Sex Story

Last month my boss called me and said Karan u have to go to mumbai for some offical work and mrs. Netra is going with u.I was very excited. I could not sleep all night. My office colleague Netra was to come with me on an office tour to Mumbai. Netra is married lady, I wanted excitement. Netra also wanted that. Seeing me awake, my girl friend cuddled over me. I pressed her boobs, kissed her and fucked her. Netra was in my mind all the while I was fucking her. Netras lips were so sexy. She had big boobs, sharp nipples. When she wears a sari, she just looks stunning with her big ass and sexy figure. We were to go by Rajdhani Express. The train left on time. Now for a week, I and Netra were a couple. Our company had booked a stunning motel in mumbai with two rooms for her. I groped her all the night in the train. As we entered the room Netra said “I am feeling so young” and I told her that she looked wonderful. She stared at me, invitation in her eyes and I went to her, and taking her face in my hands kissed her gently on her lips, and she reacted wildly putting her hands in my hair crushing her lips on mine, and then reaching for my shirt unbuttoned it while I did the same to her. We undressed each other and I saw her voluptuous body and she saw my erect cock, taking it in her hand saying “I want this inside me”.

I am 9 inches long 6 inches thick, fully erect. We went to the bed and lay down. I took a hard erect nipple in my mouth sucking on it and put a hand between her legs rubbing her pussy and a small sound came from her and she said “that is nice”, taking my cock in her hand. I caressed her body for some time and then as her moans became louder, I knelt between her legs and slowly entered her, then started stroking. After a little while her hips arched upward and her nails dug into my back and she reached her climax, moaning loudly. I continued my strokes into her and as her body went limp she said “Just wait, please” Still inside her, I lay on top of her, feeling her bard nippled breasts against me, her legs wrapped around mine. She told me it was after a long time that she had climaxed, and that the feel of my cock in her felt really good. I told her that being in her was beautiful and the feel of her body against mine was exciting. We kissed and caressed each other for a while and then I started slow, long strokes, and she started moaning again.

She took my hands and placed them on her breasts and her hard erect nipples went between my fingers as I squeezed her breasts. Her moans grew louder and after a little more stroking in her she started to climax again but this time I did not stop and discharged my load into her as she came, falling on top of her, exchanging kisses till I became soft. I rolled onto my back and she placed her head on my shoulder her arm around me, her leg across mine, as we savoured the moment, caressing and kissing till we fell a sleep.

I woke up to a warm feeling on my cock, for Netra had woken and seeing my erect cock straddled me and inserted me into her cunt. She was bending over me her firm breasts above my face, her hands on my shoulders. I cupped her breasts, licking her nipples, sucking on them as she rocked back and forth, her cunt grinding into my pelvis. Her head was thrown back and she was moaning with pleasure, till she climaxed, her thighs tightening on my waist, her hands clutching hard on my shoulders and her cunt pushed hard against my shaft. I crushed her breasts hard, till she relaxed, still sitting on me. I told her it was a wonderful way to wake up, and she said “I could not resist it, I woke and saw your erection and wanted it to fill me up” She lay on top me and I rolled her over onto her back still inside her, pumping hard till I came and she pulled me close, licking my face, kissing me till I relaxed. I told her “One day I will Wake you up the same way” and she said that she would love being woken up with my cock in her. We fell a sleep again, and when I woke, she was still sleeping but I was soft. I admired her body for quite some time, her breasts with nipples still hard and erect, her cunt which was covered with little hair, her solid thighs and then she woke. She said “Mmmm… I am feeling so aroused and alive it used to be this way with him when we first married, but over the last 6-7yrs he does it with me maybe once a month” After a shower etc, we had breakfast, naked. We went back to bed and lay in each others arms for a while, caressing and cuddling each other. She told me shed like to spend the days like this till the tour gets over and I told here that it was a pleasure to have her. We continued caressing each other, enjoying each others bodies till I grew hard again. She was already wet and ready and I knelt between her legs and entered her, lying on top of her for a while, as we kissed. I was soon inside her I started stroking in and out of her in slow measured strokes, till she came, holding me tight against her vibrant body. She he told me that this had been a wonderful weekend, and I started stroking in and out of her against and just then her phone rang. It was him, and she told him that she had just come, and was feeling alone. I stopped my thrusts on her, once again lying on top of her. As she spoke I sucked on her breasts, the nipples hard and erect, and then I resumed entering in and out of her, my hands on her breasts squeezing them, as she liked it. She finished her talk with him and as she did she started to come again, and I did also, discharging my load into her, my cock buried deep in her, throbbing.any women want to have fun with me contact me at / /