Conference Enjoyment

Hi, all. I have been reading stories on this site for long. I would like to share my experience with you as well. Let me introduce myself to you first. I am Seenu from Bangalore, aged 37 now. This incident happened to me when I was 29. I was a member of a local club in Bangalore meeting during weekends. I met this lady in one of the conference in Bangalore. She is 44 yrs married, got a daughter aged 18 or so, she lived in Kolar about 60 kms from Bangalore. Hers was a happy family. We became friends and were sharing some common interests. Then we started chatting on phone and often started meeting each other too. Let me explain her features. She is 5.4’ tall pleasantly plump with boob size of 36D, 38 ass, inviting eyes, lower lip is little bigger than the upper one. Her boobs are firm not much dangling when she walks. We were to visit Mysore for a conference, a 2-day event. Left Bangalore by bus on a Friday evening, reached Mysore at about 10.15 pm. We requested the Auto Driver to take us to a good hotel. Most of the hotels were having prior bookings. Finally at about 11.30 pm we found a hotel which had only one single bed-room available. The Manager told us that a double room will be vacant by next morning and as we were left with no other choice, we checked in. I called the room boy and asked him get us dinner and also a bottle of beer for me. I asked her whether she would like to join me for beer, though she had never taken before, she willingly agreed to try it. I asked the boy the fetch two bottles and some biryani. We finished the beer and dinner and I asked her to sleep on the single cot and I slept on the floor. After a about 10 minutes she asked me if I am not comfortable I can come up and sleep on the bed. Beer had started taking effect and my dick was moving freely inside my dhothi. I slept on one extreme corner of the bed, with her back in front of me. Her ass was round, big and extreme curvaceous, I inched forward wanted to touch and feel her ass. I pretended to be drunk and put my left hand on her moved closer to her.

Now my dick is in contact with her ass, grown bigger to 7.5 inch long, strong like an iron rod and started to poke her from behind. She felt it and moved further away from me, I went further and kept in contact with her buttocks she started to feel the hotness and slowly moved back and made yearning sound like hm.. I gained my confidence and moved still further, now my dick is parked in front of her cunt in the crevice. Her shoulders above the blouse were in front of me, I just licked and kissed her, for that she lifted her head up a little and pushed back, that was an invitation for me to go further and I bit her on her left shoulder for which she got swooned and shouted hey….no. I pulled her further against my chest and started to shower her with lots of kisses and moving my hip to rub against her pussy in and out. I moved my left had further down just on top of her boobs and started massaging, she turned towards left exposing her left boob for me. I put my hand on top of her 36D size boob over the blouse and held it tight for a while, pulled her towards me and kissed her back. She is in her heat and starting moving my hand downwards over the saree, touched her navel pressed against me harder while thrusting my dick deeper. I started to pull out the saree folding to untie her saree and slid my hand inside her petticoat followed the path of the navel to the lower belly and then down to the pubic mound. It was smooth and recently shaved very hot, hard and strong, fits my handful I held it tight, pressing harder, guiding my long middle finger to find the crack. As I found the crack, she eased and spread her legs a little giving room for my hand to go in deep. While moving her hip forward held her hand gripping my dhothi pulling towards her. I slide my right hand under her neck and held her left

Boob squeezing it harder while my left hand is playing with her pussy. I slowly started to unhook her Blouse and astonished to see the beautiful milky white, silky boobs soft but they are firm. I felt that the boobs are not used much by her husband as it was stiff, I removed her blouse fully and kept my left hand busy kneading the g-spot. Her clit was hard and as I rubbed it round and round with every turn she is lifting her buttocks up, I removed the saree fully lifted her petticoat mounted on her took my dick directing it into her hole tried to push in, it wont go, I tried again and she was gripping her thighs squeezing me from the sides, not allowing me enter and to make any forward and backward movement. I told her to relax and allow me to enter her asked her to spread her legs wide and lo I made a big push and it goes inside its very tight with my 3.5 inch dia dick she felt a little pain and yelled aahh and I wont let go I wanted to finish what I started making movement faster and faster, harder and harder, much deeper, it was ecstatic felt as if fucking a virgin. Later I learnt from her that after the birth of her daughter she developed some problems and had constricting movements and had never enjoyed sex with her husband inspite of him trying for several times so she had totally avoided sex and had never tried for the last 15 years or so and firmly believed sex is always a painful act . Unfortunately, her husband had totally lost interest in sex and surrendered to alcohol. I made her to relax more asked her to spread her legs wide apart and started to move in and out slowly but briskly and after some time she has forgotten her pains and now she is enjoying fully lifting her hips matching with my every thrust and push. I squeezed her boobs held it gripping with both hands while fucking her sucking her boobs now and then as her cunt was very tight she was virtually milking my dick as the intensity was more she started shouting and screaming with all kinds of loud noises like do it…do it…and with one last lift of her buttocks she cum for the first time in the last 15 years time and it was lots of juices oozing out and hot liquid I continued banging for some more time after a few minutes I cum too in her love hole. She got up went to the bathroom when she returned she started sobbing and told me that she never expected that sex will be such a pleasurable act and regretted for having missed in her entire 15 years time and she thanked me for removing her inhibitions. Later, about 1 hour again my lund was up and strong. This time I told her to bend and tried the doggy style and could enter her very easily. For the next two days of our stay we were locked ourselves in the double room had sex several times. I enjoyed she riding on me and we even skipped our conference on the second day afternoon session. This continued for over a year and I visited her house for the weekends and we occasionally get chance to fuck because of the presence of her husband and daughter. For your feedback get in touch through