Sex with neighbor

Hi, i am 21 years staying alone. This encounter happened with my young neighbor, older by 5 years than me. The lady was staying with her husband next to my flat. One Sunday afternoon, i found that i didn’t have any milk for tea. So i decided to borrow some milk from the neighbors. When i rang the door, the lady opened the door and was surprised to see me. I told her my difficulty and asked her for some milk. She said, ‘better have your tea here. Why go back and make tea yourself?’ i did not mind. I went inside and sat of sofa. She went to kitchen and returned with two cups of tea. I asked her about her husband. She informed that he had just gone out of town, to visit his parents and would return only after two days. She sat near me and handed over the cup. I slowly finished tea and got up to leave. She said, ‘what’s the hurry. Anyway, you are staying alone. I am also alone. Let’s chat for some time and then you can leave’. I found nothing unusual. She went on asking about my parents, my job, etc. I also honestly answered. Then i asked her about her background and she told me all that. During the course of our talk, i gathered that she was not too happy with her husband. During our discussions, she exclaimed, ‘it’s getting too hot. Would you mind putting on the fan?’ i went ahead and switched on the fan. She asked me to run it on full speed. When i turned around, i saw that she had dropped pallu of her sari and waving it in front of her, as if to get some more air. I could see her cleavage, but i did not react. In fact, i was embarrassed. I turned my sight away from her and asked for permission to leave. She said, ‘why? Are you bored talking to me?’ well, this question was tricky. I could not say no. So i said, ‘i am not bored for sure. But it seems it is time of your rest. That’s why i intend to leave. I could also take some rest. After all, i can relax only on sundays’. She smiled and said, ‘that’s ok. But you rest here as well. We can chat and relax’. Saying so, she moved near me and smiled once again. I tried to move away, but she caught my hand and said, ‘are you shy of ladies? Come on, don’t be shy’. I guessed what she had in mind and decided to ask her straight, ‘what have you in mind? Well, i can guess. But will it be proper? You are a happily married woman’. She replied, ‘i am surely married, but not happily married. I am not happy with our marriage. I never liked my husband – i was forced to marry him. He is no good. I need someone like you to keep me engaged. If i am required to pull on like this with my husband, i will run away one day. Please keep me company – i liked you very much.’ i said in mind, the hell with all the morality. If the lady is ready, why not me? I smiled at her said, ‘ok. I will keep you a good company’. On hearing me, she moved further close to me and wrapped her hands around my neck. She rested her head on my shoulders for a while, then looked up and gave me a deep kiss on my lips. I put my hands around her waist and opened her mouth. She darted her tongue in my mouth. I sucked her tongue. It was then her turn to suck my tongue. Her pallu was already dropped.

Her half exposed boobs were pressed on my chest. She opened a few buttons of my shirt and moved her soft palm over my chest. Her fingers lingered on my nipples. She said, ‘darling, you have a barrel chest. You must be exercising a lot’. I said, ‘yes, i am building my body’. I released her from my hands and started opening the buttons of her blouse. She did not mind. Instead, she removed my shirt and kissed my nipples. I unbuttoned and removed her blouse. She was wearing a tight bra and her boobs were exposed more than half. I kissed on her cleavage and moved my hands over her thighs. With one hand, i caressed her boobs, with the bra sill on her. I encircled her boob and i continued to caress her thighs. Reciprocating, she moved her hands over my thighs. Now it was time to go ahead. I ripped her sari off and she sat beside me with her petticoat and bra. I pulled the string of her petticoat, and pushed it down. Her legs were in very good shape. I could not resist kissing them. I bent down and blew warm air over her thighs. She was excited. I then first kissed her thighs. I moved my tongue all over her inner thighs. She shivered with pleasure. Her hands were still moving over my chest and thighs. I said, ‘you want to see my thighs?’ she embarrassed and managed to nod. I removed my shorts and sat with her in my shorts. She caressed my muscular thighs. She said, ‘great legs’. I said, ‘i know’. I asked her to remove her panty. She was hesitating. So i took the lead and removed her panty. Surprisingly, her pubic hair was cleanly shaved. I lovely pussy, i thought. I got up and sat in front of her. I parted her legs and started kissing her inner thighs once again. Slowly, encircling my tongue over her thighs, i made my way up and kissed her pussy lips. She let out a gasp. She was enjoying now. I moved my tongue over her pussy lips. I opened up her lips and moved my tongue within its crack. My flickered my tongue now and then, sending hot waves through her. She held my head tightly over her pussy. I kept on riding my tongue in and out of her pussy. This was, it seems, unbearable to her. Her juices started flowing in abundance. She started moaning loudly, ‘oh! It feels so nice. Ah! Please do it more. I am going crazy.’ she had already started pressing her own boobs. I said softly, ‘why don’t you remove your bra? I want to see your treasure.’

Since she did not make any move, i raised my hands, pulled her, unhooked her bra and threw it away. Her round, mid size boobs was free. I pushed her back and held her boobs, continuing eating her. I held her nipples in my fingers and pressed and pinched. This sent her into ecstasy and her nipples were erect. I then got up and sucked her nipples one by one. I kept on teasing her by fingering her cunt. Now she had become bold. She hastily removed my shorts. My dick sprang up straight – a good seven inches long and hard as a rock. She moved her hand over the entire length of my dick many times. She shyly asked, ‘will you kiss me there again? I loved it.’ i asked her, ‘no one has done this before?’ she said, ‘never. But you seem to be expert lover’. I replied, ‘yes, i have a couple of girlfriends and we do keep physical relationship – strictly physical, no emotions involved.’ honoring her request, i went down and once again started licking her cunt. After five minutes, she pushed my head and made me get up. She asked me to come to her bedroom. I said, ‘it would be better here. Just sit on sofa and relax.’ i stood before her and parted her legs. I brought them up and rested them on my shoulders. I then guided my dick in her tight wet pussy. In by inch, i entered her completely. She wrapped her legs tightly over my shoulders. I pressed my dick tightly inside her cunt. I fondled with her boobs. I smiled and started moving my dick back and forth. As i increased my speed, she suddenly climaxed. Her juices were flowing out wildly. She relaxed. I now started humping her wildly. Her cunt was tight and giving a good friction. My balls were hitting her buttocks while humping her. I continued giving her hard strokes and in five minutes, started shooting out. I thought she would push me away. But when she realized that i was shooting, she held me tight with her legs and took my dick deep inside her cunt. Within minutes, i was completely empty. I removed my dick from her cunt and sat near her. She turned her head and kissed me. She said, ‘my love, this is my first experience of orgasm. I had never attained climax so far. You have brought me to real womanhood. Thanks for that. If you want, we can do it once again and many more times. I will take care of my husband.’ i requested her for a glass of water. She got up naked and fetched two glass of fresh lemon juice. I located my cigarettes and started to smoke, enjoying the fresh lime juice. After finishing the juice and cigarette, i asked her, ‘would you like some more?’ she misunderstood this about the lime juice. She said, ‘not for me. I may catch up with sore throat. If you want, i can bring one more for you’. As she started getting up, i pulled her by her hand and said, ‘not the juice, honey. I am asking should we make love once again.’ she shied and said, ‘oh, that. Sure, why not. Let me enjoy fully today. But look there. You are not yet ready.’ she said this pointing her finger to my dick. I laughed aloud and said, ‘darling, it’s no problem. You can solve it in a jiffy.’ she looked at me with a big question mark on her face. I said, ‘it’s easy, easier than you think. But you should be ready to do what i tell you to do’. She said, ‘i can do anything for you. Tell me’. I took her close to me and said, ‘you do not have any experience. What i am going to tell you might disgust you. If you don’t agree, leave it.’ she said, ‘damn it. Just tell me what i am supposed to do’.

I said, ‘ok. You will have to kiss and suck my cock. After sucking for some time, it will be back in action’. I was watching her face for her reactions. She did not reply. She bent down and kissed my lame cock. I told her to hold my dick in her hand and move tongue all over. She started following my instructions. After some time, i told her, now sit in front of me and take my cock in your mouth slowly. Try to take it in as much as you can. Once when it goes in, slowly remove it till the time only the head is in your mouth. Suck the head and start it taking in one again’. She sat in front and slowly took my cock inside her mouth. In the beginning, her mouth was dry. But she started moving her head up and down, her mouth was filled with saliva and it dripped from corners of her lips. When she reached my head, i asked her to suck my head. She started sucking and licking as if she was sucking a lollipop. She continued sucking my dick for ten minutes. I started growing in her mouth. She moaned, “ummmm’. She liked it. I decided to go for ‘69’. I asked her to take me to bedroom. We went inside the bedroom. I lay on bed and asked her to lay on me, with her face towards my legs. She lowered her buttocks and bent forward and remained in the same position. I adjusted her and took her pussy over my mouth. Then i pushed her down and asked her to suck me again, the way she did before. When she swallowed my cock, i started licking and kissing her cunt. Once again, she went into frenzy. She started grinding her pussy over my mouth and kept on sucking my cock. Her juices started flowing again. Then i pushed her up and asked her to remain in the same position. I slowly got up and knelt behind her. I pushed her buttocks open. Her cunt was seen from back. I positioned my dick on her opening and slowly pushed it inside her, giving a mild thrust. She shouted, ‘oh, that’s great. I like it. Come on darling, now don’t wait. Fuck me. Tare me apart.’ i started giving her heavy strokes, one after the other. I grabbed her hanging boobs and crushed them. I pinched her nipples. Within minutes, she again reached climax and released the juices. I banged her for about fifteen minutes, but was unable to come. I said, ‘it’s going to take long for me. Are you tired?’ she said, ‘yes, i am. But you can continue’. I said, ‘no, this seems to be uncomfortable for you. I will come fast if you suck me again, will you?’ i said this, still humping her. She replied, ‘anything for you, my love, anything. As you please, my darling’. I pulled my dick out of her cunt and lay on bed. I asked her to sit near my hips and eat me out. Now she surely knew the blow job. She took my dick in her mouth and started sucking it as she had done before. For a moment, my dick was almost outside her mouth and within second, straight inside, touching her throat. I kept on fondling with her boobs while she sucked me. I said, ‘normally, women like men to shoot inside the mouth. But if it does not suit you, you remove my dick from your mouth the moment i tell you’. She released my dick for a moment and said, ‘oh, you are too much. I have told you once and will tell you many more times – whatever you want. You will be happy releasing in mouth, isn’t it? Then go ahead. I will take all in my mouth. I will never displease you, darling’. She went ahead in sucking me. This time, her movements were smoother and more seasoned. She was giving a lovely blow job. To match the rhythm of her head, i moved my dick up and down in her mouth. She sucked me for almost fifteen minutes, when i released my load inside her mouth. When i started shooting, she held my cock firmly at its base and tightened the grip of her mouth on it. Nevertheless, she kept on her up and down movements. Within seconds, i had off-loaded my entire cream in her mouth and to my surprise, she had swallowed it all.

When i was completely dry, she got up and lay beside me. I said, ‘it’s time to leave. Now take rest. We will enjoy more tomorrow. I also need rest’. Without giving her a chance to say something, i went to the hall, dressed and returned to my apartment. Exhausted, i dropped on bed and went to sleep. In the evening, i changed into jeans and t shirts and decided to go out for dinner. The door bell rang. I saw my neighbor lover in her night gown. She pushed me inside and dragged me in my bedroom. She removed her gown. She was completely naked inside. She approached and undressed me. I said, ‘look, i am not at all ready. This will be too much’. She looked at my dangling dick and said, ‘i will make you ready. You have taught me the trick. I want to fuck right now. It seems, you are going out for dinner. First fuck me and then you can go. I am also going to accompany for dinner. Without giving me a chance to say something, she sat on floor, grabbed my dick and started sucking it furiously. She had gone mad. She had become sex crazy. I also decided to go with her. I grabbed her head harshly and pressed it over my cock. She did not mind. I ordered, ‘you nimpho, suck my balls.’ she had gone totally crazy. She lifted my dick and swallowed my balls. She was pressing my dick with hand at the same time. After wetting my balls, she once again started giving me head job. I was hard as a rock in five minutes flat. I said, ‘look, this would be different now. Wait here’. I went to washroom and returned with a bottle of oil. I asked to go on her hands and knees, like a dog. I went behind her and applied some oil on the opening of her asshole. She asked, ‘are you going to fuck there?’ i said, ‘yes. But you have no choice now. You have called for it’. She merrily said, ‘why should i mind? It would be a new experience. Go ahead’. I applied some oil on my fingers and started inserting my finger inside her asshole. After a little effort, i could insert entire finger inside. I moved my fingers in circular motion to open up the hole. Then i tried with my thump. It went inside easily. When i found that her hole was sufficiently lubricated and opened, i applied some oil on my cock. I placed head of my dick near her asshole and started pushing it inside. She shouted. I felt pity for her and started pulling out. She shouted once again and said, ‘for god’s sake, don’t stop. Please fuck me there’. I spread her ass cheeks further and once again started penetrating her asshole. After a great effort for five minutes, i managed going inside her completely. She got used, and relaxed. I started with mild strokes and gradually increased speed. She pressed her hips on my cock. She had started liking ass fucking. I increased my speed further. I humped and humped and humped. Being the third time, i started perspiring. Surprisingly, even without touching her cunt, she had started reaching orgasm. When i touched her pussy lips, they were already flowing with her juices. It took more than twenty minutes for me to blow. When i reached the height of ecstasy, i shot heavy loads inside her asshole, hitting deep inside her. When i was dry, i pulled out. We got up. She said, ‘wait for me at the car park for fifteen minutes. I will change into something sexy and we will wine and dine together. I dressed and went to my car. She came in fifteen minutes and we went out to a distant restaurant for drinks and dinner. We returned home well after 10 and started fucking. We fucked almost whole night, in various positions.