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Hi this is Rohini here again, your response to my 1st story encouraged me to write the second post. That after Raj from my home I was very much happy, and completely satisfied but on the other hand I was feeling little guilty also that I cheated Vijay it was all mix feeling. I seated on the sofa with my eyes closed thinking all about what I did was right or wrong for nearly 15min. then I got up and went for a bath again as soon as I entered bathroom I was missing Raj.

After finishing bath I went too kitchen for dinner preparation. Doorbell rang I opened the door Jay {my son} alone came inside I asked him where is swati aunty? He said “aunty dropped me at ground floor went away she told she will call u mom” ok. Then after some time I got call swati. I asked her “swati did u come up I wanted to talk to u a lot ?” she told “rohini I also want to talk to u a lot I am very much excited to hear your experience with Raj actually my hubby is going too Mumbai for two days so I told him after he leaves tonight I and my son will come too your place and we will sleep there only so I hurried came to my place for packing my hubbies bags” hearing this I too got happy I said “ok swati come soon I am waiting” then we kept the phone .

At 9 or 9.15 Doorbell rang It was swati and her son I was very happy to meet swati I welcomed her. Then we all had dinner and made our sleep soon. After boys slept we closed door of boys room and both came to my bedroom till now we didnt had spoken single word about Raj. As soon as we came in my bedroom swati asked me “dear did enjoyed the day with raj” I replied “swati it was a great experience I never knew that sex can be so enjoyable and refreshing Raj is very good and smart man I liked him a lot but swati I very much confused I think I had wrong with Vijay I feeling guilty also on the other side” swati replied “Dont be nervous dear its everyone right to be happy yaar when man can do anything outside then why cant we and thats the way to live happy married life.

a couple give a space and freedom to each other and u still love Vijay a lot thats most important thing and when u are enjoying your life you will take more care of Vijay which will lead to great married life with each and hiding something from each other is not at all cheating with each other its just we do not tell it because it may hurt each other same way if our hubby fucks outside its ok its more important that they love us and they take care of us .” I got convinced by her point of view I said “ok baba” then we changed too our night dress then she asked about my experience with Raj I told her that it was my lifetime experience telling her about want all happened with Raj I was feeling hot getting wet downside, swati was also getting hot now swati told “tuze sagle aikun aatalapan lund havaaahe re maazipan khup icha hoat aahe{listening all your experience I am also getting in mood now I also wanna dick ” I replied “control yourself dear where would you find a dick here at night” but she was in very hot mood “she asked me do you have internet?”

I said yes its in the room only” she told “then rohini we could have great fun rohini start the computer and connect internet dear till that I am coming from bathroom” I said “ok” I did as she said after she came I asked her whats your plan she said to have many dicks in front of us Cumming I said dear how? She said u have yahoo id I said no ok I will use mine then she logged in as soon as entered a chat room many boys buzzed then she started replying 4-5 boys and then they showed there cams all the boys were nude then she started chatting with them dirty seeing all this my pussy was dam wet now and same was condition of swati as was pressing her one hand on her pussy her the pajama of night suit in no time 2 boys cummed in front the camera seeing this I stopped swati from chatting and requested her to sign out of yahoo she agreed.

we saw each other we were very wet now wanted to have a dick badly I told swati dear I am remembering Raj badly now I very wet she told she is also in same condition , swati gave an idea may “I call Raj now” I got ready agreed I told her but how can he make relax both of us on this she thought for few minutes and she said “rohini if u dont have any problem I can call an another man for me he is also very good man and he is our Boss he will also be very” I was shocked and thought for sometime then I asked her “swati but is he that genuine as Raj he should be decent man and never after tonight he should come to this place again just ensure me that” she just got happy and promised me that will never come again to my place I have great faith in her I said “ok then call them swati” I was also happy and excited for one more adventure but before calling swati asked “is it safe hear in your apartment u will not face any no?” I said “no problem here”

actually we live in big society which having near 100 flats our wing is having 20flats so its big apartment and many visitors come go daily its very safe here .she called Raj and her Boss told our plan both very happy told that they will be at our place half hour . Then I went close the computer but swati stopped told let read something hot on internet till they come I said I dont know the sites she opened ISS it was great site she explained about the site and different categories of stories from which we readied two stories now my pussy was dam wet ,I told swati I told her I need shower before they arrive she said she will also take a shower after I come I rushed to the bath as soon as locked bathroom door from inside I removed my all clothes and sat for a huge pee this time I again remembered Raj.

after that I badly finger fucked my pussy and got relaxed after masturbating I had hot water shower and wore a towel came out swati laughing asked “had great masturbation inside” smiling I replied “ tu pan ithe bote ghatli asnar na {you must had fingered here }” both laughed loudly and she ran inside bathroom I tooked out nice two nighties from my cupboard wore a new pair of bra and panties and wore a light blue nighty and got ready soon swati also came out and got ready she a pinky nighty I tooked out for her we sprayed perfume and we both have just got ready and swati cell phone ranged swati picked up the phone it was Raj he told they had come in the apartment swati said ok and kept phone swati told that she told raj when they come just give her a call and not too ring door bell as childrens are sleeping inside.

so came in the hall I want too the childrens room both were sleeping nicely I closed their door for outside properly and swati opened the main door my heartbeats were speeding heavily I was very excited to see both of then arriving swati welcomed them and closed the door I was happy too raj again he came near me smiling and hugged me then swati introduced me to her boss he was tall young and smart man his name was KETAN then we all seated for a while in hall and had just some formal talks I noticed Ketan was constantly staring at me he was huge man his tall above 6ft heavy body but I preferred Raj only then swati suddenly asked me “Rohini what next” I replied “Swati u and Ketan go in bedroom I and Raj we will be here in hall only”

hear this Ketan got little disappointed I think he wanted to fuck but I felt raj would more comfortable company for me on this both swati and ketan said ok while going in ketan said hope u great time I said thanks as soon as swati and ketan went in the room and locked the door Raj smiling came near me holed me in his arms and lifted smiling I was also smiling as he. We both were looking in each others eyes then I said her dear bring me down he bought me down made me seated on sofa he sat near me and he caressing my face he said “Rohini tu khup sunder aahes me khupach lucky aahe ki tu mala avdhe prem dilas” I said Raj you are also very good person with good heart” on this came near stared kissing me I also was responding him equally we kissed for long time then we got and took all our dresses off in time we got nude he made seat on sofa and directly sat down and opened my legs spread my pussy lips and started kissing and sucking it and his one hand was pressing my boobs one by one as he was sucking so nicely and his tongue was inside my pussy vibrating fastly in few minutes I cummed.

As soon as cummed I pushed his head in my pussy more with my hands and sucked my pussy clean then he got sat beside me I was also relaxing closing my eyes then after few min. I got up and went on raj kissing his lips then I took the commend as an English movie heroines do I gave him deep lip to lip kiss then I came down started creasing his hairy chest sucked his little nipples then suddenly I sat on his cock and started up and down on which he getting shocked and more excited I asked him how are u feeling he said dear its great u doing it without condom I said u wanted it like that only na he said yes rohini u sex angle I was constantly thrusting his cock then he made me little on one side now he started pushing his cock in my pussy from behind then he fucked in doggy style I cummed again now I knew he cum in anytime I stopped him took his cock and started sucking his cock I 1or 2 min. only sprayed his white hot cum in my mouth I sucked it all I always too eat the cum.

After relaxing for few min. I got up got water for both of us then I asked Raj and sat beside Raj then I asked him about Ketan he said “ketan is very good person” I wore my nighty without bra and panties and went near door of my bedroom I heard a swati was moaning loudly I was amazed he still fucking him heavily then I came back to Raj he was lyeing on sofa I also slept I his arms, in no time we got sleep after some swati came woke me up I got she told me to come in kitchen she looked very happy and great satisfaction on her face see her face I felt good as went in kitchens I asked “kiti vela karatho tes aata zala tumche{who many times u were doing just know u finished}she said “majhe tinda ani tyache ek da zale{I cummed 3times anmd cummed once only}”

I was surprised “kai mhante tyala 45.min ek da karaila?” she replied “ho mag khup strong aahe to dis toe kasa{yes of course he is dam strong man}. I said thats great then she said “dear u wanna go to him?” I said “no way why you asking me like that?”she said dear he is real man I you have great sex with as this chance will be again for both you he also wanna fuck you he very much impressed by seeing you but its up to you I will not force u for anything he had got so much mad for you that he offered that if let him fuck he will make me branch maneger so I came and asked you then as u wish dear decision should be yours.” Hearing this I told “swati anything for u dear I will in bedroom” swati huged me “

thanks I sure u we enjoy”. I took water for Ketan and went to my bedroom door was little open I pushed the door ketan was lying on bed with blanket till his chest he smiled and took water from me then he asked “rohini so what u decided?” I went back too door and locked the door from inside and turned towards the Ketan I see big smile and happiness on his face he showed his both the hands and asked me to come in his arms I want near removed my nighty got totally nude and went inside the blanket and in his arms seeing so closely he was very happy he was staring my closely he thowed away the blanket and started seeing whole body closely he want down till the toes seeing me he started sucking my toes then legs then my thighs then came to clean shaved pussy he sucked good long time now I was in good hot mood he put hand my soft boobs and started pressing then I shouted in moan his hands very strong big and rough it pained me first I had never been pressed with such a strong hand but he continued in same way then after sucking pussy long time he came up kissed my nipples and sucked them heavily then I bought him up kissed lips 2 lips he such strong and good kisser now I wanted to see his dick so I made him sleep and went down to his cock I was shocked seeing his cock it was huge it was like xxx movies heroes it was more than 8”

I got very excited and took cock in mouth only half of his I could take in my mouth then I started to and fro then sucked only head the cock sucked 2-3 times his precum which came out while I sucking his cock then started sucking ball below the cock then suddenly he pulled me up, made and sprayed my leg started my pussy to ass hole I know what will happen next so forwarded my hand opened the drawer beside bed and took the condom out.

Ketan was busy sucking my pussy when got and was push his cock in my pussy I stopped him gave him the condom he smiled and took it I asked him y u smiling that he told “rohini when women gives condom to the man it feels great that means she is equaled eager to get fucked” I also laughed hearing this I said “yes dear u sucked my pussy so well that u fuck a lot and your dick so big I am dyeing to feel it” he weared condom and slowly started pushing it in my pussy in 4-5 pushes his half cock went inside then start to and fro I was get dam wet slowly slowly his all dick was in my pussy it felt great it tight that I was every movement of his cock in my pussy then suddenly he increased his speed it started hurting mev in my a lot but soon cummed the lubrication in my pussy increased Its a great satisfaction then took my both legs on his shoulders and started fucking “ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh my god ketan what are u doing it” I started moaning loudly.

He fucked very heavily many different position lastly when I was on top and he sleeping down I fucking faster it was nearly more 25-30min. his was inside me now I cummed 5th time and collapsed on him I said “Ketan now please finish off please” to this he “ok dear just 2 min. I am also cumming” I said really are you about to cum he said “ofcouse” he was fucking strongly from down then I got up and made him seat on edge of the bed removed and started sucking his cock vigoursely while doing this I was constantly seeing his face he so happy and enjoying it blowed a kiss to me I was sucking him fast now just closed his eyes mooned “Take it rohini take my cum in ur mouth oooooooohhhhhhhhhh” he started shooting his in my mouth but so much that I was not able take it all in and I took out sprayed remaining on my boobs .

Ooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh god what a mind blowing experience it was we both were smiling looking at each other then I went in bathroom washed my mouth had a shower came out Ketan was seating full dressed on the bed waiting for me I feeling very shy now but he was good man and understood my condition he got up came me kissed my forehead and said “thanxs dear you made feel like heaven god bless bye” I didnt said single word he went I heared waked up Raj then in few min. both went out the I came in hall and locked the dood saw swati sleeping on one side the sofa I slept few min.