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Hello everybody I had posted this story of mine twice before on ISS & I am getting great response from you readers who are advising me on how to handle the whole situation & i am trying some of the tips given by you readers for which i want to thank you. I am including some of the latest developments in my story/problem what ever you people want to call it & i dont want to post the recent incidents seperatly like most of the others do like part 1,2,3 ect, but i want to post the entire story & then include the latest incidents at the end because even for a person reading my story for the first time he should get the entire my story may me a long one but will give you readers the clear understanding of what is happening in my life & you can advice me more accurately. I request iss also to please bear with my long story & post my story as i send it. This is not just a true story of my life but also my problem & i am posting this story thinking that if anybody is out there who have had similar problem like mine then you can please advice me on how to go about the whole thing.i had posted this story on iss some time back & many people must have read my story, but now i am including some recent incidents that happened between my wife & her boyfriend.this will help you people to read my wifes mind better & advice me correctly. Please send your advices on how i should handle this problem to / / i am anurag from bangalore, dear readers i need your suggestions/advices regarding our marital relations.dear readers, i am 31 & my wife mukthi is 27, we got married couple of years ago,we have no kids as of & my wife love each other very much & we are very open & frank with each other, we tell each other every thing & we don’t believe in hiding anything.when i got married to her i thought i was really lucky cos my wife is really beautiful, ours was arranged marriage & i really felt proud & good that a average looking guy like me has got such a beautiful & well educated fact many of my friends who had come to our marriage told me jokingly that i dont deserve such a good looking wife. I never got a chance to make girlfriend in my school or college days because i studied in boys school & there after i got in to my job which takes me out of bangalore quit frequently & although i am well educated i am a average looking guy & no girl wanted to really move around with me & my wife told me that although she didn’t have a serious or sexual relationship with anybody during her college days,there were a few boys who were behind her & she also used to move with them openly & the closest she came to a boy was that they both kissed each other. My wife works in a mnc in bangalore & as i told earlier we have a relationship which is open.some time back she told me that she made a boy friend who happens to be her junior in her office & he is 22. I thought that this was normal these days where boys & girls work together & i thought that since my wife is attractive the boy must have approached her & she would have accepted him as her boyfriend.

One day i asked my wife about him & how close they were & my wife replied to me that they were very close & my wife told me that if she is moving around with an other boy it dosn’t mean that she dosn’t love me & she told me how it started. She told me that when i was out of bangalore she would feel lonely & since the boy approached her she started going out with him. They would go to restaurants & hang out in the malls & some times that boy would touch her every where & also would kiss her & she also liked him.this was going on for quite some time. She is very frank with me & tells me everything.once the boy invited my wife to his hostel where he was staying & that day he fucked my wife & my wife told me that she couldn’t resist him & she accepted him & there after they both had sex regularly & my wife told me that she really likes him & she wants to continue to meet him & if he insists she will sleep with him. Dear readers you know this is my problem, if she liked a guy & wants to sleep with him it’s ok once or twice, but my wife is telling that she wants to keep seeing him & i am afraid to tell her not to see him,because i feel if i tell her then she might go with him permanently & what ever happens i don’t want to leave my wife. She even told me that when they both slept together he used to take nude photos of himself & my wife & my wife showed me some of the clips which he shot using my wifes mobile & i saw his photo & he appears to be quite handsome & may be because of his looks my wife fell for him & i am afraid that if i try to tell my wife not to see him anymore she might choose him over me cos he is good looking. As i mentioned earlier, i really have no problem if my wife has an extramarital affair, in fact i really get exited to hear from my wife about their sexual encounters & it makes me feel proud of my wife thinking that there are quite a few boys who are behind my wife,but at the back of my mind i always get this feeling that what ever is between my wife & that boy is not just lust & i feel that my wife has not only given her body to him but also a part of her heart & i think this is a threat to me & my wife’s relations. If it was just sex,then my wife would have slept with him couple of times & would have moved on,but she seems to be really liking him & although till now i didn’t ask my wife to introduce me to him & she also seems to be not very keen on introducing me to him,she speaks to him freely on her mobile in front of me.once it so happened in the evening when me & my wife were in our house,she got a call from him & i was resting on her lap & i was exited & asked her to on the speaker of her mobile & she did & my wife called him sweet hart & i could hear him speak & he also calls her in the same way & she was asking that did he have his dinner & things like that & while ending their conversation my wife told him love you varun. So by this conversation i seem to understand that my wife really cares for him. Our sexual relation is very good,she dosn’t show any signs that she is not happy with me, in fact many times when i fucked her, i used to ask her jokingly that i was good or him & she gave me a very honest reply & she kissed me tightly & told me that she loves me but she said that he is much better & very good in the bed & she herself told me that he is good because he has fucked many other girls & he really knows how to give a girl the maximum pleasure & she told me that she gets maximum pleasure with him. Well readers, i have a very good friend of mine,the only other person i have shared this problem of mine with.he is also married & when i told him about this he told me that before he could get married he used to have sex with some girls & his wife also used to have sex with other boys,but after their marriage they have stopped that & have sex only with each other,but still he told me not to take this seriously & told me that if my wife is having sex with another boy it is quite normal these days & i should be happy that at least my wife is being honest with me & telling me everything & not hiding anything & he told me that whenever he spoke to my wife,my wife shows how much she loves me & he also suggested me that next time when me & my wife have sex i should tell her not to take birth control pills & if she gets pregnant & if we have a baby,then it will make our relationship stronger & even if she sleeps with him there won’t be anything to worry.but you know readers babies means responsibility & i think we are not ready for it now.i asked my wife that does he use a condom during their sexual encounter & she said he uses, so there is no problem & i don’t have to worry thinking that my wife might get pregnant with his baby.

On my own i thought that if i start showing my wife that i love her more than him then what ever happens between my wife & him i won’t have to worry & i started by encouraging my wife to go out with him more so that she feels that she means everything to me & i want her to be with me forever & i won’t stop her from doing what she likes to i told earlier my wife loves me very much & she is always there for me,there was one incident where i had come to bangalore from out station & i was with my wife & she got a call from him & he was asking her to go out with him & she told him that she wants to spend her time with me & if such a thing happens in future i am thinking of telling her that it is really not a problem & she can go out with him.dear readers please advice me whether i should say this or not. I know this story of mine is really long but you know i just want you people to know exactly what is happening in our life & when you write to me with your advices for me you will be in a better position to advice me correctly,so i request you to please bear with me & read my entire mail.

There was one incident which made me think that he is very possessive of my wife which makes me feel that our marriage is getting weaker. You know when i go out i usually call my wife around six in the evening cos that is the time she will be back at home after her work & saturdays & sundays is a holiday for her.once i called her on a friday evening around 6:30 & her mobile was switched off & i kept on calling & still her mobile was off & around 9 she gave me a call,may be because she might have seen my missed calls & when i asked her why her mobile was off she replied to me that after that days work her boyfriend took her to his hostel & they were having sex & i said it’s ok to have sex but why did she switch off her mobile & she told me that since she is in a managerial post in the mnc she keeps getting calls & whenever my wife & that boy have sex that boy used to get annoyed if the mobile keeps ringing & so he took her mobile & switched it off & she told me this jokingly that he even told her that even if it is your husband ie me calling her he didn’t want to be disturbed.i got really exited hearing this & thinking that there is an other boy who is dominating my wife & my wife dosn’t seem to say no to almost what ever he says & at the back of my mind i feel that this kind of situations may later become serious.

You know readers, some times i also feel that even when i am fucking my wife i did not take photos or anything like that,but since this boy is doing all that i even told my wife sex with him is ok but to tell him not to take photos & she said that it is beyond her control.she said that whenever i am not in city,she sleeps with him & she can’t tell him not to do anything & he also dosn’t listen to her he is very adamant & he does what ever he wants & she just accepts it. After hearing this i am even more worried thinking that my wife is not able to say no to him & since he has the habit of taking nude photos of my wife i feel after he really gets close to my wife he might even tell my wife that he wants to fuck her in front of his friends & i am not sure how my wife will react to this,since she accepts almost whatever he does she might not say no to him.i have this feeling because my wife used to say that the hostel in which he is staying,two people have to share a room & when ever he takes my wife to his hostel room he asks his friends to go out & then he fucks my wife. As i mentioned earlier,when i am not in bangalore my wife spends most of her time with him & since saturdays & sundays is a holiday he takes my wife to his hostel on friday evening & fucks her & couple of times he had asked his room mate to share the room with other boys & asked my wife to stay overnight & she did. This is going on now for really long, infact readers this has become like routine in our lifes & that boy has become a part of my wifes wife meets him everyday in their office & she comes back to home & she usually sleeps with him when i am not in bangalore. Last time when i had come to bangalore after i finished my work outside i was not prepared for what i will be hearing from my i had mentioned in the beaning me & my wife really dont hide anything from each other & that is the reason i am able to write this story exactly as it has happened as my wife told me.for some people even though they have extra marital affairs they would not like to talk about that to their spouse & that is not the case with us.we are really honest & frank with each other.when i came home although i am not liking it now without showing it to my wife i asked her about that boy & she for the first time started to ignore me telling that it is the usual stuff that is friday evening he takes my wife out,they both hang out & night he takes my wife to his hostel & fucks her. But in the evening when i insisted her to tell me she told me that he took her video from her mobile & showed it to me,the audio was not clear but the video was that my wife was only in her panties & was sitting & that boy was sleeping on her lap & was sucking her nipples & she was stroking his penis.i didnt show any signs of anger or anything cos as i said earlier i dont want to loose my wife at any cost because i wont get anyone like her & besides i love her & i know that she loves me & she on her own told me that the same day when he shot the video,after their sexual encounter & when my wife & that boy were sleeping that boy told my wife that his parents want him to get married & he told them not yet & when my wife asked him why he told my wife that although he has seen many girls in his life & he dosnt want to get married just to have a girl in his life & he told that although he has fucked many girls he has not felt the connection that he felt with my wife & he told that if he has to marry then he will marry only my wife & my wife told him that it is not possible since she is married to me & for this he told jokingly that my wife can always divorce me & marry him & for this my wife told me that she just laughed it away. You know readers, this is the kind of situation i was afraid of,although this was just a joke i dont know how my wife will react if he really insists her to marry him.after telling this my wife asked me that do i get angry with her when she tells me all this & i told her i dont, but you know readers she is my wife & she can read my face & expression & even though i didnt tell her i think she must have realized that i am not comfortable with my wife meeting him & she gave me a tight kiss & told me that in her office there were many men who were behind her & some of them even asked her openly to sleep with them & she just ignored them & initally when this boy varun approached her she tried to ignore him as well but that boy kept on insisting & she also liked him & was carried away by his charm & started moving around with him & in the mall when he first touched her & kissed her my wife told me that from there she could not come back & there was no turning back for her & she also felt that she wanted him & the first time when she got fucked by him she really liked him & that time she knew that this wont be just a one night stand but will keep happening, she told me that she is kind of addicted to him & the pleasure that he gives her ( this was her exact words ).she told me that she couldnt help it & now they are really good friends & she even told me that had she not been married to me she would have definetly married him even though he was four years younger to her & she would have convinced her conservative parents on this .

Couple of days passed & she was going to her office & was meeting varun regularly but she did not have sex with him because i was there & although she kept getting calls from him to spend a night with him she always used to tell him not now varun i have to be with raj,we will do this some other time.she speaks to him infront of me & one day i asked her that is there any problem & she just got angry at me & told me that it is her personnel problem & she dosnt have to tell me each & everything & i just kept quit.after coming from her office she came to me & said that she was sorry to speak to me like that & she told me that there are only two men in her life me & varun & i asked her why she is telling this to me & i already know this & she made me sit beside her & told me one incident which took me by surprise.she told me that last time when i was out of bangalore for a month she as usual used meet varun & also would get fucked by him.she told me that in her office every one knows that varun & my wife mukthi are having an affair,one day after my wife & varun were lying on the bed after having sex, varun told my wife that he is due for promotion & since varun comes under a different person, that person told varun that he will give the promotion to varuns batch mate & not to varun & varun asked my wife to speak to him & my wife did & varuns boss told that he will consider but kept on ignoring.

My wife told me that one day during lunch time when my wife & varun were having lunch, varun told my wife that varuns boss told him that some time back he approached my wife asking her to sleep with him, but my wife ignored him & he knows that varun has fucked my wife & he told varun that if he has to give promotion to varun then varun should ask my wife to sleep with varuns boss once.after hearing this from varun my wife told me that she said to varun that she will never do this but varun started pleading in front of my wife & varun told my wife that the other boy is his competitor & varun has to get this promotion if he has to go ahead of that boy, but still my wife told varun that it is not wife told me that she for a while stopped talking to varun & one day varun insisted that my wife go out with him & that day he took my wife to the oberoi & they both had lunch.after having lunch varun told my wife that he has fucked my wife enough in his hostel & that afternoon after having lunch he wants to fuck my wife, so he has booked a room in oberoi & took my wife to his room. My wife told me that she was surprised that varun has booked a five star room & my wife told him that if he wants to fuck her then they can to the hostel itself instead of wasting money on a five star room but varun just took her inside.after reaching inside my wife told me she saw varuns boss & she quickly understood that he had booked the room & not varun & started shouting at varun, but varun started touching her & kissing her infront of his boss & told my wife that she has to do this for him. My wife told me that she kept on telling varun that she dosnt want to do this but varun slowly started undressing her in front of his boss & he was touching her every where & soon my wife came to a stage where she could no longer resist & soon varun & my wife were nude in front of varuns wife told me that at that point she just told varun that i am doing this for you varun & closed her eyes & varun fucked her & soon varuns boss was nude & he was all over my wife & he too fucked my wife.infact that day my wife had a threesome with varun & his boss.

My wife told me that after it was all over she just dressed & came home.the next day varun called my wife & thanked her & told my wife that because of her he got the promotion & my wife told me that she was angry with varun & that was the reason that she was not talking to him nicely.then i asked my wife that is this the end of you & varuns relations & my wife told me that she did that because she loved varun & although she did not like that & was angry with varun it is only for some time & there is no question of not seeing him any wife told me that she was sorry for what varun has done & she would have done it for me too.she held my hand & told me again that there are only two men in her life that is me & varun & she will continue to meet varun & have sex with him.well you know readers after this incident i really hoped & thought that my wife will not see varun anymore but as you must have read my wife made it clear that she will keep seeing varun.well readers my wife has a very good friend & she is also working with my wife her name is pryia & she is married with a wife tells pryia every thing as she tells me & pryia sort of dosnt like wife & pryia know each other very well & when pryia came to our marriage ( mine & my wife mukthis marriage ) she used to sarcastically tell me that i dont deserve mukthi & if mukthi wanted to she could have got married to a rich & handsome boy. Once pryia came to our house & she is very close to my in laws as well that is mukthis parents.when she came to our house she openly told to me that my wife is liking varun & varun is from a well to do family & she told my wife that she should divorce me & marry varun & my wife sort of ignored her & told me that not to take it seriously.i dont know whether pryia told this as a joke or did she really mean it. After pryia left i asked my wife mukthi why she is talking all this & for this my wife told me that from the time pryia came to know that my wife & varun have slept together, pryia is telling my wife that varun is much better & that my wife should consider divorcing me & marrying varun & for this my wife told her that she likes varun but she likes me too & dosnt want to leave fact readers after this conversation between me & my wife, my wife jokingly told me that if the indian law had permitted she would have married varun as well without divorcing know readers no matter how much my wife convinces me that what ever is there between her & varun is just friendship & sex, i feel that our marriage is a bit week compared to the so called love & lust between my wife & varun & varun has fucked so many girls & he is kind of a lady charmer & can get any girl but i dont understand why he is getting so close to my wife & i believe that he has already told my wife that he is interested in marrying her on many occasions.i was still in bangalore & one evening when i was at home i got a call from my wife around four & my wife told me that after that incident my wife was not talking properly to varun & now varun wants to take her out & she wants to go & i asked her then by what time she will come home & my wife told me that varun is taking her to coffee day & she will be late & will be back by seven.around 7:30 i gave a call to my wifes mobile & my wife told me that varun told her that after that incident he has not fucked my wife & wants to fuck her tonight & is asking my wife to go with him to his hostel & my wife told me that she is sorry but she also wants to get fucked by varun & she told me that she will go to his hostel that night & come next day morning & i started telling my wife that i also need her & that she should come back.but my wife told me that it is not possible because from cofee day varun has taken my wife to a restaurant where they will have their dinner & go to his hostel & when i was talking to my wife i could hear varun talk,he was telling my wife to just cut the phone & i insisted her to come home & my wife told me that in the restaurant varun & my wife are sitting side by side & varun is already touching & kissing her & in between i heard my wife tell ‘oh stop it varun well do this in the hostel .i think varun was really touching her every wife didnt cut the phone she was trying to tell me that she cant come home that night & i was also telling her that she should come back.during this conversation of ours my wife in between used to talk to varun as well. We kept on talking & suddenly my wife sort of tumbled for words & stopped talking for a moment & i heard her saying ‘no you please not here i love you by this i could make out that he may be putting his hands inside & must have touched my wifes nipples & vagina & i also asked my wife what has happened & my wife told me ‘anurag please try & understand i cant come home tonight she told me that varun had put his hands inside her panties & was playing with her pussy & after telling this my wife disconnected her mobile.that day night around 11:40 my wife called me & told me that she was sorry but it the restaurant when varun was touching her she wanted to get fucked by him & that they both went to his hostel & had sex & now they were tired & varun is sleeping & she thought that she will call me, after this she told me that she is tired & wants to sleep & will come home in the morning.the next day morning she came home & did not go to her office that day.well you know readers this is going on for very long now & i dont know how to tell my wife in a way that wont break our marriage not to see varun & i want your suggestion/advices on this, please keep sending you advices & tips on how i can convince my wife not to see varun anymore.looking forward to hear from all of you.