Fucked by stranger

Hi I am Santhi and I live in Chennai. I am going to tell you my story or you can say my experience. My husband works in Bangalore, he comes once in a month or two, we had an arranged marriage and I have a 6 year old daughter. One day she had missed her school bus and she had to be dropped at school. As she was small, I took her along with in a public bus. We reached the school on time I waited till she left and I went to the bus stop which was deserted as it was eight in the morning, no bus was coming for a long time. As I was waiting, a man came along, he was in his mid thirties. He stood at least 10 feet away from me, he looked around, after that as if he didn’t see me, he stood and pissed there on the wall opposite him. I was feeling disgusted but at the same time aroused as he had a big rod. I kept staring and thinking about what his wife feels when he inserts it into her but he turned to look at me. Before I could look away, he just smiled and left. I dreamed of him the whole night in my loneliness.

The next day I purposefully made my daughter late and I stood at the same bus stop. He came after some time but this time he just unzipped and stood with his rod (straight hard) in the corner and kept staring at me. I pretended not too look. After sometime he came next to me but before he could speak, my bus came and I got in. But he too followed me and he got in the same bus and sat next to me. I didn’t look at him but something told me that he was staring at my blouse. I got down and he followed me till my house and disappeared. The next day I had no courage of going out after what happened. When it was about 10, I heard bell ring. Thinking it to be my friend Radha, I opened and to my horror, he was standing there, the same guy. I was about to slam the door he held and pushed himself in and closed the door. “who are you?’’ I asked him “you don’t know me?’’ “no I don’t, go away’’ I said. “I am married..’’ I blurred. “so what can I do?’’ he answered back. “I am a mother please go’’. “I can see that’’ he looked at my boobs “see we can do this much better if you corporate.. I know you want me’’ he came close to me and held my hands behind my back, “so what do you say?’’ he asked.

I could feel his hardness touching me. “please go’’ I said but the truth was I needed him. “so you want it the hard way ok!” he said and then he forced me lie on the sofa and started pulling the saree. After pulling my saree off now, I was just in my pavada and blouse. He removed his pants and and shirt and stood naked. His black rod was hard and in 90 degrees “you want to lick it??’’ he asked. I said no. “ok, you want to be forced’’ and he put it in my mouth. I started sucking it and now he started undressing me. My boobs were waiting to be freed. Then he stared at my naked globes and said “ha I am hungry’’ and started sucking my boobs. All I could do was scream aaaaaaaaaaahh stop it’. The more bad words I used, more he sucked me. Then he removed my pavada and panty and PUSHED his hands in me. “ahhh god no please!!!!’’ I screamed “ahhhh fuck me harder!!!!’ I screamed. We both reached climax at the same time but he was not finished. He turned me around, “what a ass!!!’’ he said and pinched me on my nipples to make me exciting and he pushed his cock in. “aaaaaaaaah move it..’’ and he started pushing it back and forth as I moaned. He came many times to see me after that. Those who have similar exp plz mail me. Comments to :