Doctor And Nurse

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“Doctor we dont have any patients until until 9:30am for some reason so can you take a look at something” Rita asked. I said sure even though she was a little worried if I took it the wrong way. We had a professional commitment though we discussed many patients and she has helped me couple of times fucking patients assisting me to sit on my patients and spreading their legs wide apart for me to examine them deep and sometimes pound the pussies.

Rita had lived in Bombay all her life except for college and a few years after wards. She is 39 now a Divorcee with no Children. 38.32.40 a voluptuous figure with a big pussy always dripping. We were all alone. It was 8:10 am. She was her usual self. I was too.”So what seems to be the problem Rita” I asked my plump and pretty nurse.

She told me the problem. She told me ever since she went on the diet she was on which I had noticed she had lost several pounds that for some reason when she went to the bathroom shed cum. It was a huge concern. She wasnt taking any special vitamins or medication. I asked her what she ate, what sort of exercising she did, and what she generally had on her mind. She had a normal diet eating nothing out of the ordinary.

She exercised like anyone else would. However as I told her to put on a gown and lie down since nobody was around and I turned away so I wouldnt see her whole body once her clothes were off I put on some gloves. We talked as I asked her questions about her personal life and she answered, but as soon as I inspected her closely suddenly the woman began a ferocious climatic orgasm.

She couldnt control it. She couldnt stop it. She oozed and oozed and white secreting fluids poured out from her vagina. As it happened I couldnt control the moaning either. It was wild and an unusual situation. I watched with delight but never once showed any sign that I delighted in her experience. To her it was enjoyable but worrisome and uncomfortable seeing as she was at work or elsewhere and it would occur at the most inopportune times. Immediately I discovered her problem.

Almost at once it dawned on me why she was having them. In one class I took there was a small chapter which only a few professors discussed and it wasnt ever brought up when he was an intern or a resident. “You have post-orgasmic syndrome Rita or at least thats how I know it as” I told her watching her moan and ooze her white warm sensuous fluid. Eventually it stopped.

I wanted to help her out. I knew why she was having them, but there wasnt anything I could or should do. “What do you mean” she asked as it all came to an end and she breathed heavily knowing I was in the back of her mind. She saw sexually based fleeting visions of me during and away from work. What could she do?

She confessed that to me later. I being a trim and tall man I wasnt attracted to her although I did like her as an employee. She was your typical woman who always wanted to cook something for you, make things for you, and fix you up with another girl even though in reality in her case she wanted to be that girl.

“You have to live with it Rita. There isnt anything I can do. If you need to use the bathroom or a bathroom then thats what you have to do.” She accepted it. She went on about her day. She made several runs to the bathroom some related to her condition others were just bathroom breaks. On the other end I had trouble focusing on my patients.

All he envisioned was that vagina spewing exciting orgasmic juices over and over. All he could imagine was being between her thick, exciting, and soft thighs chewing and slurping away at her overly excited womanly pussy. All I could focus on was her screaming and moaning excitedly as I impatiently dove deep inside her even though her panties were practically intact.

Thinking of her and myself lying on a patients table with her slacks down around her ankles and her panties pulled to the side he envisioned me hunched over her driving away at her desirable pussy. I saw her get up again and head to the bathroom closing the door behind her. I stopped by the door and listened closely.

Two patients sitting outside had heard it earlier as the waited for me to see them. I didnt hear a thing. Back at the bathroom I knocked. She called out. I asked if she was okay. She held back and said yes in a strained voice. I knew better. I wanted in that bathroom and my desire for her grew and grew. I sat down at the front desk and began calling my patients telling each Id have to reschedule them.

I saw the last couple remaining ones including the one woman who suggested we have dinner together. I wanted her. I wanted in the bathroom with her. I wanted to be on my knees, between her knees, and helping her along any way I could. I wanted the excitement she was experiencing. I wanted to feel her orgasms in my mouth, in my pants, and in her swollen horny cunt. I began to feel what she felt.

I felt myself swelling as I walked the corridors or searched my mind trying to discover a way to get inside that bathroom, unbuckle my pants, and drop them to the floor. Better yet at the moment I just wanted to make myself complete by eating out my nurse while she engaged herself in uncontrollable orgasms.

I wanted to eat her out, swallow the sweet favorable excretions, and do it repeatedly if she was game, which I knew she would be. I paced and paced. She remained inside. I could hear her slight moaning and knew she couldnt help herself. “Isnt there a key to this damn door” I wondered. “What am I doing” I asked suddenly. “I know shes cute, but shes not even my type. Shes plump and juicy, but Ive never ever had a woman like that.

Never have I done. I want it. I want her fat juicy cunt” I said aloud. “Thank you doctor” the woman said as she left. “Ill call about that dinner” she added offering one last wink. I said okay and she waved at me flirtatiously. I didnt even notice her intent. Once she was gone I began to rub his crotch. It was stiffening. I was horny. It was 3 in the afternoon.

I knocked again. I told her he was closing up the office and she could leave for the day. She finished another small orgasm. She was worn out. That was the third one of the day. How many more could she have? Cleaned up and looking as if nothing happened she was about to ask if she could leave. I let her go for the day seeing as he canceled all his appointments. I was horny and Rita was the only thing on his mind.

I wanted to take her and give to her what she was already getting without me. I wanted the opportunity to please her personally. “Rita” I started to say as she grabbed her things. She stopped and turned to see what I wanted. “Ohhh never mind its okay so go ahead. See you later okay? She said goodbye oblivious to the desires I held under wraps. I sat down in his cabin. I looked out his window watching her shapely plus side figure waddle towards her car. I looked at the shapely wide ass curling left and in reverse curling back to the right as she sauntered to her car.

As she opened her door she looked back towards the office as if she was staring right at me. She gazed towards the building and I backed away from the window. Did she see me looking at her? I wasnt sure. I sat in my cabin eventually unzipping my trousers. Picturing her I slipped my hand inside. “Mmm that feels nice” I thought as I held my soft membrane in my hand. I saw her.

She was sexy standing before me without her pants on. I pictured her succulent sexy thighs. I pictured a pair of large lacy underwear wrapped around her smooth layers of flesh. As I held it, it grew harder. I wanted to be with her. I wanted to surround myself with her looming erotic prized figure. I squeezed it. “Ohhh shit that feels nice Rita”

I said aloud. I undid my pants lowering them to my knees. Facing the window he looked out. I stroked his throbbing erection. It felt so damn good. “You do that so well; you do that so damn well mm Rita.” “Doctor what is it do well” I heard from behind. “I think Im feeling better so I thought Id come back and finish up the paperwork.”

Rita was Just Behind me. Somehow I was able to put it away quickly. Somehow I was able to pull up my pants and tuck my lower body underneath my desk. Somehow I was able to disguise the excited look on my face that had been festering while I wanked my stiff excited cock. Somehow I was able to disguise everything I was up to. Rita was oblivious to it all. “I guess Im better; I felt guilty that I left” she told me. I was still hard. It was still throbbing. I still wanted her.

I wanted her badly. I wanted to muff the nurse that worked for me. I wanted between those two succulent thighs. I wanted inside her swelling oozing pussy. I wanted to capture her cum, swoosh it around my mouth, and swallow it so she would be forever pleased.”Uh ummm ohhh thats good” I said pulling the one hand from underneath the desk.Her eyes seemed to cringe. Was she really okay?

I asked her again. She reinforced that she was grimacing just as she said so. She turned and went to her desk. I put himself back together. I could see her from the side from my cabin. I stood up, closed the blinds, walked to the doors, and locked them. I turned off all outside lights. They were closed. I turned off the phones. She looked up.”Are we really that closed” she asked nonchalantly.I said yes and walked back to my cabin. I gazed upon her sexy plump figure from my desk.

She became lovelier as the moments waned on.”Rita come in here for a moment” I called out. She jerked as soon as she heard his voice. She spryly jumped to her feet and hopped towards my cabin. Looking at her I looked up. I saw a look on her as if she had a question. “What is it” She asked.She stood silent. I looked upon her. I wanted to tell her something too. And in a flash both spoke up at the exact same moment.”Doctor I need you to eat out my pussy.”

“Rita I want to eat you out.”The room and the building fell completely silent. We stared at the other in shock. Neither could believe what the other just said. All of a sudden I was hungry for her. Suddenly she yearned for me more than she ever did. She suddenly felt a cringing desire between her legs. It was so erotic that she desired me as much as I did…. doctor” she moaned and they came off.

Right in the doorway she bent down and pushed her pants off herself. I watched as she did. To me it was erotic. Watching her expose her succulent smooth legs drove me wild. I stood up and undid my pants again. I rushed around the desk, grabbed her hand, and seated her on my chair.She was soaking wet. Her underwear was soaked through to her fleshy layers. It was sexy as I muzzled against them.

I muzzled against the wet cloth. I pushed my face harder and harder between her moist fatty thighs. pull them off pull them off” she pleaded. She rocked back and forth anxiously. doctor thank you thank you” she cried out.

I yanked them off splitting her legs apart. Watching me she saw me look up with an appreciative smile and my face disappeared. As soon as it did she began to convulse.

I surged forward into the might sensuous depths of a continuous series of orgasms.She shook and screamed out pleasurably. She jerked uncontrollably while my tongue dug deep into the oozing darkness of her swollen cunt. She couldnt praise me but the shrieking that shook the walls of the office building said everything.Rita continually slid off her chair and we finally decided it was best that her trembling plump body lie on the floor throughout the erotic escapade.

I sucked and he dug deeper. I felt her soft tissues dripping profusely. It was wild. My own cock trembled equally. The continuous desire to be eaten out weakened her, but she continued to yearn for my oral touch. Swishing her cum around in my mouth I eventually swallowed the heavenly juices. It only ignited a stronger deeper desire to want her in ways I never imagined I could want a woman of her size.

However Rita was so damn sexy. The situation presented to me was so damn erotic how could I resist such awesome temptation? Even my mouth tired but never her desire. My tongue couldnt keep up the pace. As fiercely as I attacked her cunt, as ferociously as it exploded directly in my mouth, and as ferociously as she desired me to continue without stopping it had to come to an end sometime soon.

After almost 30 minutes of eating it, sucking it, and swallowing the majestic fluids suddenly it all came to an end. There was no more. Rita stopped convulsing. Rita stopped oozing heavily. Rita stopped having her perpetual climatic episodes.And all of a sudden I heard two things. I heard panting. I heard quiet sobbing.

I looked up, erection and all and when I looked up she was crying but smiling all the same. It was as beautiful as the first signs of hot summer.I wanted to hold her. I wanted to comfort her. I wanted her to know she was special. It was an uncontrollable condition and due to the condition both made out very well. Both enjoyed what turned out to be an intimate and erotic experience.”Ohhhhhh thank you doctor” she said.With cum still dripping down my chin, down my neck, and soaked into the shirt I had on I smiled. “No Rita oh.

Thank you” as I closed my eyes for a second shaking my head. “Oh my god no… Thank you for giving me the greatest thrill of my life.” I was taken aback by the excitement and the unique nature. I wanted so much more. I didnt know if she did, but I knew I wanted her.We stared at each other. Rita on her back naked from the waist down and me on my knees without my pants on had each feeling something we werent sure what it was. I looked her in the face.She was exhausted.

I could go for that but neither of us expressed our thoughts. I lay down while slowly curling up against her. Her larger butt felt nice against me, but I wished I could feel more of her smooth warm flesh.I tightened my hold on her giving her the feeling it was a loving grip and it was for the time being. With me spooning myself around her backside she closed her eyes. It was still a turn on for both.

She felt my slender frame against hers, I let go of her and pushed off my underwear altogether. Her eyes perked up wondering why I did that. I wrapped myself around her again but that time my naked cock was against her naked ass and the fluffy accompanying cheeks. They felt electrifying. They were exhilarating and my cock began to stir and harden slowly. All on its own it stiffened and formed a straight forward erection pointed in the direction of her engorged butt crack.

“Ohhh uhh wow doctor” she said suddenly as she began to feel the tip of his cock between her butt cheeks. “You arent going to… umm you dont want to you know uhhh do that” she asked. She didnt want the good doctor to fuck her up her ass. I had no intention to, but her two soft fluffy butt cheeks did feel awesome.

I didnt mind laying my cock in between them at all nor did Rita.”If you mean giving you anal sex Rita ohhh no not a bit but I must say… I must say this feels so nice actually. Mmmm yes it does Rita; it feels incredible ooohh” I said to her in a pleasurable tone.”Really” she asked excitedly but as quietly as she possibly could. “You like my” but wasnt sure if I meant that I liked her plump soft ass and especially her cheeks.

“Oh yeah Rita you bet your… this nice ass I want to be next to all night tonight I do.”Her eyes perked up. She was turned on in ways she never thought possible. I was turned on by a woman I never ever thought I possibly thought could turn me on. It was inconceivable but I was and my cock rumbled and pounded with passionate desire.As keyed up as I was about my situation it began to get out of control.

Feeling her plump soft flesh push up against my brazen sexy cock drove me mad. I was at a heightened stage.Holding her ample naked physique inside my arms and with my cock wedged inside her butt cheeks I suddenly felt an eruption and I squealed out slightly. Something shot up between me and her.When it landed, it landed on her back. It was warm and thick. “What was that” she asked.

I excreted more cum as my cock thundered repetitiously. I was heightened by his predicament and the excitability of holding a naked woman who desired me.Both young in heart and she being a couple years younger, she was still sexually stimulating and I determined I wasnt going to hold back given the opportunity. I loved how I felt when my cock spit cum up her backside and she loved how it felt when it landed against her back.”Mmm ohhh thats so crazy” she said initially.

My cock spit it out again and she pulled away turning over to lie on her back and just as she did I shot once again. My exotic secretion slammed her in her face. She was stunned but giddy. She couldnt believe it. I couldnt believe it. I could easily burrow my cock in her ass again. I could easily burrow my face between those two cheeks and all night long at that.I looked at her and she looked back at me.

I looked at her from bottom to top. Gazing upon her I watched the plump winding frame as her soft wide ass headed towards her even wider hips and then quickly descend upon a thin waistline only to ascend outwardly as they reached her boobs and shoulders.

Rita may have been plump but she wasnt at a loss for a shapely figure I noticed.Facing one another I said gently “God Rita never in my time here did I ever notice how… how sexy you really are!”Then with my erection in place and pointed straight towards my wonderful sweet nurse my cock erupted in a continuous rampage. I exploded and it poured and gushed at her face, chest, and hit her hair.

She was a mess. She was full of my hot white cum. She loved it. Feeling my thick white juices slam her in the face was as exciting as it could get.Seeing as she was a mess she knew shed have to clean up, but she hoped and prayed as I blew his majestic load against her upper body that I would be willing to hold her afterwards and better yet come back to her place or take her to my place and continue on what was started in my little office.

Settling in on the carpeted floor I put my arms around her sticky body. It didnt bother her a bit. I enjoyed holding her against me that Friday afternoon. “Would you come and stay with me tonight” she kept asking herself. She hoped and prayed shed hear those words.It was quiet as we snuggled against each other.”This is going to leave a blemish isnt it” he asked.

She said yes quietly. “Please ask me back to your place” she said to herself again.”Rita would you like to come to my house later… I mean right now or maybe you dont want to?”She said yes four or five times. I knew what that meant. She told me she had to clean up and I agreed that I wanted to clean up too.

I wrote down directions to my house, she made herself presentable, and before I knew it she was gone. I closed up my Clinic and quickly headed home. The best part yet to come…Men who need genuine advice on penis enlargement without medicine…and women who are very elastic and want their vagina to be tight again Please feel free to mail me on / /…Please mail me your feedbacks as I have the most wonderful story to be narrated with Rita when she came to my house..