The Dirty Acts

The Dirty Acts.

Hello friends this story is not applicable for those who are amateurs in sex, but its ideally for those who love every act which is involved in SEX.

My story starts when I get transferred from a metro and land up in a C class town. As you guys would be aware that other than films there are no sources for entertainment in these smaller towns.

Initially as I was new to this assignment, I used to return home very late at night from office so I never had a clue of who all are in my neighborhood.

It happened one Sunday that I started knowing who all were my neighbors and I realized that beside my flat lived a old couple with their daughter and two grand daughters.

So the old man came out and started introducing himself and started talking about his family members. After conversing with that old man I understood that the old man’s son in law used to work in a different city and used to come for a day or two once in two months. His daughter was a primary school teacher and his older grand daughter was working in a BPO and his younger grand daughter was in 9th std and in due course of discussions I came to know that she had attained her puberty only 4 months back .I was very irritated and fed up of listening to the old man .So days passed and I was completely engaged in work and never spoke to the old man later.

One day while I was returning from office at around 10.30 pm a girl was on the road waiting for some transportation and she was desperately trying for a lift. I passed by the girl but than my conscious did not permit me and I reversed my car and came back and asked the girl to get in , than I started asking her where I should drop her and she told me a locations name which was exactly the same place where I was going , so before I could ask her anything she caught my hand and started thanking me for the lift. The girl was aged around 23-24 yrs; she was very average looking and was a plump girl (42 – 38 – 48). While talking to her for a while I realized that she used to stay in the same apt where I live and she was my neighbor (old man’s eldest grand daughter). So I asked why she was returning so late alone than she told me that actually her shifts used to end at 1.00 am in the morning and there was a cab for drop facility , since she was not feeling well she was returning back home early. So I asked whether she has taken any medicines, to that she gave me a mystic smile and told me this was routine and medicines were not required. So slowly she started becoming more open and than just at the corner of our street she asked me to stop so that she will walk down. So I dropped her and returned home.

After a week or so one day I heard a knock at my door at 11 pm in the night and when I opened the door the same girl was standing before me, she told that she had returned home early today but it seems her family members have gone fore a movie and she does not have the spare keys so I asked her to come inside.

So once she came inside she started talking about her office, people at her office, about the girls in their office and also about the various affairs people in their office were having so suddenly I asked her whether she has any to that she replied I don’t have a handsome person like you in my office or else I also would have had one.

Than she asked me to show my flat and my bedroom, once in the bedroom she lied on my bed and said she was feeling sleepy, and just when I was about to leave the room she told me that if I was feeling sleepy I can also sleep on the bed……this sounded strange to me and alarm bells started ringing in my ears. So I also joined her on the bed

Soon we started staring at each other and suddenly she came closer to me and started kissing me with her tongue inside my mouth and was moaning very loudly and she told me that she had been waiting for this auntyent since she first saw me in my shorts.

I slowly started taking out her dress and she was left with only her bra and her panty, I could smell the aroma of the wetness on her panty .I started removing her bra and panty and started licking her melons and than I gradually removed her panty and I could see that her pussy was not clean shaved , I started putting my fingers on her crotch and than slowly started fingering her, she started to heavily discharge a lot of her gel and there was a big patch of the wetness on the mattress. Than she said that although she does not have a great body she shall satisfy me to the greatest extent.

Than she bent and started removing my pyjamas and than started licking my balls and my dick of 7 inches. She was licking as if she was licking a ice cream .Than she told me that I have to satisfy her from now on and started giving me a good blow job.She than revealed that she wanted to get fucked the other night when I dropped her but she thought that as she was having her periods I may not like it, to this I replied that I am open for anything, the auntyent I said this she removed my cock from her mouth and started to widen my ass hole and started licking and tonguing like a hungry dog.

Then she wanted me to lick her I started licking her cunt which was full of juices and suddenly I feel something watery in my mouth I look at her and than she tells me that she wanted me to drink her Piss and I started gulping all the liquid inside than I slowly started inserting a finger into her huge ass and started widening the crack so that I can lick her dirty crack.

In ten mins time I could understand that she was a bitch of the first grade with a complete knowledge of sex ,than after fucking her for ten mins in both her holes I fired all the CUM into her ass and mouth.

So as soon as our fucking session was over she said that perhaps her family members would have come back from the movie so she has to go and promised me more excitement in the days to come .So she started leaving my flat , suddenly she realized that her younger maid saw her coming out of my flat and started questioning her to that she pleaded to her maid not to tell anyone at home and than she would give a great treat to her.

After some days one afternoon after my lunch as I was standing in my balcony, I heard the old man asking his wife and daughter to hurry up so that they are on time for the some rituals at some place in the city. After a while all the three left and since it was a Sunday both the maids were at home.

After a while I heard a knock at my door and my sixth sense said to me that it would be the same girl who came the other day and when I opened the door I saw both the maids and the elder one gave me a mystic smile and told me that they were getting bored at home so they wanted to be with me. I welcomed them inside and than offered them some ice cream to both of them.Then the elder one whose name is sam told me that her little sis liz was asking her all these days about what happened the other day ,I asked sam to keep her mouth shut as I told her that Liz was a small girl and we should not be speaking all this in front of her,to that both the maids started giggling.Than sam told me that Liz knows everything what happened the other night and she wanted to see us in the act today also. Till this time I had never looked at Liz in this manner but this statement from Sam made me think and I started observing her body, than Sam told me that we should not waste our time and should quickly get into the act.

As soon as we entered the room sam started removing liz’s clothes and asked me to have a feel of her when liz was completely nude I observed that she had a very tender body, her breasts were that of 32 in size , big for her age and were very stiff and she had two very round nipples ,as I started looking down at her I could see that she had some pubic hair on her crotch so slowly I mad her lie on the bed and started kissing her on her breasts and slowly onto her navel and than gradually into her pussy the auntyent I started kissing her pussy she started shivering and than sam came and started consoling her and told her that these are priceless auntyents to be cherished throughout her life. Than slowly I started inserting a finger into her cunt and found that it was too hot and was very tight and than sam asked me how I was feeling about the virgin pussy I slowly removed my hands and started thrusting my tongue into her pussy liz was moaning like anything and in the meanwhile sam got herself undressed and also undressed me and started licking my thighs and my cock.Than sam asked me to stop licking Liz and start fucking her I slowly removed my tongue and started to touch her cunt with my hard cock and than I started to give a push and enter liz but as she was a virgin her cunt was very tight and I only managed to put the tip of my cock into her I could see liz crying with pain and slowly there was some blood which was flowing out sam immediately started to lick all the blood and told me that this was the holy blood which comes out of every women whenever her hymen breaks. After licking liz for a while sam asked me to resume and said not to stop if liz cries in pain also, so I followed sam’s advice and gave a powerful thrust and entered into liz’s hole .i could see Liz crying with pain and after a few strokes I could see that Liz was actually enjoying her first fuck .After fucking her for a while I removed my blood stained cock out of her pussy and pulled sam towards me and asked sam to lick and clean it before sam could start doing it Liz hurrediely put my cock into her mouth and started sucking and licking me clean and told me that she wanted to taste her blood and juices .

After a while as both the maids were lying on the bed beside me I started fondling Sam and slowly started pressing her big ass and sam also started cooperating and moved much closer to me,than I put one of my fingers into sam’s ass hole and started fingering her and slowly I moved my mouth towards sam’s ass and started licking her ass hole ,suddenly liz got up and was observing to what I was doing to her maid and asked me to do the same to her I said that I am not interested in licking smaller holes but instead interested in licking bigger holes which are more dirtier so she stood up and than went into the bathroom, I meanwhile started licking sam’s ass and than I and sam were 69ing each others ass,suddenly liz came out of the bathroom and stood on my mouth and asked me to lick her now dirty ass hole (she went to shit and returned without cleaning her shit hole) I could see some shit still hanging out of her ass and ready to fall than I and sam started licking her ass filled with shit and once we cleaned her I put my tongue into her mouth and than she started licking my tongue and than she whispered in my ears that now she wanted to repeat the act what I did I was surprised and once both the maids started insisting me I said ok .

First I started pissing into Liz’s mouth who was standing opp to me and than started to shit into sam’s mouth who was lying under me as I was shitting into her mouth I could feel liz looking at my shit very curiously and as soon as I got up Liz started licking my ass hole completely dry so that I do not have the necessity to clean my ass hole.After licking my ass hole Liz went to her maid and started taking a portion of the shit from her mouth and started eating it .I than told them that their aunty would have been an extremely sexy lady with a lot of lust so as to give birth to two extreme whores to this sam asked whether I wanted to enjoy with her aunty , I replied why not if given a chance and she is intrested than suddenly sam got up and asked her maid to get a bowl from the kitchen and remove all the shit in her mouth into the bowl the younger one did accordingly than sam got up and put the shit and added a lot of ice cream into that and put it into the mixie and after a while I could see that my yellow shit had actually turned off white once it came out of the mixie . Both the maids enjoyed two glasses each and than sam prepared one more glass . when I questioned for whom she had prepared the additional glass than she told me that this was for her aunty.i was shocked and asked whether her aunty would have it to that she replied that she would never discuss about the ingredients before hand but once her aunty would have it and would ask for more than she would guide her aunty to me.

Once both the sisters left I was wandering what would happen next. So that night I could not sleep well as this thought was haunting me .A few days passed by and there was no response I came to know from some of the sources that both sam and liz had gone to meet their aunt who stayed in a different city. So I thought it was sheer waste to think about fucking the older lady.

Suddenly one day around eleven in the night I heard a knock on my door and thinking that the office boy would have come home to give me the file I opened the door to my surprise I could see sam & liz’s aunty standing in front of me I welcomed her in and she came and sat on the sofa I asked her whether she required some help to that she replied that she wanted some help. So when I spoke to her about what she replied she smiled at me and showed me an empty glass and asked me for some more of the same drink which the girls had given her. To that I bluntly said that I do not know about any drink to that the lady asked me to at least share with me the ingredients and the process to do the same (now I understood that both the girls had not shared the recipe with their aunty ). So I started asking me why she wanted the drink now and probably her parents (the old neighbor and his wife) may wake up to that she replied that both her parents take sleeping pills daily night and hence they would not wake up till morning 7 or 8 am.

So when she started insisting me I than disclosed to her the ingredients of the drink initially she did not react well but than gradually she became very interested. Than I told her that sam wanted her also to be loved by me and satisfy as her husband is out always to that she came near me and started hugging me I could feel the warmth of her body and than she pleaded to satisfy her also. Then I slowly made her lie on the bed and than slowly undressing her first I removed her sari, I could see that her two heavy boobs were struggling to come out of her blouse than I slowly removed her blouse and as she was not wearing any bra I could see her two monstrous boobs right away, than I slowly removed her petty coat and she was not wearing a panty also. Now I could see a huge woman lie naked in front of me, let me describe her body she had two monstrous boobs probably in the size of 44 .she was heavily built and her ass would be something like nothing less than 72 inches.

For a while I was surprised and feared whether I can handle her but than my inner instinct said that this is what I was waiting for all these days i.e to fuck a elderly woman with a huge body. Slowly I started fondling her boobs and I could not catch her one boob in one hand I started sucking her boobs and biting her black nipples (she had a construct of a black negro woman) after sucking her ten mins she whispered in my ears that she wanted to see my dick and mouth it I asked her to go ahead she got up and started pulling my knickers and in a flash of a second I was naked , she slowly started caressing my cock and than she started licking my inner thighs and than took my whole penis inside her mouth and started sucking it . I was enjoying one of the best blow jobs in my life and after ten mins I started flushing out all the semen out of my cock. She than informed me that deliberately she had sent both her daughters to a different place so that she can be alone with me for the first time and probably in the future we can have a great orgy.

Now she told me that she wanted to be fucked the whole night and wanted to fulfill all her fantasies tonight. After 15 -20 mins my cock started getting erect and now I informed her that I wanted to fuck her boobs she was very anxious and welcomed it I started fucking her boobs for ten mins and than I just laid down beside the bed for some rest. As I laid beside the bed she started licking my body and than she started licking my arm pits when I asked her whether she was getting any pleasure out of licking my arm pits she informed that whenever she wants to be relieved of any tensions she would always wish to lick armpits. After licking my arm pits I asked her to lie down with her thighs open when I laid my hand on her pussy I could virtually feel a big bush infact a jungle and than I slowly made my fingers reach her pussy hole and than I started fingering her. After fingering her for ten mins she asked me to mouth her pussy I started licking her black pussy which was a very fat one and a big one after secs of my licking her pussy she started cumming like a river with all her cunt juices all over my face. Than she got up and started licking my whole face and than begged to be fucked than I started putting my cock into her pussy it was very hot and very slippery. I fucked her for about ten mins and than shot a heavy load of semen into her. We both were literally tired and fell asleep.