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Hi to all readers, especially those sexy n cute girls who regularly read these stories. I am also regular reader of such hot stories. I really love to read about sexperiences and I have read almost all the stories on this site. I think this is the best place to express onefs feelings and experiences of sex. Now I am going to share my Sexperience with you . Its with a Sexy girl in my friend neighbor in delhi.Let me describe myself. Ifm Sam from Delhi, . 26 yrs old. 5 feet 11 inches tall with average body with a smiling face, attractive eyes, and fair complexion. This incident happend to me last year. I have a fast friend named Saleem in Karachi who called me to join his Elder Brotherfs wedding which I accepted. On April 16, I left and reached by next Afternoon. He was so happy to see me. In the afternoon we had a good Dholak Party at his roof top where I saw a 25 yrs. Old Beautiful n Sexy girl who was leading a group of young girls. I loved to watch her jiggling boobs while she was clapping. Oooh they were so eye-catching n fascinating. For many times she followed my eyes and tried to cover her boobs with her dupatta. After 2ŒO clock at mid-night when we all got tired of singing everybody decided to have tea. During the tea session my friend Saleem asked me about my life and other things. Then he asked me that as I have a good medical knowledge, so he wants to show me his Reports which he took for his Kidney Stone and I said OK. At 3ŒO clock he told me that as his house doesnft have enough rooms where everybody can stay, so I have to sleep at neighboursf house. And so he guided me there and to my surprise that Sexy lady also followed us and I knew that was a member of that house too.

As I was so tired at that time, so I couldnft remember whatever Ifve done after entering that room and I fell into a deep sleep soon. Next morning at 10ŒO clock a boy aroud age of 14 came to me and asked me if I wanna have my breakfast here? Which I politely refused by saying that Ifll take it at Saleemfs home. Soon as I left for Saleemfs house, I asked him about that Girl and he said gabay bhai, woh shadi shuda hay, Hyderabad main rehti hay, aaj kal apnay parents se milnay aai hayh. Oh, thats bad yaar. But still I really wanted to have that girl because of her looks and stunning figure. In the afternoon that girl came to Saleemfs house and asked him to take her mom with him for shopping. Meanwhile, I was staring at her boobs and she followed my eyes again, gave me a smile and said gaap nahi jaen gey bazaarh. I said, gnahi main Islamabad se sab shopping kar ke aya hoonh. She smiled and left. That was our first dialogue. After 1 hour Saleem left for Shopping and that girl came again with some Files in her hand. Everybody there was busy for the Mehndi preparation for Next day and I was sitting on the sofa, reading a book. She came to me and introduced herself that she is SUMAIRA. She wanted to show me her few reports (as she heard last night). She told me that though she is married for 4 years but still doesnft have a child, and these reports belong to her and her husband, which I saw were not satisfactory. I told her that Ifll talk to her after the Singing Session at night, which she agreed. At 2:30 mid-night I left for her home to have a sleep. She was the one who opend the door and followed me to the room. Soon as I enterd into the room she started asking me about those reports anxiously.

We both sat on the bed side-by-side. I collected my courage and started asking few questions, which she replied blushingly. I asked her gone week main kitni baar kartay hain aap loh. She said gkabhi 2 baar kabhi 1 baar. Then I asked gaap ko maza ata hay?h. She said with a blush, that gpata hi nahi chalta, bas thhora sa feel hota hay aor wo farigh ho jatay hainh. So, I winded-up the discussion by saying that I wanna sleep and will tell her about how to Cure it, tomorrow.

Next day was for Mehndi and there was hussle and bussle at Saleemfs house so I decided to stay at Sumairafs place. Soon as that young boy came again, I told him that Ifll not take breakfast today, and he left. I started thinking about Sumaira and had a hot masturbation at that time. I donft know when I again fall in a deep sleep. It was semi-dark in the room because of heavy curtains and I couldnft judge the time when I heard laughing of Sumaira and someone else who could be her husband. As maybe they though that Ifve already left for Saleemfs house, so they didnft take notice of my presence on that large bed under the sheet. Then I heard sexy moaning of Sumaira gmmmmmc Nahi karo na pleaseh which made me excited to peep from under the sheet. I saw Sumaira and her husband standing near the bed and her husband was holding her shoulders, kissing on her lips, cheeks, neck. After few minutes Sumaira got aroused and sat on the edge of bed. She took off her husbandfs Shalwar and took his semi-errect tool in her hands. Started kissing and pumping it. After quite a time it couldnft get hard and Sumaira started moaning again gohhh Khalidc iss ko khara karo naa pleasec jaldi c mujhay kuchh ho raha hayh. Khalid looked like helpless. And at that time I got the answer of gmaza kyoon nahi aatah. Khalid took Sumaira in his arms and they both almost fallen down on the Carpet. I though couldnft see them, but heard few moanings of Sumaira like gmmm c. Hhhhhhhhc. Mmmm c oooohhhhhh and after after 2-3 minutes I heard guffffffh which was telling me that Khalid came after few strokes. He stood up. Wearing back his shalwar and told Sumaira that gjaan main Hyderabad se travel kar ke aya hoon iss leay aaj maza nahi aa sakah. He gave a long kiss on Sumairafs soft lips. And soon as he left Sumaira locked the door and entered into the attached bathroom. I wished to grab her from behind and tell her that gmaza kaise ata hayh. But I couldnft do it because of my best friend Saleemfs reputation.

But how could I control it when I saw Sumaira coming out of bathroom. Wearing her shalwar and nothing but her skin-colored bra. At that time I saw her 36D-28-36 figure. Her boobs were jiggling while she was walking towards the bed and felt pain on my 7 Inch Penis because of full errection. Water was still dripping from her shoulder-cut hair on her slender pinkish-white body and she sat on the side of bed. Started rubbing her hair with towel.Her back was few feet away from me. I couldnft control myself at that time and slowly started moving my hand to open her bra from behind. But suddenly she stood up and took her Shalwar off. She started rubbing her pussy with left hand. And fallen on the bed. I could hear her moaning gmmmm c Khalid c kya ho jata hay tumhain c mujhay boht sa maza kab aey gaaaa  Khalid c. Ohhhh Khalid c. Khhhhhh c. Aaaaahhhhhh. And I finally came out of my sheet and put my hand on her pussy. She got astonished. Her eyes opened widely. She tried to scream but I firmly put my hand on her mouth and quickly removed my pajamas. She tried to free herself, but I never let her move an inch. I knew that she is having a wet pussy at that time. So I aimed my 7 Inch rock hard Dick towards her pussy and pushed it hard in her wet but tight pussy.She was trying to get rid of it. But I started to give her heavy jerks. After 5 minutesf struggle she finally started to help me by moving her butts up and down. Her eyes were closed now. I took my hand off from her mouth and heard her moaning. gaaaahhhhhh c kya kar rahay ho c. Ufffff c. Mmmmmm mujhay kya kar diaaaa c. Haahhh g. I started sucking her erect nipples and her moaning became louder. gohhh maaaaaa c Mmmm c. Janoooo c.. Zor se c aor zor seh. I really got mad on hearing her sexy moaning. She was gripping my butts tightly with her hands and saying guffffc. Tum jaldi nahi Anaaacc ohhhh jaaannh. I started to give her more and more pleasure by licking and sucking her erect nipples and rubbing them with my Both hands. She was on the height of pleasure and started moving fastly gohhhhhh Saam c mujhay kuchh ho raha hay c.. Aaaahhhhh c. Kya karoon c. g. And I knew that she was going to have her First cum of life. I told her gmazay ley lo meri jaan c mere lund ke mazay le lo c. Apni choot main dabaa lo iss ko c. Andar tak kheech lo iss koh. And she got mad. gufffffffffc. Mazaaaa c. Aaahh Samm c.. Kya mazaa dey diaa c mujhaaayyyyyyyh. I heard these moanings for next 30 minutes and meanwhile I felt that she already poured her hot pussy juice over my Dick for Three times. Fucking her hot and tight pussy was a pleasure of life-time. Kissing and rubbing her sleek body made me cum too. I tried to take my Dick out of her pussy, but she grabbed my butts tightly. gnahi naaa c mujhay apni malai dey do c.. Mm c. Garam garam si malai mere andar bhar doc. Aa jaoooonaaaaaaaaa c Sammm c Ahh And I gave her a heavy jerk and penetrated my all 7 Inches Dick deep into her pussy to give her my gmalaih with jerk after jark. She hugged me and started kissing me madly. She was smiling with pleasure. We kept laying there for next 15 minutes hugging each other. Then we took shower togather and she was still shy and didnft have eye contact with me, blushingly. She told me that she never thought if shefll have that fun in her life. After Mehndi Night we had it again in the same room. I was thinking and so asked her that why her husband didnft ask her for lovemaking tonight. She started laughing and said gmain ne un se subha keh dia ke mujhay early menses aa gaey hain. So woh apna kaam khatam kar ke wapis Hyderabad chaley gaey hainh.I stayed there for next 1 week and we had that pleasure almost every Morning and Night. I fucked her in almost all possible positions. Now after coming back to Islamabad, I receive her regular calls. Telling me that how much pleasure she had from me. She is still insisting me to come again to Karachi so that she will make a program to stay at her motherfs home and will have that immense pleasure again with me Please mail me on / /