Training in train

Training in train

By: sammer

Here I am Sammer again with another short experience which took place while I was travelling in a local train.. I have mostly travelled in the 1st class. One day in haste I accidentally entered the 2nd class as I didnt want to miss the train . Our compartment was totally packed as you can imagine. I had just about started getting adjusted to the crowd when the train reached Mumbai Central station.

Alongwith all the local commuters there appeared to be a family which had come from out station with all their bags and parcels. It was difficult to tell how many of them were there exactly in the family but it seemed like it consisted of the husband, his wife, and three children . The wife, approximately 25 of age, definitely got all the men warmed up in the compartment with her voluptuous, rural, dark body brushing tightly against them as she made her way through to get inside. Naturally, I couldnt see anything of her body below the breast area due to the crowd, but the breast itself was so heavily bulky and firm that it was easy to imagine an equally massive bottom.

I noticed some nasty guys already trying their luck in every secretive way. It was all too obvious in their mischievous eyes, and this made me laugh. I was standing much away from the entrance to be in a safer position and I realized this woman also wanted to be in a safe place away from the entrance. I got this creepy suspicion if she would come close to me which I was feeling embarrassed of already. And I was dead right. She saw me dressed in elegant formals and my very sober appearance made her feel all the more secure. So she came and stood beside me pulling along her 3 kids.

Kids? Well, the only eldest daughter seemed to be in her fresh teens, and had gone by the mother. Firmly developed ripe boobs at such a tender age. The girl was wearing some cheap shiny pink salwar, the zipper of it from behind was all coming apart. The mother as well as the daughter were so pretty and sweet looking that I got confused as to if I did get a chance to feel them which one should I go for. I left it to time to solve this for me. And time proved very favorable by allowing both of them to stick irresistibly close to me. Luckily I was not carrying my briefcase or anything else in my hands, allowing them to have the time of their life now. So on one hand I could feel the mothers bulging arse, and on the other there was this young girls tender soft butt. I could peek in through the girls wide open zipper that she was wearing no bra, while my hands detected that there no panties down there either. I was too shocked to learn this. Perhaps thats how they manage to live on their low budget life in the villages, I consoled myself.

Similarly the mother too didnt seem to be wearing any panty, but a bra was on for sure. I didnt feel the bra yet but could see traces of it under her splitting blouse. I was too tensed what would be the reaction of either females when I touched them. Thankfully they both kept giving me those pleased and secure looks. This gave me more confidence to proceed. As it is the temperature in the compartment was so humid, hot, and steamy with everyones sweat odor additionally that the heat from these females arse was too unbearable. I felt like I will turn to ashes in an instant. The mother being more experienced, I felt her shifting her arse from side to side to encourage me to go deeper into it while she enjoyed it thoroughly.

With so much encouragement from her I felt absolutely free to even start raising her saree from below, since I knew no one could see anything below the shoulders. Although there was not sufficient space to move in the crowded compartment, I still managed to pull up her saree and petticoat upto her upper thighs which were naturally very sticky with sweat due to the humidity. The thighs were soft as foam and so was the arse region in which I started feeling some hair fully wet. Either it was wet with sweat or a sign that she was cumming already. Same time my other hand did not neglect the younger doll. But she had still a lot to learn. As my hand ran through the girls salwar waistline to feel her arse, she was completely blushing in embarrassment and didnt know what to do.

I made her feel easier by going very slowly and gradually through the course. Instead of digging into her pussy, I pulled my hand out of her salwar and lead it towards her back region. Since there was no bra to be unleashed, I headed straight for her fresh tits. Those were so supple, soft and tender. Her nipples did harden in no time and out of excitement she let out a squeak which frightfully was heard by some others in compartment. This got me shit scared. Even the husband who was all this while busy managing the sons, looked at her with threatened eyes. He was a simpleton who all the way gave me sweet smiles which said that he trusted me to protect his females from the indecent crowd. Little did he know that I was the biggest culprit. At this point I assured him by pretending to enquire his daughter if all was okay. She, with a coy smile also assured her father that it was someones foot which stamped on her causing her to squeak. The husband, convinced, continued to show his sons the glitterati outside the train.

This made the wife and the daughter giggle softly and admired my skills at traits. Once again I grasped the girls tits and now she was learning to enjoy the whole process without letting the others around have a trace of all the occurrences. I lead my hand to the girls navel area slowly pushing my fingers into her soft and tender pussy. She too was sweating from top to bottom. The girl had no hair in the pubic area leaving the pussy very fine and smooth. An intensely tight pussy she had, to speak for her virginity. Simultaneously my left hand on the wife was now busy crawling up her back to reach for her blouse. I slipped my fingers under the blouse and felt the bra.

I was desperate to even open the bra, but knew that it would be like asking for too much and later causing embarrassment and spoiling all the fun if caught red handed. So instead of attempting to open the bra I pulled my fingers out of the blouse and started running them over the blouse guided by the bra straps to reach her bosom. Her boobs were larger to feel than what they appeared to the eyes. Like huge masses of flesh peaked with stout nipples. I was very lucky to be able to do all this without anyone noticing because she was very short in height. So the whole of her body was hidden under all the mens shoulders from which only her head was visible, giving me full liberty to relish the sensation of her boobs to the maximum. I started kneading the heavy hot balls of fire until she was moaning so silently that only she and I could hear. She wriggled her body in full orgasm. In this situation I wished I could use both my hands on the wife alone. Though, I didnt want to miss out on the young virgin either.

I was impressed with the fact that both, the mother and the daughter, were completely comfortable with enjoying with the same man at same time. This made me wonder if the duo were bisexual and if the girl was really a virgin as I thought. Whos bothered anyway? Eat the fruit and dont count the trees, I thought to myself. My station was approaching, so I had to make the best of this rare opportunity. So as a conclusion I squeezed them both tightly along the waist. And for a grand finale, pushed the fingers of both my hands into both the cunts vigorously. Our awesome threesome reached the peak of our orgasm in an instant. Though, that moment in paradise didnt last for long, because at this point neither of the females could resist the sensation any longer and screamed out loudly.

You could easily guess what happened next. Before I could be grabbed and beaten by the other guys, my station arrived and in that rush to get down everyone went helter skelter, and I had a narrow yet successful escape.

But later after 2 days I met then in market n then i had a good fucking session with both mom n daughter .so if u want to know more comment me or contact me at / /