Smita my neighbor

When this incidence happened I was enjoying my long holidays after my joining to my new company. Just to refresh your memory about me. I am a well built man with 511” height in late 20s, born & brought up at Bangalore, presently staying in kolkata due to my job. This lady was really a slut. Aged around 30, she had two school going childs. Her name was Smita. Her height was around 5’5”, brownish white color with voluminous boobs, beautiful & big swinging ass & flat stomach. She was not less than 40x34x42. Everything proportionate, her figure and very attractive. She had very talkative eyes, warm & wet lips, brownish-whiet color, banana stem like thighs. She also used to wear sari, tightly wrapped around her body extending slightly below her knees and low cut choli. The kasota of her sari used to give marvelous view of her two ass globes while her tight laced choli used to prominently nevel her beautiful round & tight boobs. She used to look so horny in this dress up that everyone around her used to stare her when she is around. She had a different grace in her when she was walking around. She knows lust for her in men around her & used to seduce everybody with her sweet smile and sexual expressions. Her husband was working on in bpo & used to be on outdoor duty many times. She was not doing anything. She used to come to owners flat (which have a common opening) many times to chit chat with the owner’s wife. I used to take every opportunity to seduce her with either staring at her or sometimes even touching her some part. She used to just smile at my act. In fact both these ladies were staying in a chawl with other tenants next to my stair. I was staying in a big old styled wada build on a big warehouse as its ground floor. The house owner has grain trading business & he used to stock grain bags in this warehouse & it is always full with grain bags. In between two rows of bags there used to be small passage. If somebody hides between the grain bags in the shallow passage, no body used to notice his presence even in day time. One fine morning i was standing in my terrace and saw smita taking water from common tap provided by my house owner for us. She was alone there & i was enjoying by staring her ass & boobs from top. She saw me looking at her & as usual she gave me sweet smile & swings her ass in sexy manner. Her act and stare to me ignited the fire of lust in me. Knowing her nature i did not moved my eyes from her face & replied with smile.

She was looking at me while her pot got filled with water and overflowing the pot. She just lost looking at me. After some time she realized it & took the pot & went to her house. I realized with this incidence that i can turn her on and fuck her if i approach her properly. The opportunity tapped on my door of luck very soon. One evening when she was chatting with the wife of my flat owner on the terrace of my building my owner came from the shop & his wife left the place & went to serve dinner to him & left smita alone on the terrace. I was sitting in front of her on the charpai & staring at her big milky balloons. She was also looking at me with lust in her eyes. She was smiling at me giving me daring stares as tthough she knows my crush for her i started chatting with her. While chatting she told me that she knows some secrets about me. I got confused i asked what secrets. She told me that she knows my relations with her friend savitri, who is another tanent like me, and how i helped her bearing child. I got shocked hearing this i requested her not to reveal it to any body as it may spoil the whole life of her friend & i will also loose my reputation to my owner. She got a crucade smile on her face and took my hand in her hand and told me that with one condition she will not do that. I got up set. I asked her what her condition. She saw here & there, put my hand on her choli and whispered in my ear that she wants to enjoy the same kind of sex with me. She quoted me that though she never enjoys sex with her husband, he is too weak to please her in her small room & also her husband does not know the proper technique to satisfy horny woman like her. I was on seventh heaven hearing from her & told her that because of savitri’s pregnancy i am very much missing her & i am also in a need of beautiful woman like her. I just judged the shapes of her boobs & butts by quickly moving my hand on her choli & bite her ear lobes.i asked her to meet me next day in our gowdon at sharp 2.30 pm. She left tarace then. That full night i could not sleep. I was dreaming about smita and her body in my arms. I got up slightly late in the morning and i ran to my terrace to watch smita again on common tap. As expected i found her with empty pot of water in her hand & waiting for other woman to fill her pot. Once she left, smita kept her water pot (hunda) under the tap and glanced towards me. I just waved my hand & winkled. She also responded by winkle and sexy smile. After keeping the water pot in her house she came to my house and enquired about my parents. My mother had gone to the temple and dad to the shop. I told her that i will keep the back doors of warehouse open from inside & wait for her she can come at around 2.30 pm directly there. She nodded for the same & went.

At around 2.15 i heard sound of the door opening & smita entered in the ware house. She came in and locked the doors from inside and started looking for me. I was just hiding behind the grain bags. When she found no body there she got upset and sat on one of the grain bag. I was looking towards her hiding. She was in new green 9 yard sari and red blouse, need less to tell without bra, panty and petticoat. Slowly she closed her eye, started pressing her boobs on the choli and started moaning. Before coming there itself she was hot imagining the future sex game. I think she was horny enough even before my touch. She was looking gorgeous. She was breathing fast & her boobs were dangling up & down with her action. Slowly she increased her speed and removed her pallu and started squeezing her boobs. She also started scratching her thighs and choot. I was enjoying her hand job curiously. By now my dick was standing tall rock. I also got full charged. I slowly moved towards her and from behind climbed on the gunny bag. I put my two legs from her two sides and embraced her from behind. My full top was touching her from behind and my tool was perfectly adjusted in between her ass lobes. I started kissing her neck, biting her ear lobes. She got stunned and turning her head back. She garlanded her arms around my neck. She was looking so nice today with a big kumkum on her fore head, long hair tied in a bun, her mangalsutra hanging around her neck. I just pushed my hands under her arms & spread over her extra voluminous two breasts. I started taking feel of her soft breasts. Her breasts were so big that i could not cover them in my big palm. I started caressing slowly from the top of her choli only. She had half turned her face towards me and her lips were in front my mouth just waiting for my lips to smooch it. I put my lips on her lips and started kissing it wildly. Slowly i started moving my hand on all over her boobs, stomach and stopped on her beautiful naval. Smita started becoming restless as she is not getting any chance & only i was enjoying. I noticed it and released her from behind and jumped from the bag. She was still sitting on the bag. I took her face in my hand and pressed my lips on her lips. She stood & embraced me & started responding me by opening her mouth. Her beautiful boobs were pressing against my chest and passing 1000 vat shocks in my body.

My 6” lund was pressing against her slit & she was enjoying it. We smooched for long 10 minutes. Our saliva was mixing with each other and my hands were acting on her boobs.then i held her head & kissed her again, with much more intent. And this time she put her hands on my back embracing me with full force, giving me full access to her body. She stood hugged me tightly closed her eyes, enjoying the sensation of my smell, my lips, my touch and my tongue. I took her ear lobe in my mouth and rolled my tongue over it, my other hand continued to roam freely near her boobs, waist, and her tummy. She moaned even loudly. “i want you” she uttered lovingly. I then sit on the ground and started licking her bare thighs. ( in 9 yard sari they are open till the knee to slide your hand all over thighs below the kasota). I think she was hot since long time even before coming to me. She started moving her fingers from my hair and screaming slowly. I again stood & i started to slide her pallu away. I was too fascinated with the exposure of her cleavage, her smooth buttery skin, and her taut nipples all dying to break free of the red choli. They were like two pigeons imprisoned in her choli trying to get free. She bend slightly and pulled my banyan and made me topless. She started moving her had on my hairy chest and pressed my buttocks with her two hands. She was crazy looking my broad hairy chest. Slowly i moved down and started licking her bare stomach. I put my tongue in her beautiful and deep navel and then started squeezing her butts. So smooth round & delicious they were ! I just stood and took out her pallu and started removing hooks of her choli. Within a second i removed her choli & threw on the ground. Her two pigeons got free & were trying to fly off. I hold them immediately and cupped them with my two hands. “ooooohhhhhhhhh, uuummm,” she moaned loudly.she was getting mad and started pulling knot of my pajama. With one gentle push she pushed my pajama and knickers down and made me fully nude. We stood on the ground.she took my thick lund in her hand & with big surprise uttered “oh maa”. She said she has not seen such beautiful tool in her life.

Her hand was on my hard dick harshly pressing and feeling the hardness. My lund was enjoying the feel of her rough hand and dangaling in 90 degree. She then pushed its fore skin back. Some drops of my pre cum was shining on the tip of my tool. She was squeezing it and started stroking my cock. I slowly moved my tongue over her tits licking them in small circles sucking them & kneading the other boob softly. I was still pressing her boobs very gently & slowly. She opened her eyes, looked at me with challenging view and asked me to be cruel and wild to her breasts. My two hands started acting brutally on her two melons & started kneading. She was looking very hot & restless just ready to grab every thing in me. I pulled her kasota & pushed my hands between her thighs & then playing slowly to her sari knot trying to open it. She pushed my hand and looking sexily in my eyes worked on the knot and removed her sari in second. The sex goddess was standing in front me with full glory of her erect & hot nipples, flat stomach, beautiful full sized ass & long, lightly haired cunt. The brown cunt lips were inviting me to lice it. Looking at me she turned around herself two three rounds and showed me every thing like models showing off on the ramp. Wow this bitch is really horny i said to myself. She was knowing all the tricks to make any man on earth to get mad for her. This wild pigeon wanted much more from me than i thought. Her wetl pussy with light jungle of hair was glittering in front of me. For a moment i got worried. Will i be successful in satisfying this horny woman ? I just bushed myself & decided to act one to one with this horny women. I have to use my all sex skilled to fulfill her lust i felt. I was quite younger to her with great strength, i thought. Now i really started my game.i sat on ground separated her legs & poked in my nose & started smelling her pussy juice that her delicious pussy was emitting. I started sucking her pussy. She had beautiful pussy lips with glittering drops of her pussy juice on the opening. I sucked it all. She ejected some more drops. I sucked it again. I think she had full control on her to secrete small amount of juice every time from her slit.i was enjoying the saltish test of it. I started moving my hand on her tender big thighs and then started biting on it. I was roaming my hand on her full nude body especially her ass lobes.

I fondle it for some time pushed one of my finger in her ass hole. She cried loudly & started trembling . She sat down in front of me & asked me to sit on the grain bag facing her which i readily did. She put my legs on her shoulder and came near to me. She took my thick penis in her hand and started chewing it fast. It was now my turn to moan. I was enjoying the blow job she was giving me. I extended my hands & put it on her dandling boogs. Her brownish nipples have hardened rock hard & popping out like my penis. I started folding her right boob and pinching the left nipple. The pop up sound of chewing my lund was giving chubb chubb sound & was hotting the environment. I also started gyrating my self to get full pleasure. I did not know who was enjoying more. She had her own style of getting enjoyment from man. She was moving her mouth with full speed on my penis and tonguing my balls simultaneously. A pressure was building with in me but i don’t wanted to give up. Before ejaculating i wanted she to explode. I took my lund from her mouth and requested her to go for 69 position. She took some empty gunny bags & spread on the floor. We moved for 69 position and again she took my tool in her mouth. I also started probing my tongue in her chute. I pushed my two fingers in her pussy and started her finger fucking. Suddenly her beautiful clitoris came out. I sucked it greedily & its fluid to make it dry. We both were trying to win over other partner. I was holding my self from exploding by taking our my tool after every minute. Oh ! What a great job she was doing. I inserted my two fingers in her slit along with my tongue and started finger fucking with great speed & also sucking her cunt juice. And ! That great moment came ! She was about to explode. She arked her body, cried in big voice & exploded ton of juice wetting my full face. I gulped part of her juice and left her exploding. I was also facing full pressure i my balls & asked her where to empty my load. She stood and showed her fingure to her cunt. In standing position only she pulled my lund in her pussy putting her two hands on my ass lobes and pushing me towards her . I just pushed my hard restless fully juice filled lund in her pussy. It smoothly entered in her pussy. We both were standing with my lund in her pussy.

She was crushingmy tool in her choot by contracting her pussy lips. In that position only she started pushing & pulling her pussy on my lund. I too put my two palms on her sexy ass lobes & vibrated her against my lund,i started gyrating my tool in her pussy & also molesting her ass. With big bang i exploided my ton of load in her pussy. She left my ass & started pressing my balls to extract more & more juice from my tool. She moaned loudly and released my lund from her pussy, sat on the ground and started cleaning my half hard tool with her tongue. Within minute she cleaned my lund with her sweet tongue and looking at me gave a satisfying & sexy smile. She did not allowed me to take out my tool from her mouth holding me tight against her mouth & fondling my balls. We were tired but not exosted. She told me that in so many years of her marriage and she gad never exployed. Our play was going for more than half hour. We lied there for some time. She wanted to get real fuck from me. After some time she again put her hand on my limp penis and started sucking it . She started caressing my loose tool & started shaking it. I got up, looked to her with satisfaction turned right and gave her light kiss.. Within no time my tool started growing. Within a minute or so it started throbbing with its full glory. She looked towards it with satisfied eye. Her eyes lightening up. She also turned to left and pulled herself on me. Her boobs were resting on my chest. We embraced tightly facing each other. She lifted her face showing big ‘o’ and i drew my face down to her lips. I initially started biting her lips and then pushed our tongues in each other’s mouth releasing huge amoung of saliva in to each other’s mouth. We were exploring each other’s tongue for long time. Spreading herself on top of me started masaging her vijana with my lund. She was eying my thick erect pole & rubbing against her woman hood. I pushed her back, rolled my selflegs & sat resting against the grain bag. I pulled her against my body with her ass crick resting on my lund & pushed my hands to her boobs through her arms. I continued molesting her big boobs cruelly pressing it with my both hands & with big force. I thing it was paining her but she enjoying it. I started rolling my tongue on her neck, shoulders & under arms. Her under arms were fully sweated & its aroma was driving me. I turned her around and continued my boob massage and choosing. She was hissing like angry sneak loudly and requesting me to choose, bite, press it and lick her areola with more vigor. Slowly my hands moved down first to her naval.

I mingled there for some time and moved to her cunt. I moved my hand all over her banana shaped spicy thighs and rested on sweet vijanal lips. It was full wet with her cunt fluid. I opened her choot lips with my two fingers & polled third one in the slit hole & started moving it around & gently scratching above her choot. She got mad and tears of glad started rolling from her eyes. She told me since her marriage no body has pleased her so much. She spread her thighs to accommodate my palm there. She turned her face toward me and with her moist lips started showering kisses on my face. Then turning around she pushed her full tongue deep in to my open mouth leaving her sweet saliva.i was chewing her tongue with great vigor and gulping her silava. We freed each other for some moments. She again moved down and took my lund in her mouth and started wetting with her tongue. I think heat was building in her. She increased her speed and simultaneously started pinching on thighs. She was so wild that her hole body was vibrating like earthquake. I reached heaven. I was still moving my hand on her wet choot. Heat was building in side me my blood was churning inside me to generate my all time seamen. I pushed smita holding her shoulders & told her that if we don’t stop now we will miss the ultimate final enjoyment. A winning smile spread on her face. She freed herself and stood with resting her hands on gunny bags & arched requesting me to push my lund in her choot in doggy style. I grabbed her from behind, adjusted my position, pushed my hands on her boobs & started pushing my lund in her choot from behind. Her choot had beautifully swollen due to past hours work. I had never experienced this style earlier. Her choot was full wet & i did not faced any problem pushing my thick tool inside standing position it self she crossed her legs and tightened her pussy lips around my tool. Slowly i started banging her and crushing her boobs & nipples with my hand. Gradually i increased my speed and with full bang she exployed. Her juice drenched my lund & started dripping down on the gunny bag. A great storm was building inside me too. I just pushed her on ground. She slid below me spreading her arms invited me to come on her. She asked me to put my full 70 kg wt on her without worrying and bang her as wild as possible. I pushed her legs apart and spread my self on her poisoning my self in front of her cunt. She pulled my lund with her hand & pushed it inside her cunt. She brought back her thighs close and again tightened my tool in her choot.

She wrapped her arms around me and tightened me against her. Her nails were biting on my back and scratching there. She closed my mouth with her lips and started smoothing my lips. I pushed my tool deep inside her slippery hole and started my job pushing it in and out in slow motion. This continued for another 5 minutes. Pressure was building inside me & i questioned where should i unload my load. She told me that that she is always safe as she has undergone laparoscopic operation & i don’t need to worry about consequences. I increased my speed & cried “ i am coming” she cried “ come, fill my choot” i jurked in & in her sweet & wet hole a erupted like volcano. Her big cunt filled with my white lava. The amount of my seamen was so huge that after filling her big pussy quite big amount of it was flowing on the gunny bag spraid on the ground. I collapsed on her nude body with my tool inside her sweet hole. We closed our eyes with satisfaction. We both were full tired and not in a position to move. After some time she pushed me aside, got up and started wearing her sari. I was just lying on the ground & watching her with great love. She saw toward me with great appreciating & extended her hand to help me to get up. She had tears in her eyes and looking at me very loving. She thanked me for giving her that top of world sex experience which she would have never experienced from her weak husband. She embraced me with great passion, kissed on my forehead and said “ thank you rajesh, i also would be lucy like savitri to be mother of your child. If you would fucked her so passionately she will definitely give berth to healthy and loving child. I will bliss you my body any time you wish ” a smile of great satisfaction spread on my face for satisfying this horny & sex starved woman. With this loving session i take your leave. I live in kolkata. I would definitely like to hear your comments on my experience. In my late 20s i will love to hot up sex with great auntie & bhabhis staying in & around kolkata. / /