Saw The Slutty Side Of Her Wife

Hi readers and thanks a lot for your responses for my earlier incidents. All those who are reading me for the first time I am 28 yr old single guy from Delhi . The incident I am going to describe is a true incident and happened just a month back. This is a true incident and it just only shows how much a flavour it can add in your sex life if a couple tries to do a different thing. This incident happened with a couple Vishal(34 yrs) and her wife Amrita (30 yrs). Vishal is an Engineer in an top MNC and Amrita is an housewife. Both lives in posh Sarita Vihar area of Delhi and are leading a happy married life. Vishal got in touch with me around 3 month back as he had read one of my story in ISS. He introduced her wife Amrita with me and told clearly about his unfulfilled sex adventure of seeing her wife to be fucked and used by a stranger. Amrita was aware of her hubby desire but since she was normal house wife was not interested in taking risk of putting her married life on risk but she too confessed sometimes in between that this can be a fun adventure and she knows it will give them a change as both are getting bored with their normal sex life. I used to chat with them a lot and somehow Amrita agreed to give it a try if her hubby is really interested. Vishal was happy and soon both started going to night clubs and started watching XXX movies. Vishal was happy to show off her wife in small and reveling clothes and when both walks down guys use to see Amrita like a sex bomb. Vishal was enjoying this change and slowly Amrita love this adventure and start getting nasty and more adventures.

One day Vishal came home and told Amrita to get ready to go to a club and told her to wear the sexiest clothes and look as nasty as possible. They reached a small night club (sorry I cant take the name of the club) and Amrita glanced across the room and gave a little coy smile before averting her eyes from the men who were gazing back at her. She knew exactly why they were taking an interest in her and the excitement of it all caused her to take in a deep breath that pushed her ample breasts ever so tighter against the thin silky material of her blouse. Amrita was well aware that the dark red circle that surrounded her now erect nipples would be visible to all against the harsh lights of this corner of the bar.The short flared skirt did little to hide her stocking tops and the seat she had chosen to sit on was not near a table that offered her lower body some form of cover. All this was not through sheer carelessness; this was Anna being at her most daring.

The man sat next to her asked if she wanted another drink then rose to move to the bar. Amrita saw the men across the room now take the opportunity to be less discreet and felt their eyes examining every inch of her body while their facial expressions betrayed the lewd and lustful thoughts that ran through their minds. The woman blushed but was brave enough to look back and give them all a little shy smile that almost broke out into a giggle.

One man licked his lips in an exaggerated way letting her know he desired her; she laughed again before looking away. Then, feeling very adventurous and wicked she shuffled her legs about making her thighs part and displayed for a few long seconds, the gusset of her white panties. Almost in unison the men drew in deep breaths and cleared their throats as they enjoyed the spectacle. It was enough to attract the attention of the womans partner who was still waiting at the bar to be served with drinks.

Just in time Vishal too witnessed part of the show through the mirror at the back of the counter. He felt a thrill watching how Amrita endeavoured to make it all look so accidental and innocent. In fact it was her coy demeanour coupled with her shy smiles and giggles that helped give the situation an air of erotic sensuality. It wouldnt be quite the same, thought the man, if she was blatantly flinging her legs open to all and sundry.Careful not to spoil the event he watched discreetly through the mirror noting how vulnerable she seemed under the lustful scrutiny of the band of men. Amrita smiled again at the men who by now must have been confused wondering why this delectable woman hadnt noticed just how much leg she was showing and had not covered up.

Bringing the drinks back to the table Vishal excused him self and disappeared to the mens room. He knew full well that the men, still watching every move they made, would be hoping for more visual delights and he felt his cock twitch as he pictured the scene. Holding his cock as he stood by the trough he felt it growing and stiffening as his arousal grew.Of course he was right to assume what Amritas actions would be. Fiddling in her bag she moved around causing her panty to become visible and leaning forward she gave an excellent view of her cleavage as a blouse button suddenly popped open. Amrita knew what effect she was having and peeped up to secretly check out the fronts of her audiences trousers. She almost began to shake a little when she saw the outline of more than one interested penis!

Barely able to control his erection Vishal returned to find Amrita already rising from her seat to attend to the same call of nature. She walked slowly and nervously because she knew she had to almost brush past the men to reach the door that led into the corridor. They liked her even more close up and she saw their eyes peer down her top and mentally undress her. She was very conscious of how her nipples stuck out and saw one man become fixated with her breasts that wobbled slightly as she walked.Her path was just a little blocked making her stop and as she turned to squeeze past sideways one of the men spoke to her.”Youre a very sexy looking lady!” he grinned before eyeing her from head to toe making no pretence at what he was focusing on.His friends unanimously agreed making Amritas cheeks flush bright red. She hadnt expected such close contact and wasnt quite ready for it yet. The conversation went on and Amrita nervously answered their questions telling them all about her self – or at least certain little mundane things. The men sometimes embarrassed her sometimes positively shocked her with their forthright sexual comments. Suddenly she became aware that she had been away from Vishal r for perhaps too long and escaped just in time to avoid answering the next question.

“So – what is a girl like you doing in a joint like this? We havent seen you here before. Did your boyfriend bring you here?””Its not my boyfriend,” she explained shyly, “Its my husband. Sorry, ill have to go now.”When she did eventually return to her table the men had gone.Vishal quietly asked, “What did they say to you?””Well, they asked if it was our first time here because they hadnt seen us before.”The corny line was nevertheless a very relevant question – just why where they drinking in what was a down market and rather tawdry establishment? Why would Amrita have found it difficult to answer the question honestly?Well, after being married for seven years they had, one night in bed talked about what turned them both on. Like many other couples, in an effort to stop their sex life becoming stale they had had ‘the talk. Now at thirty four years old they were becoming conscious that the years fly by and lifes routine sometimes makes for a very boring existence.

In short, the outcome of it was that to the surprise of them both Vishal, the husband had expressed an interest in tales and stories of wife-watching. He had admitted that the few times his wife had been a little indiscreet and men had noticed that he had experienced an incredible excitement.He sat up in bed embarrassed at his admission but it was quickly turned into a breathtaking shock when Amrita revealed that she would be quite willing to exhibit herself when the opportunity arose. She too, confessed the young wife, got a thrill from showing off to men and if she hadnt been so shy or scared about what would happen if he had caught her being naughty would happily have become quite the exhibitionist. When she told Vishal that on one occasion she had answered the door to a caller and purposely let her gown fall open he nearly choked and it was several days before he got his head round it all. There were aspects of his wifes character that he knew nothing about – and it both scared and thrilled him.

So it had come about that the couple had agreed they should seek a little adventure and excitement. They would go out with Amrita dressed to thrill and she would flash her body in front of men. Though not of course in their own neighborhood! And that is why they were in a downtown area of low repute. It was much less daunting, they reasoned, and she would be less self conscious, that if she wanted to dress sluttish or very daring it was best in a place where it was almost expected a place where such women fit in easily.Though this middle class and sedate couples idea of a “rough joint” was slightly misplaced so they had actually not chosen an appropriate place even though it was a little down market for their standards. However, it was a place in which they felt comfortable and having found similar bars they had returned to this part of town several times.

A point of discussion between them was “Is it sexier to wear a very tight short skirt that rides up the thigh and shows off her bum to its best advantage or like on this night a short flared skirt that, when she dances, as she sometimes did, would billow up and display her scant panty.” Now, on these special Nights when they went out each article of clothing, bra, top, stockings, was chosen with sex in mind and its potential to attract the attention of other men.Many was the time the couple had worked their way into a sexual frenzy just talking about it and when Vishal witnessed her actually showing off to men the pleasure he felt was beyond belief. As yet though, in the pursuit of their hobby there had been no contact with other men other than a few small comments – but that was about to change.”They told me I looked very sexy and had an awesome figure,” Amrita informed her husband excitedly but shyly.”They made me blush because they said I had aroused them and it would show when they stood to leave. One of them actually pointed down to the bulge in his pants!”

As she related the rest of the conversation to Vishal both were starting to feel the excitement building up though Vishal was a little concerned about his wifes willingness to stay and chat with the men.”Did you enjoy being so close to them after letting them see up your skirt? Did it turn you on?” he asked.Yes,” answered Amrita without any hesitation. “They told me they are going on to that club in the next street. They suggested we should try it – go along later.”Vishal felt a surge of jealousy and apprehension thinking of how quickly and easily his wife had become intimate with these complete strangers. What would she be like if she was here without him, he wondered?

“Do you want to go there?” he inquired.”It might be fun,” she said pointedly.Again Vishal felt his nerves tighten realizing that his usually shy wife wanted to meet again the men she had just purposely sexually teased and displayed her panties to. This had never happened before; she had never wanted to pursue the naughty games with the same men or man and certainly not been brave enough to stand and chat with them too! If we go…and they are there…will you be teasing them again…flashing for them?””Why do you ask?” she retorted. “If the chance is there and it seems OK to do it then probably yes. Isnt that what we like to do when we come out – what we enjoy doing?”Yeah, its just that youve never done it for the same men twice, and after having talked to them too. Maybe theyll think youve followed them and want something more.”So wont that make it more exciting – for us I mean? Im not going to just walk up to them and say, ‘Hey its me again! am I? They may not even notice we are there anyway.”

Well go to the club!” Vishal blurted out before gulping down his drink.The music was a mixture of blues and jazz that fitted well with the tacky and drab décor. This was a backstreet club for backstreet people and Vishal looked warily around the room peering into the dark dingy recesses. Every few seconds a face peered out from the gloom, usually the face of a rough and hard drinking man who obviously made his living using his big hands and muscles. Whether that work was likely to be considered legal or industrious Vishal felt could leave room for doubt.Maybe we are out of our depth here,” suggested Amrita.Well have a drink and see how it goes…but you could be right.” Vishal showed his nervousness.

For a while they sat at a table in a quiet corner watching the handful of dancers that had responded to the now more upbeat tunes. The place was barely half full but given that various groups were huddled away in little cubicles and enclaves with high back seats it was difficult to tell. The lights were turned down too so when a waiter approached with two more glasses the couple only noticed him when he talk.The guys over in the opposite corner send their regards,” he told them slamming the drinks down before quickly disappearing again.After a hurried consideration both decided it would be better to accept and drink the stuff so not to cause offence. Vishal strained his eyes trying to see who exactly had been so hospitable. His question was answered a minute later when a well built man approached.

Hello again, OK if I ask your wife for a dance?”A short silence was followed by Vishal stuttering his permission and without actually being asked the question Amrita rose from her seat and allowed the man to guide her to the floor. Now Vushal saw more faces appear from the corner as men leaned forward to ‘clock Amrita in her little flared short mini skirt.Rock and roll classics filled the air and Amrita showed off her ability to jive. She was good and so was the man, in fact out of the dozen or so people on the floor they were the ones who stood out. Though to the men in the corner and to others similarly placed it also had something to do with the way Amritas skirt took off when she twirled.

Through the dim light Vishal could still see the view his wife was giving the watching men. So too could he read the lustful grins on their faces as her dancing partner moved them closer to the corner table. It went on, the dance finished and Amrita stayed chatting to the man between tracks before they moved again. They danced with great vigour and they became hot and dishevelled. Vishal knew because he saw the buttons on his wifes blouse pop open to show the silky glow of her white perspiring bosoms. In spite of her bra being low cut the edges of her cups could still be seen.Vishals cock rose to the occasion as every time his wife spun round the naked flesh of her upper thighs contrasting with her dark stocking tops made her look most delectable. Then they were gone.With eyes flitting around the room he felt panic setting in. She hadnt passed him to go to the ladies room so where was she?We wondered if youd like to join us over there in the corner.”The man who had slithered down unseen next to Vishal startled him.

Your wifes over there at our table – she wasnt sure whether you would want to come over – so Im here to ask.”The man sounded intimidating even though polite which alarmed Vishal even more. His lips moved but no words came out causing the guy to smile at his dilemma, then the man spoke again.Look friend, we can see you are a man who likes to see his wife enjoy life and have fun with others – know what Im saying? Come over and we can all have a good time!”

Vishals instinct was to deny what the man was implying and he was a little embarrassed that they had been so obviously transparent and indiscreet. “Cant sit here on your own, pal – follow me!”He did, and during the couple of seconds it took for Amrita to see her husband had arrived a lot was taken in by him.

She was laughing merrily, the centre of attention amongst the group of six men. Two either side of her and two sat more or less in front she was positioned slightly back from the table so all could see from her head to her foot. She was on display and it hadnt been accidental. The hem of her skirt was almost folded across her tummy showing just the faintest glimpse of the front of her panties. The disarranged blouse was still unbuttoned more than it should have been and now as she was hot from dancing it clinged tightly to her breasts accentuating her nipples. A man held her hand – in place on his upper thigh.They all laughed at a witty remark then Amrita looked up losing her smile for a second. She was seeking knowledge on whether her husband approved – and was as happy as she was. Vishal felt just a little uneasy at seeing his wifes unconcern of this close contact and too his shock she made no attempt to remove her hand from the mans thigh.

Sit down buddy!” said a voice from the table. “We told your wife not to be a spoilsport and keep pulling her skirt down. We all agreed she should let us have a better look at her amazing body from close up. Those sexy legs are the best ive seen here in a long time! And my, dont we all love to see girls in stockings, not pantyhose!”When one of the others reminded them they should not forget to mention her lovely tits all grinned and agreed making Amrita blush and giggle. Though, as Vishal noticed again, she seemed to really be enjoying it all.Feeling nervous even though everyone patted him on the back and shook his hand he sat quietly listening to the men discus his wifes attributes as they sat gawping lewdly at her. Amrita, in turn, answered their silly questions and responded shyly between her bouts of giggling and little girl glances. Sometimes she caught the eye of her husband and seemed a little anxious for a sign but then the next comment would make her giggle again and she would look away.Obligingly she moved her legs around first stretching one out then bending it fully making the men hopeful they would catch a better glimpse of her panties.

Go on,” pleaded one man, “Just let those knees spread a little wider!”Amrita giggled loudly and drew a deep breath pretending to be outraged – but she loved it and was excited by it. Then looking coy and nervous she let her thighs part slowly and using her spare hand actually pushed her skirt just a little higher! Not all the way but enough to expose that sensuous little triangle of cloth. Again she giggled telling the men that all this was very naughty and she shouldnt be doing it!After a while Vishal detected a little movement in her forearm. He was probably the only one now who didnt have a full view of where her other hand was but his imagination told him that it was no longer sat resting on the mans thigh. Now he noticed a change in her facial expression and saw in her eyes a look of surprise and shock. Even though she still giggled and smiled. Her laughter sounded strained and she glanced at her husband as though someone had just pinched her bottom. A certain air of fear, alarm at what might happen next Could be read on her face. Then, as though resigning herself to the event she seemed to avoid Vishals glance and let her eyes flit in every direction before staring at the floor. Her breathing too had become strained and deeper causing her chest to heave.The torso of a big man was in the way and Vishal couldnt see to Amritas right hand side. Still her arm moved rhythmically but slowly up and down, to and fro. Vishal could stand it no longer and stood up from his chair. His sudden movement alerted the men something was amiss but they did nothing waiting for his next move. They knew full well what had caused his wifes astonishment.Vishal looked down to see his wifes hand held over the crotch of the man holding her hand. He was doing the actions stimulating his penis by holding the womans fingers in place around his shaft. Instinctively Amrita, on seeing her husbands attitude tried to withdraw her arm but was held firm.

Relax baby, its fine! We are having fun here, no need to worry.”It all happened very quickly and Vishal was just finding the right words to say when he was told to sit down. The big man in front of him spoke softly but with menace in his voice.Hey, dont go causing any trouble; lets not spoil a good night. Chill out man, you like to see your wife teasing men like us so this is just carrying it a stage further. Its more upfront – youre just not used to it thats all. Dont fret – we know about those little fantasies you have in your head, time to put your money where your mouth is friend. Look, shes scared now and she was OK before you alarmed her.”Vishal felt the evil stare of several men burn into him. Before he took his next breath a hand came down on his shoulder and encouraged him to sit.Its fine now babe, it was just a reaction, just go back to enjoying yourself again. Stay calm.”Vishal heard the words directed to his wife and looked to see a confused look on her face.Tell her that youre fine now Vishal, that youre cool,” instructed one man. It was more of a command than a suggestion.Vishal told all he was fine and feeling the need to avoid any danger forced a smile to his wife before repeating himself.The men immediately reverted to their jocular but lewd ways as they resumed watching Amritas hand being used to bring pleasure.

Just open those thighs a little more again sugar,” whispered one man, “Things got a little spoilt there.”Vishal watched his wife oblige.Again with the crucial bit of the scene blocked from his view Vishal could only watch Amritas forearm and see the expression of her face. True, like the others he could see the display of leg and panties and was able to watch the heaving of her chest that pushed her nipples forward and caused the crease of her cleavage to widen then close Also he felt somewhat guilty that all this was making his cock very hard and giving him a perverted thrill.His heart beat quickened when he saw the man seated at her other side start to stroke her stockings, stopping just short of the three inches of bare flesh at the top of her leg.Thats it Amrita, enjoy the excitement,” he told her.Was it this or something else that made her suddenly let out a soft yell and her eyes open wide? Her arm too was busier, going a little faster, and working as little harder. The men had stopped joking and now seemed quieter and more serious. Vishal kept hearing little gasps and whistles and exclamations of the sort usually uttered by people watching sex films.

Suddenly Vishal saw the other man let his hand drift right up to Amritas panties and gently commence to rub the swollen mound. He had to try and stand again but was pulled down.Hey, Akash, move over a little so Vishal can see too!”Akash did as he was bid to reveal that Amritas hand was now wrapped around an exposed and very stiff cock – she was busy masturbating the man but that was not the only shock Vishal witnessed. No longer was her hand being forcibly held in place. The man had withdrawn his penis from his pants and after starting her off had relaxed his grip to let her set her own rhythm. His hand was hardly touching her but she had not protested or snatched her arm away. And on her face was a little shy smile that was followed by one of her little giggles.

Amrita, on hearing the man say Vishal wanted to watch had taken it to be a sign of his approval and was now quite happy to please the men. Several minutes passed by with everyone enjoying the show. The guy stroking Amritas legs bunched her skirt high letting the others watch as his fingers went from her upper thigh down to her knee then up to the mound. Sometimes he ran his hands over her belly and Vishal knew he was soon going to be tempted to delve down inside her panties. Events put paid to that idea as the cock she was holding stiffened and the audience yelled out knowing soon it was about to erupt. Amrita was urged not to stop and with great embarrassment she tried to look away but curiosity got the better of her and with cheeks burning red she peeped at the cock she was masturbating. When it did shoot its sticky liquid out she was heard to give out a long sigh and moan before the shouts of the men drowned out her voice.

With laughter and great joy all around the attentions of the other occupants of the club were drawn to the group.Say, you guys, the manager has asked me to tell you to cool it!” said the waiter, who had witnessed the last few seconds of fun.Behind him the manager himself spoke out, “Over the top a little men! Why dont you all go over into the corner then you dont cause me to lose my license!” Vishal, still reeling from his wifes willing behaviour wondered why these hard men did not argue with the man but instead did as they were bid. Come on Vishal!” urged the man next to him pulling him up from his seat “Cant argue with the boss-man!”Looking for a chance to tell Amrita that they should now take the opportunity to scram double quick, Vishal, with dismay saw his wife being led into the dark corner of the room. He was sure he saw her smile and giggle as a man joked with her seeming happy to follow him. Within a minute Vishal was being sat into a chair at the edge of a large semi-circular cubicle that had room for them all with extra chairs around the front. Amrita had been taken away to the dance floor and he could only watch as she jived away with her two partners.

She was happy and content – and that fact filled Vishal with despair and anger. She had just been forced to want off a stranger and had her pussy played with in front of a watching audience and she should be upset and desperate to get away. That, at least is how Vishal thought it ought to be – shouldnt she be Ashamed that she had to perform this right in front of her husband too? Had not their little sex games gone over the top?Amrita twirled and made her skirt billow up showing her pants and stocking tops, just as she usually did when out to tease. She showed no distress and in between numbers laughed and chatted to the men letting them kiss her cheeks and hold her around the waist. The others talked amongst themselves then as Vishal momentarily withdrew his vigilance deep in thought Amrita was suddenly gone.Panic set in and now not being coaxed to remain in his seat dashed to the door that led to the corridor. He surveyed the area and hoped she was in the ladies room. Hoping she would appear alone he planned to make his escape through the back door.Your wifes powdering her nose,” a voice told him. One of the men she had been dancing with came from the mens room and passed him saying he needed a drink.Now was his chance and sure enough Amrita came out behind a party of very noisy female.Quick!” he said as he grabbed her arm, “Lets go out the back way.”He felt resistance and bewildered he stared his wife in the eye.

Are you not upset and scared after whats just happened?”Vishal detected a disappointed look on his wifes face.Do you not want to leave?” he asked incredulously. It got a little out of hand but its OK now. They wont hurt us you know, as long as you dont try to cause any trouble.”She seemed confused as though she was trying to find ways to rationalize the situation and justify reasons why they should stay. Looking sheepishly down at the ground she listened to her husbands pleading and reasoning.But you always said you would like it if you saw me with other men. This is why we both enjoyed me teasing…thinking what it may lead up to. Now its actually happened you have got cold feet and want to go home!”Vishal, stunned and surprised, put one more point forward, “You do realize that if you go and sit with them again they will want you to do more things for them? Thats why they have moved into the corner – the manager isnt going to stop them because it was his idea.”I know,” she said quietly.Then you dont mind – you want to stay and let them maul you?”

Almost imperceptibly Amritas reply came and left Vishal numb.Its fun – exciting.”Suddenly as though someone had flicked a switch she brightened up and spoke urgently.They will be missing us – lets go back in before they come looking!”Incredibly she took his hand and hurrying ahead pulled him with her back into the clubs lounge. She said she would dance again and pointed him to the group of men who beckoned him to rejoin them. He had no choice but to resume sitting with them and saw his glass had been replenished.Its a drink on the house Vishal, the waiters been told to get you anything you want – all night.”After a slight pause the man spoke again, “Your wife enjoys having fun with us. We will have better fun later when the place is quieter – when most of the strangers have gone.”Vishal felt his stomach churn wondering what the mans comment implied. The menace in the tone of his voice kept Vishal from questioning him further.I think maybe you are a little shy to show how much it thrills you watching your wife with other men. Its OK, we have met people like you before – lots of guys like to watch. Just takes a little while before you feel comfortable thats all. Dont worry about showing how much pleasure it gives you, do what comes naturally.”

Vishal almost laughed out loud at this gangsters attempt to lecture him and play the sex therapist. Cynically he grinned and thanked the guy.Some of the other men had been away from the table and they returned just as Amrita and her dance partner returned.Glad to see you still here Vishal!” said one making the others smile.As they shuffled for their seats a big rough bearded man announced he needed a breather.I could do with a little air,” he said, then as he looked at Amrita suggested, “Why dont you come out back with me and keep me company for a few minutes?”Vishal was very conscious of the knowing glances and smirks exchanged by the others. Surely his wife had noticed too and would turn down the offer.Her little giggle told him she was going to oblige the man and sure enough she stood waiting for him to lead the way. Vishal knew by the way her cheeks flushed and how she averted his gaze that she certainly was aware that the man had lewd intentions. Nevertheless he watched open mouthed as she willingly went with him out of the room.

It was a long four or five minutes that followed and Vishals nerves were on edge. The pictures that came into his mind made him feel sick and his hands shook. The remaining men mostly ignored him as they talked away but just occasionally told him not to worry. Vishal couldnt decide whether they were making fun of him or if they were genuinely trying to calm him down. When one of the men went to the bar then disappeared through the same door Vishals great distress was evident.Vishal,” said one man softly after a lull in the conversation, “Why dont you go and watch whats going on. Go and join them then maybe youll feel better. Dont spoil things though.”

He could feel all eyes on him as they waited for his response. Shaking like a leaf he tried not to rush as he made his way to the door then once in the corridor hurried to find the exit. It was a fire door that led into a small courtyard and like one would expect was used for storage. A couple of people stood around near the opening but ignored Vishal as he stepped out into the yard. For a minute he couldnt see anyone then from behind a stack of crates he heard a low moan.Resisting the urge to rush forward he stealthily crept around the stacks. He didnt want to be seen because now he could observe Amrita and see just what she was prepared to do when she thought she was free from him. The poor mans heart pounded and his mouth was dry as more moans reached his ears just as he was about to peer around the corner.

The scene before him stopped his breath. Amrita was stood side on to the big man who was leaning against the wall of the courtyard. He was very busy kneading her breasts which by now were out of their harness while her top and bra straps were off her shoulders. Amritas was busy too – her hand was wrapped around a very thick and hard shaft. Vishal saw her wrist moving his foreskin slowly up and down.

Astounding though it was that didnt complete the scene that met his eyes. Behind his wife was the other man who, as he lazily smoked a cigarette had his other hand between Annas legs. Her skirt was folded around her waist and even the skin of her belly above her panties was visible. Her hips, whether by accident or design moved in little circles against the mans probing fingersthe predominant fact in Vishals mind was that all this was unhurried and slow. It was all being done for pure mutual sexual pleasure. She was not being forced or coerced – it was not an act of flustered instant gratification done before she was likely to beg them to stop. It was being done slowly and they were taking their time. Vishal actually heard them calmly speaking to each other. Though the sounds that made the most impact on Vishal was Amritas little whimpers and giggles that preceded her moans of sexual delight.

Listening he heard the big man tell Amrita how nice her tits felt and what a fine woman she was. The woman lapped it all up and giggled as she thanked him. The smoker had now finished his cigarette so having both hands free he held Amrita while his fingers slipped inside the top of her panties and delved down the front to find her slit. Vishal watched mesmerized as his wife merely responded by giggling yet again then let out a little feeble “ooh!” Come on baby finish me off!” said the big man.The watching husband saw a large hand take hold of his wife around the back of her neck and pull her face down toward his cock.No it cant be – she isnt going to do it surely!” Vishal whispered to himself.But she did and he just watched helplessly. He heard gurgles and moans and the slurping sounds almost made him feel disgusted knowing his wifes mouth was sucking on this musty shaft. A yell and loud groan told Vishal the man had ‘cum – but Amritas face stayed put and he could see she was still sucking.

The man behind still had his hand inside her panties and as she stood Vishal saw the sticky liquid on her cheeks and chin just visible in the half light of the yard. Expecting her now to cry or protest or even run away through a fit of conscience Vishal saw and her just giggle in her girlish way.He was lost in his despair and taken by surprise when the big man was almost upon him. Vishal!” he shouted, “Didnt know you were watching – go and join them!”Shocked now he had been discovered Vishal stepped toward his wife and the groping man. The big man, now with lust satisfied went on his way back into the club.It almost felt surreal as husband stood before wife in the yard. The guy still had his hand in her panties but she cared not.How long have you been standing there?” she asked calmly.All the time,” he answered, hoping to shame her.It did not cause her any distress and she smiled and laughed a little as her hips moved involuntarily due to the movement of the mans fingers in her pussy. With her distinctive shy and coy manner she proceeded to wipe some of the jism from her face.Can I borrow your handkerchief?” she asked of her husband, “Its got everywhere!”

Vishal found his hand meekly obeying as he pulled the square of cloth from his pocket and handed it to Amrita. There was a short awkward silence before the mans voice broke through the night air.

Hey Vishal!” he began, “That was good to watch eh? Why dont you step nearer and let me watch her do you now?”Well,” uttered Amrita shyly smiling all over her sperm stained face, “He might not want me to – not here.”She addressed the man but it was a question to her husband. Vishal could not believe she had done such a thing! Was this really happening or was it a weird dream – was this really the woman he had married? Here he was, stood listening to her speaking so calmly having a conversation while a man had his fingers deep inside her and she was happily stood with her tits hanging out and her clothes bunched around her waist!Come on, Id love to watch you suck cock again!” said the man.Oh…OK…I suppose I will then!” said Amrita resigning herself to the mans request.Without further ado she unzipped Vishal’s fly while he stood dumbfounded taking it all in.Soon he was in the strange situation of standing in the backyard of a club being masturbated by his wife while another man played inside her panty.

Nature took over, he felt his cock start to rise and stiffen. Amrita noticed too and squeaked her approval. She kissed him and he tasted the salty cum from her previous efforts – it caused his penis to stiffen even more! He watched how her tits bounced up and down and saw her delighted face smiling at him.I told you it would be fun!” she whispered in his ear before she sank down in front of him.His penis slipped into her mouth and she greedily sucked on him. This is how the other man enjoyed her – this is what he watched her do to him. She loved the way her pussy was being played with at the same time because Vishal could tell that she did.Fucking hell!” hissed the other man.Vishal saw him almost ripping her panties down and his heart skipped a beat as the man then lifted his wifes backside high in the air. When Vishal heard the sound of a zip he realised he was about to watch Amrita be fucked from behind by a stranger. Would she now call a halt and say this is enough? Would he, her husband just stand there and watch this man fuck his wife right in front of him?

Amrita yelped when she felt the mans dick but then just sucked harder. Vishal thought he must now be inside her because his hips bucked against her. Should he stop it now? Perhaps just this once it would be interesting and exciting to watch how his wife responds to another man fucking her. He felt her suck with more enthusiasm so she liked what she was experiencing. Almost unconsciously Vishals hands fell to hold his wife in place, supporting her and balancing her as she jerked back and forth. Helping to her keep her mouth wrapped around his cock he watched and listened to her enjoying the other mans penis inside her cunt.The man slapped her arse twice and Vishal, shocked, waited for his wifes protest.Oh yeah!” he heard her say as she momentarily took his dick from her mouth.She liked that too, and Vishal just held on to her as he watched the man repeat the action.

Tried as he may Vishal couldnt hold back his rising sperm for long. With a feeling of embarrassment and guilt he gave in to Amritas lips and the erotic sight before his eyes. His wife drank his juice with a thirst Like she had never had before. She begged her husband, even though he was spent to hold her tight and in place so not to lose the pleasure of the thrusting cock behind her. She was very vocal for the last few minutes of her shafting and at last the man exploded inside her.No longer was there any evidence of shyness and as their passion subsided, Amrita turned and happily licked the man clean.Silently they moved back indoors and as Amrita excused herself by the door to the ladies room the men smartened themselves up and went back into the club.Do you want to go home now?” was the only thing Vishal thought to say.Not really, not just yet,” his wife told him.The one thing that scared Vishal now was that he knew his wife didnt like to be left unsatisfied after sex. He knew she was still aroused and if they had been home and he was exhausted then this would be the time she would bring herself off with dildo or fingers. Whatever she would do tonight didnt bare thinking about.

For another hour he watched his wife dance as though nothing abnormal had happened then sit and chat happily to any man or men who cared to talk to her. Sipping on her drink and once again sounding like a giggling shy housewife she would accept with equal polite delight invitations to dance or to go and sit in a more private dark corner.Whether the request came from one man or two she would say the same, “Oh…go on then!” before either walking to the dance floor or sitting away from the others and allowing her clothing to be undone and performing favors. Vishal was ‘made to circulate by the other men but observed from a distance. Once when he was near her table his wife asked him if he was OK just as she was about to delve into a dark recess with two men. Minutes later he got to see her with legs spread wide and panties off sucking one cock while she used her hand on the other.

That time she didnt see the point of dressing because two others stood by waiting their turn. Amrita was heard to giggle and sigh as one of the new men made a bee-line for her tits and sucked on her nipples. Several men just preferred to watch and Amrita clearly didnt give a damn.Suddenly Vishal was more aware of the quietness. No longer were their many voices talking at once or invasive music playing in the background. Most had gone and now the bar had closed the manager came to join them with two of his ‘heavies.Vishal felt scared because he realized that Amrita was the only woman left in the room.She was asked to join them for a drink and did so but Vishal saw she had more than enough. Told to sit next to the boss man she was flanked by a man of wide proportions. The talk was pleasant and boss man asked her about her life and likes. It became a little more direct and blatant making Amrita resort to her usual giggling and laughter. She was like the little naïve housewife again but Vishal saw something else in her eyes.

He could see how the danger and tension and sexuality was arousing and exciting her. Here were three men who would most probably make sure they got what they wanted and they seemed to be building up to wanting her! She had obliged everyone else tonight so how could she refuse them? Now she was blushing and looking coy when they told her she had nice tits and amazing legs. It was different now the Room was quiet and everyone was watching and listening. Lots of men stood around their table, all in Earshot and interested in what the boss man was saying.Vishal sat nearby resigned to accept what fate would dish out and take the consequences of their actions. Their game had led them here and this was the extreme result of their playing with fire.So now ive more time Amrita let me take a closer look at those tits of yours.”The request took her by surprise and she drew in a breath before her cheeks glowed red. She protested and went shy looking at the ground. The man laughed and told her again he wanted a better look.But everyones watching!” she reasoned, “And youve turned the lights up!”Shall I get Amit there to help you?” he asked pointing to the man on her left.Amrita knew what he was threatening and she shivered trying to keep the smile on her face. Reluctantly she began to unbutton her top and having done so held the two halves open for his inspection.Nice!” he said, then reaching forward he pulled her left breast from its cup and teased her nipple. All watched with baited breath as Amritas bra was eventually unfastened and her tits came out on show to everyone.

Stand up Amrita!” he ordered, “I just love to see stockings on a pair of fine legs.”He hauled up her skirt and made a meal out of touching and waxing lyrical about her body and how juicy her cunt felt. She was mortified when his fingers went inside her and he faced her toward all the watching men.Come on guys!” show her a cock or two and lets see if she gets even wetter. Give her something to turn her on.”Some of the less bashful ones did and soon Amrita was stood being fingered while several men in front of her masturbate.Take your skirt off Amrita,” said the man calmly.Amrita shook as she fumbled with her button, then she felt the garment fall to the floor. To hoots of approval Amrita was then sat on the boss mans knee facing her audience. He ran hands up and down her leg then whispered loudly in her ear so everyone else could hear.

I believe you are good with your mouth Amrita. So well see if thats true as we watch you perform on Amit.”There was going to be a sex show and Amrita was the star. Amit was not a shy man and grunted as he quickly removed his trousers. He was a big man in every way and Amritas eyes widened when she saw his weapon.Would you prefer that inside your pussy Amrita?” asked the man laughing.Anna giggled.Boss man was also good – with his fingers. Amrita made some agreeable noises and as Amit stood in front of her she didnt need to wait for instructions on what to do next. Reaching out with both her hands she took hold of the hard cock and directed it toward her already open mouth. The crowd showed their approval and cheered loudly.Amit gave her nipples some rough treatment while boss man worked hard with his fingers.You like that Amrita?” he asked at one point.Ummm!” she murmured as she greedily sucked on the cock.Make him ‘cum baby let everyone see it go into your mouth!”

Vishal watched this whore, this slut, who was his wife, do just that. Happily she held her mouth open and let the men see how the white sperm splashed on her tongue. Vishal even heard her giggles in the midst of it all and saw her hips work against boss mans fingers. Amrita, he observed, was very much turned on.

Now Im going to give you a good fucking Amrita!” announced the boss, “Take your panties off.”Vishal felt that sickening surrealism once again as he watched his wife simply obey the man while at the same time laugh and smile and giggle as though nothing was amiss. With a happy face, that nevertheless had lust in the eyes, she lay back as requested on the table top and lifted her legs high and wide opening her pussy for all to see.How many times has this cunt been fucked tonight Amrita?” asked the man lewdly.Three,” she answered.Vishal felt even more sickened, only once had he seen her being fucked!Good to see youre enjoying it all Vishal!” said a voice behind him.Now it was time for Vishal to show some honesty. He followed the mans gaze and had to finally admit that under the table his hand was busily pulling on his very stiff penis. Vishal had sat very quiet; too scared to admit just how much pleasure he himself had received from this unusual nights events. So his wife had been fucked two more times than he knew about? It didnt matter – she would tell him about it later if he asked her.

Lots of men were wanking as they watched Amrita who now had her legs held apart by other men was about to reach her orgasm. Her giggles and laughter now took on an almost manic nature and Vishal saw how her eyes had glazed over. The man was happy for his wife – and happy to be able to witness the sexual event.Maybe, if she really liked tonight…they could do it again sometime! This event just changed the lives of Vishal & Amrita and they both still feel that I somewhere was responsible for giving a new spice in their boring sex life. I am really interested in knowing from Couples and females regarding the feel for this story and would love to get invites if somehow I can make and help them in making their desires and practical experience. Please get in touch with me at / /