Dewar Ne Chudaya Vabiko


I am Rajeev a young boy and this is a story about my neighbors-Deepak with his vabi-Sita. Sita is a 32-year woman has already four children and her husband work in UAE and she looks pretty and good shape. She always wears transparent Sari or Kurtha so she looks always sexy. However, She has economic problems must of the time due to more child. Deepak is her young Dewar but stay separately quite far from her place.

This is a story, which I saw between them in Sita house. One day when I was working near Sita house then I saw Deepak in her house that was at the afternoon in sunny day and her child were in the school and sita was alone there. About 30 min later then that time I went to Site house to ask water for drinking due to very hot season, I found all the room were locked from outside except one where locked inside and got sound of talking. I feel strange then want to know what is going on in there then I went near the window and from inside cotton was not fixed properly. Inside there was also light on so I could everything clearly. I saw that Sita was half necked with Deepak on the bed. Then I decided that I want to see more what they will do and I bring a stool for sitting and watch from the window. After while Deepak start to take his hand inside of her Vabis Sari and played from inside and same time Vabi gave her strong kiss then Vabi start to takeoff his cloth and Deepak also putout her Vabi’s sari. Now Deepak with his underwear and Vabi are with bra and panty only. Both figure looks similar and Deepak was giving finger inside of Vabi’s Chut and she was enjoyed it. They were talking very slowly so I could not hear it. Now Deepak take out her both clothes so that Sita became full necked and Sita also takeout his underwear and start to licking his dick. His dick was big. Now both are becoming hot and talking little bit loudly and using bad words as well. Vabi said his dick one of the biggest she got ever, Deepak makes her hot and asked how many different dicks you use, she easily said more then I want I already tasted. It seems that she used to fuck with different person. After few minutes Deepak stand up and he took his Vabi in the bed and kicking, socking her pussy. Now I can see her sexy pussy, well hair shaved and clean. Sometime he bit inside by tongue and teeth and she start AAHAAAA AAHAAAAAAA, Slowly AAHAAAA. After long time playing now both becomes full emotion and Vabi said, I want your Lund inside of my pussy, my pussy welcoming your big Lund and share juicy. Then Deepak pick up Condom but Vabi said no first do from behind in my ass then pussy. Then Deepak said I never did in ass, this will be my first experience so that Deepak start to play from behind as doggie style and slow he kept his half Lund inside of her ass and start in and out but Vabi didnt react anything then he decide to give her big presser then he gave full presser with full Lund inside of her ass then she cry loudly AAHAAAAAAAAAA and her head and body came outside from the bed, then Deepak again keep her on normal position and slowly start to fucking and when he got nearly emotion he was giving big presser and Vabi was crying loudly and he throughout over her body. After this Vabi sleep on the bed and show her pussy to her Dewar and Deepak start to fuck his Vabi from normal position both were hot and doing conformably and 20 min they again change the position and Deepak keep his Vabi legs in his shoulders and start to fuck, now Vabi start to cry most loudly, both were full of PASINA and fucking in difficult position. But Vabi still saying that Jod se maro, Ar maro, Ape ke lund ne mere ko chudado. AAHAAMAroHOOOUUOOOOOOAra maro…………………………..after 25 min in this position she become almost last period then start to jump from downside also and getting loud sound outside. Vabi ko chut me dewar ke lund ne chod se maro-UUUUUUUAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAgayaAgaya….DODO AR Do…..they deepak gave her final press to her then she cry very very loudlyOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO then Deppak throughout again but outside then both wakeup and hang to each other and loving and kissing. Then I Think I should have to leave now. I went for my work.

Same day in the nighttime I went to Sita house and talking about different topic but Deepak was not there. Then I was sitting with her son and she went to her bed at upper floor and I decided to sleep with his son and we slept because I was tried for working in the field that day but after 2 hrs of my bed time I heard strain sound from over that somebody crying. I wake up and try to listen what is happening there and finally I found that couple doing relax there and by the ladder slowly I watch in that room and found same couple Sita vabi with Deepal Dewar. They were fucking very hardly and Vabi was crying. I came down and try to slept in my bed but could not because sound from over become more and more loudly. After 30 min of that, it becomes more less then they start to talk about different sex experience. I listen again from down that Deepak want again fucked his Vabi and Sita was saying it is getting pain in her pussy but Deepak said I paid for full day and night then I found that Sita was taking money from him and he can fucked her as much as he want and in his position. And finally Deepak fucked her till next day’s morning and she was crying almost whole night and next day morning when we got off Deepak was already left that room and Sita was sleeping alone there.

After that, Sita became sexy and want to fuck everyday with different person so I can see her with man only.

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