then I tried to kiss her lips but she stopped me but I did not ,and keep kissing her lips. She also become horny as did not have the sex for a long time.

Then I went and shut the door and put my hand around her neck and kissed her hard. She felt breathless for sometime as she never expected me to do it. Without wasting time, she unzipped my pant and put my dick in her mouth and started sucking hard. Since, it was my firt time, the fluid went to her mouth with a full flow. I was surprised to see her eating that all. In five minutes time, I got ready again and it was my turn this time and I was feeling relaxed after first cum. I turned my attention again to her body and my my hands moved along her hand to her back, put her t-shirt off and then I unhooked her bra and slowly moved towards her breast. I slowly rubbed her both boobs and put in my mouth and started sucking her niples. Her bra was off now and her breasts with tight nipples were looking hot.

She layed down to the bed and I removed her pajama and panty. I then kissed, licked, and bit all the way to her puzzy zone. She was making sounds My tounge explored into her wet cunt. My dick was ready to fuck her sweet hole. She was full hot now. I positioned myself and put my dick in her pussy, she closed her eyes and tightly cought the bed sheet. I pressed slowly inside and sounds coming up… I increased the speed and her sounds also coming up. I was going going going and going inside out inside out inside out and she was unable to keep her calm. Then after seven eight minutes of fucking, my 6 inch dick exploed the fluid on her breasts.

We both were calm now and laid down for half an hour. Then I put on my clothes and smiled on her, kissed her lips and went to my home and she went for the bath. It was afternoon,for fifteen days till her husband did not come back. She never compalined her husband for not having the sex as she had the permanent partner. Then after six months, they got shifted to another place in bbsr. We still meet once in a month but have never tried to force anyone. This is beauty of our relationship.

This is a true happening and I hope you have liked my experience. Please do tell me how you liked my experience. My email id is / / Any girl or married lady want to have fun with me, please write me .