My Travel romantic experiences

Hi Aunties,This is rahul fond of enjoying sex with new and let me narrate a true story which took place. As part of my job i used to travel most of times in trains and this was my day routine. I found many incidents where in i got good company over from the girls and aunties though for a small time. In one of my travel i was sleeping on the berth and when i woke up found no place to sit below. I was looking over and found a beautiful auntie window side looking at me and i without hesitation looked over her and gave a smile, it continued over and again. As the near by station was coming the side by passenger was about to get up, where in i gave the magazine which i was holding her to fill in the seat. I got down and sat beside her, she was a beautiful lady with good lady fragrance coming over from her, her loose hair was touching my face here and there giving a romantic kick to me. I slowly started conversation with her and she was giving replies to me in a seductive voice. I caressed her hand slowly and she did nt protest meanwhile the station where i was supposed to get down came in i enquired if she dont have any objection shall i continue journey with her.

She nodded her head and i taken it advance from her and put my hand back over on her shoulders and started squeezing her boobs over her blouse. It was nice as they are getting hardened with my each and every squeeze. Slowly i unbutton her blouse one by one and in order to hide our romantic gestures she covered a news paper as if the other people feel she is reading a news paper. It continued for some time and i placed my hand inside her saree and fingered her with great zeal she started enjoying and spread her legs wide so that it becomes free for me. I said to her to give one of her silky cunt hair to me as its smell is marvelous, over that she smiled and i got a beautiful lip kiss from her and that was my first kiss having it from other married lady aged 32 years. I tried to press her boobs and squeeze her from every angel meanwhile she unzipped and got hold of my dick and started caressing it and i was in heaven like thing by this. We are nearing her station and both of got down from the train, I Was feeling like anything to leave her but i have to, i have given her send off. I still lookout for her whenever i travel but not found so far again her.Aunties and Ladies if you find my story interesting mail me and keep in touch to have a beautiful chat.