I Fucked My Tenant

Hi i am Karan. Mallika is my wife. She had a very good collection of lingerie. One day I saw the bra and panty of madhuri who is our tenant. She is 30 years old. With 32-27-34. She looks beautiful and sexy. She had a baby of 6 years old. But she maintains her body in a great shape. Nobody believes that she had a 6 years old baby.

I went to top floor for taking the clothes which are hanged for drying. I saw madhuris under garments and went near to feel her bra & panty which are hanged for drying. When I was taking those, she came to top floor to take those and she saw me taking those. She felt shy and asked me why i am taking those. I couldnt say anything for a minute. She came near to me. Suddenly I took her hand and pulled her and closed her lips my mine. I kissed her passionately and inserted my tongue into her mouth and played with her tongue. Mean while my wife came and she saw us. I left her and said to my wife that today I want to fuck Madhuri if she agrees. My wife told to her that i am good fucker and asked her to agree for that as she has no objection. Last night Madhuris husband went to their home town to attend some function. Her baby stays with grand parents. So Madhuri is alone for the night. After thinking for couple of minutes, she agreed. Soon I took her under garments which are hanging. Madhuri told me that there is need for those. She took my hand and kept it on her breast and said this is all yours. I pressed them slowly and with other hand I lifted her nighty and kept my hand on her pussy and started rubbing her pussy over her panty. My wife said cant to wait until we reach our bedroom. I said I can’t and kissed her lips. Now slowly I entered my hand into her panty and inserted my index finger into her pussy. On the other hand I started pressing her boobs. She started moaning in pleasure. Mallika stopped us and said someone might see us. So better we go to our bedroom and then have fun. Madhuri said lets go to her bedroom as she want to get fucked on her bed where usually her husband fucks her. So we went to her bedroom and closed the door. My wife settled on a chair and said today I will see a live sex show. So please continue what u both has stopped. I pulled Madhuri and lifted her and threw her on the bed. And jumped on her and kissed her whole body. I lifted her nighty and took it off from her. She is in pink bra and panty. They are so sexy. Soon I started kissing her lips and I pressed her boobs with my left hand and inserted my right hand into her panty and inserted my index and middle finger into her pussy and started finger fucking. After 5 minutes I took off my clothes completely and ordered her to take my dick into her mouth. She was shocked to see my mighty dick which is 7 inch in length and 3 inch thickness. She told that her husbands dick is only 4.5 inch and hardly 2 inch thick. She took my dick into her hands and gave a nice kiss on the tip of my dick. Soon she took it into her mouth and started licking it like a lollipop. I hold her head tightly and pushed her head towards me and increased my speed slowly and fucked her mouth. She couldnt take breath. I increased speed more and fucked her mouth for 5 minutes and finally filled her mouth with my cum and ordered her to drink it completely without wasting single drop. She drank it completely. This was the best blow job I ever had. Mallika was good in blow job but not as good as Madhuri. Again she took my dick into her mouth and with in 1 minute my dick was in full erection. I pushed her on to bed and dragged her to the end of bed and lifted her legs and placed them on my shoulders. I started rubbing my dick on her pussy and in a jerk I inserted my dick into her pussy. She screamed in pain as this is first time for her to take 3 inch thick dick. I said cool baby. Don’t worries I will make u enjoy my fuck. I took it out a bit and pushed it again with force. She cried in pain and asked me to stop. But I did not stop started fucking her. Slowly I took it out completely and with a big jerk I inserted my dick completely into her pussy. She screamed, cried and begged me to stop. But did not pay attention to her and increased my speed and fucked her. Slowly her juices started to flow in her pussy. With this lubrication she started to enjoy my fucking without pain. She started to moan in pleasure. I fucked her for 10 minutes and mean while she reached her orgasm twice. Finally I filled her pussy with my cum. I fell on her. After 1 minute she pushed me and took my dick into her mouth and licked it and cleaned it completely. My wife Mallika really enjoyed our fucking session and congratulated us. After 10 minutes I fucked my wife Mallika and went to sleep.

In the morning I fucked both of them once again. Madhuri presented me her bra and panty as a sweet gift. And I fucked her so many times as and when I get the opportunity. Also I made her pregnant. But his husband thought that he made her pregnant. This secret remained between three of us, Madhuri, Mallika and me.

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