Lucky Me

This is Johnny again with another incident which just happened last month in Oct. With my last story i got overwhelmed response. Lots of new friends found amongst those one became very special to me. I got a add friend request on yahoo messenger with a name Preeti and i accepted her. Things were very jolly in the nature.

She was working girl, working in a corporate in Business Development Unit. She was very friendly and within a week time we became very comfortable talking to each other. She belongs to Hyderabad whereas i stay in Delhi which makes her more comfortable to jell with me. We shared our pictures and we liked each other.

I had this in my mind that we are surely going to meet someday. Thus we both planned to meet one fine day in October. I managed to make an official trip and packed my bags and flew to Hyderabad. On the D Day, when I landed he airport what I saw completely amazed me. She was looking much more beautiful than her pictures. He height was 5’6”, fair, bit fleshy and weigh 60kgs.

The smile she wore to welcome me made me to fall for her on the first sight. We took a cab and moved towards to a hotel which I already booked near to HYD Central. While going to the hotel we talked on so many topics even our favorite positions which we both enjoyed later. It was evening 7.00 and we entered our room. As soon as we entered she went to the washroom to relief herself. I went near to the door the heard her peeing sound. That gushing sound made me hard and I already knew that if girl peeing before sex than she can hold her orgasm for long.

As she came out I immediately held her tight in arms and started rubbing my nose with hers. It was so sensual that she started responding to it within a sec. time. We are breathing each other’s breath while our lips slowly playing. I rubbed my cheek with hers and licked her face slowly. Our hearts starting breathing higher, I made her stand with a side wall and started kissing all over her faces and neck. I licked her earlobes and grabbed her left boob with my right hand.

While licking her ear I squeezed her so tight that she made best expression I could ever expect from a female. In no time we started undressing each other.I inserted my fingers and her both hand fingers and rubbed my naked body with hers. We were smooching madly while I kept pushing myself towards her.

We freed our hands and next thing was our hands went down to each others body. I was rubbing her clit and she held my dick in her hand and started moving it up-down. I inserted middle finger deep into her while my thumb was rubbing her clit. She moaned slightly and I could feel her pussy started oozing now. I entered my 2 fingers deep and without taking them I opened them inside to feel each side inside her pussy.

We were exchanging our salivas, rubbing lips madly, she was moving my foreskin fast while holding my dick with her soft hands and I was busy rubbing her clit with thumb while finger fucking her. I literally lifted her with wall when inserted fingers to touch the deepest wall inside. This was too much for both of us and we moved towards bed. I lay her down and started sucking her toe. We were enjoying every bit of our session. I kept licking her legs while moved ahead towards her white fleshy thighs.

I was mad by now and opened her pussy with two fingers from both hands. I could see the rosy skin inside her pussy and I dig my tongue to take out each drop of wetness I could see. I was sucking her pussy crazily while biting her clit in between. I pulled her clit bit with my front teeth which made her jump and scream loud and I felt her pussy started throbbing. I was enjoying every drop of her cum and sucking to take out more of it as possible.

I knew I was hungry to eat her. I took some of her cum on my finger and rubbed her asshole with it and then pushed my one finger inside her asshole. I was sucking her pussy and fucking her ass with my finger now. She stopped me and said “ please ab nahi raha jaa raha.. jaldi karo” . To tease her more I asked where do u want me to insert on which she replied “aagey and jaldi se aur bahut tez tez “.

I took no time and came over her. She held my dick in her hand and showed him the way to enter her. She was amazingly wet and my dick went half inside. I asked “aur under” and she said “ Haan, Bahut ander, jitna ander daal sako “ I pushed myself completely and she screamed with joy and pleasure of our union. I started slow jerks to enjoy every feel and we were smooching.

We could feel my foreskin moving inside with each jerk. I put a pillow and placed it below her hips. Her pussy was at good angle now , I put her both legs on shoulders and gave a hardest push I could give and we both screamed. Oh it was maxi and she screamed… ahh… buss karoo…. Bahut under hai…. Ruk jaooo aise hi… itna hi rehndey do I was making no move to enjoy the motionless feelings.

I asked her that its my desire to cum inside her to which she smiled. And I started fucking her like a mad bull.. I squeezed her ass with my both hands while fucking her. We both were breathing high and screaming lot. I was at maximum speed when I inserted my finger rashly into her asshole.. She made a loud scream again and chew my lips, I blocked her all holed now, Her mouth with my tongue, pussy with dick deep inside and finger in her asshole.

I told her that I am about to cum to which she said “ jaldi karo, pura under daalan aur bahar mat nikalana, I want to take each single drop of you inside, deep inside my womb.. Fill me..”I gave a loud moan with deepest push and I stopped myself. My dick started splashing hot thick white cum inside her pussy.

Though in-fro motion was stopped but dick was making his own movements inside now.. And I could feel her pussy started throbbing again. Our cum mixed and dick was still buried inside. I relaxed myself on her while finger still inside her ass. We kissed each other again then she said “ I Love You (my name)” to which I replied “ I Love You Too and Lot” My dick was already started taking a shaped again;

I took it out of her pussy and licked her pussy well. I took our mixed cum on my tough tip and then smooched her back. We enjoyed our love juice and I asked her to become doggy now. We fucked in a doggy style and then I entered her ass also. That night I don’t remember how many times we fucked but yes it was a fuck for a lifetime for both of us. This was for you Preeti! Readers can comment at / / . Hey by de way she is married.. ;)