A Nice way to seduce girls- 1

I am Ravi Prakash from Bangalore. 26 years of age and medium built. Well…to start the story I am working here in Bangalore from the past 3 years, and this story was happened about 1 and half years back! At that time I was staying alone and desperately searching for a girl to make myself comfortable staying alone here in a far away place from my home town. One day I wanted to recharge to my mobile and went to nearby shop. That shop was a Std booth and I found a stunningly beautiful girl there. She is about 18 to 20 years of age and white in complexion. Her shape is pretty good; I thought her shape is about 32-26-34. After seeing her I thought she might be the girl I was searching for. I asked for recharge and got it recharged. I wanted to spend some time there but had to go as I have some important work( to check out my mails from / /) The next day I came a bit early from office and was thinking of how to approach that girl. Suddenly I got a good idea to try to seduce her. She seems to be a young girl and most probably might not have seen the real manliness. My plan was to seduce her by showing my private parts to her! I had a long bath and changed into a T-shirt and transparent shorts. I went to the Std booth and luckily found nobody around. It’s a room where there was a table and she was sitting right behind it on a chair. Oh awesome she was looking in that yellow dress. The phone is placed in a square shaped cabin in a corner and the door to that partition was just opposite to the table. I have kept the door open purposefully and went in to make a call. I started staring at the girl while I was in a call with one of my friend. She just was casually looking at me once a while and reading some newspaper stuff. I couldn’t speak to my friend properly as I was thinking too much about this girl and dreaming about sex with her. So I cut down that call to my friend as I was making a mess out of it. Then called to my own mobile and picked the call up and kept the mobile in my pocket and started acting as if I was in a serious conversation. Here it starts! As mentioned earlier my first assumption was that she might not have had any previous experience and may be interested if I show something special. So I have made the plan accordingly. I just dropped my shorts a bit down from my waistline. Now if I lift my hands the T-shirt goes up and she can see my cleanly shaved part. I was holding the receiver with one hand and started caressing my hair with the other. Now I am just waiting for her to have a glimpse at the “site”.

It took about four five minutes of waiting before she just looks casually towards me! Then her looks sharply raced towards the bright space. I just wanted to see her first reaction after that! But there is no reaction from her and she went back to her newspaper reading. I thought she might not have seen the spot what I wanted to show her.But finally my waiting paid off. She started looking at me quite frequently compared to the initial stages. Once she looked at my face and our eyes met. She was feeling a bit shy, and blushing, and with that I have got some courage and decided to show more. I was observing her from the corners of my eyes. She started acting like reading the paper but watching at my shorts. By the time my cock became a bit stiff and as the shorts are transparent enough she can see the little bulge on my shorts. Then I had kept my hands in my shorts pockets and brought my shorts further down. Now she can see the unshaved triangle shaped hair just right above my penis’s base. She started staring continuously at my shorts with a lot of curiosity in her eyes. I got to know that moment that this girl can be seduced easily. I have stopped the call at that moment and went out of the phone cabin and stood in front of her by pressing my penis against the table in front of her. As my cock became a bit stiff

And I was pressing it against the table the shorts was sliding down further, which was allowing her to watch almost quarter of my cock. I asked for the bill and she was confusing so much to add just three bills. Her hands on the calculator were all over but her eyes are on my cock. I had looked around to see if somebody was observing. As the shop in an isolated area, nobody was around. I asked her if she is new to this shop. She said that she has joined here a few days back and working in shifts. And I continued my questions and got to know more details of her and found out that her name is sheetal and she is a class 10+2 student and working here from 4 PM to 10 PM after the college and earning her pocket money. I spent 10 more minutes with her there and came out of the shop as somebody entering the shop but all the while I made sure that she didn’t miss my ‘show’.The next day I was ready to proceed with my next step. By the time I went into the shop there was already another lady making a call and sheetal was reading some class book. I wished her and she wished me back with a cute smile on her face. I was mesmerized to see her smiling. I started speaking to her as the fat lady is on a call. I asked more about her family and told her about my job and whereabouts. With the kind of positive signs getting from her I can easily move ahead and take chances directly but I didn’t want to do that .That day my plan was to make her somehow touch my cock. I have worked out a plan and was waiting for the right time.

The fat lady left finally by leaving me and sheetal in our own heaven! After she had left I have entered the phone cabin and made a call again to my own mobile. I went in and waiting to see what she will do? And my expectations were correct and she was looking quiet frequently at my shorts. I made her wait for some more time and dragged my shorts down till the tip of my penis’s base. She is on to her own business of enjoying the view again. Meanwhile I have pulled out the telephone wire from the phone and did throw it into the corner of the partition and luckily it went completely into a slit next to the wall of the cabin. The phone got disconnected and I started acting like something is wrong with the phone.I asked for help by telling her that the phone got a problem. She came near by but I was not moved out of the small cabin according to my plan. She has a very narrow space in the partition to come in and check the phone. She was reluctant to come in but she had no other choice as I was still trying to make a call. She entered the cabin briskly without even touching me. She took the receiver from my hand and started dialing some number but her attempt had not succeeded. She looked around and finally found out that the cable is disconnected and lying deep in the open slit of the cabin. There was a waist high table on which the phone is kept, is restricting her to get the wire by simply bending. To get that wire she has to sit down on her knees and has to bend backwards and should reach it with her extended hand. She did exactly the same I was so very lucky to be in that position. That’s what I was waiting for and I moved a bit close to her. She was constantly trying to get the wire but couldn’t get as the table width is denying her from stretching her hand more that she did. Now her face is exactly a feet way from my ‘show’.Then she got up and tried to keep her hand between the table and wall of the partition but couldn’t succeed. But I have succeeded in brushing her arse with my penis when she turned the other side. She might have felt the little hard on brushing her buttocks and turned back and was in tensed mood. She quickly realized that it is impossible to get that wire in standing position and again kneeled down. Now again her face was exactly a feet away from my cock.

By that time I have managed to pull my shorts further down and half of my cock is now visible to her. Time passing by and it was getting stiffer n stiffer with her hot breathing. She is looking right at my cock and trying to get the wire from the slit but couldn’t succeed. I was thinking sharply of how to make her touch my lund?. Then what I did was interesting. I asked her if she need any help to take out that wire. She nodded her head with an answer yes. Then I told her to hold my hand with one hand and bend under the table so that she can go further back and can get the wire with other hand. She was reluctant to do that at first but she didn’t have any other choice to get the wire. Finally she gave me her hand which I hold and she had started bending back. I know that this is the best chance and moved further towards her. I have changed the direction of the hand grip and made my penis touch her wrist. She bent under the table but she can still see where her wrist is brushing. As she moved further down I had moved forward to make sure that the ‘touch’ will always be there. Finally she was able to get the wire and told me the same and started coming out. I helped her a bit as the ‘touch’ was on always and she was into her first kneeled down position. She is holding the wire with one hand and the other hand is still in my hand and she is feeling my cock with her wrist. I have loosened my hand and she took it out then the unexpected happened. When she tried to stand from that kneeled down position she seemed like lost her balance. She could hold my waist with her left hand but the right hand slipped and held only my shorts and she ended up dragging my shorts further down.

With that sudden happening she fell front and her nose touched my cock .I felt heavenly with that sudden happening. She recovered from that position and stood up with the wire one in hand. She turned around and started fixing the wire and all along I was brushing my cock against her ass. She knows what was happening and in heavy breathing and in full confusion while fixing that simple connection. Finally she finished fixing the wire and went out. I was staring continuously at her all the while and she was blushing.I made a call for the sake of doing it and came out and started asking her some more questions and she was answering all the questions with a shy smile on her face. I asked about her studies and enquired which subject is her favorite. And I learned that her favorite subject is science in which she scores good marks but troubling with the maths.Then I have told sheetal that I am good at maths and if she is interested she can come to my home to learn in her free time. She told me that one of her friend is also interested to learn maths and I will bring her also along with me. I tried convincing her to come alone but not succeeded and finally I agreed with her. I left that place and the day after I met her again and asked when she is coming for maths learning. Sheetal replied me that she and her friend will be coming to my house on Saturday afternoon. I was a bit depressed as some other girl is also coming but at that time I didn’t know that it will be another opportunity. I was desperately waiting for the Saturday as though I am disappointed with the fact that another girl is also coming along with sheetal. To tell you, my flat is in second floor and no body else would stay in second floor except me. The day came and the two girls were at my home in the afternoon and waiting for me as I went out to have my lunch. I opened the door and welcome them. I asked them relax a bit meanwhile I went in to change my dress. Sheetal might already guessed what my dress would be. The other girl was also a beautiful girl as well. To tell frankly she is prettier than sheetal. Her name is Vahida, she is also the same

Age group of sheetal but looked more matured. She wore a T-shirt and jeans where as Sheetal was in a green color dress. I can figure out the shapes of vahida as she was wearing a tight outfit and I can see her cleavage a bit when she bends down. I was very happy soon by realizing that I have got another girl to try with. We have started the maths problems and it continued less than an hour only. They seem to have impressed with my teaching skills. I also was rubbing my cock and adjusting it every now and then as it was unable to adjust inside my undis.After the maths lessons are over we three just started chatting over a tea prepared by me. I wanted somehow to make another move with sheetal as she was the easy target for me. I was very desperate put my cock in between her beautiful legs.Then I have got an idea and asked them if they are willing to play a special game with me. They said ok to my game idea and asked the details about it. Then I have explained about the game “one of us will be blind folded and the other two have to keep some object in the hands of the blind folded person. If the person recognizes the object given then the person who gave the object will have to get blind folded. As long as the person failed to recognize the object, then other two can tickle the person however they wanted.

To start with I have taken the initiative and they blind folded me with a black cloth. I sat on the floor by folding my legs and leaving enough space around me. Vahida started the game and kept some object in my hand for a second and taken out. And I did realize that object as key chain but I wanted to see what these girls will do if I tells a wrong answer. They were laughing loudly after hearing a wrong answer from me. Then I was waiting for my punishment for the wrong answer. Vahida tried tickling me with the pen to which I just hardly got any sensation. Then it was the turn of sheetal to try with some object then she kept a pen in my hands and took out. This time I genuinely guessed it wrong. This time both the girls started tickling me in my armpits and around my stomach. I was really started enjoying that as their boobs and other body parts were touching me while they are doing it. I was acting too much on that little ticking sensation and moving to all sides in order to touch their boobs. After some time they have stopped but by that time I was into mood and my cock is turning on. I had to try hard to hide that under my transparent shorts. The next object tested by Vahida was a comb and finally I got the correct answer. Then it was my turn to play with her. Me and sheetal together blind folded Vahida. Then my plan was to enjoy with Sheetal while Vahida was blind folded. I also wanted to try to use my hands and lips all over Vahida’s body without her knowing what I was doing. This is to make sheetal horny and to let her think about what I may do while she is blind folded next.And the game started. Sheetal was searching for the objects to try with. Meanwhile I have removed my T-shirt acting like as if it was very hot and humid. Then I went into bedroom and removed my underwear and came out in my transparent shorts. Sheetal started staring at my open chest and I have dropped my shorts so that she can start enjoying the ‘show’. While she was searching for objects I dragged my shorts on top of my cock and now she can see 1/3 rd of my cock. She understood what was going to happen in next few minutes but still searching for some objects but by keeping a desperate eye on my cock. After two to three minutes of searching she found an old battery and kept it in Vahida’s hand and took it out immediately without even giving her a chance to feel it completely. She guessed it wrong and told it was a magnet. Finally I have got a chance to enjoy with Vahida’s body. Me and sheetal stood near to her and started tickling her. As it is a starting phase I

Started tickling her near her beautiful navel by lifting her T-shirt a bit. Sheetal is also tickling her but mostly in her armpits. We stopped after a while and then I signaled sheetal to tickle her on boobs. She was laughing at the idea at first but agreed to do it next time. My plan here is to make her do this first and then I can follow. Even if sheetal sees it, she cant complain as her friend might get angry with it.We have kept in the next object and Vahida failed to recognize it, and Sheetal started tickling her all over her body but I kept quiet for a while. Vahida was feeling great sensation as Sheetal tickling her all over the body especially in arm pits and around her boobs. Luckily she even squeezed her boobs some times. Vahida was begging her to stop but Sheetal is very much into it and telling her in reply that it is my right to tickle you if you couldn’t recognize the object. We have searched for other object and kept it in Vahida’s hands and she again wrongly answered. This time I tactically changed my standing position and here starts my game. I have started tickling her along with Sheetal but slowly moved very close to Vahida. I started tickling her around her boobs and by seeing that Sheetal got stunned and stood there silently with a stunning face. I started squeezing the boobs and even started kissing those lightly by continuously looking at Sheetal.

She was like shocked and simply answering to Vahida’s stop please requests in a tensed voice. I have played my hands all over her breasts and I was enjoying it as Sheetal was still stood there like that. I can see that sheetal was aroused very much by my acts. Vahida didn’t even got to know what was happening. Still she was thinking like Sheetal is tickling her without stopping.I have stopped for a moment and stood up. My cock was already became a monster and stood up in 90 degrees and wanted to come out of my shorts. Sheetal was feeling very shy and her looks are going towards my cock which made a big tent with my shorts. I wanted to break the silence and asked sheetal to keep new object. Vahida was in panic as she was not getting it right. And again she made a mistake. Sheetal knows what is going to happen next. She is a bit tensed but watching me and my cock with lot of lust on her face. Then I suddenly kept my hand inside Vahida’s T-shirt. As I did it suddenly Vahida was not in a position to stop it. And my hand went straight into her bra. I started rubbing the left boob as Vahida trying to pull my hand by saying ”Please Sheetal Please stop it. What you are doing I am feeling very shy he is watching us..Please please stop it”. I rubbed it for some more time before taking my hand out. The air in the room was hot and I was in a position where I may do anything at that moment. I am losing control on the situation. Then I wanted to try out my lethal weapon.Vahida was complaining to Sheetal that if she does it again I will stop this play. Then I convinced her that I was not there when she was doing what ever she did. I asked surprisingly that what Sheetal was doing? I informed her that I went to bathroom and asked that what Sheetal did to her. Vahida Felt a bit comfortable after my U-turn and was ready to play again. I asked Sheetal loudly that she has any other object to test or not. Now Sheetal is almost soundless and said in a low voice that she had found nothing. Then I told Sheetal that I have one object and she questioned me what that was. Then I replied that it is a secret object and I will give it to you then you only have to try it out. She asked me why cant you only try that? I have replied that if I give it Vahida might figure it out! Finally she agreed to try that reluctantly.

Then I asked Sheetal to come very close to Vahida. She came and stood there. I also moved towards Vahida with the Object. Now I am standing exactly a foot way from Vahida. We asked vahida to stretch her hands and then sheetal asked me to give the object. I asked her to move a bit close to me and advised her to hold the Object very gently and keep it in Vahida’s hands. She was nodding her head in acceptance to whatever I said and waiting for the object with opened hand. I did exactly what you are suspecting. Yes suddenly I took out my Monster Penis out of my shorts! It was fully erected and stood like a beamer. She was stunned to see that and I know that she wanted to see it in full from the day I have started seducing her. I grabbed her hand and kept it on my cock. Sheetal was literally shivering and was shell shocked. She was silently caught my penis and stood there. I then kept my hands around Sheetal’s beautiful waist and started caressing all over. She just started moving her hand on my lund after gaining some courage. Then suddenly Vahida got frustrated as we were not keeping any object in her hands and started to shout at Sheetal to keep some object. Then I have signaled her to keep my penis in her hand. Sheetal caught vahida’s hand and guided it to hold my monster cock. Now my cock was fully in Vahidas two hands and she started to amuse what it would be. I then realized that

Vahida was also very much a virgin and don’t know abcd of opposite sex’s body. As Vahida started squeezing my cock a bit I was in a heaven. She had pushed the skin back to get to the red tip of my penis. Then tried feeling the tip of the penis but couldn’t able to recognize it or might have acted so. I asked sheetal to take out my cock from her hands as I was busy in playing with Sheetal’s body. She took it out and asked Vahida to name it. First she said it was a candle then said that it is a big plastic toy’s leg. She was confused literally. My cock was still in the hands of Sheetal and she is jerking it in a slow pace.Now I wanted to kiss Vahidas beautiful lips. I bent down to reach her lips and I kissed passionately. She finally realized that something is definitely happening! Then she started trying to untie the blindfold knot. I realized that she may open her eyes at any moment and pulled my shorts on. Sheetal helped Vahida to remove her blind fold. Vahida started looking at each of us and trying to figure out what was happening. She poised a surprise look on her face by seeing me without shirt. I have explained to her that as it was a bit hot and humid I had removed my shirt. She stared at my shorts as she can see a big bulge on it. She stood up from the floor and sat on the sofa. I went to other room to cool down the air. I came back after two minutes and started complaining that Vahida stopped the game without telling the objects name. For that Vahida didn’t reply but started staring at my shorts and Sheetal repeatedly. Sheetal was stood there and really in a tensed mood. Then Vahida asked that who had touched her lips? Then I replied that Sheetal was trying to fool you by touching your lips with her fingers. Then she asked sheetal that was it you who touched my lips? Sheetal replied yes and started cracking jokes on Vahida which cooled the air a bit. After a few moments Vahida started believing that it was Sheetal that who touched her lips and calmed down but she started looking curious too.Then I was very desperate to get one of these girls alone in my hands first. At that time luckily Vahida got a call from her cousin. She had to leave and told Sheetal that she will be back in two hours time and after that we will go home. I felt

Very happy that Vahida is leaving and I can spend some quality time with sheetal only. But for a moment I was panic when Sheetal told her that I will also come with you. But luckily Vahida wanted to go alone to meet her cousin. So vahida rejected that and she finally left, and from that moment onwards Sheetal started shivering.I really wanted to enjoy the time with her. She is stood there alone in one corner of the room by burying her looks into the ground. I asked her to sit on the sofa. So I wanted to start some sexy conversation with her. So I gently asked her “how are you feeling here to spend time with me alone”? She didn’t answer to that question but smiled a bit and kept quite. That is the real indication that she also wanted the “thing” what exactly I wanted from her. Then I asked “How did you feel when you were holding my cock?” After that question she started laughing and started hitting me with the pillow and to which I was trying to escape. Finally I could grab the pillow from her and caught her hand. I pulled her towards me and pulled her on to the sofa. She was lying flat on the sofa.I told her that I will dedicate my first kiss to your lips and started kissing her passionately. She started breathing heavily and pulling me towards her by keeping her hands around my back. She started to feel my body with her hands and responding very well to my passionate kissing. I understood that she was learning the play very fast. I could see the difference even in those 5 minutes as well. Then I have started feeling her hot legs under the silky pants she wore. It was an awesome feeling. I was mesmerized with the stiffness of her boobs and then observed a good increase in the size and the nipples became stiffer. I can easily visualize the beautiful shape of those boobs even without touching them. I slowly kept one of my hands on her breast. I squeezed it gently and placed a kiss on one of the nipple. My cock was already became a monster and got placed itself in between her opened legs. She locked me with her legs and her hands. She might be feeling the stiffness on her pussy but unluckily there were our cloths in between her pussy and her favorite stick.

Now I am dying to be in her strong hug but without any dress on her top. I started searching for the buttons of her dress by keeping my hands under her body and lifting her a bit in air. I got to the hooks easily and started removing those one by one. It didn’t take me more than 30 seconds to remove all the buttons of her dress. Now the dress got loosen and I pulled it down from her shoulders to see her beautiful white cleavage. Her breasts are trying to jump out of the beautiful transparent black colored bra. And it even exposed her beautiful neck. I kissed on her neck for about 5 minutes before moving down to explore her body more. She had closed her eyes and enjoying each and everything I do. I kissed her cleavage and placed a kiss all over her exposed breast area. At this moment she started asking to stop it but I was not in a mood to listen to her.I again lifted her and removed her bra button in the back. Then I was in front of a beautiful sight. I was just staring at those big solid boobs and took one into each of my hands. She was moaning while I was kissing her boobs and chewing the nipples and I was almost into a heaven. I took one of those white milky breasts into my mouth. Now her moaning became louder and louder with each of my tricks with my mouth. Her head is on the sofa side wall and she was literally lifting her breasts in air. I moved down to reach her navel and kept on kissing. Now she is out of her consciousness and moaning very loudly. I just stopped for a moment and she has opened her eyes. We looked at each other, and immediately I have reached her lips with my lips. We were chewing each

Others lips and you don’t believe it was one of the best moments in my sex life. After a while I have allowed her to sit and removed her top completely. Then she was only on her silky transparent pants through which I can see her black underwear. I have lifted her in my hands and took her into my bedroom. I have removed my shorts before gently removing her pants. Now she is in her undy but I didn’t want anything between my cock and her pussy. I kissed her pussy on top of her underwear. She almost jumped her body into air with that kiss. I slowly removed her undy with my teeth and in the process kissed her from her pussy till her foot. She was completely nude. What a beautiful sight that was and I couldn’t turn down my eyes even for a split second. I started caressing all over her legs and finally reached the dream valley of all men.I separated her legs a bit and kept my index finger in it and started jerking a bit. Sheetal started enjoying it very much and became very loud in her moaning. I started kissing on her stomach especially around navel and her eyes were closed and she was enjoying it every bit. I embraced her in my strong arms and we started locking each other with our legs. We were felling each others hot body and enjoying every bit of it. In between she caught my penis and started stroking it slowly. I understood that she was in desperate need of deep satisfaction which she had never experienced before. She was breathing very heavily and kissing me all over and looked like she was out her control already and in heaven. We passed about 45 minutes by enjoying each others body and were in heaven.There was the sudden surprise. We heard the gate opening sound. I know for sure that the main door was not closed properly from inside.

Sheetal opened hers eyes and asked who it could be? Then I have jumped out of the bed and saw Vahida closing the gate. I was in full mood and I did’t want to stop it at all. I came back onto the bed and told to Sheetal that it was vahida. Then I got an Idea suddenly and told to Sheetal that we will continue and let her watch. She was reluctant at first but I told her again that I am also interested in her and it will be easy for you if you both come to my house together rather than you coming alone. Then I explained her further that if both of you come together nobody will doubt it and told her that this is the best way of getting her into this act as she cant stay out after watching us having the sex. By the time we discussed this she was already in second floor where my flat is located. Finally in a hurry sheetal accepted and I told her to keep quite and enjoy our sex and not to respond even if Vahida calls her name.As expected Vahida came to the main door and started knocking it gently. In the bed room we have again started enjoying without even bothering of the vahida’s calling. I hugged her tightly and started playing with her breasts with my tounge. I heard a door open sound and Vahida entered the hall by calling Sheetal’s name in a low voice. I signaled Sheetal to stay calm and asked her to close her eyes and enjoy the experience of her boobs in my mouth. She did so and suddenly I have printed my teeth on her breast. I took her left nipple into my mouth and started swallowing it. She started enjoying it and started moaning in a low voice. Then I saw Vahida watching our sex by hiding herself near bed room door. Now I know that she will not go anywhere from here and decided not to look at the door again and started enjoying the long foreplay. Now my cock wanted the real joy with the virgin pussy. Then I went on to my knees and called Sheetal. She had opened her eyes but still lying down on bed. Now I know for sure that Vahida is watching my monster. I took Sheetal’s hand and placed it on my cock. She

Has started jerking it. I asked Vahida to try it with her mouth. She was shy to do that so i stopped forcing her on that. But i know that this is the first time for her and surely she will learn the techniques of making a man fascinate. Vahida might be enjoying the whole thing and could have already placed her hand in between her legs. Now I don’t want to stop anymore and wanted to place my cock in between Sheetal’s white legs. I have opened her legs quickly and what a pussy it was. I have seen such a pink flesh after so many days so I got exited and kissed the pussy lips. Then I have dragged her body towards me. Now my lund is touching her pussy. I kept my lund at the love hole and started rubbing it up and down. Sheetal was in heaven and shouting loudly that I want more..I want more. The friction caused by this would have really pleased her. I kept one of fingers inside her cunt and felt the real wetness there. Without waiting there I have kept my lund into her cunt slowly. Vahida was just 10 feet way from our penetration activity. I started giving small jerks. Within few moments my monster was already went deep into her vagina. Then I increased the pace and stroking it deep into her pussy. She was moaning loudly and I was enjoying every bit of it as one girl is under me and the other girl is watching me doing this. Vahida might want to be in the place of Sheetal by watching the kind enjoyment she is getting. I was really started enjoying the act a bit more and forgot temporarily about Vahida. Then I started deep strokes with brisk pace and Sheetal also started stroking back. The bed is making a loud noice along with the moans of Sheetal. Just before I cum, I realized that Sheetal stopped stroking back and her moments became rigid. With in a few seconds I have loaded all my stored property deep into her pussy. It took a few more jerks to get to my full enjoyment.

I have finally laid on sheetal and was like that for the next 5 minutes. Then I came to some consciousness and started kissing sheetal’s lips. Then she had opened her eyes and pushing her lips against mine. We have enjoyed that for a few minutes. Then I murmured in her ears that Vahida is still watching us. She felt a bit shameful but smiled back at me. And I asked her not try to see her. Then I sit back on my knees and removed my penis from her cunt. I went to bathroom cleaned it up and asked Sheetal to go to bathroom and clean the mess up. Now I wanted to make a move with Vahinda and wanted to see her face when I go and stand nude in front of her. I have waited till Sheetal’s back into the room and told her that I am going to watch TV in hall. Then she pulled me back and hugged and we had a passionate kiss standing in nude. I know that Vahida is still watching us from behind. Then I have moved out from her hug and started walking back to Hall. Then I heard a speedy footsteps going out of the hall. Once I enter into the Hall I saw Vahida going out of the main door. So I came back to Bed room and put my shorts on. By now Sheetal put on her cloths and combing her hair. And I said that Vahida ran out of the room and will come back and knock the door after 5 minutes as if she hadn’t seen anything. Sheetal was laughing for that and kissed me on my lips. Then I thanked her for giving me so much pleasure. Then she replied that she will give me a sweet punishment for the thing I did to her. After 5 minutes we went out to watch TV in the Hall. 10 minutes later as expected Vahida started knocking the door. We were enjoying it as it happening exactly the way we are discussing about Vahida. Sheetal had Opened the door and Vahida came in!

She was silent and looked quite and definitely in confusion. Then I asked her that did she met her cousin or not? She said yes and we started speaking normally. But I know back in my mind that she is thinking deeply about my monster cock. Then she asked what you both did after I left? She knows the answer but Sheetal told that we were watching some cricket match. Just now it was finished. “Cricket match?” Vahida exclaimed…After few minutes of some rubbish talking I proposed that we should now continue the game we stopped in between. I know what I have to do now to play with Vahida. Now I recommended Sheetal to get blind folded as she is left out previous time. Sheetal was reluctant at but exited at the fact that what I may do to Vahida after she’s blind folded. But I am going to do it differently this time! Vahida blind folded Sheetal and started searching for the objects. But she doesn’t know the consequences. You also better know it in the next version of this story! Wait till then but before that send in your feedback and invites from Bangalore girls to > / /