Sali Ka Pyaar

Hi I am a 29 years old guy working in mnc .There are two characters in this story POOJA AND ANUJ .POOJA is a model in nepali pop albums and Amit is her jija goes to her house for summer vacations They two meet with each other once before without any feeling of sex with each other now i come to story.Amit reached at poojas house in nepal pooja so exited to see him on her house and welcomed him .

They have some breakfast and tea and amit go to take some rest.In evening pooja asked she want to buy a cellphone and asked amit that her husband is busy in work so he will join het to purchase this handset while walking in market amit noticed pooja wears a transparent suit from which her black bra is visible very easily and her ass is well shaped and so muscular because she is a gym going girl and due to dance profession her physic is too tight and sexy.pooja noticed it but dont show to amit they purchased most of things and come back .

After reaching home pooja inquired abut her husband from mother and comes to know he is gone to kathmandu for the prepration of a songs video and come next day now pooja becomes hot from inside because she also attract and impressed by amits muscular body she gave amit a glass of colddrink and ask to move in computer room at the ground level of house .Both move towards the room and amit feel very hard to fuck her beautifull body when they reach in room pooja closed all curtains of room and lock the door so no one disturb them she told her mother that she is doing some urgent work with the help of amit so no body will disturb them for two hours.

Amit also understand the situation when he saws her closing curtains and doors but he dnt show his feelings to pooja both of them sit close to each other in front of computer amit telling her about songs and videos site suddenly pooja inquired about sex sites amit looks towards her in a very stunned way he just acting like that firstly he denied for it but when pooja insisit he opened a site and shows her the fucking clips of a couple fucking each other .pooja becaomes horny buy seeing this and she asked amit that he knows what feelings he have in his heart for him amit also accept it and both started kissing each other very aggresilvy the tounges of both sucking each other in that alone room amit unhucked the shirt buttons of poojas night suit and her 34d boobs come out with pink nipples pooja alos opened amits shirt and the bare and hard chest of amit comes out she started kissing on his chest move down towards his massive cock which is 10 inch long and without hairs amit grap his hairs hard on her back and start fucking her mouth with his dick the sound of floopppp flopppppppp ffloppppp coming from her mouth .Her tears are come out of eyes due to non having of breath properly because cock full her mouth after a fucking of 15 minutes amit put her on desk and start sucking her shaved pussy which have pink lips and without hairs amit fucked her pusyy with lusty tounge for 20 minutes in which pooja cummed twice and amit drinked all his amit opened her legs and put some juice of her on his massive cock and stuck on her pucy lips pooja shouted with pain of first strock of amits cock because her husband have a short dick then amit at first strock dick dnt goes inside then amit make it wet buy her love juice again and give a hard strock by which poojas pussy tears in a part and catch amits arm and grab his ass tightly with his legs and ask him to stop for a minute but amit dnt stop and start pumping her hardly in reaction to which pooja shouts loudly like oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hellllllllllllllllll ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmy gooooooooooooooooooddddddddddd save meeeeeeeeeeee from this dick .amit become more horny after hearing this and increased his speed and pooja shouts loudly in nepali uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuui puuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuui ammmmmmmma mmmmmmmmmmmmatttttttttttttttttttttttthiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii phut gayethe sounds of ohhhhhhh aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ouccccccccccccccchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk goooooooooooddd fuck me fuck me harder more more more harder harder faster fuck me like this yeahhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh fill the room suddenly a big shout of pich hhhhhhhh and oh my goddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd make room silent for a minute beause pooja cummed a huge amount of love juice and feels that she have no life in her body now and she asked amit stop; for five minutes but amit put his dick in her mouth and startfucking her mouth again with this horny fucking pooja become wild and she start sucking his balls also when amit feels that his cock wants pussy badly he turns pooja in doggy style and start fucking her again this time pooja shouted more loudly because she never gets fuck like this the rough fucking of amit make her a complete woman her groans of pain become louder the table is shaking very badly her hairs are moving left right and right left her eyes becomes bigger and mouth is red and tears are flowing continusly she have a much of pain which not enjoyed in whole married life of five ears after a 15 minutes of back fucking amit fixed her on wall and start sucking her boobs and pooja grab amits ass with his legs to get support and lover rod of amit knocking on poojas pussy pooja told amit that may be her pussy is bleeding hearing this amit strock his cock again in her pussy and start fucking her again now pooja shouts like a whore with bad words chhhhooooooooooood daaaaaaaaal mujhe harami jije choddddddd daaaaaaaaaaal tere jaiiiiiiiiiisaa lundddddddddd dubaraaaaaaaaa nahi milegaaaaaaaaaaa choddddddddddd daaaaaaaaaaaaal mujheeeeeeeeeeeeeee ccccccccchuuuuuuuuut toooooooooo phaaaaaaaaaaaaaad heeeeeeeeeee daliiiiii hai jjjjjjjjjaaaaaaaaaaaaaan nikkkkkkkkkkkk alaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal de tttttankiiiiiiikisiiiiiiiii aur luuunnnnnnd ke taraf muh naaaaaa kare yehhhhhhhhh chooooooooooooo d jaaaaaaaaaldi mein jhhhhhadddddddddddne waliiiiiiiiiii hooooooooon and she agaaaaaaaain disscharged for ninth time in this sessiion suddenly amit increased his speeeeeed more and large grown comes from his mouth of ahhhhhhhhhhh and he explode all his juice in poojas pussy and both of them laid down for some minutes amit want to fuck her more but she denied and said they enjoy other sex minutes on sohra naitonal parks trip .

to be coninued in next story ………….

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