Sex with a Stranger

HI This KS from Bangalore. I have been a regular reader of stories on ISS and enjoy them from the core of my heart. However, this is my first Story for you all. Though I have been into 4 sex experiences till now only this one I like the most and want to tell you all. This is a real incident that happened with me some 2 months back. This is a long story as I donn wanna miss to tell you all anything.There is a place in Bangalore (in Kormangala Area) that opens till 3’o clock in the night. Once I just felt the need for a cigarette at 1’0 clock and was not feeling sleepy also so just went there as my friends have told that the place is happening. I went there and had my cigarette. It was crowded by so many young guys and gals moving around. I just selected a lonely place for me so that I can have a smoke in peace and relieve my mind. I would have smoked only half of it as suddenly a Black Opel Astra Stopped by my side. And the window glass slided to half the way. As it was dark inside in the car I could not see the face, however a female voice emerged and asked “Are U Available”?By profession I am a software engineer, But I donn know why I just responded to her voice yes and went inside her car on her permission. She closed the glass and tied a piece of black cloth on my eyes. I could smell she was badly drunk at that time. Rest of the path passed in silence with just the sounds of our breadths in the car.Near about after half an hour the car stopped and someone held me by my hand to take me out. Then the driver Untied the piece of cloth on my eyes. I was amazed to see that the driver was also a beautiful sexy female aged near about 20-25 with all the body curves at their place. I instantly got an hard on. She laughed and spoke ”Save this for my mistress” .She Took me inside a big bedroom with a round King Size bed and lit the fireplace as it were winters.

She left, I wud have waited for another 10 mins when I heard a door opening and when it opened my eyes were open from amazement. There stood a lovely beautiful sexy 30-35 yr aged lady in black transparent nighty, hair open, lips glossed with lipstick and as she entered the room filled with a wonderful smell of a ladies perfume.She came by my side and gave her hand saying “Hi, I am Ritu”. In response I also held her hand kissed her on her hand and told I am KS. She was mesmerized by my behavior.She offered me a drink and as I take whisky I selected my favorite Jack Daniel. We cheers our glasses and sat near the fire place and started talking. She told that she is married and don’t have kids as nor his hubby has tym as he is a big businessman and neither he is capable enough to satisfy her. As I was very much aware of her intensions I still asked her what she wanted from me. And I was surprised by the answer. She said that today night she wanted me to see her and praise her whole night. She was the lady of dreams and being interested in poetry I praised her about her big blue sea eyes, her laviscious, juicy inviting lips, her long neck, her breasts and all about her eternal beauty. She was mesmerized the way I praised her and that was all true what I said for her. Finally, she came near to me and kept her head on my chest, my hands moved to her back and I could feel her breasts moving up and down with sheer excitement. She placed her lips on mine and started kissing each other with the taste of each others saliva making us mad.The kiss ended for another 15 mins. She wanted me to move on and now even I could not stop myself from loving her. I kissed her eyes, forehead, nose, cheeks and one another round of French kiss, this time our tounges traversing the eternal deoth of each other’s mouth. In the meanwhile my palm rested on her right breast and this increased our kissing. Her breasts were so shapely so firm. I started kissing on her neck and her hand moved to my hairs and another to my back clicnching me more near to her. I raised her nighty from her shoulders and started kissing there. Then slowly I took some ice left and put it on her lips and started moving the eyes with my lips, it stopped at Her navel passing his valley of breasts. I started giving her a navel suck then I opened her nighty and there I saw the most beautiful pair if breasts cupped in a black bra. I started caressing her breasts with my hands and started kissing her boobs. Ritu’s black bra strap came into view and waiting no more I immediately unhooked the bra. She was looking back and smiled at me. I then untied her hairs, which were held with a hair clip. Her long black hairs cascaded down her naked back. Then she could wait no more and opened my cloths and she was surprised to see my 8 and a ½ inch dick and quickly showed my dick the path of heaven by taking it in her mouth and started giving me a blow job. In the meanwhile I was fondling around with her boobs with one of my knee trying to caress her pussy. Ritu was hot like hell & she gave me one of my best blow jobs.I moved to the edge of the bed and grabbed her hips pulling her pussy towards my mouth my tongue finding her wet clit straight away, she tasted amazing the musky smell of her cunt nearly driving me insane. My finger worked round her body forcing their way into her cunt from behind, working her wet pussy and having juices flowing all over my finger. I managed to look up and saw that Ritu was squeezing her breasts and pinching her Nipples hard and she had a look of pure pleasure on her face, my fingers moved their way up to her ass, I forced one of my middle fingers into her ass. Ritu gasped as the ring of muscle slipped over my well lubricated finger. I kissed her on her cunt as I forced another finger into her ass and then clamped my mouth back on her cunt firmly biting her clit, Ritu began to moan as she gave way to the pleasure as my tongue worked her cunt and my fingers fucked her tight ass. I stood up and kissed her firmly her hard nipples dug into my chest and I grabbed and squeezed her heavy breasts firmly, then placing my hands on her shoulders I pushed Ritu to her knees. She was loving every part of what was going on and soon this tongue fuck resulted into a river of sweet smelling fluid from her cunt. I was amazed to see the amount of nectar flowing on from her cunt down to her tight thighs. I once again took her hand and this time, I put her hand again to my manhood. All this time she had her eyes closed and we never spoke for a long time and all what we were doing is hand work and mouth work.

She started to slight hold tight and stroke my thick cock and I was in the seventh heaven now. I moved my mouth to her other breast and started sucking the nipple and she again moaned. Now I started massaging her Pussy lips while sucking at her breasts. I started to move down my face to her pussy constantly kissing every part of her body. I lowered my mouth and kissed her swollen pussy lips. She clenched the pillow with her hands. Then I took out my tongue and started licking her pussy. I pushed my tongue into her pussy and she moaned loudly, Oh Aah.Encouraged by her loud moaning I started licking her pussy eagerly and she was now almost screaming, Oh, do it. KS please donn stop do it make me a whore. I am ur whore Ooh Keep licking. Aah Ohh.Kept on licking her pussy. She placed her hands on the back of my head and pushed my face deep into her pussy. After sometime, I heard her saying, Oohh Wonderful, dear Raj, I am enjoying what a tongue, Oh keep going. Lick my pussy make love to me take my pussy, bite it Oh I am cumming Yes, Ohhh aahhi saw her pussy walls contract. I knew she is climaxing, still I continued licking her pussy Then she screamed, Ohhh, My darling you have made me Cum,, Your magic tongue making me Cuming again , dear KS Aaaahhhh Oh I am cummingand with that her sweet pussy juices flowed into my tongue. I kept on licking her pussy juice and licked every drop of the juice flowing from her beautiful pussy. Then I raised my face to have a look at her and she was now looking at me with her eyes half closed and a great feeling of satisfaction on her face.

My cock soon got erected again. I turned my head towards her and looked at her. She looked back at me and gave a sexy smile. Then with my hands I started parting her legs and She responded eagerly and moaning softly. Then I got up and placed my thick cock between her thighs. My cock head was brushing against her pussy and she was moaning softly. I kept on rubbing my cock against her wet pussy. She yelled at me and told, Insert inside, KS dear, fuck me right now. I need that badly. Not seen a cock for a long time. I stopped rubbing my cock. Then pushed my cock head in her wet pussy. I saw my thick cock swallowing by her pussy lips. The head of my cock was in her pussy. I pulled out little of my cock back and again gave a deep thrust and pushed my entire thick cock inside her cunt. She gave a slight moan. I kept my cock pressed for some time and then started fucking her. Then after few strokes she started moaning loudly.I continued fucking her and kept on going deeper inside her cunt pushing my entire long cock inside. I said, oh my dear Aahhh your wonderful, oh dear darling. Ooooohhhh. She started moving her hips and ass up and down according to my speed & rhythm. The moaning was filled in her bedroom.I kept on fucking her slowly and pushing my cock deeper into her cunt. I felt my balls collide with her cunt at the bottom portion. I slowly increased the speed and she moaned with pleasure, Aaaah ohh.. Wonderful fuck me. Oh my wonderful lover, darling Fuck me. Oooooh Yes Fuck me, go deepper, deeeeeper .Ooooh. Aaaaah. Oh Yes. Aaaah aha amma. I laughed listening to her words and continued fucking.

I could see her breasts bouncing up and down as I thrusted my cock into her cunt. I lowered my mouth and started sucking her right breast, and started squeezing her left nipple keeping that in between my finger and thumb. With my teeth I bit on her nipple softly and she moaned with pleasure, Oh do it, Aaaaah suck my nipples.. My wonderful darling Oooh. Suck my breasts. Aaaaaah My dearest lover, fuck man, fuck. Ooohh ……….I started fucking her harder and fast now, ramming my cock in and out of her cunt. She was moaning with pleasure and cried, Yes Yes. Fuck your horny whore Ooooooh. Yes, wonderful what a pleasure. Aaaaaahh Fuck me deeper Oh Fuck me harder Oohh KS, KS. Fuck me harder deeper oh real heaven, darling. Go deepeeeeeer Aaaaaah. Oohh. I am nearing climax. I am enjoying oooooh cumming.I kept on fucking her harder. My cock was going all the way in and out of her cunt while my balls slapped against her cunt.Suddenly, I could feel her cunt lips tighten around my cock. Her body became tensed and she screamed I am..Oh cumming. Oooooh Thrust your dick in my cunt deeper Oh Oooooh Fuck my cunt .Aaaaaah .Ooooh .I am cumming, I was too on the verge of climax so pushed my cock and fucked with great speed. Suddenly I felt like Cuming off. I too grunting and moaning, thrusted my entire cock inside her cunt and kept that pressed and shouted Oh Ritu I am Cumming Oooooh Yes I am cummming. Then with her screaming moan and my loud moan both of us reached wonderful enjoyable climax. Myself pressing my hips hard in Ritu’ s front and she too lifted her buttocks and kept pressed in my front hard. My cock shooting loads of semen like jet inside her cunt. After some time we reached normalcy. I collapsed on her body and her hands embracing me kissing me on my fore head. Both of us were very tired and exhausted, hugged each other and remained like that for long time…

What happened next day is another exciting experience which I will narrate to you in my next story. Thanks for taking of your time and reading this long story. You can send comments to