Experience of a Doctor

I am a married man age 37 and ophthalmologist (Eye specialist) by profession, living in Lahore. The event I am going to narrate here is true and for some of you it must be very strange and unbelievable. Many of us can claim that they know the psychology of women fully but after reading this story they must reconsider on there thinking that women are unbelievable and to understand that at what time what they want is purely a wild guess. As I told you I am an ophthalmologist and I have well established clinic in a posh area of Lahore.

My fame is good around the city and I earns good reputation in my community due to my professional capabilities. I am a straight forward person and as many of you claim that they are women hunters actually I am not in this field at all. On one fine day I was doing practice in my clinic at evening. After watching few patients a girl entered in my room where I examine the patients with an old man. She must be around 23 years and that old man was in his mid fifties. As my job requirement I greet both of them and offer seats across my table and asked for problem.

The girl responded to my question and said that her father is patient of Diabetes for last 15 years and now for last one year he also lost his vision completely. I looked at that old man who was wearing sun glasses and sitting there with spot less face. I asked few questions from him and make the diagnosis that poor man suffered with diabetic retinopathy. However I told him that there might be a chance of improvement with laser therapy. And ask the girl to take her father to examination machine where I can look at his eyes with the help of my equipment.

She holds his hand and guides him toward the specific chair. I turned the lights off as that was necessary for the examination and sat at my chair and asked that person to place his chin on chin holder of the machine so I examine him. As he was blind his daughter guides him to make an appropriate position. Now there was complete darkness in side the room and I adjust my position to look at his retina. The girl was now standing beside me as she might be enthusiastic that what I am looking at his father’s eyes. So I said jokingly want to see your fathers eyes, at which she get a bit blushed and said that she is very worried about her father and want to know about whether his father’s vision will revive or not.

I understand her worries as I asked her ok come closer to viewing lens and see at her father eyes as there were lots of deposits on the retina. She came closer to my face while standing beside me now I can just feel her breathing beside me. At that time I have no intension toward her and I was just thinking that as a concerned daughter she want that her father get well from this problem. She said uncle I can’s see any thing beside the mere eye ball.

I said ok just leave that as its job of doctors do identify these deposits. But suddenly she discloses that she is third year student of MBBS and can understand this and want to know about these changes. Now I have moral obligation to convince her about the problem of his father. Now I adjust my eyes to one side and tell her she place her left eye on view lens as she was standing beside my right shoulder. Instead of placing her left eye she focus her right eye on the lens with her face turned toward me and her left cheek was almost touching me.

This gives me a cold shiver in my spine. She said ok now I can focus on retina but the pupil is not enough dilated to clear the view. I realize that as did not dilated it with applying drops in his eyes but with experience I can see through the lens. I told her try to focus on center. Now her left cheek was completely in touch with my right side of face and she places her left hand on my thigh to take rest as she was bending.

She said ok uncle I am trying to see at centre of pupil with saying this she moved her hand more toward centre of my lap and asked this much centre uncle? Now I was totally aroused and not able to understand what is happening. I said no a bit more at the centre. Now she completely places her hand on my erection and pressed that with her fingers and said this is ok now and I was answerless at that moment. I said with feeble voice yes this much. She turned her face toward me and whisper in my ear “should I proceed further”

I just nodded my head with out saying any thing. She opens her mouth and licks my dry lips with her wet tongue, I responded her with biting her lower lip lightly. Her hand was playing with by bulge and trying to open zip of my pant I assisted her with opening the zip and pulling out my erection. She griped my penis with her palm around it and squeezing it while doing deep French kissing putting her entire tongue in my mouth.

It was totally unbelievable that what we are doing right in front of her father. now she was lowering her head toward my lap and placed her warm lips around my shaft I was totally in trans looking some time at door that some might not come and some time at the face of her father even knowing that he cant see us but can hear the muffle sounds of chirping while she was sucking my penis. Suddenly her father ask “Doctor sahib meri aakhian teekh ho jain ge kia? ( can it be curable ) .

I was again answer less” “”hann baba theek ho jain gee”(Yes father these will be) She replied leaving out my penis from her mouth and looking at me with a sharp smile… and again get into business by sucking it more vigorously. I was about to come and I try to pull her head away form my penis but she hold it hard and ultimately I ejaculate into her mouth and I think she swallow some of it and remaining release spread on her face and neck.

That was all together a different experience as I told u I never involved in any sex experience even before and after my marriage. She stands up smilingly and takes the hand of her father to guide her to office chair. I stood up and lit the lights and sit on my chair. I was unable to look at her face with feeling that I commit a big crime and avoid eye contact with her. She said uncle when will you start laser therapy? I said when ever they want I will give them appointment.

I wrote prescription and she took it from my hand with slightly rubbing it. His father said thanks for examining him so thoroughly. And they left the room. I rang my PA and said cancel my next appointments as I m not feeling well. All of u must be thinking that my story ends here or thinking that in next visit I might fuck her properly. But unfortunately nothing happen like this. As she never returned back. I was eagerly waiting for her and the lust she gave me in my life was unforgettable, even I tried a lot to vanish the memories but I was failed to do so.

The purpose to share this story on web is only that if she read that she can contact me as I want to know that why she seduce me like this and why she select me for this thrill as I was much elder to her but with doing this she changed my life all together. My email address is / / so please contact me if u wants to clear my mind from this mess.