A hole in bathroom

Hi all, this is raju i. 32 years old. Punjabi from ludhiana now settled in ludhiana. Working in a private company. I have come to know about this site 2 months back and the stories posted here sounds interesting. I thought of sharing some of my experience also. This is my first experience this was happened when i was studying in my 12th standard. We used to stay in a compound where atleast 20 families were staying. The no. Of bathrooms were only 5 and 4 families are suppose to use a single bathroom. That time our neighbours were from goa, there family was a joint family, 2 brothers married and 2 sisters, 1 married and the other unmarried and kids and grandpa and grandma. We were very close family friends and everybody used to came to our house regularly. They were searching alliance for the unmarried sister. She was 24 at that time. That time only i have really come to know what is sex through my classmate and i was reading so many books on sex. I was eagerly waiting to see a girl nude in front of me eventhough i have seen all these in books. Luckily i have got that golden opportunity for the first time. That time some plumbing work was going on. The plumber have removed the water pipe which connects 2 bathrooms and they said it will be fixed the next day. It made a hole of 1.5 inches between both the bath rooms. I was going to take my bath in the morning, luckily the girl next door (unmarried), also came to take her bath in the next bath room. I was thrilled that i have placed my eye on the hole. She was very casually came and started removing her dresses one by one. Within minutes she was fully nude and i can clearly see her nipples as well as the big ass and also the bottom. As it was the first time my rod got tempered and i was thrilled to see her bathing scene. Suddenly she start doing something differently, that she has brought something with her to the bath room and was trying to insert the same into her bottom.

First i could not see that properly but finally it was a plastic toy in the shape of a carrot. If she was standing and doing it i wasn’t able to watch properly but she was sitting slantly on to the wall and her right hand was busy doing in and out and her left hand was on her left boob and sqeezing. I have also got tensed and took my rod and started doing masturbating. Since it was the first time seeing a girl nude and she was also masturbating, i could not control my nerves. Very soon my juice has came out and i saw her also enjoying the same with closed eyes. After that she has finished her bathing and i was also finished urgently and came out of the bath room. She has also came out and i asked her, what are you doing inside the bathroom for a long time. She said nothing. I told her i was also taking bath in the next bathroom and through the hole i have seen everything. She was asking me how dare i can do that, she will tell my mother. I told her if you told that, i will tell what i have seen to your mother. She got shocked hearing that and the next moment she said we will arrive at a compromise. I said we will discuss about this matter in the evening once i finish my school and come home. She said ok. But again asked me not to tell anybody. I have also promised. The same day evening, i have rushed back to my home. She was also waiting with tension. We went to the terrace and i asked her why should you do yourself. She was saying, she is 24 and eagerly waiting for the marriage to happen but long time it was not fruitful. She said till now 8 man has come and seen me but her marriage was not yet fixed. She is feeling very horny during night but since it was a joint family, she could not do that during night times. That’s why she was doing it in the bath room. I asked her why should you do it in the bathroom? Why not you do it with me ? She was a bit confused and she said you are too small. I said i know everything and i can help her in that. She said she will answer me the next day morning. i could not sleep the whole night and woke up very early in the morning. I was waiting for her to go to the bath room.any girl or lady from any age want sex with me please call me 09914129012 i was waiting till 8 am but she never came out of her house. After that i could not wait and i took my bath and went to the school. But my mind was fully on her and i was waiting for the school to finish. I came back to home at 5 pm and went to their house (i normally used to go there and she also used to come to our house for watching tv). Her mother told that she is not feeling well and she is having fever. I went and met her and asked what happened. She said she got ill because of me. I got angry and came back to my home. I said i will never speak to her and came back. The next day evening, she came to our home and i was watching television. I was sliding towards the bed, sitting in the floor. She came and sat near me in the bed. I never bothered to speak to her and watching the tv. She asked my why i am angry with her. I never replied. She kept her hand in my head slowly started rubbing that. I was keeping quiet. Simultaneously she had placed her leg on top of my leg. I was wearing shorts that time. She has slightly moved her leg towards my shorts. I got a little tensed and looked at her face. She was saying “sorry”. I said its ok. She was wearing a saree. I have slowly placed my hand towards her leg and started moving it upwards. I have soon reached her center and moved her panty and entered my center finger into her. Since i was sitting down and she was sitting on the bed, it was easy for me me do it. She has now started combing my hair very fast and i have seen her face was extraordinarily red and she is enjoying it. Since every thing was happening in my house, and my mom was there in the kitchen. I have contined this for only 5 minutes and my mom came out with tea and snacks. I have removed my hand and we started watching the movie again. She said she is most excited with what i did and want me to do fully and she said she will call me once the opportunity comes and she went back to her home. We used to sleep in the terrace since that was a summer. All tenants will reserve a place and they will occupy their respective places. The same day night we went and slept in the terrace. She has also there with their family. Everybody was talking for some time and after that all went to sleep. Sometime around 12.30 i have woke up for pissing. Since the toilet was there downstairs, i came down and went to the toilet. While i came out from toilet, she was standing outside the toilet. She took me inside the bathroom and closed the door. I said what’s this. Somebody will come. She said don’t bother.

Nobody will come. Everybody is sound asleep. She took my one hand and kept it on to her boob and started sqeezing that. Same time she lifted her nighty and placed my other hand on to her pussy. I got so tensed and started screwing her with my fingers. First i inserted my center finger and started rotating it inside. My other hand was playing with her boobs. I then slowly inserted another finger and started rotating both the fingers. She started wetting inside and her liquid was started coming out. I can feel that with my fingers. I have taken her hand and placed it on to my penis. It was erected by that time and ready for shooting. Since that was the first time one girl’s hand is touching my penis, i was also in full temper. I started rubbing my penis with here hands. Slowly she started doing it herself and my finger was very fast moving inside her. Both of us started doing it fast and the next 2 minutes i have cummed. She was enjoying the entire 10 minutes and i too. I said i love her so much and she also told that she loves me too much. I asked her when shall we meet again. She said she will call me when the right time comes. Then we both of us washed ourselves and went back to sleep. I could not sleep properly that night. We have not expected that the right time will happen this much soon. I will continue my experiences in my next story.