First Encounter With Preethi

Hi this is Rajesh I am 6ft tall well-built and very eager to have sex my mail id is / / My tool size is 6in with 3in in diameter. After I came from Bangalore I am bored of lonely life I start chatting on rediff bol and one fine day I got a reply from a female her name was Preethi she was 30 years old and she stays in Dilshuknager. We chatted for more than one hour and asked to come online in yahoo from next day at 11 as her husband will leaves the home.

So Next day I was waiting for her and she came at sharp 11 as said and we started to chat all general issues and slowly we came to know each other day by day. One day I request her to see her and she readily accepted and came in front of the web cam she was really a good looking female. As the days passed we became more open to each other and our topic changed to sex.

I used to ask about her sexual life and she use to tell everything what day do each day. I use to feel very jealous about her. As I was separated person and used to leave alone I used to get frustrated after hearing what she used to say. Night we had a very good round for almost an hour he fucked me in sitting position, missionary and doggie and he sucked my pussy like this and I use get much frustrated. As the days passed I used to say I am really missing my sexual life and if I get a chance I will definitely won’t miss.

One day I got a offline message from one id saying I am 30 years old female with 36 boob 30 wait and 36 hips do you want to have me. I was shocked with those offline and immediately replied to Preethi say hey Preethi last night I got this offline and I have replied to her saying yes I am ready to have you sexy please tell me time and location. She laughed at me and said hey Raj don’t be fool somebody might have been fooling you. But as I was frustrated of not having sex I was pining the lady daily with lot of hot messages.

As the days passed our chat has shifted to phone as she used to give me a miss call after her husband leaves her after having sex. She use to reveal everything to me what had happened for the past one hour. She used to ask me about my sexual fantasies and I use to say her I masturbates 5 to 6 time a day. My cock Is 6in and very thick I like to fuck very hard and get my cock sucked and I also like to fingering the pussy and licking the pussy. We used to talk only about sex when she calls me in the night.

She used to ask me will u fantasize about me I said know but I always feel jealous about u as you are enjoying sex every day and me just starving for the real stuff.  One day when I was on the phone with Preethi the other lady came on line so I started to ping he and send the smile’s and I was surprised to hear the smiley sounds which I was sending to other lady in the phone I was really shocked so Preethi was the lady who was playing with me I just kept to myself and in the night when she called me

I spoke to her in very depressed way saying I am feeling very bad that you are enjoying your sexual life very much and I am missing everything in my life. I am alone and I don’t have any one to have sex with me I am really frustrated. So she answered saying seeing you feeling I think your frustration will be gone only if I give you that chance. I was calm for some time and asked her come on repeat once again. She again said you have head the same your frustration will be gone only if I give you that chance what will u say.

I simply said I will accept your invitation Preethi if my friend is willing to give me a chance to have sex with her I will defiantly accept it. I have always in my mind when u tell me about your sex experience I used to feel that hope I was with u doing all those stuff. She said I will let you know the time one day. One day I had to go to LB nager to attend my cousin’s marriage. So I have said about my plan I will be coming to your home by 11 and will spend with you for couple of hours and go to the marriage. She said ok I will let you know. In the night she was asking what you will do if you come to me.

I told her that I will first feel you in my arms and then kiss you from fore head, eyes, cheeks, chin, lips then slowly I will come to your boob and press them squeeze them suck them I come to you navel lick it fully then we will have one good round. She heard everything and said so you are ready to have me and give a good fuck. I said yes honey my cock Is eagerly waiting for your pussy. I just counting the days when will I come to you place and have you. The day has finally arrived and she said how to come to her home and the time.

The next day I got ready for the event and dress in a very pleasant manner. And I reached her place and called her to my bad luck her mother in law came to her home and husband is still at home and it will take some time for me to enter the home. I felt very bad and cursed her mother in law and her husband for spoiling my mood and wasting the time. So I went to net café and she too came online and was chatting with so that I won’t feel bore and after one hour her husband too her mother in law and Preethi send the message to come to her home. I just logged off and when to her home and knocked the door.

I was just mummed seeing Preethi for the first time face to face she was really a gorgeous lady she has very long hair. She left them loose and she was in a green sari It was mind blowing. I was about to go near her I hear a voice of her maid. I just looked at Preethi she just gave me a smile and said please be seated. I was sitting in the hall and just seeing preethi moving here and there and this is just adding to my frustration and my sweetheart is in front of my eyes but I could not take her into my arms.

The time is passing away and after 45 min the maid has left. And we had only 30 min to spend with each other as her husband will be back soon. She asked me to come her bed room and as soon I have reached her bed room I took her into my arms and gave a good hug and started kissing her on forehead, eyes, cheek, chin and then lips we had a good passionate kiss for about 5 min pressing her boobs from the blouse and then I came to her navel and gave a good fine lick then I have asked her to remove her blouse and she remove

Her blouse and lifted her black bra and gave her big juicy boobs to have them I took the left boob and started sucking slowly squeezing the other boob. Then I shifted to the right one and squeezing the left one, I have made her to sleep on the bed and starting playing with her boob and navel and slowing lifting her sari. And then came to her pussy and kissed on it from top of the panty she was wearing a pink panty. When I tried to remove the panty she said no not now as we don’t have much time left her husband will be back in any time.

I was trying to remove the panty but she was avoiding me to do so. So I again fell on top of her and staring giving kisses and slowing I pushed my hand into her panty and slowing I inserted my finger into her pussy. It was dam wet over there and asked her again darling please let me in. she said no not now I will call you soon. This made me feel bad I asked her put her hand on my rock hard cock and she played whit it for some time.

She asked me to get dress up as we have only 10 min left. So I got dressed up and she went to kitchen to get me juice. I got dressed up and went to kitchen and again started to squeeze her breast very vigorously and put one hand into her sari deep into her panty and starting fingering her she was moaning raj please don’t do that I can’t able to control myself please there is no time for us to have a round.

Please raj please I need you but we don’t have the time. You cock is very had which made me so mad I am feeling very sad that I could not be able to have such as thick cock into my starving pussy right now. But I will promise you that you will get that chance very soon please raj leave me and she gave me a very passionate kiss and we got separated. And finally I asked her that I want to suck her boobs and navel she remove her boob and gave it to me for a good suck.

I sucked for couple of min and then lick her navel and had a good hug and said bye to her. When I saw her face she was feeling very sad of leaving me without getting what I wanted and she wanted. I came down and took the bike and came out of her house and took the first turn I saw her husband coming so I thought it was the right time that we departed. I called her and informed her. She said thanks and said sorry Raj I could not satisfy you today but I promise we will have a good time when we meet next time. In the night she called me and by 11 which is not the regular time I was surprised to get her calls so early as this is the time of them having sex.

I asked her how come so early she said I kept my hubby away from me as I don’t want to miss your touch on my body I still feel your touch on my body and since I left her home she was just thinking of my thick cock in her hand and her pussy was still wet. She is missing my cock and need my cock in her pussy very soon.  That’s all folks the next real encounter will be in the next story. Please do write your feedback and feelings to me at / / Any Hyderabad females who want to have secrete relation with me please ping me on my above id.