Enjoyment in bus with jaya aunty

Hi friends I am a regular reader of iss and i love to enjoy journeys and my work also involved in lot of journeys i prefer most of the journeys through bus. I am working in a mnc in sales and i am from ap , i am working in rayalaseema region, recently it happen couple of weeks back, i am 29 with good physic and a pleasing personality, one day i am moving from ananthapur to adoni which is around 4 hours journey, when i came to atp bus stand the regular bus left and I am waiting for another bus , mean while i saw a aunty around 45-50 years and her looks were somewhat mischivious. I am great lever of old beauties and great lover of armpits. And so great lover of bra n panty , i am very much impressed by her bra which in color red and , she is also waiting for my bus in my platform only, after while just i started to chat with her , i came to know she is also coming to adoni, and she told she is govt. Employee, i told i am also coming to adoni, just we had a chat over one hour, waiting for bus the bus came around 11.30 , which is crowded, one of my friend is there in the bus he kept two seater and i invited jaya aunty to sit with me , i am a great fan for red bra , it will generate so many intentions in my mind, which her bra peeping out from her blouse, so many times am just peeping into her bra so many times and she noticed and 2 , 3 times she adjusted her bra strap and covered her boobs with her sarry too , and she is so bit plumpy and her boobs are very big later she told that its 42 , its morning 11.40 the bus started, which is ordinary apsrtc bus and she is just besides me intially i dont have any skin contact with her she is plumpy while moving jerks of bus i had a skin contact with her but she pretended and slowly i touched her elbow with my elbow, and nothing happened slowly i keep pressure with my forehand on her elbow, mean while am chatting with her on so many things ,

After sometimes she take nap and in that she hold front seat road with her hands and which open doors to my elbow to contact directly with her boobs , gooti is one hour journey from ananthpur, till guthi just i am brushing my hands with her boobs and i never felt any reaction from her side, later gooty the bus become free and she told me that we will go to three seater , which we are now in two seater and i kept one three seater and besides our seat a old age couple r there they are also sleeping.from gooty to 30kms the road was so much disturbances , so when jerks came i use to pressure with my elbow on her boobs i dont have courage to do something with her till. Most of the times i buy a paper and which will help me to do some mischivious things which hide my hand and other view what i am doing . And i kept paper open and slowly i kept my left hand on her lap. She is bit angry and asked me to remove it from there i said sorry and removed it from it and after that she asked me my paper just nothing happened in between us, i given her district paper and sometime later due to jercks again i had skin contact with her , this time i keep rubbing her boobs with my hand not palm, she said nothing , later she asked me about my family i said i am bachelor and im just 29 , she told i am having grand daughter of 3 years and its not fair while that time she is still smiling, i told i am sorry but i am out of control after seeing her red bra which is peeping from her blouse, she laughed very loudly and is really that will arouse you that much , i said yes and , with more courage i kept my hand on her boobs she intially said dont do foolish tings its public place but i covered with paper both and keep pressing her boobs,, two three times she removed my hand from there, i asked ok , please allow me to keep her hand in my hand , she agreed and with her hand only i played and make it foreplay with only her hand. Now she is in pure under my control and

Slowly I left her and inserted in to her jacket and i played for almost 2hours and i came out once in my dry and i played with her hairy armpits too and i finger her pussy almost 20 minutes.later she told that her hubby is retired employee and she had sex almost 6 years back and i made her to have foreplay and finger fucking, i asked her number she cooly refused to give and she denied too to take my number also . Any one interested to contact with me mamis aunties , girls, contact me at