Sex Is the Best Exercise

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I am Darshan again from Ahmadabad. This story is of my experience with a Marwadi lady. It happened when I was planning to join a gym and a new gym had opened in Ahmadabad and first 2 days were free. I had gone their for enquiring the details and many others had also come. As the first 2 days were free their was a lot of crowd.

I was wearing my gym clothes and was waiting for my turn. Suddenly my eyes got stuck on a very beautiful lady. She was fair, around 5′ 5″ in height. Her saree was worn much below her navel and she seemed to be having a great figure. I went to her and asked that for what purpose she had come. She mistakenly took me as a gym instructor/ coach/ trainer and started discussing with me her purpose, which was naturally related to her body. She had a problem of stiffness in her body and used to get tired very soon.

I also started talking like an instructor and told her that she can go for a power stretch schedule of 30 minutes daily. And for this she need not join the gym as it is costly and no machines or instruments are required. I took her number and told her that I would call her in afternoon. She agreed and left.

Next afternoon I called her and went to her place. She was again wearing a saree in the same sexy way. I asked her that which time would suit her, she said afternoon as she complete her household chores and is totally free in the afternoon. We finalized 1500Rs. per month and 6 days a week. She said she wanted to start the someday.

We went to her room she changed in to her tight spandex and a round neck t-shirt. T-shirt was white and white spandex. Her spandex was so tight I could easily see the anticline and camel-toe in her pussy area. First of all I instructed her for a spot jogging as the body would get heated and stretching will not pull any muscle. She started her spot jogging and along with that her boobs started bouncing. Her boobs must be a 36 c and bounces were making me hard in my track pajamas. After 15 minutes of jogging she was wet with sweat, her top was almost transparent showing her bra straps and she was panting.

Now the seduction started.

My stretches were of standing straight, legs apart, hands on waist side-ways and bending on each side. I kept one of my hands a left waist and asked her to keep right hand on head and bens towards left. She did & holds herself in that position. I moved my right hand on her side telling her to feel the stretch and easily could feel the bra straps below her armpits. While moving my hand again and again I was often touching my fingers on her boobs. She did not mind. I got bold. Did it someway on the other side and this time brushed my hand on her boobs from side. She did not say anything. Then I asked her to move both her hand at back and try to touch hands at back keeping elbows straight. While doing this I asked her to feel stretch on her chest (above boobs, it is the are from where boobs just start). I started moving my hand on her chest and with lot of boldness I brought my hands to her boobs and pressed them saying that feel the pressure here, as this will reduce the extra fats from this area. Now she was getting hot, her nipples got tight and her lips started trembling.

After this I asked her to join her feet and bend forward, touching the toes keeping knees straight. This time I directly put my hand on her ass and started pressing it and telling her to feel the pressure. I could see, she was enjoying it and to keep it long she was not even pushing herself down to touch her feet. I moved my both palms on her ass cheeks, feeling the panty line and saying that she would make these flexible… She nodded in the same position and slid one of my hands in the place between her asses. She was very warm. Ten she got up and said that will do more the next day as she was now tired. I agreed.

Next day I got a bit late from leaving in the middle of office and reached her place in formals. She asked me to wait in her kids room as it was big and would get more space. Meanwhile she will change and come. I sat there and when she cam I was shocked. She was wearing a tight white short sports top (it looks like a mans baniyan or ganji and ends just below the boobs) and grey shorts (an inch below the ass. Her sagging boobs clearly told no bra and since I could not see the panty line NO PANTY. I knew this was my day.

Started with regular spot jogging and immediately came to POWER STRETCHES. This time I told her we would do the front part of her body. Asked her to keep hands around her waist, legs apart and ned herself backwards. Of course she could not bend back much. I started moving my hands on her bare stomach to feel the stretch. With my first touch to her bare body her nipple was rock hard. I moved my hands further and completely placed them on her boobs and started pressing them, asking her to feel the pressure. She nodded, “yes, I can feel the pressure”. I pressed them harder, she said, “yes more pressure”. Everything thing was ready but I wanted to make it more exciting.

I again moved my hand down to her stomach and again moved back to her boobs, but this time I also raised her top while moving my hands up. Now she stood straight. I told her to remove her top and to see where all the body is feeling the stretch and the stiffness of the body is relaxing. Her top was gone, and now she was only in her tight shorts. I asked her to lie down on her back, lift her legs in air and try to spread. She did the same. I again started moving my hand on her inner bare thighs and could see the wet spot on her pussy area on shorts. I kept my palm on her pussy and asked if she feel the pressure there. She said yes. I pressed it more and again asked, “u feel the pressure?” she said, “yes”. I asked her to remove her shorts to feel more pressure. One goes, she was start naked and again in the same pose. She had clean shaven pussy. This time I moved myself behind her head and asked her to spread her legs the same way. I was intentionally pressing my cock on her head. I again moved my hand on her pussy, and her hand came to my cock. I inserted one finger in her pussy, she squeezed my cock. I slid my second finger; she unzipped my pant and moved her hand inside my underwear.

Further story in next part…

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