Suma Chechi

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This incident dates back to five years. I was recovering from a series of setbacks in personal as well as professional fronts. Those days i was staying with two friends. It was a typical bachelor’s den, but neat, clean and spacious. Since it was onam season, both my friends had gone to kerala and i was alone. And i was expecting some guests – a family friend and his family.

Hari chetan was on his ltc trip and wanted to visit delhi and surrounding places. This time their main aim was to visit rishikesh for a day. Since they would be out most of the day, i thought it is they could stay with me only as there was enough space in the house. When i told this they too agreed. Moreover, our families were close to each other and their children, kiran and jyoti liked me very much. Since i was away from home, it was a pleasant occasion for me also.

Reaching my home, hari chetan’s wife suma chechi asked, “staying with you is ok, but who will cook?”

“for that you are there? Then why should i worry?” I asked.

“i planned this trip to escape from kitchen only, so i cannot take that headache again,” she grinned, adding, “that’s why told you to get married. Then there is no such problem!”

“i am a good cook, and when i feel indisposed, i go to the hotel.”

“food is ok, but there are other things also in life…” she said meaningfully. “this time i will ask ammayi (my mother) to find a girl for you.”

That conversation ended there and in the evening we went for a stroll in karol bagh. As we walked along the crowded streets, chettan and kids got busy in purchasing petty things. But chechi was least interested in such things and was gossiping with me.

In the meanwhile when a plump girl passed by our side, she asked, “don’t know what they eat, see, how fat she is!”

“but fat girls are beautiful,” i commented.

“you like fat girls? Then i shall ammayi look for a really fat one for you?” She was after my marriage.

“no that’s not my preference.”

“then what kind of a girl do you want?” She insisted.

“someone like you,” i said after pondering for a while, “funny, livewire and bit fatty…”

She blushed to hear this. “like me?! Great. But it is very difficult to get such rare things.”

After a while hari chettan suggested we should have some refreshments and we got into a restaurant. While me and hari chetan sat on one side of the table and she sat opposite to me. As we were sipping some soft drinks, accidentally my legs touched hers and immediately i withdrew it. At this she did not respond. But a while later, her leg touched me; and she started playing with my feet after removing her chappals. That was bit embarrassing for me, as i had not expected such a bold step from her, that too from a married woman of nearly 40. When i looked at her with embarrassment, she winked her eyes naughtily. That was a clearsignal. But what to do!

Since my experience with women was very little i was in a quandary as to how to handle the situation. On one hand there was the extreme desire to taste her body, which i knew she to whished. But on the other hand was the question of morality. After all she is just like my sister-in-law.

That night i could not sleep. Whenever i closed my eyes her seductive figure danced before my eyes. In my fantasies, i made her sleep with me. I disrobed her. First the green silk saree, then the blouse. Then i moved my lips her navel cavity, which set her on fire. At this i slowly removed her petticoat and again kissed various parts of her anatomy. Then when my hands slowly moved on to her love box through her black panties the thick curly hairs were completely wet near the ‘mysterious cave. Parting the thick curly hair i played with her cunt and kissed it. As my tongue explored her salt lake, she writhed in ecstasy…

Then my seven-inch manhood entered he and she clung to me.

I lost my control by lovemaking in fantasy. Thinking of her i did what i could in that lonely moment. After wetting myself i went back to sleep.

My guests had made a clear itinerary for the weeklong vacation. Delhi, agra, haridwar and so on.

Next day was for delhi darshan and i also decided to accompany them. During the trip we were all in a jolly mood and whenever we got a chance she would come near me without giving any chance for others to doubt. Whenever she came near me heartbeats increased. On more than one occasion she caressed me with her plump breasts.

That evening when we were home suma chechi told me. “there is a surprise gift for you. Will give you before we leave for kerala.”

“then why don’t you give it now?” I asked feigning ignorance.

“everything has its own time. Don’t be impatient.”

Early next morning we went to haridwar and rishikesh. Again, on the way, in the tata sumo she played pranks with me while others were asleep. That night we stayed in haridwar only. After visiting har ki pori, when we were walking towards our hotel room, she came near me and asked, “are you afraid of me?”

“no! What happened?”

“then why are you avoiding me?”

“no, i was not avoiding you!”

“you told you want a wife like me! And whenever i was coming near you, you seems to be evading me?”

“it’s not like that. After all hari chettan?”

“but in some matters of life we have to keep such faiths apart? We get this life only once. What we have to enjoy has to be enjoyed… in this life only. Or else we have to repent.”

By then little jyoti, their daughter, came near to us and we stopped the conversation there itself.

Next day we reached delhi and that night my only thought was about suma chechi. But that it was not fantasy. I was thinking about the reason that attracted her towards me. After all she has a handsome husband, well-settled job, two healthy and beautiful children. And moreover, hari chettan was never opposed to any of her demands. Then why?

Next day we got busy in some shopping and in between chechi kept on teasing me about my marriage and the prospective bride she was going to search for me. Next day they were planning to go to agra. We had booked four tickets in the tourist but that organises conducted journey. I had already told them i would not be accompanying them to agra as i had some urgent work in the office. But that night chechi’s health deteriorated. Her stomach was upset and also was suffering from heavy headache. In that condition it was not advisable to travel nearly 200 km the next morning. I suggested them to cancel the ticket and postpone it for the next day. But again there was a problem – next to next day they had catch the morning flight.

Finally hari chettan told he should better cancel the trip. But kiran and jyoti were adamant on visiting agra. Finding no way out chechi suggested that she would stay with me and they should go. Since that was the only option hari chettan agreed. But he told me i should stay back. I told i would go to the office for couple of hours and come back by 12 after finishing off the day’s work.

So in the morning i took them to the tour operator and then came back. By them chechi’s condition was somewhat okey. After some time i got ready to go to office. By then she too had taken bath and she looked very beautiful.

As we were having breakfast i asked how did she feel.

“there was nothing serious. It was a minor headache.”

“then you should have gone with hari chettan. Whatever it may be taj mahal is a great monument worth seeing.”

“you are an idiot! I am not fascinated towards monuments. I like living things.” Saying this she put her hands on my shoulder. That moment she was a woman looking for a masculine touch. “can you spare this day for me? I want to give you that gift..”

“but i have an important meeting…” i tried to evade her. Actually fear was gripping me.

“hell with your meeting. This meeting is far more important.”

Now there was no way out. I called up my office and told i would not turn up that day. Then i bolted the door from inside and told her, “now the living thing is at your service. Tell me what should i do?”

“now the whole day is before me. I’m in no hurry. We can spend some time together.”

After a while she asked me. “kannan, do you know how old am i?”

“forty?” I guessed.

“thirty-eight.” She clarified. “when i was married i was twenty-one, and hari chettan was 28. If i’m correct now you are 33. Why are you not getting married?”

“i’m not yet settled.”

“no one is financially settled in this world. What a female is looking for is not just finance. They are looking for a man, which i know you are.”

“how?” I asked.

“it was written in your eyes. At the airport your sharp looks towards my breast was enough to convey that you are a man and you are yearning for a woman. And you know, for the last seven years i have not experienced that masculine experience…”

“why? Hari chettan is with you only.”

“sure, we are together, very happily married. But after jyoti was born he lost interest in me. Maybe i’m too old for him! Whenever i raised this subject with him, he evaded me saying that after becoming the parents of two kids we should keep such silly emotions away! What an advice!”

“have you not been… i mean…”

“very rarely, when children are away he would come to me. That’s for his satisfaction. But he leaves me high and dry….”

Then she described the real life of hers. After jyoti was born hari chettan felt that his wife was too old and it was not the age to experience sex. He himself considered sex to be an act of procreation. Moreover, he had made it a practice to make both his children sleep with them. With that their complete privacy was gone. Whenever he felt like having it he would come to her. “in three strokes he would come and then he would start snoring.” That was how she commented his act.

“when i saw your hungry eyes i felt at least once i should taste the company of yours in our private world,” she clung to me.

Slowly i took her to the bedroom and we laid her on the bed. She was in a frenzied mood. Slowly i kissed her earlobes and caressed her breasts through the night gown. She was not wearing bra. This excited me and i slowly moved my hands to her love box. She was not wearing any panties also. And her pussy was clean-shaven, which was contradictory to my fantasy. I just inserted my finger and asked, “you shave it regularly?”

“no, but two days back i thought that when i present you the gift it should be neat and clean!!”

“but i thought..”

“what happened? Don’t you like the shaven one? Have you not seen a shaven a shaven pussy before?”

“no, this is for the first time that i am seeing a woman like this?”

“i don’t believe! After living in a metropolitan city you have not tasted a woman?”

“no,” i said caressing her mount of venus. She was completely wet and drew my fingers to the juice rivulet between her legs. Then i removed her nighy and there she lay, completely naked. Seeing that velvety body i lost my control, and asked her. “shall i kiss this heaven?”

“sure,” she smiled in a naughty way and closed her eyes in excitement.

I parted her vaginal lips and kissed her clit. I explored its depth with my tongue and it sent a strange sensation through the bodies of both of us. I chewed her love box with extreme excitement and in the meanwhile she made me naked and got hold of my tool. Next moment i could feel the shivers passing through her body. She clung to my head and tried to push it inside. “kill me, kill me… she whispered.”

That moment i withdrew my tongue and inserted my tool inside her wet rivulet.

“push it hard, push it hard..” She was whispering. I slowly moved my prick to and fro and in a while i experienced her frenzy. It was sweat all over her body. I increased the pace of my movement and she told, “i’m exhausted.”

“me too,” i said and discharged in her. As the hot lava flowed in she said.

“i don’t believe you are a first-timer in this.”

But i said, i’m. How could i tell her about my other experience with my aunt, whom she also respects a lot?!

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