3 Months As Sex Teacher

Hi my name is sunny(changed) this is the story about me and my sister 4 years ago i was 21 and she was 18 a virgin with nice pair of boobs and 0 size body.i was strong and healthy due to doing workouts at gym and was looking good in shape that any girl would have chosen me as her boyfriend. My story starts in the winter season at the time iwas living at her residence because she is my mama daughter we were close to each other enough that i was telling her each and every thing i have done with girls like sex,kiss.at that time there was nothing in my mind regarding her but one day everyhing changed.we were watching a film called jism in which there was a kissing scene.she asked me that how people can kiss each other with there lips.you can say that she was totally innocent . I dont know what went into my mind and i said i can teach you all this things and beyond.she aggreed and said when everyone will sleep we can start at that time there was my another sister sitting with us to whom we used to call moti(pyar se but i am still calling her ganji pyar se)at about 11.30 moti(ganji) whent to sleep upstairs and when it was dark i stood up and asked my sister to come with me in my bed after 5 min she came i was in the blanket wearing just my west and shorts.she came and i took her in the blanket saying that its cold outside then i told her that i will now kiss you and tell me how it was i started kissing her soft lips and insertes my tounge into her mouth and started touching her toung. I kissed her for about 5 min and she said that she was feeling something different in her body .she was just wearing a gown with nothing inside ,seeing this i changed my mind and decided to move on further. I then told her that if she wants i can teach her everything she wants but for that she have to do exactly as i will say she aggreed and i laid her down on the bed.

After that i started kissing her from lips to neck and slowly moved down towards her boobs suddenly she stopped me saying that what i was doing . I explained her that it was the part of the lesson and have to do this . She said nothing and laid down saying nothing i started kissing her boobs on top of the gown and wanted to go under the gown so i told her that in order to proceed we both have to remove our clothes and have to become naked.

She didnt agreed but after some time i made her agreed and i removed her gown completely i was shocked to see her naked body infront of me man she was looking hot and i could clearly see her boobs getting tight due to me touch on her body.i started licking her from top and as i reached her boobs i saw that she was getting horny so i starting pressing her boobs fast and even bite her pink nipples she was moaning aaahhh,uuumm.this time i was completely on top of her and my 8 inch cock was touching her shaved pussy.i slowly moved a bit down towards her pussy to feel her pink and tight pussy.i started licking her pussy and she was moaning aaaahh,uuuummmm, bus kar , na kar kuch ho raha hai main mar jaungi aaaaaahhhh. This time my cock was at its full length and wanted to go inside her soft tight pink pussy.

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