Little Lola Loves Lollipops

Little Lola is a delightful little girl with such a sweet tooth. She is my young step daughter. The poor little girl never had a stable father figure in her life until I came along. Her mom, my wife Gina, is a stripper, a drug addict, a slut, and an unfit mother, but I love her. I am a chemist with a regular job in the research and development division of one of the major pharmaceutical companies. I am also a Libertarian. I dont think the government should interfere in matters relating to personal conduct, such as sex and drugs, which will become evident from this account of my life.

Because of my access to pharmaceuticals and my knowledge of them I can readily satisfy Ginas drug cravings and she has always reciprocated by satisfying my sexual desires, however perverse they might be. But thats another story; this one is about little Lola.

I probably wouldnt have married Gina except that when she brought me home one night from the strip club where I met her, I laid eyes on her delectable little daughter, Lola. I knew at that moment that I had to make Lola part of my life. Dont get me wrong, I like fucking her mother; shes the main course. But Lola is the sweet dessert.

Lola is quite simply angelic. She has a beautify, sweet little angle face. I have no doubt that when she gets older, she will be able to make a fortune with that face, and if her bodies fill out nicely, the skys the limit. She has the finest, softest blonde hair imaginable, sparkling blue eyes, pouty lips. She is right at the divine stage of a young girls development where the first signs of womanhood are making themselves known, and she is just becoming aware of her sexuality. A tiny swelling of breasts that are still little more than bumps topped by nipples are just emerging from a decade of hibernation. She has a slim figure and skinny legs, but her bottom is just beginning to fill out a little bit, making her ass cheeks at the point where they meet the backs of her upper thighs particularly mouth watering.

With a mother who is a stripper by trade, modest clothing is not evident in our household even for a youngster. Lola is happy to run around the house in a thong and a tiny clingy shirt that leaves her torso almost entirely exposed. Thongs frame her little bottom in the most delicious way.

Gina is mostly into getting high. She also likes sex. She enjoys flirting, picking up men, and ive always gotten a voyeuristic thrill out of watching her sluttiness. But as much as I appreciate her as a wife in my own perverse way, she clearly aint much of a mother. Gina doesnt really pay much attention to Lola, preoccupied as she is with her own addictions, so Lola is left hungry for attention and tender loving care. In fact, until I came along, I dont think anybody ever showed any interest in Lola or gave her the affection she so desperately craves.

Gina works four nights a week at one of the strip clubs downtown, and mostly sleeps during the day when she is home. She works the night shift that starts at 8 pm and goes until whenever. I say whenever because she is far too wasted by the end of the shift ever to make it home so she keeps a room just over the club. So, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights are my nights alone with Lola. I try to make them extra special for both of us.

My afternoons with Lola are that of a typical, responsible father with his child. On my way home from work I pick her up from kids cheerleading practice, dance classes, hanging out at a friends house, or other after-school activities. I check her homework and help her with any problems she is having at school. I am totally proper and she treats me like the father figure in her life that I am, unaware that we have an alternative life style at night.

When things have quieted down, and Gina has left for her work at the strip club, Lola and I get ready for the evening fun to begin. Because she has such a sweet tooth and cant wait for dessert, I always give Lola a lollipop before dinner. Here is my little secret. Ive developed a liquid variation of Royphenol, a drug that makes Lola not only tipsy, but also open to suggestion, compliant, and with complete amnesia about what happened while she was stoned. I put the Royphenol in an eye dropper that I drip on the lollipops that Lola loves to lick.

I also dabble in hypnosis, and Lola is my greatest achievement as a hypnotist. About a half hour after she licks her lollipop, I tell her its time to prepare for the evening. She willingly allows me to stare in her beautiful blue eyes, now looking a little heavy lidded. I can easily and quickly induce a hypnotic state in Lola and convince her that she is about to have dinner with a talent scout for one of her favorite TV showsAmerican Idol, Hannah Montanaor for an audition to be on a music video with one of her favorite boy bands like the Jonas Brothers or to be the newest member of the Pussycat Dolls, her favorite girl group. I tell her that she needs to look beautiful and sexy in order to convince the talent scoutme of courseto accept her to be on the show or in the group.

I have carefully shopped through lingerie catalogues, bought the most beautiful and sexy gowns, teddies, and negligees and carefully altered them to fit Lola. I lay out a nice selection for her. She has her own selection of high heels that I got through a costume, dress up catalogue, and I have purchased a full component of make uplipstick, rouge, eye shadow and liner, as well as various perfumes and powdersthat Lola puts on using a lovely little girl vanity that I set up for her in her bedroom. She loves watching her mom put on her make up and get dressed in sexy clothes, so it comes pretty naturally to Lola to do the same. She is her mothers daughter after all. With a little guidance from me, she will follow right in her mothers footsteps.

Under the power of the drug and my hypnotic suggestion, Lola excitedly puts on a silky evening gown or negligee, eye shadow and lipstick. She always appears smelling sweet and teetering with expectation and excitement for her big chance to be on TV or on stage. I introduce myself as the Hollywood talent scout, and we sit down to a nice dinner. I make it nice and fancy. We never have a table cloth when Gina is at home. But after Gina leaves for work, my dinners with Lola are romantic candlelight affairs. I stare into her eyes and maintain the hypnotic trance. I take her hand as we sip our drinksa sweet wine cooler for Lola, a dry white for meboth in elegant champagne glasses.

If Lola looks like she is sobering up, I spike her wine cooler with another drop of Royphenol. By Lolas bedtime, 9 or 9:30 at night, she is like putty in my hands — usually completely compliant, half awake, tipsymy own little sugary glazed donut, eager to please the talent scout, so desperate to be on the next American Idol or whatever fluff show ive dangled in front of her, or the one that really turns her on, to be the next Pussycat Doll.

I have a home karaoke set up, so as part of the audition, I will get Lola to get up and sing and dance for me. With a steady diet of Pussycat Doll videos to teach her how, she does her best to wiggle her slim hips like a woman. I give her pointers along the way to make her moves more and more suggestive. Ive encouraged her to swivel her hips and to undulate her waist like a belly dancer, to stick out that precious little bum and wiggle it in front of my face, just like the Pussycat Dolls. She will play with the hem of her nightie letting me catch glimpses of her panties in a flirty strip teasing way and lean forward so that her gown opens up and I can see glimpses of her pretty pink nipples.

I tell her that she has almost passed the audition. She has passed the talent portion, but now I need to see if she can pass the personality part of the audition. She asks me what that is. I say she needs to prove that she is a hottie like the Pussycat Dolls. I give her another Royphenol-laced lollipop and tell her that she has to lick and suck in the sexiest way. I always give her a red one so that it makes her tongue and lips bright red. She bats her heavily shadowed eyes, winds her bright red tongue around the lollipop like a cock sucking pro. Watching her makes my dick rock hard.

We then usually spend time cuddling together on the sofa. We will just listen to music with Lola sucking absent-mindedly on her after-dinner lollipop, sometimes with another little drop of Royphenal, while I put my arm around her and run my fingers through her hair or casually run my hands along the silky material of her lingerie-clad little body. I ease the hem of her night gown up her legs so her girl thighs are exposed to my sight and touch.

Lola loves to cuddle and to be cuddled. I like to whisper into her ear, telling her how pretty she is, what beautiful eyes she has, what soft skin, what silky hair. She loves the compliments. She leans into me and literally purrs like a kitten. I then just hold her close and breathe warmly into her ear, brushing her luscious ear lobe with my lips. She tilts her head slightly to encourage me to nuzzle her neck. Lola loves to have her neck kissed. I make her neck wet with my saliva. As I lightly suck and lick my hand wanders up to her flat chest where my fingers locate the little nipple nubs that I feel through the silky material of her night gown.

Lola is really a sexy little kitten and is quite responsive to my touch. I get her even more excited when I whisper in her ear that I think she has a good chance of passing the audition and if I am pleased with her I think she will have a chance to meet the Jonas Brothers or whoever her star infatuation of the day happens to be. As I tell her this, my hand is wandering up her thigh and my fingers lightly touch the amazing softness of her upper inner thigh as I feel the moist heat of her excited little girl pussy. My fingers wander over the silky material of her panties. I pick panties that match her negligees. I favor wispy little string bikinis with cute little bows on the sides. They are so cute, so girly, and so much fun to play with.

Lola squirms under my touch. I kiss her mouth. She surrenders to me. She opens her lips and my tongue explores her sweet young mouthstill with a trace of lollipop sweetness. As I do this my hand finds her little nub of a clit and play with it with my finger through the silky wispy material of her panties. As she gets hotter, I see little beads of perspiration on her forehead and feel the incredible heat that can be generated between a young girls legs. As I continue playing with her clit, her breathing grows rapid, and her little fingers begin grasping my shoulders or running through my hair. Like I said, putty in my hands. Such a sweet little baby slut.

As I kiss Lola and whisper encouragement and suggestion into her ears, telling her how I am going to make her a big Hollywood star, I get her to sit on my lap, the better to fondle her immature body. I squeeze her tight little bottom and work my fingers under her panties. I gently stroke her labia. My fingers play. I dip a finger into her slit. I dont fully penetrate, just a little, a little pussy penetration with my middle finger. I slip a slight tip of my pinkie finger in her sweet little asshole. With just the right amount of pressure, I finger the child to an orgasm. I feel her shudder and moan as I cup her hairless vulva in one hand, her sweet little ass in the other, the fingers of my two hands meeting over her girlish pussy, as I kiss her neck, her blonde hair now limp with perspiration.

As she recovers her breath I unzip my pants and expose my rock hard cock. I have a variety of sweet-tasting edible massage oils that I apply liberally to my cock. I then pull Lolas gorgeous but groggy face into my lap. “ive got a special lollipop for you, sweetie,” I say to her. I take her head in my hands and direct her mouth to my cock. “Lick it, baby.” Lola licks. “Suck your Sugar Daddy, baby.” Lola sucks. “Good girl.” She gags a bit and catches her breath. As she does so, I apply more sweet oil. “Come for more, baby.” I push her head down. “Be a good girl.” She starts licking some more. “Suck for Daddy.” Suck. “Good girl.” Slurp. “Thats my girl.” Gag, gag. I like to pull the little strings on Lolas panties, turn her over, and then apply the massage oil to the crack of her tight little ass.

I like to go down for a taste of the sweet massage oil myself. I tongue the cleft of her slender bottom. She squirms. I work my tongue down until ive passed over her little ass hole and on to the delights of her baby pussy. I get her breathing hard again, I squirt some more oil on her bottom, suck those succulent ass cheeks, and then I position myself behind her and pull her tightly into me. I hold her narrow hips and fit the length of my hard cock into the slippery cleavage of her slim little buns.

Lola is light as a feather, so I can hold her effortlessly. My favorite way to hump her from behind is to have one of my hands holding her at her chest with the fingers of that hand playing with her nipples while my other hand is cupping her vulva and one of the fingers of that hand is working its way into her tight wet pussy. In the meantime I grind my cock in the crack of her bottom. Sometimes in the heat of the moment, I press the head of my cock at the entrance of her pussy, but her pussy has been too small and my cock too big for the breakthrough moment when she will lose her virginity, and I dont believe in using force. But, the way she has been working her sexy bottom against my cock, I can tell she is hungry for it and that it wont be long before she loses her virginity to me.

I usually end our play time by coming on her ass and spurting my cum on her back. Other times I oil up her tummy and come on her front, splashing my cum between the proud little nipples sticking out from her flat chest, and sometimes when she is has taken a bit too much Royphenol and is really out of it, I cum on her sweet, beautiful face.

I always give Lola a thorough but gentle clean up before tucking her into bed for the night. While washing her face and body I also go into a heavy hypnotic suggestion session in which I tell her that she wont remember anything that happened that evening when she wakes up in the morning from a restful nights sleep.

Until now this arrangement has worked very well; Lola and I have maintained a normal father-daughter relationship, and she hasnt shown a trace of awareness of our evening escapades. Lately, though, Lola has been getting flirtatious with me during the day long before licking her first drug-spiked lollipop of the evening. When Gina and I are watching TV on the sofa, Lola will get on the other side of me, dressed in her usual thong or string bikini and micro form-fitting top, sucking a lollipop as usual, but one without my secret ingredient. She will squirm close under my arm and slip her fingers in between the buttons of my shirt so she is tickling my chest or stomach and sometimes resting her hand on my thigh and even brushing her hand against my cock. This is usually happening with Gina under my other arm, but Gina doesnt seem to notice or care, mainly because with a little help from me she is high as a kite herself.

She has begun applying make up herself when she gets home from school without the benefit of drugs or hypnotic suggestion. Whenever were alone in the house she intentionally wiggles her bottom as provocatively as possible, wearing the skimpiest panties and tightest, thinnest knit tops that stretch across her chest so that her nipples protrude from the flatness of her chest. Whenever she says hello or goodbye to me she accompanies it with a kiss on the lips, kisses that lately have begun to linger. On a couple of occasions, she has asked me if I could kiss her like a kiss mommy. I have told her that shes not old enough to kiss the grown up way and that fathers and daughters are not supposed to kiss the same way as husbands and wives and that we could get in trouble for kissing that way even though it would be really nice to be able to. She promises not to tell anyone. This has gone along for a couple of weeks during the day before our sessions of Royphenol and hypnosis have begun.

Last night the barrier between our private fantasy life induced by drugs and hypnosis and the waking and sober life completely broke down. Gina was home. There was no Royphenol, no TV auditions, no talent scout. Just mother, daughter, and me. During a TV movie, our relationship as a family underwent a major transformation. As I held a stoned Gina under one arm and a lollipop-licking Lola under the other, watching a TV movie, Lolas hand not only played between the buttons of my shirt, but she actually unbuttoned a couple buttons, the better to play with the hair on my chest and torso. She actually played with my nipples and as she did so my cock uncomfortably hardened and pushed against the material of my pants. To my surprise, Gina took notice of that, and oblivious to her daughters activities on my other side, Gina slipped her hand under the waistband of my pants and started squeezing and playing with my dick.

The movie continued on and by this time I had a nice handful of Ginas breast in my left hand while my right hand was diving in the neckline of Lolas blouse and feeling the hardness of her girl chest and the delightful little nipples. Lola started kissing my neck, licking behind my ear and sucking my earlobe in and out of her sweet little mouth. With my left hand I pushed Ginas face into my lap and she started sucking my cock. I turned my head and began kissing Lolas mouth. For the first time consciously and with her full awareness our mouths met in passion, tongues playing with each other. A grown up kiss, the way I kiss her mommy. I sucked at her succulent lower lip, I tasted the lollipop sweetness of her mouth, my tongue darted in and out, thrusting deeper and deeper, all the while holding her moms head down as she concentrated on sucking my dick.

After awhile, I pushed Lolas head down into my lap so mom and daughter were both positioned to share my cock. I watched as their mouths worked my cock, their tongues and lips meeting each other as they played with my dick in their mouths. I was surprisedshocked reallythat neither mother nor daughter seemed to mind sharing my cock with each other or for that matter showed any hesitation to kiss each others mouths. I marveled at the sensuousness of the sight of mother and daughter making out with each other with my glistening dick serving as their shared lollipop.

I pulled Lola back up so I could kiss her mouth some more, but also positioned her so that her pussy was rubbing against the cock her mom was sucking. As I kissed Lola, I used my right hand to pull down her panties and my right to guide Ginas mouth to Lolas pussy. Gina, thoroughgoing and incorrigible slut that she is, and flying high, started alternately licking away at her little daughters pussy and my dick. As she did so, I worked the middle finger of my left hand in and out of Ginnys pussy. Both mom and daughter were moaning in pleasure, Gina a throaty, low moan; Lola more of a squeal, higher pitched, as she was beside herself with awakening sexual excitement.

Gina and I then made a Little Lola sandwich. Gina sat on my lap facing me, my dick in her pussy. And Lola sat between us, mostly in Ginas lap, also facing me with her legs wrapped around my waist. Gina kissed the back and sides of Lolas neck and her hands played with Lolas nipples and pussy, as she rocked on my dick, enjoying her fucking. In the meantime, I was French kissing Lola and my hands were stroking Gina and encouraging her to ride up and down on my cock. We stayed this way until Gina got her orgasm and rolled away, and fell into a deep sleep on the sofa, the TV still playing in the background.

The main course was done. Time for dessert. “Are you ready for me, baby?” I whispered in Lolas ear. “Yes, Daddy,” she breathed back into my ear.

I carried Lola into her bedroom and laid her down on her bed. Along the way, I picked up a bottle of peach flavored massage oil that I knew to be Lolas favorite, even if she didnt remember it consciously. I smeared it liberally on my neck, torso, and dick and then oiled up Lolas willing body as well, now naked. Her flat chest and tummy glistened, I oiled up her hairless vulva and made her thighs and ass nice and slippery. And then we just started licking and licking, sucking, kissing, enjoying the intense sweetness of each others bodies. I moved us into a 69 position so Lola could suck on my lollipop and I could get her pussy ready with my mouth. I brought her to orgasm with my tongue penetrating her.

But Lola wasnt done. Nor was I.

I lay on top of her as she clung to me like a baby. My cock was hard on her tummy, slippery and sliding from her mothers juices, her and my sweat, and the massage oil. “Do you want Daddy inside you, baby?”

“Yes, Daddy, please Daddy, I want it.”

“I dont want to hurt you, sugar baby.” She clung to me harder, pulled herself into me with all her might, and pressed her pussy onto my cock head. I felt the tight entrance to her little pussy. With all the foreplay, the moment of truth was still painful for Lola. She couldnt stifle a scream as I broke her hymen and initiated her into womanhood. As I thrust, it hurt her too much, so I finished her off the old way. I withdrew my cock from her tender, injured little pussy, turned her over, and fit the length of my cock into the now wet and slippery cleavage of her ass where I could thrust hard and Lola could wiggle and meet my thrusts without pain. Just as I was about to come, I flipped her onto her back, pinned her arms spread-eagled and finished thrusting on her squirming belly and came and came and came spurting cum over her belly, chest, and neck as she met my thrusts with her own.

I then fell exhausted on her narrow childs bed. I pulled little Lola to me, enveloping her spoon fashion in my arms, both of us wet, naked, her little bottom still cradling my now relaxed cock, her slim girlish back held against my massive, wet hairy front torso. As I cradled her in my arms, I whispered into her ear, “I love you, Lola.”

“Ummm,” she murmured as she fell into sleep, no doubt sweet lollipop dreams beginning to dance in her head.

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