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My wife Priya told many times about her friend Akansha as my wife got married to me and moved from Agra to Noida. My wife and Akansha constantly in touch over phone.One week end Akansha called Priya said she will be coming to Noida on office work. She will be staying in a hotel but since my house is big ,my wife asked her to stay in our house so that it will be good for to her travel to office as my house is closure to her office too. Akansha works for a adv consultancy.

As Akansha said she arrived at Delhi on Saturday night around 10 Pm, me and my wife had been to airport to pick her up. We came back to house had dinner. Many of my wife conversations Priya told about her friend Akansha is good looking and sexy. I never really bothered about beauty.But after seeing her, I felt she looked gorgeous .let me tell about Akansha ,she 25 years of age, unmarried, 5’5 inches tall, fair in complexion, black silky hair, soft pink lips ,dark eyebrows, big eyelashes, sharp nose. Totally she is a bomb. I started fascinating her in my dreams in that night.

As next day morning it was Sunday al of us woke up very late and planned to go out for lunch. We came back home around 4 Pm and that week went on getting acquainted to her. There came big weekend. Since I had good fascination towards, I was waiting for a opportunity to get her. As my wife went to office as she had some huge pending work .in house only me and Akansha were there. As myself & Akansha sat for lunch got in too deep conversation.

She was in a light pink salwar kameez looking beautiful as ever. As we lunched finished and sat which movie we saw recently. I told her i seen I’m on Santi on ,Deepika looked good and gorgeous like her. She asked me about my married life. I told her it is really amazing having good sex life with priya.Then asked me how many times we have sex every day .I told her we have 3 times a day and week ends it is 5 times almost. Then she said me you missed the fun today as Priya is in office.

By that time , I could see her getting aroused and change in her expressions. Then i offered my hand to her to which she refused in the beginning, then I hugged her and took her in my arms into the bedroom and I put her in the bed. Kissed her on her neck. Then she tried to reach my lips. She locked my lips with hers. I could c her wanting more.

Then I removed my dress and complete naked, she felt a bit uncomfortable, but started staring at my 8 inch dick and said wow.i took her silky hand gave her my dick she started playing with my dick.i couldn’t resist looking at her cute lips .i asked her to take it a mouth. She hesitantly took it in to her mouth. As my dick is huge her cute mouth not able to take entire dick.i forcibly made her o suck it holding her head.

Both us enjoyed the amazing blow job,I decided to take away dress, finally I removed her swalar and unhooked her bra,her big boobs are like melons ,I told her your boons might be 36 ,she said yes.The boobs are like big melons ,creamy and soft like butter, the nipple are pinkish and medium size.as she playing with big dick,I took her nipples with my thumb and index fingers and started pressing them till the it became hard.

Then I took her boobs with my hand stared playing pressing them hard ,I decide to take them on mouth , I took right boob on mouth, slowly with tongue I stared sucking and started biting her nipples. I also could able to see joy and bit pain in her in cute face after some time , I made her flat on bed facing the roof, she is enjoying every moment ,i started kissing her well shaped legs and cough muscles she having very good thighs creamy and soft.

There I could see wonderful creamy well shave pussy ,the pussy lips are attached together ,I can see both pussy lips are locked well, I took my index finger from top I slide through pussy .Parted her pussy lips. The pussy is quit wet and juicy, I inserted middle finger too inside pussy and started finger fucking her ,

Akansha was Moaning with ecstasy, the moved my head toward her pussy , slide my tongue in two her lovely pussy.i stated sucking her pussy all over pussy my tongue deeply touching her inner walls of pussy, she screaming with joy and saying do not stop aaaksh , oh boy you are great guy , Priya might be having good time with you ,she is lucky. I played with her pussy till the juices are pot of her pussy. Then stood on my knees , placed a pillows under the

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