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Hi, I am referred to as the Sex King. I am a regular reader of ISS I wanted to share my experience with my neighbor in the United States. Please publish it on the website. I am 30 years old and have a very modest physique. More on the muscular side.I am married and have 2 kids. This story happened an year ago. I am working in the US since quite some time. Since it had been quite a while when I had visited my home in India, we decided to take a trip back home.Due to restrictions of leaves, I was not able to make a trip longer than 3 weeks. Hence we decided that my wife and kids would go ahead for 2 more months before me and I would join them later.I had a friend who lived close to my house and since his wife was also a very good friend of my wife, they used to invite me for lunch/dinner on various ocassions after my wife left for India. My friends wife was around 34 years of age.She was very beautiful and had a really gorgeous body. I had a very healthy sexual relationship with my wife and hence had never thought of having sex with anyone else. I had never looked at my friends wife, Swati (name changed as I dont want to spoil her family life) in that regards.One day, I was not feeling well and was thinking of skipping office the next day. But since I had some very urgent work, I decided to go to office in the morning atleast and would return by lunch. Since my friend knew I was not well,he insisted that I go with him to his house for lunch and then take rest. I thanked him for his kindness and agreed since I had no other choice. I finished off my work in the morning and we went to his house for lunch.The lunch was great as always and I was feeling a little better already. But I decided to stay home anyway to avoid getting sick again. My friend left for office and I stayed back a little longer as the heavy lunch had made me a little drowsy.Seeing this Swati suggested I take rest at their place for some time and then go home as it was a 10 minutes walk and she did not want me to lose my sleep.

I agreed and thanked her again. At that time their elder daughter was in school and the younger kid who was 2 years old was at home. Since the kid was playing in his room, she asked me to lay down in their bedroom. She continued with her household chores and then went to the kids room to sleep since the kid was also about to sleep.I had fallen deep asleep and after an hour I woke up due to a urgent urge to pee. I got up to go to the bathroom and on the way I noticed that Swati was sleeping with the kid. She looked very gorgeous when she was lying down with one hand on her forehead and the other on there stomach. Her belly button was clearly visible as her beautiful pink saree pallu had moved a little. Also her saree had moved up a little and I could see her milky legs up to the lower portion of her knee.I had been away from sex for a month now and seeing this I was aroused. I went to the bathroom and jerked off imagining I was screwing Swati. This was the first time I felt something about her and I was thinking how lucky my friend was.I came back to the living room, since I would not have been able to sleep after what I had just done. I did not want to leave without informing her and hence sat down in the living room to watch TV while she gets up.But all the while I was unable to concentrate as I was only thinking about Swati. I saw my friends laptop and opened it. I was surprised to see a porno web-page open and thought it might be my friend who was surfing last night.I continued on surfing while the TV was still on. Due to the sound on the TV, Swati woke up and came to the living room. She saw I was browsing and was a bit shocked. I looked at her and closed the laptop,

Thinking that she would not have noticed what I was browsing as the laptop was facing away from her. But she was still shocked. She probably knew what was open on the laptop before it was closed. She came near me and asked me whether I had seen what was open.I said yes. She was a little ashamed and asked me not to tell this to her husband as she used to browse such sites in the afternoon for passing time. I told her I will not tell her husband. I was seeing a chance of getting some sex!!So now she started talking about the web-sites and there sex life. She said that they were very happy with it, but she would have liked it to be a little better. She inquired me about our sex life. I told her we were enjoying quite a lot as we tried a lot of different things.I was getting aroused by now due to the sex topic. She was thinking a little and then she asked me what kind of things we tried during sex. I explained her a few sex positions and also some foreplay activities. I was noticing her getting a little aroused after my explainations.Now I decided to make my move. I told her I missed my wife very much and now I will miss her more since Swati had made me think about sex. I smiled at her intentionally and looked straight in her eyes. They seemed hungry!! O God!! Was I going to be lucky???She told me since she had put me in trouble, she will help me get out of it. Yes!!!!! She asked me whether I would like to have sex with her, but only for today and that also if it was safe. I couldnt have asked for anything else on that day.I replied, why not, I would love to! I glanced at my watch. It was 2.00 in the afternoon. So we had atleast three hours before her daughter returned from school. I rushed to my apartment and brought the condoms which I had at home.When I returned she was ready in their bedroom. She said the kid was very fast asleep and will not wake up till evening so we could enjoy ourselves without any fear. I touched her lips, they were trembling… She wanted sex… Very badly.

I planted a kiss on her lips and she opened her lips to receive my kiss. Our tongues touched each other and I could feel her warmth. During the kiss I slowly moved my hand over her open stomach and then moved to her breasts form over the blouse.She wiggled a little and then placed my hand on her breasts again. She unpinned her saree from her blouse and removed the saree completely. She was now in her pink blouse and a matching petticoat. I unbuttoned her blouse and then unhooked the bra.Her boobs were perfect in shape and firm. The dark colored nipples were standing erect due to excitement. I sucked one of the nipples and caressed the other boob with my hands. She was making a lot of hissing sounds as she was completely aroused.She wanted me to fuck her fast and hard. She held the bulge on my pants and said why dont you free him from the traps. I asked her to do the honors. She removed my pants and underwear and I took off my shirt.Now I was completely naked and she was staring at my dick which was a modest 8 incher. She said, no wonder we enjoyed sex.. The tool is really good. I told her not to worry as she is going to get to use the toll very soon. I removed her petticoat and also her wet underwear.It was really wet.. I smelled it.. It smelled terrific.. Her love juices were very sweet. She urged me to get over her quickly as she could not control herself. I asked her to wait. She was going to have a good time.I asked her to ay down on the bed and spread her pussy lips with my fingers and touched her clitoris. She shivered. I went to her pussy and kissed it. Then slowly I started licking around her pussy area and then hit the target. I started sucking her pussy.

She was enjoying it tremendously. I parted her pussy lips and inserted my tongue inside her. By now she was already in the seventh heaven. I reached deep in her pussy with my tongue and rotated it all round on the inside.Juices started to flow from her pussy and I felt her body shuddering and her pussy tightening around my tongue. She was pressing my head on her pussy and saying more more… Please… More!! And then suddenly she gave a jerk.She had reached her orgasm and her pussy exploded with juices. I cleaned up the pussy juice on my face and looked at her. I could see her eyes looked happy. She smiled at me and said she enjoyed it very much. Her husband had never sucked her pussy.The most he would do is kiss her pussy and then finger fuck her as part of the foreplay. Then she touched my dick and said its time to make me happy. She moved the hand all over the dick. It was very hard by now. She pulled me over her and said lets do it now.I slide a condom on my dick and placed my dick on her pussy hole and slowly inserted it inside her. Her pussy was very hot and wet and I was able to get in easily. I started pumping her now. Her pussy was comparatively tighter than my wife and I was enjoying the pumping very much. She was making all kinds of erotic sounds and was begging me to fuck her harder and harder. I went on increasing my speed shot after shot. Her pussy was taking the full length of my penis and I was taking it almost out of her pussy and inserting it back. Thereby I was hitting the G-spot regularly. In between I was pressing her boobs hard to make her feel more horny. After about 15 minutes she had her second orgasm and then after a minute I came inside her. Loads of cum filled up the condom.Both of us were satisfied now. But I was not going to end it here.

I went to the bathroom to clean the dick and dispose the condom. When I returned, Swati was lying on the bed. I felt a movement in my dick. I went to her and started caressing her boobs.She looked at me and smiled. Asked me.. So you want more?? I said yes.. I am always ready for more. She said but you have just cum.. Can you do it again? She was under-estimating me.. Probably because they might have never had consecutive sex sessions.I said I will be fine.. Lets go for it. She smiled and took my penis in her hand. It was semi hard. I asked her to suck it. She looked a little reluctant at first, but then decided to do it since I had given her such a nice time. She sucked my cock like a baby sucks a lolly-pop.I shifted a little and we were now in the 69 position. I started working on her pussy. Sucking it, inserting my tongue. Meanwhile she was busy giving me the blowjob of my lifetime. My dick was getting harder and I was ready for the fucking.I asked her to kneel on the edge on the bed and told her that I am going to do her in doggy style this time. She was anxious as she had never done it before in doggy style. I put-on another condom and then inserted my penis in her pussy from behind.I started pumping her. Those of you who have done it in doggy style will agree with me saying that it is the best position to have sex and is very comfortable. Others should give it a try and then know it yourself. I was pumping her fast and she was enjoying it like anything.She was now literally screaming. I asked her to be quieter otherwise the kid will be awakened. But there was nothing controlling her. After 15-20 minutes of pumping, I took my dick out of her pussy and asked her to change position.I laid down this time and asked her to sit on my dick. She slowly sat down with her pussy covering my dick. Now it was her turn to do the pumping. We went on for some more time and she was getting faster and faster.

Then suddenly she screamed and with a strong jerk she fell on me. It was orgasm number three for her. I turned her around quickly without removing my dick and came over her. I started my to and fro motion and continued. It was a great feeling.Her tight pussy was even tighter after her orgasm and I was enjoying it a lot. It was almost half an hour since we started round two and I exploded inside her. I fell upon her due to exhaustion. Both of us had a very great time.Since it was close to the time for her daughter to return from school, we quickly cleaned up and got dressed. I kissed her again and then left for my apartment. Eventhough we had decided to have sex only on that day, we ended up having sex a few more times before I left for India.Later on they returned to India on the assignment completion of my friend and we have never met after that. I will always cherish the memories of those days. But sometimes I feel guilty of cheating on my wife. I will never want her to know of this since it will devastate her.We are very happy with our married life and I will not let it get ruined because of my mistakes. But the other side of my mind always keeps telling me.. There is nothing wrong in what I did. I had shown the pleasure of sex to a woman who needed it the most at that time. If you like the story do reply me on / /